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No introductions were necessary at the Anglo Woodsmith Liaison Group Forum meeting at Hawsker with Anglo’s Technical Review of Woodsmith ongoing, the ground crew appearing to have been on an extended tea break, due to little surface activity.  However below the surface mining is ongoing at all sites across the project.

At Wilton there are no surface changes and the concrete processing site for lining the MTS is working as fast as the conveyor can deliver the segments required for the TBM.

Stella-Rose, after being put into stand down for overhaul and refurbishment in February this year is now back in action and has passed the 19km mark ie beyond Lockwood Beck and making it’s way steadily through the vault lines on to Ladycross and towards Woodsmith.

All logistical challenges are being met ie during the service of the TBM the Lockwood shaft was connected into the MTS. The MTS build is being fitted with conveyors, air con booster fans, energy utilities and comms.     

Options are being left open to run another TBM from Woodsmith but while progress is being monitored such as waste out, grease pumps in and mechanical part breakdowns a decision for a second TBM it is not expected before the Technical Review is sprung.  A 200m horizontal cavern would need to be dug out to fit a further TBM at Woodsmith and Stella-Rose should arrive sooner than the cavern can be built. 

The underground crew at Woodsmith are busy with two SBR’s on site digging the production shaft and service shaft at 120m and 173m below ground with the MTS shaft being blasted to 166m there is an expectation to meet the MTS level by the end of this year. Boreholes are also being remediated. 

The Ladycross ventilation shaft site has been gelled, piled and grouted to protect the ground before shaft sinking starts in November to the MTS level.


At Lockwood the cuttings lagoon has been backfilled and rather excitingly they are gearing up to use this shaft for the crews to get lowered into the MTS tunnel via an installed people bucket, rack allum cage. Thus sparing the specialist TBM workforce from fatigue management having to travel from Wilton along the tunnel to reach the forward excavations.

Over 1300 people/crew are working at all sites along the project with 75% being local ie within one hour of the site and the Social Economic impacts are being updated for presentation.  


Compressed air..

Ongoing S106 projects include ‘Birds on the Edge’ …  “The s106 contributions for these projects will continue for the planned life of the mine allowing us to deliver many long term projects which benefit residents, visitors and businesses, and allow us to work with landowners and large organisations to generate even wider reaching improvements.”

A few complaints received were for parking and noise. Anglo Woodsmith were not approached to redress the ‘perception of fears’ raised by ‘Egton on Ouse’ saga but are expected to meet any concerns sensitively and appropriately;-0


Best not mention Scarborough Fab Lab...




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'A Cluster Strategy'

"Delegates authority to the interim Director of Regeneration to enter into the grant agreement with Anglo American and enter into contract with the successful bidders from the Invitations to Tender for this programme of work."


"If successful, the emerging Scarborough Cyber Security Strategy represents an innovative and unique opportunity for the Yorkshire Coast area to establish a potentially nationally significant new sector. Establishing a cluster providing training and employment opportunities to our communities; establishing support, security and cyber solutions to local business; creating a healthy and secure local supply chain; enabling innovative solutions to enable new investment and business growth; and contributing to the Government’s national cyber security objectives."


Fact Checking...


Anyhoos  ... I may have forget to 'mention' that some locals have grown quite happy with the 'Monolith' at Woodsmith ... and given the National Significance of this Infrastrure Project ...

Erm,  I simple wondered what 'Monolith' would you like to replace the current surface structures?


Give or take a sneak past the Parkies: -0


Anyone got any Crayons..

'Inventor of the Pencil'

"This 762kg chunk of granodiorite, recycled from elsewhere into use as a building block, was inscribed with a decree issued in 196 BC on behalf of King Ptolemy V.  Although the message is somewhat dull, crucially it was written three times: in hieroglyphs (the beautiful ancient Egyptian pictorial script that could no longer be understood), in demotic (the joined-up lettering used for everyday writing), and in ancient Greek (a known language)."


"Here, at long, long, long last, was the key to deciphering hieroglyphs, those perfect outlines of people, animals and objects scratched into stone or written on to papyrus millennia ago. The code was finally cracked in 1822 by Jean-Francois Champollion, who rushed into his brother’s office, shouted “I’ve got it!” then fainted and wasn’t himself for five days."


"Channel your inner Mario Kart character on this £2m all-thrills and no-fumes multilevel, neon raceway..."


"And there it stood in the restless sand for millennia, in plain sight but rendered silent, its meaning lost, like the great library, to antiquity – until the code was cracked and the Sphinx’s voice could be heard again for all eternity."



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'Far from Perfect'

"Anglo American says it has decided to withdraw a planning application for a temporary accommodation park for members of the construction team working on the Woodsmith Project at Ladycross Plantation Caravan Park."


"It's thought the measure could generate £14m of extra council tax revenue with half of that coming from ..." <insert your own>


"Hang on, going to have to check my diary," says Dennis, adding: "All right, I'll make myself available. Happy?"


"Silently is fine.” All that remains is to decide where to put your joy-sparking items."