The Hole of Horcum

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The Verbal:

S106 money has to be used for the purpose intended.

One year in: 

The old farmhouse was been demolished with some delay due to the bats, this site now houses temporary welfare facilities for the work force.  The construction workers accommodation/village is not required. The company is much committed to 80% local workforce.

The power generation plant is under construction with Lockwood Beck shaft to start soon along with work at Teesport. 

The shaft platforms at the mine site are all constructed.


Sirius Minerals : Quarterly Progress Update

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"29 March 2018  Sirius Minerals Plc Quarterly progress update

§ The project remains on track to deliver first polyhalite and commercial production on time and on budget

§ Tunnelling contract signed with STRABAG for drive 1 of the Mineral Transport System from Wilton to Lockwood Beck


'Tenacity & Determination'

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"A year of substantial progress ..."

"2017 was a year of meaningful progress on the ground in North Yorkshire and in the global fertilizer markets.  2018 will be another year of significant progress on all fronts, ultimately culminating in the successful completion of the stage 2 financing."

The Outlook for 2018:


·     Complete main service shaft foreshaft construction and excavation.


The China Contingent 2018

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Teresa May and her top UK team land in China.

Standing behind the Del Boy character on Teresa  May's right is CEO of Sirius Minerals :-)

"It’s claimed the North Yorkshire site represents the “world’s largest high-grade known deposit of polyhalite”, which is a multi-nutrient form of potash which is used as a fertiliser.


Sirius - Local Liaison

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The usual format & usual 'friends of ' (criticals)  were treated to a Project Update slide show together with some new Drone footage. 


Most of which can be found on the Sirius Minerals new website: http://siriusminerals.com/about-us/

Matt Parsons talked his way through the D-Walling & bentonite plant and explained the progress & prupose of the attenuation ponds.


Beauty & The Beast

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There once was an ugly duckling ...

"The Liaison Group Forum will meet quarterly, as a minimum, throughout the construction and post-construction period. Chaired by the Company, its membership will include representatives from the National Park Authority, parish and town councils, local residents and wider community stakeholder representation as appropriate.


Woodsmith & 'The Triffids'

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"When a day that you happen to know is a Wednesday starts off sounding like a Sunday, there is something seriously wrong somewhere."  Wyndham P1, 1951

"The Day of the Triffids is a post-apocalyptic genre piece pure and simple. Written in 1951 by British author John Wyndham the book tells the story of Bill Masen who, after waking up blindfolded in hospital and discovering everyone in the hospital has been blinded after viewing a spectacular meteor shower the night before, stumbles out of his room and into London."


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