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Remarkable :-

"“This is a hugely important project for the North East of England and it’s great to see so much involvement from the local community, this is going to be such a boost for the local economy,” he said.

“The scale of the project is extraordinary. There are not many projects in Europe bigger than this. It’s not just the scale of the project which is important but the thought that’s gone into it, too. All the elements of engineering are coming together for this statement project.”


Sirius Minerals - Progress

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"2 July 2018  Sirius Minerals Plc Quarterly progress update

* The project remains on track to deliver first polyhalite and commercial production on time 

* The fully procured and financed capital estimate will be provided to the market once binding financing commitment letters have been executed


T'Interview Techniques

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Four key management positions have been posted by York Potash : http://siriusminerals.com/work-with-us/jobs/current-vacancies/

Given the prestigious nature of these highly sought after positions; developing and constructing the worlds largest producing potash mine right here in the wonderful weird world of Whitby and the rather quaint National Park overlooking procedures is it prudent to have some professional interview skills to hand?  Fiddlesticks. 


SBC - Leader Programme - Briefing

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"LEADER MEMBER’S BRIEFING 22nd February 2016

 Liaison Entre Actions de Développement de l'Économie Rurale

LEADER for short, originates from the European Agricultural Funds for Rural Development, or EAFRD, which is part of the Rural Development Programme for England, or RDPE, and forms  5% of the UKs funding allocation. LEADER sits alongside Countryside Stewardship and Countryside Productivity schemes with another small proportion allocated to Local Enterprise Partnerships, or LEPs.


Why 'Devolution' Matters

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Erm, because you don't get a say? It will undermine democracy. 

Hailed as a 'Devolution of Powers' from Westminster  each devoluted Region or Combined Authority will have a Mayor, who would be ultimately held accountable and responsible.   Why is one person to be a scapegoat for the decisions of many?

As an example, lets look at a South Yorkshire Combined Authortiy:




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