The Hole of Horcum

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The Verbal:

S106 money has to be used for the purpose intended.

One year in: 

The old farmhouse was been demolished with some delay due to the bats, this site now houses temporary welfare facilities for the work force.  The construction workers accommodation/village is not required. The company is much committed to 80% local workforce.

The power generation plant is under construction with Lockwood Beck shaft to start soon along with work at Teesport. 

The shaft platforms at the mine site are all constructed.


T'Interview Techniques

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Four key management positions have been posted by York Potash : http://siriusminerals.com/work-with-us/jobs/current-vacancies/

Given the prestigious nature of these highly sought after positions; developing and constructing the worlds largest producing potash mine right here in the wonderful weird world of Whitby and the rather quaint National Park overlooking procedures is it prudent to have some professional interview skills to hand?  Fiddlesticks. 


NYMNPA - 'Fracking' Updates

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NYMNPA have updated their 'fracking' page:

"The NPA welcomes the Government’s intention to prohibit any surface development required for hydraulic fracturing within National Parks as this increases the protection afforded to these special areas (DECC Consultation 4 Nov 2015). However, the Regulations voted on today (16 December 2015) which allow fracking to occur below 1200m from drilling outside the boundary of a National Park undermine this intention and indeed the legislation protecting these areas, which do not stop at a certain depth below the surface.


SBC Planning 16/04/2015

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Agenda: http://democracy.scarborough.gov.uk/ieListDocuments.aspx?CId=113&MId=5863

There were four items of interest -  on yesterdays Agenda:

1.  Sainsbury - listed as item 4

2.  SBC's Report to NYMNPA on the York Potash Project - listed as item 5

3.  York Potash Application for Park & Ride & Construction Village - listed as item 6

4.  Peasholm Gap - demolition of existing structures at Atlantis - North Bay re Benchmark's Multiplex - listed as item 8


Whitby Town Council Meeting

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Well well well where do we begin ... who needs York Potash to build a mine?  ... Some members of Whitby Town Council believe the Mine could be built by employing 31 people and they should tunnel from the Middlesborough end through to Doves Nest and shove the spoil back as they go along - bucket and spade anyone?   Members of the Town Council clearly defensive of their tourism business that have built up over the last twenty years ... thriving are they? Am surprised the traffic can take the stress all those racing high spending visitors in curiosity shops, tea shops and chip shops.


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