'Shadow of a Doubt'

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"You’ve got to be a bit careful here. Your carpets, your sofa and your walls are all grey. You’ve got these big windows and outside the clouds are grey. Your hair is grey and so are your clothes. Your disposition’s a bit grey sometimes, too. You’re blending in. I can barely see you. You might have to put on some hi-vis.”

"After MDMA hit the UK in the late 1980s, the press dubbed it the “second summer of love”. Underground raves, acid house music and smiley-face graphics fueled a new youth movement. “MDMA didn’t reform the UK, but it did change some social norms: men were hugging for the first time, or people from different socioeconomic stratospheres were partying together, instead of looking down on each other,” Nuwer said."




""It could tell us if Einstein's theory of gravity is wrong; it may tell us about what dark matter and dark energy, the mysterious stuff that makes up the bulk of the Universe, really is; and it could give us a new window into new theories of physics.""



Wotdyamean,  no further Exploration.



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Who Shot JR?

"By the time the paperback was coming out, though, John was teetotal. What follows is the conversation they had about how their paths crossed and, later, branched apart."




"The verb collaborate means to cooperate or work jointly with others.

The verb corroborate means to strengthen, support, or confirm with evidence."

Know your Gnomes.


“Every child plants a potato and every child digs it up,"

No Smoke, without Fire.





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Moors Messenger

"Whilst it’s useful to understand what factors might be driving emissions (or habitat loss) in the National Park, pointing fingers leaves audiences that are vital to the achievement of goals feeling marginalised and threatened. Instead, as we continue down the path towards net zero and ‘30 by 30’ we should ask ‘what more can I do’ or ‘how can I work harder’ for nature and our climate?"



"On Monday, the space agency said its huge dish in Australia's capital, Canberra, was trying to detect any stray signals from Voyager 2. This was when the first faint "heatbeat" signal was heard."






"“What a fascinating life I have led thus far,” I say, looking over at the middle one, who is opening envelopes from a separate pile."


"“Clay has been used for medicinal treatments for thousands of years,” says Young, “and hundreds of animal species eat it. When you see Peruvian parrots risk their lives by descending from the canopy to eat at clay licks, or when you see chimpanzees digging for this particular kind of clay, you can say: ‘There’s something to this.’”


"Anyone who loves that earthy taste of new potatoes, or the smell outside after it rains, might have a little insight into the primal draw to the substance behind the smell.It is probably geosmin – a sesquiterpenoid, a type of hydrocarbon produced by microbes in the earth – and humans are highly attuned to its odour, detecting it at 0.1 parts per billion. If you mixed a teaspoon of it into 200 Olympic-sized swimming pools, you’d still be able to smell it."




"“I still find it hard to pass supermarket shelves stocking firelighters, and I would not trust myself around an open box for a prolonged period of time.”"


Sleep Tight.

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'Marble Bars'

"Carl Les has been recognised for his services to local government. “I was really surprised in a way,” he told The Press. “You don’t go through life expecting to get an honour. “I was really pleased.”



"Cllr Les led North Yorkshire County Council from 2015 and continues to lead the unitary North Yorkshire Council which came to power in April. He has represented the Catterick area for over 20 years. Cllr Les has been a member of the North Yorkshire Police Authority for 15 years and now chairs the Police and Crime Panel. Apart from being a councillor he brings his professional business experience from working in the tourism sector."



"Ms Mellor was awarded a BEM (British Empire Medal) for her services to public libraries, also including Flamborough in East Yorkshire. Meanwhile, Professor Julian Daryl Richards, a professor of archaeology at the University of York, was made an OBE for services to heritage and digital archiving."

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