Fracking - A Social Licence

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Whilst the KM8 fracking fraternity await the Rt Hon Greg Clark's final approval for Third Energy's frack, it did strike it would be quite amusing if this was turned down, given the lengths Third have gone to to be first.

Most unlikely 'appointed Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy 2016'

KM8 was approved by the planning committee of NYCC with much due process and diligence, all of which was recorded and can be found on the Tube.

Restricted by national policy frameworks that oversee the planning process is it little wonder that the local community feel slightly put out and claim that the 'dirty industry' of fracking has no social licence?

Interestingly, the PEDL's are in fact licences issued by National governance.

Many of the fracking industry do claim to uphold the right for lawful peaceful protest, eg Ineos, Third, Cuadrilla.

Many of the anti-fracking protestors are lawful and mindful of the health & safety issues, environmental risks & claim fracking causes a risk to public health.

Also many represent their local community and claim the industry and national decision makers are not listening.

It does seem rather odd that fracking activities are not subject to the Licensing Act 2003.

" (1)For the purposes of this Act the following are licensable activities—

(a)the sale by retail of alcohol,

(b)the supply of alcohol by or on behalf of a club to, or to the order of, a member of the club,

(c)the provision of regulated entertainment, and

(d)the provision of late night refreshment.

(2)For those purposes the following licensable activities are also qualifying club activities—

(a)the supply of alcohol by or on behalf of a club to, or to the order of, a member of the club,

(b)the sale by retail of alcohol by or on behalf of a club to a guest of a member of the club for consumption on the premises where the sale takes place, and

(c)the provision of regulated entertainment where that provision is by or on behalf of a club for members of the club or members of the club and their guests.

(3)In this Act references to the supply of alcohol by or on behalf of a club to, or to the order of, a member of the club do not include a reference to any supply which is a sale by retail of alcohol.

(4)Schedule 1 makes provision about what constitutes the provision of regulated entertainment for the purposes of this Act.

(5)Schedule 2 makes provision about what constitutes the provision of late night refreshment for those purposes (including provision that certain activities carried on in relation to certain clubs or hotels etc, or certain employees, do not constitute provision of late night refreshment and are, accordingly, not licensable activities).

(6)For the purposes of this Act premises are “used” for a licensable activity if that activity is carried on on or from the premises.

(7)This section is subject to sections 173 to 175 (which exclude activities from the definition of licensable activity in certain circumstances)."

"Responsibility for issuing licences now rests with local authorities, specifically ... unitary authorities, and district councils, who took over this power from the Justice of the Peace.  These authorities are each required to establish a Licensing Committee, which acts in a quasi- judicial capacity under the Act. The powers of the Act came fully into force at midnight at the start of 24 November 2005."

It does seem rather odd that the Licensing Act 2003 does not include 'fracking' on its list of permittable activities.

One for the cleaners: -0




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Fracking Fishy

"The cost of policing anti-fracking protests at a site in North Yorkshire has more than doubled in a month, the county's Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) says.

Figures show the force spent £233,704 policing the Kirby Misperton operation in October.

In comparison, they spent £101,476 is September and £80,238 in August.

Commissioner Julia Mulligan said the rise was due to additional policing in the site's first month of operation..."


"The trawlerman gently lowered the device back down to the sea bed before reporting his discovery to authorities but the bomb landed dangerously close to a major North Sea gas pipe..."


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Fracking - Low Viz

"Habton Road, once an unremarkable country lane with a handful of farms and bungalows, is now lined with police vans, caravans, tents and banners bearing anti-fracking slogans..."

"Though it awaits the final green light from the government, Third Energy is ready to test frack after North Yorkshire County Council approved its plans - prompting protesters to set up a "protection camp" two miles away.

For months now - and several times a day - police officers form a line along the road shortly before a convoy of lorries carrying equipment rolls down the hill and heads through the gates..."

"...36% of respondents to a survey opposing it, 13% backing it and 48% neither supporting or opposing it."


“Then you say, ‘Oh, well we never even suspected this fault system.’ So if you were building nuclear power plants for the Ming Dynasty you wouldn’t build ‘em here and you wouldn’t build ‘em here,” he said, pointing to the now at least two demonstrated trouble spots."


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Third's First Frack

Following the legal loop hole as explained here:

"Under the Infrastructure Act, companies are required to get final consent from the Secretary of State for Energy before starting to frack. But it has emerged that the act covered only wells drilled from April 2015.

Third Energy’s application, currently with the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS), is to frack the KM8 well at Kirby Misperton, drilled in 2013. Technically, the company did not need ministerial consent."

Anyhoos Ian Crane has been getting his knickers in a twist by reporting that the pumps were fired up early Thursday morning and the anti's camped could feel vibrations.   

No doubt Third Energy were just trying to keep them warm.

To add insult to injury Ian Crane is claiming they've swiped his live feed... 

Hypothermia ?

Ah, so ...

@ Greg Clark


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Pickering Pick Pockets

" ... Kevin Hollinrake, MP for Thirsk & Malton, who supports fracking, said: “This new development is a technicality and it has caused delays in the provision of consent, but it is right and proper that all operations are subject to the same scrutiny and procedure.

“It does not affect the comprehensive regime of regulations in place which will ensure that fracking is subject to detailed regulations and monitoring.”

A Third Energy spokesman said: “Third Energy has followed the regulatory regime as required by the Infrastructure Act 2015.

“We are very conscious of the obligations under this regime and have done everything that is required by regulations.”"

"Villagers will not automatically see a difference."


Ah, so ..

'The World According To Foggy'


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Fracking - Aftershocks

Listening well ;-?


interesting comments ...

Gong'd :

“They’re probably relaxation events from the sixth nuclear test,” the official said. “When you have a large nuclear test, it moves the Earth’s crust around the area, and it takes a while for it to fully subside. We’ve had a few of them since the sixth nuclear test.“

"What are fire whirls?

"You know them as dust devils," Dr Sullivan said.

"You see them quite frequently. Even if you stand in a car park on a hot day you will see a dust devil go by.

"It's the same physical mechanism. It's just that in this instance it is travelling over a fire ground and picking up flame and ash and debris." 

Bit like the comments that accompany Crane's tube broadcasts.  Tut Tut.