The Hole of Horcum

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The Verbal:

S106 money has to be used for the purpose intended.

One year in: 

The old farmhouse was been demolished with some delay due to the bats, this site now houses temporary welfare facilities for the work force.  The construction workers accommodation/village is not required. The company is much committed to 80% local workforce.

The power generation plant is under construction with Lockwood Beck shaft to start soon along with work at Teesport. 

The shaft platforms at the mine site are all constructed.

A small time between the MTS & minerals shaft connectivity the product will be transported by lorry. 

Most current focus is on the service (M&M) shaft.  The materials shaft sinking is expected to be completed within four years.  The MTS shaft at 350m at the mine site runs to rusrface at Redcar with the tunnels to meet in the middle.  The exact diameter of the MTS is not yet known and is expected to be within the parameters of 4/5m subject to design finalisation. This will impact on spoil that will be used for landscaping around the project sites. The exact size should be confirmed in the next few months with some flexibility in the conditions for screening.

The contractors cabins are to move to Haxby plantation area where the temporary power supply is.  A mixture of LPG and heat exchange rather than diesel generated to 11kva distribution line.

In the short term a dramatic peice of development but in the long term all landscaped.

The D-Walling around the mine shafts continues and needs to be flushed out - to protect from groundwaters.  These are 30-34m wide down to 120m, big stuff,  the caverns to include winding equipment.  

The MTH  at Teesport adjacent to the SSI site permissions are being prepared.

The s106 agreement is to compensate & mitigate and with constraints, monies must be used to enhance not substitute ongoing works or normal routine works of the PA.

There are six staff at NYMNPA to ensure this is carried out resourced from the S106 agreement including Woodland officers....

Q: The contribution to the police?

A: This is a one off to be used at their discretion.

Q: What are the limits and can this be used to tackle bracken?  

A: The projects can be anywhere in the National Park and area of interest.  Including the coast eg the work at Littlebeck.

Core Policy D - approx 7000 ha with new broad leaf woodland over next 100 years (ie 7 million trees)

Q:  How big is this?  Will this be managed?

A:  5% of the size of the National Park.  A 25 year agreement on schemes, planting & nursing management (cannot be felled without forestry commission permission). The planting purpose is to offset, carbon sequestion.  Yr 1 target is 10 ha.  Every three years 200 ha to be carefully planned considering local biodiversity/access & ecology.  Eg Langdale End originally 5 ha fown to 1.5 ha ... must not intrude of othere ecology habitats. Each landowner to be part of the process.

Tourism Contributions must be new add-ons. As per the slide except Local Business Tourism of £50k pa.

Q:  A Visitor Centre?

A:  This can be reviewed once construction is completed.

Q:  The Bridleway, can this include a circular around the Mine site?

A:  That can be considered.  

Q:  Security & resinstatement bond?

The Bond is £8mil with security of £17mil held over 10 years. This needs to be recaluclated annually.

Q:  Design of buildings covering the shafts?

A:  Not in yet.

Q:  Skills training? 

A:  Committed to 250/50 apprenticees with transferrable skills. 

Q:  Fracking? 

A:  This project is not to do with fracking.  The geology and millions of years of rock formations ...

Someone mentioned a buffer zone.

Q:  Egton?  

A:  To be finalised shortly.

"Over thousands of years, a once narrow valley widened and deepened into an enormous cauldron – and the process still continues today... 

Wada Wada Waddle.


"Wade was the Keeper of the Ford, and acted as both ferryman and protector."

Ah, so ...

“I was told something years ago that’s probably right. Women in a male industry have to work 20 times harder. And, you know, it doesn’t have to be 20 times harder. Just in any job, if you want to get ahead, take shorter lunch breaks, be happy to stay later, do the work and finish it off well.

“I don’t think there are any magic secrets,” she said."

"And she advised others who want to boost their wealth follow this example.

“Put in a bit more, always be enthusiastic to get extra work, work later, take less lunch breaks, get it done and do it responsibly,” News Corp quoted her as saying at a recent event on the Gold Coast.

“There is no monopoly on becoming a millionaire. If you’re jealous of those with more money, don’t just sit there and complain — do something to make more money for yourself — spend less time drinking, or smoking and socialising, and more time working.”

Oh.... and don't forget to invoice.

A site visit is on the cards.


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Plant Watch


"12:12pm 19th April 2018
(Updated 4:56pm 19th April 2018)

Plans have been approved for the derelict landmark Saltersgate Inn to be demolished.

The building on the Pickering to Whitby road, was once a smugglers' haunt.

It was known for its peat fire that burned continuously for 200 years until it closed.

It became the victim of a bankruptcy and the financial crash in 2008.

Chris France, Director of Planning at North York Moors National Park said:

"It's one of those iconic moorland pubs where there was a reputation for the peat fire that kept burning for 200 years.

It was this place for wary travellers in a sort of wild landscape.

We quickly came to the conclusion that it wasn't the buidling itself that was historic, but a building called The Saltersgate on that site was needed.

So hopefully this thing is going to be called "The New Saltersgate.

What it's going to provide is a combination of a sort of café, there will be information for visitors and it's got a micro brewery.

On top of that, there will be a wonderful sitting out area around the side.

So we're quite excited by it and we're hope to persuade the owners to start a new peat fire as well and keep that going for hundreds of years."