The Thick 'End' of the Tories

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The 'devious' Labour plot to overthrow the Tory Twonks and rid the UK of these political dinosaurs, remnants from some cretinaceous age can now be exposed.  Finally the penny has dropped for the leader of the Twonks: "Speaking at an event to mark two months until polling day, Mr Cameron said: "If you thought the worst outcome in this election is a Labour government led by Ed Miliband, think again. "You could end up with a Labour government led by Ed Miliband, propped up by Alex Salmond and the Scottish National Party....  Lord Baker of Dorking says there is a "great threat" the UK could be broken up "You could end up with an alliance between the people who want to bankrupt Britain and the people who want to break up Britain."

Desperation has beset the Twonks as the panic ripples through the Tory Parties ranks.  Anyone would think a comet had landed ...  "The peer's words echo former Prime Minister Sir John Major's warning that the SNP would enter any deal with Labour with the "overriding aim" of "prising apart" the union."

Erm, and what about the divide and conquer polices of the last five years, private v public sectors (education & health) , rich v poor (tax reductions for the rich v benefit cuts & sanctions for the poor), have v have nots (law & order v  justice) , us v them (immigration and migration), with such hypocritical statements gurgling 'prising apart the Union' ... thinks the Tory Twonks have already been doing that but failed to notice, must be that reinforced thick reptilian skin that malfunctioned their cloaking device. :-/

Yep, the Twonks may have caught on to the North v South disparage but failed to do anything about it.  Have they left it too late? With only Eight weeks to go before the General Election, that little thing called democracy where the 'people' decide, the thickety thick Twonks have resorted to the last resort of mocking the Labour Leader at every blue top opportunity:

As Ed fights back "Don't mistake my decency for weakness"  ...  on New Labour - did they care? : “Well, it was more with New Labour that as long as the people at the bottom are doing OK, does the gap matter? But the gap absolutely matters to me. New Labour were too sanguine about it. The Conservatives don’t care about it.” ... "Miliband defends his leadership, saying he has moved the party on from the New Labour era in other aspects as well. “On Murdoch, I’ve moved Labour on. On Syria. On inequality. On the responsibilities of the rich and powerful, and the accountability of companies and corporations. On what I call responsible capitalism, I’ve moved Labour on.”

So when did the Labour & SNP plot begin to thicken, perhaps it was here:

Or mebbe here:

Most certainly here: "Gordon Brown is to take centre stage in the knife-edge fight to save the United Kingdom after announcing an exhausting tour across Scotland to persuade voters “change is coming” even if there is a No vote ... voters face a choice between having a stronger Scottish Parliament within the UK and separating entirely with all the risks that entails ... uncertainty over the currency, accuse the SNP of having no “Plan A” on the economy and warn Alex Salmond’s threat to default on Scotland’s share of the UK’s national debt would make the country a “hostage to fortune”.

Fighting talk indeed. 

Signed and sealed?  That was Alex Salmond's move : "  The former First Minister of Scotland Alex Salmond has confirmed plans for a return to Westminster by standing for a seat in UK parliament at next year’s general election. The Scottish politician who stood down as leader of the SNP after being defeated in the independence referendum, announced his candidacy for the constituency of Gordon in a speech in Aberdeenshire today.  Salmond will contest the seat for the Scottish National Party (SNP) currently held by Lib Dem MP Sir Malcolm Bruce since 1983 until his retirement in May 2015. The move puts to rest speculation about whether Salmond would seek a return to politics in Westminster after handing over leadership of the SNP to Nicola Sturgeon"

SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon has ruled out supporting a Conservative government and said it was "unlikely" the SNP would enter a formal coalition with Labour should there be a hung parliament. However, she has indicated her MPs could work with Labour on an "issue-by-issue basis".

All things being equal and erm 'fair' "

Asked explicitly if that meant the SNP could still back Labour policies without Ed Miliband promising to scrap Trident, she did not disagree, replying: “But we would not in any vote support the renewal of Trident and I can’t make that any clearer than I have already made it.”

Sturgeon also implied she now saw Trident as a stand-alone question after refusing to confirm it was a red-line issue in any future dealings with Labour. “We will never vote for the renewal of Trident; that’s a decision which will fall to be made in the next Westminster parliament. We will never vote for that,” she said, after being asked how deep that red line was.... In her maiden speech as new SNP leader last November she won jubilant cheers from delegates at the party’s annual conference by explicitly linking support for Labour with Trident, stating "think how much more we could win for Scotland from a Westminster Labour Govt. if they had to depend on SNP votes.

Indeed.  Whats in a name? Have the Twonks been caught with their pants down?  Is Eight the new Ten?

Is a step to the Left considered too far too soon in the global economic position of the UK?    Nicola Sturgeon along with Scottish resiliance has the power to correct that.  

The bottom line is, if there is a 'hung' parliament and a 'fragile coalition' formed between any of the UK parties, it would indeed be disastrous for the whole UK economy.  How many General Elections does one small country need and with inward investment needed to strengthen the UK's infrastructure, any political uncertainty from a failed 'fragile coalition' would and could put the UK back in the dark ages. 

On that basis, given Brown's erm 'noble intentions' and ongoing fight for the common people.   Once a 'Brownite always a Brownite....'  ok, mebbe not but why oh why did the Labour Party change its colors from Red,  to pink and pale blue. 

Once a Red always a Red .... but willing to compromise. Non regrets.

Bring it on - the sooner the Labour Leadership and the Scottish Parliament ... (wiser heads than mine) ...  Ed & Nicole .... how evolutionary would that be. Devolutionary hmm theres a word. 

Stoopid? :-) -

(All in my humbly bumbly)  

from one Ed to another "I hate the right wing and so does 80 to 90 percent of the world" - Eddie Izzard : pure genius :-)

much more on Izzard to come ...








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Just Dusting :-) 

Oh, here we go ...."NYCC Plan to chop down our beautiful trees on Westborough!!
"Thanks to Rae Yaldren for the pics. Each tree on Westborough has these notices stapled to them, saying that they are to be removed for area development. It doesn't say whether they will be replaced. For "further details on the matter" you have to contact NYCC on 0845 8727374 or email
I didn't notice anything in the local papers, but I'm emailing them to ask for "further details".

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Parliamentary Candidates Confirmed

the Parliament Candidates ... House of Commons ... candidates for Scarborough & Whitby are announced:

Michael Beckett – Liberal Democrats
Juliet Boddington – Alliance for Green Socialism: Save NHS
Sam Cross – UK Independence Party (UKIP)
Robert Goodwill – The Conservative Party
David Hugh Malone – Green Party
Ian Alistair McInnes – Labour Party

Hmm I met Juliet Boddington in the erm 'waiting room' ... Alliance for Green Socialism ? - from Whitby and very clued up, a much needed alternative ...  

Anyhow isn't it about time voting became compulsory and a 'none of the above'  option given? ... one day.  Mebbe it should become a 'lotttery' like jury service, but then thats bordering on The Hunger Games ... a film thats probably done more for inspiring young voters than any politician ever could ... waffle waffle ...

Good Luck All. Democracy Rules.





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Red Ed - Resignation

Labour suffered a humiliating defeat in Scotland, after the SNP won 56 out of 59 contested seats.

Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls is among senior Labour politicians to lose their seat.

In a surprise outcome, contrary to pre-election polls, the Conservatives emerged with the largest share of seats. David Cameron is well on his way to securing a majority, while Labour and the Liberal Democrats have suffered humiliating losses.

Projections say Cameron will win 328 seats in total – enough to command a majority in the House of Commons.

Speaking after winning his Doncaster North seat, Miliband said: “This has clearly been a very disappointing and difficult night for the Labour Party.

“We have not made the gains we wanted in England and Wales, and in Scotland we have seen a surge of nationalism overwhelm our party,” said Miliband, after comfortably securing his own seat with an increased majority.

“I want to say to all the dedicated and decent colleagues in Scotland who have lost their seats that I am deeply sorry for what has happened.

“And I also want to say that the next government has a huge responsibility. It has a huge responsibility in facing the very difficult task of keeping our country together.”

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The Junk Age

by Richard Inneson ;- )

"So, it's all over., and life continues, the sky has not fallen in. A woman with a large backside is feted as a 'celebrity', 'The Sun' remains the most popular 'newspaper' in the UK, the wife of a footballer sells tee shirts for £679.00 in her London shop; anyone who can read 'the straws in the wind' knows that this era of the Sir Fred Goodwins (DT Businessman of the Year), the Adam Aysgarths, the Bob Diamonds the 'something for nothing' and 'screw the disadvantaged for anything that they might possess' spivs, who inhabit the 'Square Mile'' and for whose benefit, the efforts of the entire country seem to be devoted to keeping in luxurious idleness, is coming to the end of its tether.

The people of Scotland have woken up; one day, somebody is going to look back on the smoking ruins of the last thirty odd years and remember it as a period of time when the UK tried to throw itself off a cliff. The rest of us, in the disintegrating United Kingdom, are currently sleepwalking through a time when the condemnation, persecution and exploitation of the poor, and otherwise disadvantaged, gets more grotesque by the minute.

We will wake up eventually, and then we will see what it all meant, in all its tawdry vainglory.
Fame we will realise, came all too cheaply, all you had to do was to turn yourself into a stick of human bubble gum, well packaged, easy to digest, and easily disposable. You were the flavour of the month until that flavour wore off, someone blew you up, and you went pop.
Human dignity died some time ago, self respect is lacking in so many of the pathetic so called 'celebs' who have fixated the imaginations of our young people.
Ill educated, poorly clothed, and worse shod, people, who exist on a diet of junk food and tinned lager, expose their grim lives with all of their mostly, self created, problems, on day time television for our enjoyment.
We will see, if and when we wake up, that we were living through a pointless dream time dominated by the likes of Kirsty ('it's totally French windows' and 'operation balance' ) Allsopp, of 'Location, location, location' so called fame; fitted and regularly refitted kitchens/bathrooms, laminated flooring and steam ovens which are never switched on.

Michael Parkinson at the age of 80, still so in need of money that he tries to make us believe that a plastic biro is a suitable reward for contacting his insurance company employers and giving them our personal details which they can sell on to people who operate all kinds of shady, but quite legal, scams involving relieving bewildered old people of their savings.

Russian oligarchs with limitless funds but no taste buy diamond encrusted skulls, we have £200 million footballers who cannot read or write, and meanwhile, children are still dying of starvation in Africa whilst their masters weigh themselves in diamonds.

When ideas were so few that any crackpot spouting any theory of how to solve the problems we face, was greeted with the rapture of the inhabitants of Noah's Ark, welcoming the dove with the olive branch.

The answer is not to flog the shoplifters, of bring back hanging, or send anybody back home (wherever that may be) whose family has not been resident of in the UK for at least two hundred years, or treble the numbers of police officers and arm them with machine guns or patrol the streets with dogs and horses, or castrate the rapists, or boil the paedophiles alive, or any of the other 'tap room remedies' which are usually packaged under the heading, 'a return to common sense'.
Nor is it to pine for the days of warm beer and spinsters cycling to Evensong and boys collecting conkers, dressed in blazer and flannels, and girls in gym slips doing their homework over beakers of Ovaltine.

It is no use looking back, we have frittered away too much time looking back, nostalgia for the past has arrested progress in the UK to such an extent that even the year 2000 is now garlanded with the pathetic tinsel of a 'golden age'.

When we do wake up, we will have to look forward, and someone with rather less sleep in his eyes than the rest of us, and who has more about them than spending their entire existence devising new ways of fiddling their expenses, will have to do the thinking.

At present, I can see nobody who fits the bill, but surely there must be someone who has the vision to see that the junk age we are currently living through is as transient, illusory and meaningless as any so called previous golden age.
God help us.

Well said Richard  X


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What about Lincoln?

Its official ... have re-mapped the UK , unfortunately they have forgotten Lincoln.

If any TMB's just 'appen to be going spare within the next five years perhaps aided and abetted by a few frack-ons (not clingons) then 'opefully we can create a bit of a Himalyan effect and 'Ed North (who's he then?) (our next virtual 'cyber' Labour Leader) then we can all look up ... meanwhile riots in the Metropolis .... tut toot .... wot with the Modern Aristocracy v Aunty Austerity ... ... I feel a bit ov a Clash coming on, Ooops I mean Clang ... on the level

Oh,  OK Charlotte - Church?  - Wot an Angel still Wales ain't the same as Lincoln, is it?




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Labour Leadership (LL) - Corbyn to Trump

About as disineterested in the LL as in Readers Digest ... a few weeks ago 'none of the above' would have done. ('cept Chuka)

Anyhoos Jeremy Corbyn is emerging as the lost 'identity' of the Labour Party grass roots, following the Blairite/New Labour era.

Early days yet, the LP seems about as fragmentated as P******* (insert your own palce of fragmentation) , but then a week is a long time ... 

Meanwhile, the Corbyn campaign & identity is growing stronger:

Left foot forward ... ;-)

Personally I don't want a leader, I want a Prime Minister that is willing and able to stand up to the likes of Donald Trump?

Who? Yep .... unbelieveable :-/ ffs


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Trident & Trigonometry

Ooops, wasn't very good at one ... pi 3.142 ;-/

Astute - yep I got a rubber one ... gifted by the fellows at Barrowness ... don't ask ... 850 jobs at stake if they scrap Trident.

Anyhoos what on earth would they do with the subs without the deterrent ... I asked that .... they serve only one purpose. Oh, wot a shame ... should be multifunctional. Now about life aboard the U-Boats ...  nope, wots the point ... hey ho.

pot kettle black :

so they have 600£mil to chuck around ... wishful thinking ... now if only they had an alternative use for those mini-subs, small rubberfish in a pond.

Back to the trains: -)




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Tory Conference 2015

Jeremy Corbyn "Ahead of Tory Conference I urge all activists to focus on policy & to take no part in personal attacks."

Oh buttons, a pacifist ...  

Meanwhile :

Aww shucks:

ah yes the UN .... Flags. Oh just a minute ;-)

YCR's MP Diaries - Bingo today ... nope not one word or murmur on SSI & Redcar falling from Bob's lips ... he was an EU MP and stood there ya know. Now what could Bingo be up to:

"The new Shipping Minister has been announced as Robert Goodwill, MP for Scarborough and Whitby  Mr Goodwill was appointed as Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Transport on Tuesday, but his specific duties within the department have been announced today.  As Shipping Minister, he will have responsibility for completing the Maritime Growth Study."

He kept that quiet. How odd.   

Typical Bob, whatever floats his boat ...   

Sssh don't mention  the East India Trading Company. DYOR.

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Osboringnomics - Catch22

This almost slipped under the radar ;-)

Significant bit  "it's not where you work but where you live"

Why is that significant? Erm becos HMRC are also undertaking Universal Credits - (benefitz)

Most significant bit ;-)  "Depending on the level the Scottish Parliament sets the rate at Scottish taxpayers may pay a different rate of Income Tax to the rest of the UK."

Thick moment? Are house prices in Scotland about to Rocket?

Hmmm ...


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Bilbao Bob Promoted

Congratulations to local MP 'Bilbao' Bob - he  gets a promotion :-)

"He has moved up a ministerial rank, to become a Minister of State."

Could it be for :

The Bus Cuts?

The Electronification of the Trains?

His duties above & beyond :-)

Or mebbe, just mebbe ...

Lol - nope, Bingos not that clever   ... pmsl

Panto time?

Oh Dear ... the facts speak for themselves.

1.  The Potash is of Global significance

2.  Boulby have fallen from 'grace'

3.  Nobody on this planet can build the Doves Nest Potash mine except CF & Co alias SXX

with a little help from Bilboa ... the Ghaul.

Humpty not Dumpty. Bilboa's not 'daft' either ;-)

Electronification ... my thats a big word ...

Ooops 'standards', 'strange',  can we have a recount?  Oh heckers ...

Stick.  Merrits.



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Lord Bolbo

Bingo, Bilbo, Bulbo .... Bob to get Knighted? 

Stranger things have happened ....

Peers. HS3

"Sir David said better rail links in northern England were "desirable" and "possible" after being asked to look at ways of maximising the benefits of HS2.

The government said it would now develop a strategy looking at options, costs and a delivery timetable for HS3.

A report will be produced in March.

Mr Cameron welcomed the report and said improving connectivity and reducing journey times was "crucial" to the government's long-term economic plan for the north of England.

"These sort of decisions - decisions about our country and the future of rail - matter. They are not always popular. HS2 is not always popular. But I profoundly believe they are right," he said."

Back to Back ...  Bob the Bong

A tenor is on the gong, for Bob. 


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Panto Season

Peers presents:-)

How, erm, appropriate?

Now remember boys n gals a cat is for life and not for ... slippers.

Ah,so ... quite important,  the Cliff Lift is open ;-)

Cliff. Quite like a bit of Cliff ...