Albedo Metals

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"From the steam engine to the power of plasmas"

Spose I ought to take a meter reading... ;-0


"No matter where we were or how we stood or what time of day, all day, every day, there were always long shadows — crazy long shadows."

"Locating Polaris is easy on any clear night. Just find the Big Dipper. The two stars on the end of the Dipper's "cup" point the way to Polaris, which is the tip of the handle of the Little Dipper, or the tail of the little bear in the constellation Ursa Minor."

"If the albedo were to decrease, temperature would rise..."



Hibernation Mode?

"The first thing that hits you is the scale. Have so many bricks ever been piled up like this anywhere else? It’s a cliff, a behemoth, a Babylonian monolith. Up close, you keep recalibrating your sense of proportion, like a confused camera lens, not quite believing what you see."

"Although longevity would also be heavily dependent on the continued good operation of the telescope's systems and, in particular, its four instruments."

"We spoke to each team member and asked them about what they were interested in working on next."

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A 'Herculean' Task

"People tend not to realise that all these seemingly insignificant items have a lot of value and together at a global level represent massive volumes," WEEE director general Pascal Leroy said."

"There are an estimated 16 billion mobile phones worldwide - and in Europe, almost a third are no longer in use."

"More than three times the quantity of steel used to construct the Eiffel Tower has been used in the rebuild, the developers say."

"...  on the plus side, he did refrain from saying “WTF”"


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'Tinkering & Technology'

"The $3bn (£2.6bn) Chinese-funded and operated railway line is Kenya's biggest infrastructure project since independence in 1963."

"As usual, the wearing of suitably celebratory celestial attire is encouraged in honor of the full Moon."

Reality in Retrospect

"What drove the mass breakout at the world's largest assembly line for Apple computers was fear, panic and ignorance."

"“As that brilliantly bigoted and crusty old columnist, John Junor, once cannily observed: ‘Laddie, you don’t ever want to shoot the fox. Once the fox is dead there is nothing left to chase.’"

"On a tough day, you can find yourself staring down the barrel of the next 18 years, wondering if you’ve got what it takes."


"... the track and ramps built without permission on council land in Northstead would be very costly to dismantle."


"The first three letters from the Ancient Greek prefix neo-meaning "new". The fourth letter is from the abbreviation of Mostaqbal, an arabic word meaning "future"."

"Scarborough Borough Council's planning committee rejected plans to covert the former Argos building into student accommodation this time last year. Concerns were raised over parking arrangements and health care provision, but the reason for the rejection came down to the buildings size and outward design."

"“There is no housing shortage. There are over 400,000 empty homes in the UK, and about 200,000 homeless people. The vast majority of empty homes are in parts of the country which have become depopulated because of economic decline – in the Midlands, the north, and coastal cities. So the solution to the housing crisis isn’t building tons of homes. It’s about reviving the economy in those places, launching a massive retrofit campaign, and bringing people back.”"

“I don’t think I’d last a minute in politics,” he laughs. “I just say what I think too much.”

The Marconi Company.

"The record of Manchester's pioneering children's programme reveals that on 15 November 1922, Miss A Bennie, known as The Lady of the Magic Carpet, read The Happy Prince by Oscar Wilde."

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'Loving your Spouse'

"If I wasn’t too cheap and lazy to go to therapy I would address the fact that my own behaviour is often avoidance masquerading as something more noble and decisive, a laundering process in which I am expert."

A Smile A Day.


Threadneedle Street

"Economists have suggested that cooling inflation could help to ease pressure on the Bank for further rate rises. The central bank expected to be close to its peak for pushing up borrowing costs after one of the most aggressive campaigns to tackle inflation for decades."

Hmmm ...

The Vardy Effect.

"But with all officially arranged phone calls, there are always detailed minutes taken by a Number 10 official and retained for the archive."

Oh, OK... ;-0

The Ironic Age.

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'Energy-storage Solutions'

"The scientist who shared the 2019 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for his crucial role in developing the revolutionary lithium-ion battery, the rechargeable power pack that is ubiquitous in today’s wireless electronic devices and electric and hybrid vehicles, died on Sunday at an assisted living facility in Austin, Texas. He was 100."

"He joked at the time that he himself did not have a mobile phone because he did not like to be "bothered"."