'Energy Island'

"You might think a steady supply of wind is all you would ever need to spin some turbines and start producing renewable energy, but the reality is more complex..."

"A site on Anglesey would be "helping the UK reach net zero, supporting the government's levelling up agenda and turbocharging the UK's domestic nuclear supply chain capability, setting it on a path to deliver and export future clean energy solutions", the firm added.  The UK government remains committed to building large-scale nuclear power plants, which it sees as central to decarbonising the energy supply.

It is expected to publish a 10-point plan next week to meet a target of net zero emissions in the UK by 2050. Six previous nuclear sites had been identified as locations for new plants to be built."

"Despite the UK government's commitment to large scale nuclear power plants, the cost of construction has raised concerns for investors. It had held a public consultation on bills for energy payers being increased to help cover the costs of building new nuclear power stations, but nothing concrete followed.  Other financial support has been made available by the UK government for the nuclear industry."

""Anglesey desperately needs skilled employment which is why I have championed Wylfa Newydd and Anglesey as 'Energy Island' at every opportunity, and I am working with all levels of local and national partners to make it happen," she said."There are many other innovative projects on Anglesey that have the potential to offer skilled employment and I am keen to encourage young people to stay on the island and invest in their community.""


"A High Court judge in Manchester said managing the largest group claim in English legal history would be like "trying to build a house of cards in a wind tunnel" and ruled the case was an "abuse of the process of the court"...  "The case is the latest battle to establish whether multinationals can be held liable for the conduct of subsidiaries abroad."





"As well as the potential to create 6,000 jobs by 2025, the nuclear power plant plans could deliver a further 34,000 roles in 15 years, most of which would be high value manufacturing jobs.  The consortium - which also includes National Nuclear Laboratory and the construction company Laing O'Rourke - said it is hoping to get a "clear commitment" from the government for the flat-packed power station project.

The government handed the Rolls-Royce-led coalition £18m last year to design the small modular reactors (SMR). The consortium matched the funding and is now looking to secure a further £217m, which would also be matched by industry.  Tom Samson, interim chief executive of the consortium, said: "This creates a unique opportunity to revitalise the UK's industrial base and paves the way for the future commercialisation of advanced reactor solutions, including fusion technology.

"Our ambition to accelerate the deployment of a fleet these power stations across the UK will contribute massively to the 'levelling up' agenda, creating sustainable high value manufacturing jobs in those areas most in need of economic activity."  He added: "The fleet approach will bring huge value to the communities of which these power stations will be a part, with economic activity spanning 60 years of operations.""






Iron Awe

"FMG has committed over $1 billion to its Fortescue Future Industries business, which aims to build 235 GW of renewable energy generation capacity for use in green hydrogen, ammonia and metals production.  As one of Australia’s largest iron ore producers, Fortescue is heavily exposed to the emissions-intensive steelmaking industry.  In fact the 241 million tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent (MtCO2-e) generated when FMG’s iron ore was processed into steel in the last year is almost half as large as Australia’s total national emissions in 2019.  These downstream emissions, known as scope 3 emissions, represent FMG’s major contribution to climate change, and the company’s greatest exposure to climate change risk.

While few details were provided, the announcement suggests a positive strategic shift for the company. Today’s green industry announcement recognises the need to decarbonise the steelmaking industry in order to protect FMG’s iron ore revenue stream in a world rapidly moving to meet its climate commitments. However, without any details, targets or timelines attached to those plans shareholders remain concerned about exactly how Fortescue plans to manage its transitional climate risk exposure."

Sadly, the company failed to respond to a number of questions submitted on this topic.


"It would require a much longer article to explain all the differences, but the essence of the legal split between England and America is that if you write something defamatory in London, the burden is on you to prove it is true.

In America, the defamed person has to prove it isn't true, a very different task. It sounds a slender legal nicety but it can make all the difference.

England and Wales's libel law was tightened in 2013, but it is still one of the best places in the world for the rich (and it is a rich person's game) to take on the media. If you want to win a libel case and you have a choice about where to bring it, lawyers will suggest buying a ticket to Heathrow.

And if you want to understand how big an issue this was for Depp's reputation, look at what he was trading. He lived in a world of security guards and private planes. Going to court blew it apart."


'Foul or Fragrant'

"It fell to planning committee chairman Councillor Peter Sowray to use his casting vote to approve the scheme close to the villages of Womersley, Whitley, Great Heck and Cridling Stubbs, which aims to provide pulverised ash waste originally from Ferrybridge and Eggborough power stations for use in the construction industry.

The decision came as the council is arguing it should become England’s largest unitary authority by area, dismissing claims that it would be unable to focus on local issues."


"As was pointed out during the meeting, even where expressions of support had been received, these were mainly from overseas or far flung parts of the UK. None were from local firms – indeed there is only one firm locally that uses the material in question."

"“The chair’s rationale for rejecting a deferral was that he didn’t want to have to hear all the arguments again before making a decision and his rationale for approving was that it would have to be in someone’s backyard, so it might as well be here.”"



10 steps forward, 10 steps back?




Budget Mince Pies...

“At the very least, achieving any date close to this ambitious goal – and reaching Mars in the 2030s – will require strong, consistent, sustained leadership from the president, Congress, and Nasa, as well as stable and timely funding.”




'Walking the Walk'

"The prime minister’s pledge to ban gas boilers from new homes by 2023 has been withdrawn.

The promise first appeared on the Downing Street website this week attached to Mr Johnson’s climate plan.

But the date was later amended, with the PM’s office claiming a “mix-up”."



Rugged capabilities...


"Ratcliffe, a prominent supporter of the campaign to leave the EU, initially planned on making the Grenadier in the UK...

"Mark Tennant, commercial director at Ineos Automotive, said that internal combustion engines remained the best option for the Grenadier to handle “rough, tough jobs”, but that hydrogen fuel cells were part of the longer term plan.

“You need something that will give good range and will be fairly autonomous in the sense of travelling into the hinterlands of Africa or Australia,” he said.

Promoting a hydrogen supply chain could also benefit Ineos’s existing chemicals business, which already produces 300,000 tonnes of hydrogen a year."

"At least I could gloat in the self-righteousness of actually walking the walk, but, after researching online, if we go again, I’m going to be sat in that “unimog” vehicle on a Spurn Point Safari."



"For more information go to www.businessinspiredgrowth.com/project/circulareconomy/ "


"who is responsible for mud on the road"?






Flat Pack Democracy...


Keep Busy.

Pop Up Politics

"If we are going to get to net zero, it is absolutely vital that the private sector is taken with us. It will provide the cash and capital to invest in new processes and new techniques. We know for an absolute fact that the private sector is much better at allocating capital than the public sector. Investment will contribute towards innovation, and the solutions to climate change are about innovation. The more innovation and the more competitive free markets we have, the more our consumers get a better deal at a better price.

We are seeing some interventions from shareholders in banks, who are saying, “We do not want you to invest in these kinds of industries anymore.” Shareholder action groups will get increasingly vociferous, which could be to the detriment of small and medium-sized enterprises, and even bigger companies.

This is not just about SMEs: bigger companies will remember that last year, there were some protests by actors from the Royal Shakespeare Company ​regarding BP’s sponsorship of that organisation, which led to a parting of the ways between the RSC and its sponsor. That is despite the fact that BP is working within our overall regulatory framework, and will be incredibly important in the future in making the investment we need to move from a dependence on fossil fuels to a greater dependence on renewable energy."


tis like Double Jeopardy innit :

""It is vital, I agree, that we preserve that peat. “The North Yorkshire Moors are not, in the main, blanket bogs. "They are dry heathland peat, and different ways of management need to be conducted on different types of moorland.

“It is also vital that we preserve these fragile habitats, and if we are to preserve them, they do need managing.

“I must make the point that the North Yorkshire moors are not a natural environment.

"They are a fragile environment. "In the middle ages, the moors were covered in trees, which were cut down for fuel and used to smelt the iron stone found under those moors.

"Only in the Victorian era did management systems come in that encouraged sheep farming and grouse.

“That involved cool burning the heather in the winter period when the fire was unlikely to get into the peat itself.

"That involves burning small patches of the moorland to create a patchwork of different stages of heather, some of it very tender and young.

“It is the tender, young heather that the sheep and grouse can feed on.  "The old, woody heather is no good for the grouse and is certainly no good for sheep.

"It is also no good, by the way, for ground-nesting birds such as the golden plover, the lapwing and the curlew.”

Mr Goodwill says moors that are not managed, such as Troutsdale Moor, risk becoming scrubland or victims of wildfires. “I say to the Minister that we need more science before we make any decisions. The science is unfolding.

“We also need to understand that some people are against the burning of moorland because they are against grouse shooting.

"That is a perfectly respectable position to have, but they should not use it to destroy the very fragile environment of the North Yorkshire Moors.

“If we do not have a managed moorland, we will have no grouse, no sheep, no lapwings, no curlews and no birds of prey.”"


One of them knows what they are talking about.


"Ineos, which started with a buyout of BP’s chemicals business in 1992, has grown to an annual turnover of $60bn. In 2005 Ineos did another deal with BP, paying $9bn for Innovene, a subsidiary that at that point comprised the majority of the oil company’s chemicals assets and two refineries.

Ineos said the petrochemicals deal was “a good fit” with its existing businesses, including rejoining two parts of a site in Hull and expanding the company’s operations in Geel, Belgium. It will include the transfer of facilities in the US, UK and Belgium, as well as the Asian growth markets of China, Korea, Taiwan and Malaysia. In 2019 the businesses produced 9.7m tonnes of petrochemicals."


"No, the peacocking bloke on a Bird e-scooter is more insidious. He is zippy and superior; he has all the gear and an inflated idea of his own status."


"... But these guys are more J P Morgan than Monzo even, and the role is firmly ­middle management."



Roseberry Topping

"“It’s time to tell the politicians who prop up this way of living: no more. We want an economy that grows health and wellbeing, not debt and carbon emissions. An economy that prepares and protects us from shocks to come, rather than making them worse. An economy that shares resources to meet all our needs, regardless of background. An economy that lets us live.”"



Now that's what I call a marketing campaign ... ;-)


"The formation often reminds people of the pyramidal peak of the Matterhorn in the Alps, one of Europe's highest mountains.

It is certainly a distinctive landmark, with thousands of walkers drawn to climb it each year. But at 1,050ft high, it is much smaller than many of Britain's mountains, its statue standing less than a third of the height England's highest peak, Scafell Pike.

What it lacks in size though, it makes up for in charm, not least with its legends.

One tale goes that Prince Oswy, the son of King Oswald of Northumbria, drowned there. Legend says it was foretold that the Prince, the son of King Oswald, would die by drowning so his mother took him to the summit of Roseberry Topping to try to keep him safe. But he wandered off and fell into a spring after she fell asleep."


Oh.... as a matter of interest :



They don't hang about do they  ... offers are open until 30th November...

Culture Vultures.

"For the wise man looks into space and he knows there is no limited dimensions."

Cover Field

"“Politics does not reflect majorities, it constructs them.”"


"North Yorkshire County Council’s Richmond constituency committee heard there was a high level of anxiety among many residents of Coverdale due to the authority’s failure to explain what the Mobile Access North Yorkshire (MANY) pilot project would entail.

The Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport 5G testbed and trials initiative aims to bring 4G mobile connectivity and ultra-fast broadband to the area where mobile phone coverage is almost non-existent."



"This is what happens when Highschool Music Bands try meth."

"Abba is not a rock band"

""I think the community of Flamborough is speaking loudly.

“In the last 10 years most of the expansion of tourism beds has been on Flamborough Head..."

"“We made the point that because North Yorkshire is such a large area and doesn’t have as much travel between boroughs, it should be looked at in terms of each district,” said Mr Goodwill."


"Solenis at Low Moor, Cleckheaton will carry out a test-sounding of its off-site emergency siren at 10am and at 8pm on Thursday December 3.

The siren, which produces a sound of increasing and decreasing pitch, will operate for one minute on each occasion, a spokesman for the site confirmed."




"There is no need for members of the public, who hear the siren, to take any action."


Deep in thought...


"Nuclear fusion replicates the intense atomic reactions that power the sun and uses a hydrogen isotope found in seawater as fuel. It cannot produce a runaway chain reaction like conventional nuclear fission, which involves splitting atoms rather than fusing them together. The level of radioactive waste is also far lower. No exclusion zone will be needed around the site, officials said."


"Communities in the UK are being asked to bid to host a prototype nuclear fusion power plant, which a government-backed programme plans to build by 2040.

The site does not need to be near existing nuclear power stations but will need 100 hectares of land and a plentiful water supply. Ministers say the project would bring thousands of skilled jobs and be part of its planned “green industrial revolution” to tackle the climate crisis."

Baldrick !!!

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A Pound of Flesh


Tell that to the 'fish' ...

"A spokeswoman for The Crown Estate said: “Following the sad news of the deceased whales we have followed up with partners, including the Receiver of Wreck and the local authority.

“We understand that two of the whales are located on our foreshore but that they are located in areas with limited public access and where their removal would be practically very difficult.

“We would therefore echo the advice of the authorities that members of the public should continue to keep away from the whales.”"

And, you owe me a tenner ;-))

"In the days following their deaths, children have been seen "climbing" on the whales despite warnings about "harmful bacteria, fluids and other associated health hazards" linked to their decomposition.

There have been complaints of a "potent" stench coming off the bodies which "takes your breath away"."

"The Dogger Bank windfarm is an engineering feat that marks a step change in the growth of renewable energy. Each steel structure, weighing 2,800 tonnes, has been designed to soar more than 250 metres from where their heels are buried in the seabed to the top of each 107-metre blade."


"The large shellfishing fleet out of Bridlington, Scarborough and Hornsea, shouldn't be badly affected as they don't operate on quotas, although there are concerns about disruption to exports post-Brexit, particularly when sending live shellfish."




"Research by the Office for National Statistics suggests they have been at no greater risk of infection than other professions working outside the home."


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Portcullis & the Diatomacious


"The energy firm had been looking to conduct the 3D survey on the Resolution - first discovered in 1966 - and Endeavour gasfields in the first quarter of this year, but said it needed more time to "conclude agreements with commercial and other stakeholders in the area"...

Around 60 fishermen, from Scarborough and Whitby mainly, had been involved in negotiations with Shell about removing their crabpots, which would otherwise get caught up in the 2km-long cables dragged by the survey ship."

"Shell claims seismic surveys are a “low impact” method to gather information about the geology under the seabed, using an acoustic signal that is generated on the ship and picked up by sensors towed behind the vessel as the signal bounces back off the rocks.

Shell, which has a 70 per cent interest in the exploration licences, and is the operator, denies claims by the group that fracking would be used.

If they decide to go ahead following a future survey - now likely to be in 2022 - gas would eventually come ashore at Teeside where it would be used to power homes and businesses and also to generate electricity."



"He also says it's really important that we all take our permitted once a day opportunity, to get out for a walk."

Know Your Gnomes.

Iguana on a firefighter's head



"A mature iguana can weigh as much as 15lbs (6.8kg) and the reptiles can be difficult to handle as they have razor-sharp teeth, claws and a lashing tail"


'Significantly Misleading'

"ON January 22, the treaty on the prohibition of nuclear weapons will pass into international law."

"This is an important public debate to have...


"At the start of the year, Young, an associate editor at The Spectator and general secretary of the Free Speech Union, installed an app that auto-deletes tweets more than a week old.

He said he did so to protect against "politically-motivated offence archaeologists" - a move unrelated to the Ipso ruling."


"why do Ministers always wait so long before deciding to deploy them to perform these vital duties?"



Medieval, Moi? 


"... the National Park Authority has reminded potential visitors that this should be interpreted as being from your own doorstep and that driving into other areas for walks and picnics is not allowed."

The Unimpressed.

"Is Scarborough the new Northbridge? Calls for police to ramp up patrols as fights plague beachside strip"

Waste Not Want Not

Hurray for the wayback machine...

"Wood was told he could not officially take off until 08:00 the next morning, when the airfield reopened, but he left.

Wood told the court he had 2,200 hours flying experience, and now had full UK, US and Canadian licences.

He said he was an "experienced pilot who sees flying as a great privilege to be taken very seriously", and had thought the airfield served civilian traffic."


Apologies in advance.


You just can't get the staff....


"All the women in my family are absolutely fabulous," she says.

"I remember growing up they would always wear heels to go to the corner shop and wear fabulous make up, of course. That really pushed me to be more polished and to be more glamorous."



Hmmm ...

Social Media.

"If someone tells you who they are believe them."


Mebbe not... 

"Oscar Brown, Jr., wrote "The Snake" back in 1963 as a civil rights protest song"

One Day Rodders.

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A Can of Worms

"According to Client Earth, the UK government estimated that the UK would need just 6 GW of new gas generation to 2035 but has already approved 15 GW-worth of large-scale gas plants. Approving Drax’s project took total planned gas capacity to 18 GW – three times the government’s estimates of what was needed, Client Earth said."


Oh Dear ...

"Just 18 months ago, when the national target was still set at an 80% reduction, the same level of emissions cuts were expected to take twice as long.

It comes as the UK – which will host the COP26 UN climate talks next year – aims to establish itself as an international climate leader, following an ambitious new “ 68% by 2030” commitment under the Paris Agreement and prime minister Boris Johnson’s new “10-point plan” for achieving net-zero.

However, with the country set to miss its upcoming fourth and fifth carbon budgets, the government’s own figures show current plans still fall “a long way short” of what is required, the CCC says.

Here, Carbon Brief draws out the key points from the CCC’s new guidance – made up of nearly 1,000 pages across three reports – which covers the sixth carbon budget advice and, more widely, the net-zero pathway it has mapped out for achieving a fully decarbonised economy by 2050."



"... an area about the size of Denmark of pristine tropical forest is lost every year.

"Planting the right trees in the right place must be a top priority for all nations as we face a crucial decade for ensuring the future of our planet," said Dr Paul Smith, a researcher on the study and secretary general of conservation charity Botanic Gardens International in Kew."




"It plans to go further by using Bioenergy Carbon Capture and Storage (BECCS) technology to become carbon negative by 2030 – meaning it will be permanently removing more CO2 from the atmosphere than its operations create.

As a founding member of the Zero Carbon Humber bid which aims to use BECCS, hydrogen and other CCS technologies to decarbonise industry across the region, Drax will help to level up the North."

One Perfect Day ... ;-)



"A group of MPs is calling for hedgehog nesting sites to get the same protections as those for bats and badgers, in an effort to boost numbers."



Social Mobility...

Fortunately I have the perfect  'Isolation Pad'.

""We can't live like the Waltons forever""



Pop Up Education ... every street should have one.


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'Wobble Booms'

""We've coped as well as possible with remote learning. Of course there's been challenges for our families who are juggling jobs and for our children who are missing their friends. It's no substitute for being in a classroom physically and being with friends and teachers.

"We all long to come back to school. We are ready to open and we're looking forward to opening but of course, we don't have access to all the science and the research that the Government has. We have to follow their guidance and judgement but there's certainly a hope that we can do everything to keep everybody as safe as possible."


Well, so far we've got the Klingon Language Course, Unarmed Combat and how to seize the moment 'hostage' party under way ...

"At the peak of absences, the council had furloughed nearly 700 workers in traded services. It says it's still facing "significant challenges" and predicts a shortfall of funding of £75m over the next three years."

Oh, Bless.

""What they all have in common is their commitment to improving the lives of their citizens and an understanding that making more effective use of data and evidence can aid them in their goals.""


"“One of the great lessons we’ve learned is that unless young people are enjoying themselves, there are so many other competing elements to their lives and so many other distractions that we have got to make it something that feels right for them, something that’s enjoyable for them and that they feel included in,”

“That enjoyment is probably the single biggest marker in how we need to shift our thinking in children and sport for young people.”"

Next Generation...

"vaccinating school staff "offers protection to one of our most important key-worker groups" and also protects children."

Fun, thou, innit.


"Whether you can teach an old dog new tricks might be a moot point, but it seems some canines can rapidly learn new words, and do so through play.

While young children are known to quickly pick up the names of new objects, the skill appears to be rare in animals."

Mad Dogs & Englishmen.

"Now the team behind the project are embarking on a project to create a cook book to help reduce food waste further by providing a useful collection recipes from the community."


Ouch.... ;-)

"The Incredible Edible Eastfield project began in 2009, inspired by Incredible Edible Todmorden "

An Apple a Day.


Sleep Tight.

A Rhetorical Question

""We think that the devices could have played a role. How can a glacier simply break off in winter? We think the government should investigate and find the devices," Sangram Singh Rawat, the headman of Raini, told me.

At the heart of their fears is an intriguing tale of high-altitude espionage, involving some of the world's top climbers, radioactive material to run electronic spy systems, and spooks.

It is a story about how the US collaborated with India in the 1960s to place nuclear-powered monitoring devices across the Himalayas to spy on Chinese nuclear tests and missile firings. China had detonated its first nuclear device in 1964.

"Cold War paranoia was at its height. No plan was too outlandish, no investment too great and no means unjustified," notes Pete Takeda, a contributing editor at US's Rock and Ice Magazine, who has written extensively on the subject.

In October 1965, a group of Indian and American climbers lugged up seven plutonium capsules along with surveillance equipment - weighing some 57kgs (125 pounds) - which were meant to be placed on top of the 7,816-metre (25,643-ft) Nanda Devi, India's second highest peak, and near India's north-eastern border with China.

A blizzard forced the climbers to abandon the climb well short of the peak. As they scampered down, they left behind the devices - a six-foot-long antenna, two radio communication sets, a power pack, and the plutonium capsules - on a "platform".

One magazine reported that they were left in a "sheltered cranny" on a mountainside which was sheltered by the wind. "We had to come down. Otherwise many climbers would have been killed," Manmohan Singh Kohli, a celebrated climber who worked for the main border patrol organisation and led the Indian team, said.

When the climbers returned to the mountain next spring to look for the device and haul it back to the peak, they had vanished..."



"The botched expedition was kept a secret in India until 1978, when the Washinton Post picked up the story reported by Outside, and wrote that the CIA had hired American climbers, including members of a successful recent summit of Mount Everest, to place nuclear-powered devices on two peaks of the Himalayas to spy on the Chinese.

The newspaper confirmed that the first expedition ended in the loss of the instrument in 1965, and the "second foray happened two years later and ended in what one former CIA official termed a "partial success".

In 1967, a third attempt to plant a fresh set of devices, this time on an adjacent and easier 6,861-metre (22,510-ft) mountain called Nanda Kot, had succeeded. A total of 14 American climbers, had been paid $1,000 a month for their work to put the spying devices in the Himalayas over three years.

In April 1978, India's then prime minister Morarji Desai dropped a "Bombshell" in the parliament when he disclosed that India and the US had collaborated at "top level" to plant these nuclear-powered devices on the Nanda Devi. But Desai did not say how far the mission was successful, according to a report.

Declassified US State Department cables from the same month talk about some 60 people demonstrating outside the embassy in Delhi against "alleged CIA activities in India". The protesters carried signs, saying "CIA Quit India" and "CIA is poisoning our waters"...

"In his book Nanda Devi: A Journey to the Last Sanctuary, British travel writer Hugh Thompson recounts how the American climbers were asked to use an Indian sun tan lotion to darken their skins so that they didn't evoke suspicion among locals; and how the climbers were told to pretend that they were on a "high altitude programme" to study the effects of low oxygen on their bodies. The porters who carried up the nuclear luggage were told it was a "treasure of some sort, possibly gold"."


"After more than four years of complex legal and planning wrangling over the scheme, the proposal is due to be considered by the county’s planning committee on Tuesday, where objectors have been invited to voice their views.

However, the council’s planning department gave objectors just one day’s notice to submit their comments for the meeting."



They come in pairs...






A Virtual Steel

"Officials were refusing to say why Jenrick intervened, having declined to do so before, citing the fact that the calling of the planning application is a quasi-judicial process. A communities department source said Jenrick’s decision was based largely on the need to consider new recommendations from the climate change committee, which advises the UK government, and on the fact that Cumbria county council had been unable to reach a clear decision about the project."

"The political ramifications remain fraught for Johnson, not least because the local MP for the proposed mine, Trudy Harrison, is his parliamentary private secretary, a role in which MPs act as an unpaid aide and backbench liaison lead for ministers."


"... a focus on local opportunities, including research and development at the National Nuclear Laboratory, Small Modular Reactors, Moorside, Geological Disposal Facility and export opportunities."

"Radiation Free Lakeland, which opposes the mine in part because of its proximity to the Sellafield nuclear waste site, said Jenrick’s decision was “fantastic news”."


""“We’re going to need steel to drive forward the green agenda – if you’re wanting to build windfarms, nuclear power stations, they all need steel,” he told the BBC. “And the demand for coking coal is going to be there right through to 2050.”

"International pressure on the government over the mine was ratcheted up earlier this week when John Kerry, the former US secretary of state who is now the county’s climate change envoy, used a visit to London to praise the UK for phasing out coal use."


"“This is an area that badly needs investment. This was a rare piece of genuine investment in west Cumbria and it could have been a starting point for so much more. It really is truthful to say that the majority of the campaigners are from outside of London.”"


The Plot Thickens...

"The contracting documents, which were issued in June 2019, say that “significant work has already been invested” in the systems for collecting internet records."


Tammy Winette....

Seriously I've been asked to write something sensible and on topic. 

Nothing to do with Squirrels..

"Originally known as “poulaines”, these shoes were worn as a fashion and social statement: the longer the point of your shoe, the higher your social status. The term Winklepicker was derived from the practice of using a sharp, pointed object to prise the winkle from its shell."



Spring Gardens eh?

Keeps Digging.


The Sloe Lane

"Being aware of science allows people to hold leaders to account and is an essential part of a democracy, Britain’s first astronaut has said."




"Using previous X-ray data and an ancient Greek mathematical method, they were able to explain how the cycles for Venus and Saturn were derived, as well as recovering the cycles of all the other planets, where the evidence was missing."



Insert your own ... ;-0


"On Sunday morning, the space company will send up its 22nd batch of 60 Starlink satellites from the Kennedy Space Center."

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'Hummed and Hawed'

"Could shooting arcs of "lightning" across the surface of the moon allow us to mine metal and water from the lunar surface at the same time?"

"A village trust has raised concerns over a green space near Scarborough possibly being used for housing in the future.

The Scalby and Newby Village Trust has leafleted residents in and around the village about the land off Carr Lane and North Street.

The 21 acre plot of farmland has been put forward as part of Scarborough Council’s new Local Plan, with 60 new sites up for consultation."


"Piero Maggio, director of asset operations at EDF Energy said: “We are working closely with the manufacturer of the turbine, GE Renewable Energy, to look into exactly what has happened to the damaged machine at Park Spring. Already we have stopped the remaining two machines from operating until we know more."


"The Local Plan is the formal document that sets out future development of the borough, drawn up by the council in consultation with the community. The current plan is being reviewed because it is more than three years old.

People can view the list of new sites and submit their comments at scarborough.gov.uk/localplanreview.

Additional sites could come forward in the coming months so the council is encouraging people to revisit its website every few weeks to stay up to date."

"She sounded thoroughly fed up having her day interrupted to explain basic probability theory to an ungrateful audience."


"Those are the rough proportions of one wafer of an Oreo cookie, Desch noted."

Stuff to Stick.

Got me jab ;-)


Bottom line is there are better ways to go.

Me arms dropped off...:-)


Litter Picking.


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An Apostrophe

"The most recent wave of drilling started around 2009 when land agents called families to the Chapter house to sign leases for the oil beneath their homes. Tso says they were treated like football players and told, “Sign here, you’ll get a signing bonus.”

“They don’t tell us, you know, ‘There’s a big oil boom right here and you’re sitting on some riches so you better be sure you have your own lawyers at the negotiating table,’” says Atencio."


"Industry rolled through Native American lands, disrupting everything from sleep patterns to finances, and left little behind. In the end there is no community center, no nearby fire station that can handle chemical fires, no money for higher education and no good roads.

And those abandoned mission buildings in Counselor – the school, the church, the apartments? The Navajo Nation bought the town and those buildings for $1m in 2007 with plans to refurbish them. But Tso says they found out later they were built with asbestos, and it will cost another $2.6m to tear them down and replace them.

“It happened on Indian land,” says Tso. “So it’s trivialized. It’s of no big concern.”"



"At this time of year in the northern hemisphere, the constellation of Leo, the Lion, is beautifully placed for observation in the evenings.    The chart shows the view tonight, looking south at midnight from London. It presents the perfect opportunity to track down a faint star cluster that can be seen with the naked eye."





Captain Qahn's picture

Free Air

"A cruise ship from the Royal Caribbean line was heading to the island to help with evacuation efforts, Nemo said.

The geologist Richard Robertson said that La Soufrière could erupt in a matter of hours or days"

Monitoring stations had reported long earthquakes, which suggested that fresh magma was trying to reach the surface, and indicated that the volcano was moving to “an explosive stage”.




Hmmm ...





“I know for sure they will be scared out of their wits. The question is, what will happen after they move? Volcanoes don’t tell you what they are thinking,” said Mullin.

“If it continues to erupt for a long time it will be life-changing for them. And, depending on the type of eruption, they might not be able to get back home for years.”


Captain Black's picture

North n Shore


"Elections for county councillors are being held across England next month but not in North Yorkshire due to the reorganisation plans."



"Man’s expeditions into space had, prior to the Apollo missions, been confined to near-Earth orbit.

Big Oil’s forays offshore had been confined to relatively benign shallow waters like the US Gulf of Mexico Shelf and, from the mid-1960s, the Southern North Sea gasfields."

Scallops ..

"Shell’s exploration manager at that time was Miles Bowen who it is said even had fictitious maps of the area made up to throw other oil majors off the scent. North Sea folklore perhaps but it would not be surprising if that was indeed the case."


"The virtual conference on Wednesday, May 19, will be opened by the Minister for Climate Change, Lord Callanan, in a big year for the UK ahead of it hosting the global COP26 conference.

In the Circle Yorkshire will hear from business leaders, policy makers and academics as they set out how a sustainable approach can improve your business, as well as benefitting the region"

Tiger Lily, Pip Squeak & Big Foot...

Echo locating. 


Ohm, Ohm ...


I never mentioned Tom Cruise once ...




Ethane Hunt, Moi?



The Maunsell Forts.



Apparently sea fishing is the only legalised 'hunting' form of occupation in the UK.


"There shall not be one minute in an hour
       Wherein I will not kiss my sweet love’s flower."

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An Insouciant

"The idea of Carbon Capture and Storage, and the “clean coal” and “clean hydrogen” that could come with it, will never go away for two simple reasons: we can keep researching it forever because it will never be invented and it works as a cover story for fossil fuels whether we invent it or not."




"Yes, they might suffer a bit of reputational damage – but then they might suffer even worse if they do turn up and face questions they have been running away from for years."







Captain Black's picture

Generation Z


Oh.  How to rearrange the alpha bet...



""It's why it's so important for us to get back out here and make sure they're not on the roads getting squished,""


I feel a vanishing act coming on ..

"From lighting fires with stones to cooking and eating legs of deer around a campfire, the team of three pushed themselves beyond their limits."



Spose Paris is out of the question ...

""Everywhere you look, people are nibbling greasily on a grenouille, licking their fingers, spitting out little bones. "Isn't it just great?" yells Jacky's diminutive wife, Frederique. "Every year we do this. It's our tradition. Our tribute to the noble frog.""


"It is thought their two-stage lifecycle, aquatic and terrestrial, makes them twice as vulnerable to environmental and climate change, and their permeable skins may be more susceptible to toxins than other animals."

Stops Digging.. ;-0




On Ilkley Moor Bah Tat... ;-00

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A Fruit Smack

"Last night’s Downing Street coronavirus briefing was given by Matt Hancock, now identifiable only by his dental records. According to Dominic Cummings, Hancock was a serial liar at a deadly level who should have been sacked 15 or 20 times. According to himself, Matt Hancock “threw a ring around care homes”. It would have been a lot better if he’d thrown the ring into Mount Doom instead."


"If only people who rightly identified the unpleasant and weirdo tendency to excuse absolutely anything at all where Jezza was concerned could be man enough to see it on so much larger a scale where Bozza is concerned. He is, after all, the actual prime minister. And for well over a year, many – not just Cummings – have pointed in remorseless and verifiable detail to his abysmal decisions or indecisions, which have led to tens of thousands of unnecessary deaths, far deeper-than-necessary economic damage and longer loss of freedoms. To say nothing of his having an approach to funding holidays and interior decoration that would not seem out of place in a TV evangelist."

"Even more unfortunately, Johnson is aided and abetted by a generation of Westminster-watchers so addled by polling that they have completely divorced morality from politics. I’m frightfully bored of being told things don’t matter because they didn’t “cut through”, or that this or that horror show is “priced in” to the public’s relationship with Johnson, or that something is irrelevant because “voters don’t care about it”. So what?!"



“You can only say you’ve finished if you make it home. Safety always come first.”

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Anti-Social Behaviour

"Osborne said he was "absolutely thrilled to be joining the team" at the British Museum.

"[I'm] so honoured to have had the opportunity to apply for this role, and to have been chosen by the trustees to become their chair," Osborne added in his statement.

"All my life I have loved the British Museum. To my mind, it is quite simply the greatest museum in the world. It's a place that brings cultures together and tells the story of our common humanity.""


I'm saying now't...

"Astronomers can find potentially habitable planets by watching them as they cross in front of the star they are orbiting."


""So intelligent civilizations who build space telescopes could be studying us right now."

Mr Boss added that we should not expect aliens to show up anytime soon because of the length of time it takes messages and life to travel between stars and civilisations.""

Getting a bit fed up of the low flying 'craft' booming over...

HS2 Anyone?





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Dear Savid,

"Ever since your boss declared a reduction in the average life expectancy I have found myself taking unprecedented risks. I sacked myself from my high flying financial position to embrace that old bucket list of life.  Where once upon a time I would gaily jog around the park tossing my water bottle into the nearest bush I now find myself fagging it and enjoying the scraps of life at the local bottle bank. 

Someone suggested we go all out and join the local bench set but sadly there seems to be a shortage so we’re heading off to grab a little sunshine and make hay."


"Interest in Dogger Bank was once restricted to insomniac enthusiasts for the BBC’s Shipping Forecast. Not any more. Today, the shallow sandbank, located 120 miles off the UK’s north-eastern shoreline, is home to the world’s largest windpower project. When fully operational, giant turbines will transmit 3.6 gigawatts (GW) of electricity, enough to power 5m homes, into the National Grid at prices well below current levels.

Welcome to the beginning of the end of the fossil fuel era. Around the world, solar and wind now represent the cheapest source of new electricity generation – and prices are tumbling. Electric vehicle (EV) batteries are driving oil towards obsolescence. Stripped of government subsidies and corporate lobbying carbon-based fuels are a busted flush. The future of energy is green – and the future can’t come soon enough to tackle the climate crisis."

"It's not possible for life to exist in the clouds of Venus.  It's simply too dry, says an international research team led from Queen's University Belfast, UK."


"We have certainly informed the United States."

A cheeky little number ... ;-0

""Today's agreement marks the last stage of our transition from thermal coal operations. During that transition, we have sought to balance the expectations of our wide range of different stakeholders as we have divested our portfolio of thermal coal operations, in each case choosing the exit option most appropriate for the asset and its distinct local and broader circumstances.""


"None of this is a substitute for effective national governance. But mandatory human rights reporting, allied to strengthened disclosure on shell companies and ownership of offshore enterprises, would help raise reporting standards and strengthen the hands of local communities and others defending human rights. The alternative is a wave of activist protest, legal challenge and investor hesitancy that will slow the development of the mineral resources needed to secure our climate future."



"With the right governance we can ensure that the green revolution in energy does not become a new resource curse for the poor – without it, we all lose."

That is the Question.

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'May or Must'

"The firm is one of a handful that have led the development of super-sized turbines - but headaches associated with building ever larger machines are beginning to emerge.

"We need to make sure it's a sustainable race for everyone in the industry," says Ms Nasse, as she points out the need for larger harbours, and the necessary equipment and installation vessels required to bring today's huge turbine components offshore."


"Wind turbines do have some negative effects on wildlife but the extent of this, at scale, is difficult to measure. Plus, very large wind farms at sea must be sited carefully to avoid conflict with skipping lanes."



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'Wreck Watch'

"“What if an observation class submersible had a manipulating arm tucked away beneath its bonnet? Would they be able to resist snatching the bell?”"


“Mensun’s global warming take is very powerful and timely. If we cannot protect a national gem 3,000 metres deep on the dark side of the earth, what can we preserve? Should we leave major sites like this where they are, to fall apart and be plundered? Or be brave enough to recover select parts? After all, ice wreck after ice wreck will come to light as global warming pinches.”

A Sizeable Step

“This is another important milestone for the East Coast Cluster which will capture and safely store CO2 emissions from a wide range of industrial and power projects, protect and create thousands of jobs and help establish the Teesside and Humber regions as a globally-competitive climate-friendly hub for industry and innovation.” 



Dunno why that reminded me of a Scarborough Building Society... 


Ah, So ... the Ocean Pacific.




"Book 'em, Spocko?"

"In some alternate universe, Star Trek reruns are airing with Jack Lord and Martin Landau in the roles of Kirk and Spock. Hey, that sounds like a Star Trek plot in itself."


"A spokesperson for the government confirmed, “Yes, that is correct – there are now thirty hours in each working day."


"She quickly asked me to stop talking about Star Trek."

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'Factory Workers'

"From Monday, while the seven district councils within North Yorkshire will continue to operate and make decisions, Michael Gove, the Secretary of State for Levelling Up, has issued a direction which gives the county council’s decision-making committee the power to veto any relevant financial decision which could bind the new authority in a potentially unfavourable way."




Does anyone know what they intend to call this New Authority?

"For now, civil servants will continue to get on with the job, and we’ll hope Batman and his colleagues can keep reminding the public that the average civil servant earns less than £30K, doesn’t work in Whitehall and doesn’t drag suitcases of prosecco into the office."



"Some of the new branding has been visible for a number of weeks in the North Bay area of the town. Mike Greene says it will become more visible in the coming weeks."




"Although the dragon was never seen by the villagers again, an occasional claw or unexplained footprint was found in the woods."

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A Starter Pack

"The Spring Bank Holiday - usually held on the last Monday of May - has been moved to Thursday 2 June.  It's followed by an extra bank holiday on Friday 3 June."


"I don't for one moment expect that still to be true, but there's a difference between active discouragement and no active encouragement."



The World's Fastest Porch.

"Boris Johnson said he had heard the MP's concerns "loud and clear"


"It added it was "engaging with local stakeholders about the use of the site."