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"Chris Fraser, Sirius CEO said: “The half year has been marked by excellent progress on the development of Woodsmith Mine.

“We eagerly anticipate the commencement of shaft sinking activities.

“Good progress has also been made at Lockwood Beck, the intermediate site for the mineral transport system.”


Sirius Minerals - Project Update

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29 June 2017  -  Sirius Minerals Plc : Quarterly update for Q2 2017

* The Project remains on time and on budget.

* Woodsmith Mine enabling works are now complete and site preparation works are well advanced.

* Diaphragm walling activities scheduled to commence in the third quarter of 2017.


CAPF - Verbal Updates

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for the Mutton Jeff:

Verbal Update

"Sirius Minerals has confirmed that the construction of its polyhalite project at the newly named Woodsmith Mine site near Whitby is due to start this month (April). Some site works, involving vegetation removal and minor soil stripping have already commenced, though this doesn’t amount to a formal “commencement of construction”.


Coastal Area Parish Forum

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The Coastal Area Parish Forum held 04/04/2017 at Loftus Town Hall hosted by the NYMNPA had four Key ingredients. 

i   Boulby Potash Mine - Update

ii  Runswick Bay Coastal Protection Scheme

Iii NYC Landscape Partnership Scheme

iv Verbal updates on - Fracking, Cindertrack & BT Telephone Kiosks Removal


Sirius Minerals 2017 - Safety First

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Engage ...

"Chris Fraser, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, said:

"It has been a long-stated intention of the Company to move to the Main Market and we are delighted to be continuing to deliver on our goals as we move forward with the timely delivery of our Woodsmith Mine."


'Doves Nest'

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According to Sirius CEO Chris Frazer interviewed on BBC Radio York the York Potash Mine will be named this Friday, today.   After much fun and speculation as to what this re-naming could be, should be or would be tis time to take some consideration to what he actually said, and sniff out some pointers, bullet style -)



York Potash - Land Scaping

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The York Potash Project is finally on it's way, with cash in the bank (thanks to Ms Gina Rinehart)  the preparatory works to be agreed with NYMNPA and environmental mitigation measures are at the forefront of the Project's construction programme:

The Construction Method Statement (CMS) can be found here:


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