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"The Wolfland Group said it planned to take 'a dirty fossil fuel fracking company and turn it into a green energy beacon'... “The government is talking up green energy and green jobs. But this is it in a package. This is the real-life example of what the government is talking up. “This is about turning stranded fossil fuel assets into green energy assets.”

The company said it plans to install 28MW of battery storage later this year on the site of a former gas fired power station."


“We believe we’re now a real-life example of walking the talk and turning stranded fossil fuel assets into green energy solutions.”


"Nevertheless, the company will not be changing its name. “Third Energy perfectly describes the energy transition that needs to take place in the UK,” said Mason. “The first energy was fossil fuels, the second energy was nuclear and now the third energy is renewables. It’s a perfect brand for renewable energy.”


"There is a real opportunity to create the next generation of jobs while taking advantage of the north’s unique expertise and economic assets to lead our transition to net zero. This should focus around Carbon Capture Use and Storage, hydrogen and Small Modular Reactors."




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Clear, the Benches

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'So They Were Stuck'

"Third Energy, which owns the 12 wells in Ryedale, has also commissioned investigations to establish if they can be repurposed for geothermal energy to heat homes and businesses."


"Residents are now invited to share their thoughts on the project at a series of events on July 6 at Pickering Methodist Church Hall at 2.30pm, and Ryedale House in Malton at 6.30pm."



"a not-very-bright psychopath with anger management issues was not the best look for their party."


"The new bar and dance floor worked very well and the appearance of the whole space for the wedding was a huge improvement."