'Hunky Dory'

"We need a much bigger museum...”

"The European booster put Webb on a near-perfect trajectory with just the right amount of velocity. This performance meant the telescope didn't have to use so much of its own fuel when making later course refinements."

“I don’t think I could’ve just played golf or grown roses.”



'Rise & Shine'

"“The key investments have been and continue to be in underground mining and infrastructure technologies, including mining machinery, ventilation systems and wireless communications and tracking, as well as investment in the potashplus processing to further develop the innovative process of compacting a blend of potash and polyhalite.”

Last month the mine received approval to continue mining operations for another 25 years.

At the time ICL Boulby described the decision from the North York Moors National Park Authority as “a major step forward in securing the future of our business and our ability to continue providing jobs and investment for East Cleveland and the wider Tees Valley community for many years ahead”.

As part of the approval the company has pledged to undertake a programme to improve the visual aspects of the mine, including removing some building structures, spending almost £9m for landscape enhancements and contributing almost £5m towards tourism activities."


"Anglo American is pressing ahead with the construction of the Woodsmith mine and 23-mile underground conveyor and is planning to invest a further £530m into the project in 2022.

The massive project, which includes a major processing plant at Wilton, is set to deliver long-term investment and jobs to the area."


The Life of Pi ...

So erm, how much has been dropped into the Sirius project to date?

According to the Anglo website is was £928 mil in 2019 ...


Mind there was some bone of contention about the continuation of  a Local Liaison Forum.


A Flower Show

"The next Liaison Group Forum meeting will be on Monday 14 February at 1pm. It will be conducted via web conference.


"... although as we have reported in previous posts, some exceptionally poor working practices, involving the accidental use of organic cat litter to absorb moisture, led to a barrel of waste rupturing in 2014 and an extended closure of the facility."


Trust, No One.

Anyhoos, So at 18km the TBM is due an overhaul, have they passed that rocky 'Donovan' fault line yet?


Keep Busy.

Other than the usual Desk Jockey's...

I particular liked ...

The Three Pillars of Wisdom.



"Azorean authorities were not immediately available for comment."

Quietly getting on with it...

"“In recent years demand has grown for designer hybrid cats such as savannah cats, a cross between a domestic cat and an African serval. Unsurprisingly these cats are not suitable for a domestic home environment, due to their wild cat DNA, their size, and their very strong predatory instincts."

It's Not Unusual

"Progress is being made in line with a revised development plan for the multimillion-pound Woodsmith Project, says the company behind it."



"MPo explained that the tunnel boring machine (TBM) had reached almost 18.6km and was currently paused for planned maintenance... underneath Danby Moor."



"The next Liaison Group Forum meeting will be on Monday 26 September at 2pm in Hawsker village Hall."

"That’s just a fancy way of saying that we are trying to use technology to open up doors that are otherwise closed."




"The company claim that the entire route does not travel under any housing, but it does come close to some barns."


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'Alien Metals'

"Alien Metals Ltd (LSE AIM:UFO), a global minerals exploration and development company, is pleased to announce that it has, through its wholly-owned subsidiary Iron Ore Company of Australia Pty Ltd ("IOCA"), entered into a mandate letter providing for an exclusive right to negotiate project funding and offtake arrangements ("Mandate Letter") with Anglo American."



"We are really pleased to have signed this Mandate Letter with a leading, global mining company of Anglo American's stature."


Steven Spielberg.



"It features a ruched waist, billowing sleeves and a cut-out back – a design signature of the brand. “No sexier way to walk away,” reads a tagline for Harmur. Was this Carrie having the last laugh as she plotted what to wear to watch her husband leave his position of political power?"

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Area 52

"Begin every meeting with a close-harmonised rendition of The Room Where It Happens, from the musical Hamilton, as this will give everyone the impression that something might happen. If, in the account you give of the meeting later, it sounds a lot like an anxiety dream, you did it wrong."


""With the Hancock Iron Project moving quickly towards production, having someone of Troy's calibre in place to manage all these moving parts is crucial,” said Roderick McIllree, chairman of Alien Metals in a statement. "




"At Anglo American UK he was responsible for ensuring the delivery and execution of the mine site development to the required programme, specification and budget as part of the US$4.8bn investment at the Woodsmith polyhalite project."

Super Dooper.. ;-


Dynamic Environments.

A Slight Fragrance

"Anglo American Chief Executive Duncan Wanblad has stated he is pleased with the ongoing progress of the Woodsmith project, pledging a further investment of £650 million for 2023.

Over £400 million was spent on developing the state-of-the-art polyhalite mine being constructed near Whitby in 2022. The company currently employs over 1,000 people at its sites in Whitby, Teesside and Scarborough and supports a range of educational and economic development projects throughout the area."



"Natural wool balls are a good eco-friendly option, and a must if you want to keep the noise down."


"“Under the principles of intelligent transparency, we would expect the infographic to include a source for the figure so that the public can verify the numbers, understand the definitions used and put the data into context...”"

Patience, Moi?