Conscription & Area 51

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'Am still angry about the referendumb ... I keep scowling at old people'

Scarborough's Armed Forces Day went to plan, without a bang and peacefully.   As the local Tally Ban reports, thousands flocked :

Indeed but this Barmy Army event, also attracted some rather extreme 'oddbods',  the Best of British, from the old BNP brigade.  With the AFD theme strongly athemed to the 1940's and following immediately on from the most agressive political campaign that was Brexit it all seemed rather uncomfortable and hallow.  It was a British Armed Forces Day with no input or mention from other Armed Forces that assisted in keeping the British Isles free from fascism and whilst it clearly celebrated local 'forces' with a doubled drill patrol from the Yorkshire Regiment I felt slightly uncomfortable at a six foot by three giant in uniform bellowing at little kids.  Poor wee mites. The brain washing, British washing of might is right. Intimidation at its best. Not for the timid.   Not my cup of Charlie. Each to our own.

Along with some back slapping local Twonks lining up their future political candidates I hesitated to say why not go the whole hogg, have a British Nationalists Day, yep have a party. A political party that is procured and conscripted from the ranks. Wranks. Best not mention the merchants.  Groundhogg Days.  Of delight was the spin of the Spitfires, but I guess the RAF always got a better view, and not such stick in the muds.  Travellers ... far and fast... with one on eye on the horizon. Horizons. Horatio. Grumpy. OK, every dog has its day...  Horizontal.  Wot no parachutes?  

Ding Dong Bell ... Hilary Benn has been fired. Eh?   Does anyone want to be in politics anymore? Is that part of the big plan? Is politics to be by 'conscription' only...

Daft or drafted.  Conscription... 

Hmmm  ... wikki  "Conscription during the First World War began when the British government passed the British Military Service Act in 1916... The act specified that single men aged 18 to 40 years old were liable to be called up for military service unless they were widowed with children or ministers of a religion.... The age limit was also eventually raised to 51 years old...

Ah, so ... "National Service ended gradually from 1957. It was decided that those born on or after 1 October 1939 would not be required, but conscription continued for those born earlier whose call-up had been delayed for any reason. In November 1960 the last men entered service, as call-ups formally ended on 31 December 1960, and the last National Servicemen left the armed forces in May 1963. "

And the  future 'arse wipers' ....


Wot no makeover?

Yep, congratulations :-))  Britain was the Old Man of Europe.

Oh, I dunno...

Slippery slopes ;-)


Hearts of Glass.

I guess hell hath no fury like a Country scorned.

A political apocolypse?




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Equality in Area 51

Mind, should completion of Area 51 have further delays .... 

If the Doors ever finally fit  :-)

Oooh I feel a Bam Calender coming on ...


Oh, I dunno ...  JC's abridged softback version could already be at the printers. ...  bundles for kindle ...


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Skippy & The Few

"...The Few are now the Fewer, soon to be the None. So I should say: this isn’t what they, in many cases, lived through a bit of the war for (but often as infants so they can’t really remember it)! If they can’t remember it, perhaps that explains why they’re so sanguine about renouncing an institution that’s done more than any other in history to preserve peace between the major nations of Europe...

“Come on, you lost – you have to shut up now! For years you’ve been going on and on and on about multiculturalism and fair trade and equal marriage, and how foreigners are lovely and we’re nasty, and chickens get treated terribly, and recycling and rape and pitta bread and how nothing is quite as it seems, and now you’ve got to stop or it’s not fair. Everyone voted to say they were sick of it and that’s that!”

That would explain why, as the consequences of last year’s referendum grind remorselessly on, there’s so much anger and bitterness on both sides. Surely the winning side should be chipper, at least for the moment. This is the honeymoon period — if a divorce can have a honeymoon period. Which I imagine it can: this is the leave your socks on the floor, get drunk and piss in the sink bit. The bleak contemplation of a vast acreage of solitude stretching ahead towards a cold grave is still to come..."

Odd Dear ...

How Now.

Oh, OK.

Erm ... has British Summer Time ended? Is it the EMU at large ... Hmmm