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Almost one year on from Third Energy's public consultation exercise at Kirby Misperton their 'fracking' application now has an agreed decision date of Tuesday  9th February 2015. 

Time to revisit:

"To hydraulically stimulate and test the various geological formations previously identified during the 2013 KM8 drilling operation, followed by the production of gas from one or more of these formations into the existing production facilities, followed by wellsite restoration. Plant and machinery to be used includes a workover rig (maximum height 37m) hydraulic fracture equipment, coil tubing unit, wireline unit, well testing equipment, high pressure flowline, temporary flowline pipe supports, permanent high pressure flowline and permanent pipe supports."

The Decision is to be made by NYCC and details, documents are found here: Due to the number of documents and imv not a user friendly site, thought it useful to dig out a few of the more interesting and relevant documents: 

In early December 2015 The Officer's Report recommendation was for a Refusal see here: 

KM8 Officers Report NYCC.pdf

In short the Officer, along with 'others' felt that Third had not provided sufficient information, especially regard to Heritage, on which to make a decision.

With regard to the many objectors 'Frack-Free' and 'Friends of the Earth' see here:

KM8 NYCC Response_to_FOE_Legal_Adviser_unsigned.pdf

Of much interest is the repsonse made by Flamingoland, given their intention to invest in Scarborough on the Futurist site, their other UK investments and the 'tourism' and employment opportunites they provide along with their very special investment in the Zoo & important Wildlife conservation work at Kirby Misperton, see here:

KM8 Flamingland Response.pdf

Without wishing to linger over Flamingoland's contribution, you have to ask if Camoron and his gungho approach to 'Fracking' has scored an own goal here, Flamingoland rightly point out and ask what is the  "Master Plan"?  ie they don't have a problem with Third's 'hydraulical stimulation' but what, or who next?

Finally about the lack of technical knowledge that members of NYCC have regarding 'fracking', a training event was held, see here:

KM8 NYCC-2Nov2015 Training Event.pdf

And finally with regard to the Environment Agency's perceived lack of empowerment, see here:

KM8 NYCC EA O&G Team.pdf

Alongside the hostilities now aimed at one Lorraine  of 'FORGE' (Friends of Ryedale Gas Energy) let's go back to that letter to the Yorkshire Post:

"The last time I checked less than half a per cent of the 800 people who live in the closest villages had written to object. I recently attended a Kirby Misperton Parish council meeting which was to discuss the planning application. Nine locals attended, the clerk, myself and partner. Ryedale has many decades of a working gas industry that has had no issues. What Mr Scott and many others who are opposed to the gas industry fail to acknowledge is without doubt we need the gas, we need energy security for the UK and we need a vibrant economy that encourages business investment and creates jobs. What we don’t need is to import ever growing amounts of gas, nor to support the fracking industry and jobs abroad.

We cannot live without natural gas, not now, and not for many decades. It is time people woke up to that fact. Any government would be failing its population if it allowed a resource that we have under our feet to go un-utilised. Only then to import the same commodity which has been fracked, using lower standards for the environment and workforce from another country."

The comments aimed at Lorraine appear to have been removed this morning, shame really as there were some quite pertinent points and links.  Oh well, where there's a will ...

Rise of the machines

Meanwhile, back in the Real World, Flash Floods in Whitby  ... water water everywhere and not a drop to drink  ... sand bucket  ...  head




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Madaya Aid Convoy

on its way ...

"In Syria, Food is a weapon of war"

"Tens of thousands of suffering Syrians will finally get aid, but this humanitarian mission was forged by a cruel conflict. Aid for rebel-held Madaya was contingent on help for government-controlled Foah and Kefraya."

The Assad 'contingent'. Shocking. 

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KM8 - A Potter at Malton Mercury

"I can barely imagine a highly paid government or fracking industry PR person doing a more professional job. It was an education to note the number of times Lorraine stated that I represent Frack Free Ryedale (FFR), presumably a technique to discredit this organisation and anyone associated with it.

Sadly, I have to inform her that I do not represent Frack Free Ryedale. I do, however, know a number of people associated with Frack Free Ryedale and have found them to be rational, intelligent, articulate, very caring and concerned people, who spend an inordinate amount of their own time independently researching fracking.

I strongly suspect that the collection of influential Ryedale landowners and business-people that also had the temerity to publicly state their opposition to fracking recently also did their own research. They too received the customary tongue-lashing from Lorraine, along with the inevitable connection to Frack Free Ryedale, so I‘m in good company!

I do, however, often look at the Frack Free Ryedale facebook page, and thoroughly recommend it for a constant stream of links to interesting articles and studies into the deeply worrying effects of this industry – many of them independent and peer reviewed.

My original letter that Lorraine takes issue with is about trust. Contrary to her accusation, I have never worked “on the basis that all people must be dishonest, untrustworthy and greedy”. Quite the opposite, in fact. However, my basic level of trust in people has been tempered by life experience. I find that the greater the potential or actual source of wealth and power, the more untrustworthy the people, so with regard to fracking, please excuse my degree of cynicism and scepticism for theoretical regulations, desk-based studies and ‘jam tomorrow’.

I prefer to live in the real world and research the proven results of ’profit maximisation at any cost’ from real commercial fracking operations worldwide.

Cllr Mike Potter"

Pondering ... hardly an inspiring image of dynamic progressives, is it?

CMP Un Point. Happy.

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Amazing 'Grace' ?

Thanks to Lorraine at FORGE:

From: The Rake: Ryedale & Thirsk MP (that includes Filey btw) Kevin Hollinrake:

"As 2016 gets underway I wanted to set out what actions I propose to take with regards to possible shale gas extraction in Thirsk and Malton this year.

 I am aware, from the correspondence I have received, that many people still have concerns about the effect fracking might have on our countryside and on the environment. I remain convinced, however, that fracking should be part of the UK’s energy mix but only if it is done in a balanced and measured way. This means robust regulations in place to protect the environment, minimise the impact on communities, groundwater monitoring, community benefits and exclusion of surface  activity relating to hydraulic fracturing in protected areas.

Therefore I intend to take the following measures to ensure this happens.

First, I have arranged a Producers Summit on February 8th 2016 to discuss a regional plan. Invited are Cuadrilla, Third Energy, Ineos and IGas Energy, which are all shale gas extraction companies with an interest in production in the North of England. North Yorkshire County Council and Northern Gas Networks are also expected to attend. The aim of this meeting will be to create a model of what shale gas extraction would look like in terms of visual and environmental impact and how this can be communicated. I believe this is important because, until now, there has not been a clear picture of  the visual impact on our countryside so that we can assess how it will affect us.

Secondly, I intend to keep up the pressure I began in 2015 to get some clear answers and commitments to key issues such as the independent supervision of regulations; a robust ‘local plan’ for fracking covering a five year rollout; detailed solutions for concerns such as traffic plans, distance from schools, town and villages and impacts on other important parts of our economy; real time, publicly available environmental monitoring; assurances that community financial benefits will go directly to communities affected. I will raise questions verbally in Parliament, table written questions and take part in backbench debates and speak to ministers regularly until I get the answers to these key questions.

Thirdly, to add weight to this commitment I am going to set up an All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Shale Gas Regulation and Planning so that I can bring together other MPs (from both sides of the House) who have potential shale gas extraction in their constituencies or who have an interest in it. Together we will push for robust environmental and planning regulations to ensure that our constituents’ concerns are addressed and that fracking is conducted in the balanced and measured way we are all seeking.

 Fourthly, I have had a very interesting meeting with Northern Gas Networks this week. They told me that they have transportation devices which could take the gas from the shale field and distribute it directly into the network via plastic pipes. This would therefore mean that there would be no need for gas transportation by tankers.  What’s more they told me that it is possible to put a network in a village and supply it directly with low cost and, in some cases, completely free gas to those with a particular need. I am looking forward to discussing this with them in more detail to find out how our communities can benefit.

 I will keep you posted on all these developments and will be updating my website regularly. As soon as we have a visual plan, a local plan and further commitments on environmental and planning regulations I will share them with you."

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EA delays KM8

People have an extra four weeks to comment on whether Third Energy should get environmental permits to frack at Kirby Misperton.

The Environment Agency (EA) consultation period was due to run until 15th January. But, after receiving a request for an extension, the EA decided to extend the consultation to allow people more time to read the proposals and submit comments.

The consultation now ends on Friday 12th February.

The EA has said it is minded to grant permits covering mining waste, groundwater activities and radioactive substances.

Link to permit consultation