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Scarborough Council’s cabinet has given its unanimous backing to a new £10 million University Technical College proposed for the town.

The plan for the centre for 14 to 19 year olds was first proposed earlier this year by business leaders in Scarborough.


"I knew it was time to leave when I realised I could no longer speak to these students inside their heads and tell them what a great place this was to work.

How did we get here? The Empire changed the way it thought about leadership. Leadership used to be about ideas, setting an example and killing your former mentor with a light sabre. Today, if you make enough money you will be promoted into a position of influence, even if you have a disturbing lack of faith."

Ah yes, but then, Distory is rebuilding itself:

May the Force be with you!


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Calling Occupants

“Have you ever wondered why the space economy hasn’t seen exponential growth with Moore’s Law like we have witnessed with high-tech industries here on Earth?” asks Planetary Resources President and Chief Engineer, Chris Lewicki."  erm nope, lol - " he is not sure who the customers would be or what they would be willing to pay... a grey area in space law" :-O pmsl

oh ok from the Daily Galaxy:


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Mind Over Matter

via Brian:

Bit more ...

Cheers Scotty :-)  tbh I've been wondering for some time what Frazer meant by Sirius  being 'disruptive', and evidence of that, hence the goggles at other potash producers, Mine Flu, Shaft shafters ... along with the contrary 'potash' market conditions, .... wotever will they invent next?  

Frazer's got em on the run. IMV it also makes sense to have JP Morgan as 'advisors', not only to ward off hostile takeovers, but if  Soc Gen are serious about stumping up then to have them as 'advisors' as well as Stage I financiers, may have held back the 'globals' & 'cornerstones'  chucking their lot in. Market forces...

Chirping. When it 'appens it's gonna be fast.

"All ducks almost lined up."

Anyhow thats my Big Bang theory ;-)

Long Tooths.

Lao Tse. (for the unititated) BtB

Ps, whilst 'spouting', from a global commical viewpoint, the political instability int UK created by Brixit, together with the  'economically challenged'   George Ozbo the last thing the YPP needs is political and  Govt. interference. (tho any other Govt. with half a nouse woud've considered a t/o) Rule Britannia n all that ... as Bilbao once said 'they don't need Govt. 'elp. (financial) they just need the environmental framework to work within.... erm, clear concise policies that any free market enterprize can operate around ... not that I'd know nowt about those.

The big Q is if Ozbo don't pull his finger out will the UK lose its AA+ rating? 

Then they gonna ask if we need the EU...

Anyhoos if they ever start handing out Ozbo's .... (ASBO's for economics)


Humbly Bumbly O'clock. 

Oooh, mebbe we should have a quote of the day ... 

'Bricks' ... someone mustav said that.

Would Cambo & Ozbo put an end to the Brexit nonsense?  

Would the duo put the UK's economy growth before their political careers.... 

Ask a Twonk. 



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Turkish Delights ...

They might have satellites but we have our Göktürk,” ...

"“If we look at recent events and we start to see anomalies that are outside this range of natural variability, then we can say with some confidence that it looks like this particular event or this series of events had some kind of human-caused climate change contribution,” Ben Cook, lead author and climate scientist at NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies, said last month."

"One of the conclusions of the research was that the entire Mediterranean region might dry out due to human-induced global warming in years to come.

The Mediterranean is one of the areas that is unanimously projected [in climate models] as going to dry in the future [due to man-made climate change],” Yochanan Kushnir, a climate scientist at Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory, explained, adding that the Levant’s recent dry years are a sign that the region may already be suffering from human-induced warming of the planet."


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Planet 'X'

lol  "Don Droga : Honestly the human race needs a good whack around the ears!"

"RT pushing hard to court its conspiracy theorist fan base again" ... "Excellent. No need to pay my bills this month" must be a Gazprom.

The Ninth

Wot ever happened to  Pluto ...


Duck n Dwarf.