Sea Defences & Coastal Erosion

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Its a problem:

Apart from Scarborough other places of interest are at risk and seeking EU and Defra funding, to protect communities, towns and business's along the coast:




Blackpool - Sea Defences collapse:

Runswick Bay:

Whitby & Sandsend :


SBC's 2010 report

picture via York Press

Waves at the Spa - via York Press

Question: Defra have been in town the last few days ... all of the Yorkshire Coast tourism resorts are at threat not only from coastal erosion and the North Sea reclaiming its borders,  but along with Staithes they, including Scarborough, are  about to lose their EU/Blue Flag and be deselected as safe bathing beaches.  When?   Erm,  next year ...  

When is the next 'report' due?



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Walking Up North, Bus Stop

"People have to be aware that it's a dangerous situation to be standing too close to the cliff edge and getting too close to the base of the cliff, because material can fall down at anytime."

Best catch a bus then:

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