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Is Anne McIntosh going Green?

Ms McIntosh told the Gazette & Herald that she would be speaking on the Infrastructure Bill, due to be heard in the House of Commons this week, and would aim to persuade the Government to "adopt certain amendments" during its course through the House of Commons, or table amendments to it.

Last month Third Energy UK Gas Limited (Third Energy), revealed it is applying for permission to hydraulically fracture the KM8 well at Kirby Misperton.

Ms McIntosh said: "The Conservative Party recognises climate change and global warming and says we should not be relying on fossil fuels as they contribute to global warming.

"Shale gas is a fossil fuel and I believe we should not be looking to use it. In preference, I would generate energy from waste using our residual household waste and allow local communities to benefit from distance warming through cheap heating and hot water."

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Devolution for Yorkshire

The Yorkshire Post's latest launch & campaign is about Devolution:

"A wilful refusal to take no for an answer ...why do we need a Yorkshire manifesto?" ffs.

hmmm... a continuation of the War of the Roses ... King Dicks - they have deliberately set Richard III's tomb so you have to bow slightly to take a look ... so why bother ...

"The theme was taken up by Deborah Copeland, from Leeds and Partners... She said: “I think we need to stop looking over our shoulder at Manchester the whole time and take a much more national and international view and to our role in that.

“We have our own distinct strengths. We need to work with Manchester and Liverpool and Hull when the time is right but also have the strength of character not to try and copy Manchester.”

So, if its not broken why mend it?

Natural Born Losers ;-)

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Durham County

"A COUNCIL has launched legal action in a bid to save its rubbished economic masterplan.

In a last-ditch effort to rescue its highly ambitious County Durham Plan (CDP), which aims at 30,000 new jobs, 31,400 new homes, extra retail and employment space and two major bypasses by 2030, Durham County Council has taken the highly unusual step of seeking a judicial review.

Papers were filed at the High Court in Leeds today (Friday, May 15), after Planning Inspector Harold Stephens, who panned the CDP as flawed, unrealistic and unsound, refused to reopen his examination-in-public to consider the council’s concerns.

Ian Thompson, the council’s corporate director for regeneration and economic development, said: “We have no choice but to pursue this matter through the courts by way of a judicial review."

Hmmm ... whistle & fluTe? ;-)

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Thirsk, Malton & Filey MP does AIM

"The ​newly-elected MP for Thirsk, Malton and Filey said the Aim flotation will enable Hunters to fulfil its ambition to expand to 500 offices around the country.

He hailed the move as “a success story for Yorkshire and the North of England”.

The York-based group’s managing director Glynis Frew said the flotation is a natural progression for the group. “We want to be the country’s favourite estate agency,” she said.

“At the moment we have just over 150 branches and the float will give us the funding to make strategic acquisitions. We also want to grow organically.”

Around 60 per cent of Hunters’ business is in the North, 23 per cent is in London and 16 per cent in the South and the Midlands.

“We have good coverage in Yorkshire and we will expand wherever there is a gap,” said Ms Frew. Most of the growth will be through franchises.

“It’s about finding like-minded people to run the franchises. We have a great proposition,” said Ms Frew.

Mr Hollinrake’s 15 per cent stake in the company will be worth £2.5m, although Hunters stressed it should be seen as a paper valuation rather than profit and he has no intention to sell any shares."



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Devolution ... I hear Drums

via YCR 96.2 fm

"North Yorkshire County Council, City of York Council and East Riding of Yorkshire Council have submitted a proposal for devolution based on the Local Economic Partnership (LEP) geographical area.

The LEP’s role is to encourage prosperity across the region and ensure decisions are made locally to reflect local circumstances and needs, and the devolution proposal document reflects this commitment.

“Whilst our first preference is for devolution to a wider Yorkshire footprint, we appreciate that this may not happen if other authorities do not agree and this LEP-based bid is an excellent one that will deliver prosperity and growth” said County Councillor Carl Les, Leader of North Yorkshire County Council. 

“North Yorkshire, together with the City of York and East Riding of Yorkshire are a rich mix of urban, rural and coastal areas and offer great opportunities to help meet shared local and national challenges, most notably the north-south productivity gap and the transformation of public services”.

 “We welcome this opportunity to contribute to the future shaping of our region. It is important to remember, however, that this is the start of a dialogue between the councils and central government about the content of the submission.

“The outcomes of this debate will enable us to develop a public consultation on our final proposal which we will encourage all our residents to participate in”.

The devolution submission document can be downloaded from

So Manchester and Liverpool get wads (50£bil)  and we get Gary Verity ....

Yippee de do ... come on Bilbo & Ozzy we need, erm £ 3bil?  Bonded or underwritten. Get ya fingers owt ... Ya know it makes sense ;-)

"IPPR North said the government's Northern Powerhouse strategy could only be "converted to reality" with "substantial investment" and a "step-change" in its commitment to the north.

The analysis focused on the North West, North East, Yorkshire and Humberside.

Outlining the region's potential, it noted the economy was worth £289bn.

"If it were a national economy, the north of England would rank as the tenth largest in the EU," it asserted.

Any resemblance with Bilbo and Vanity duo are purely coincidental X Bang those drums Bilbo !

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North East Poorhouse & SSI Latest

Tis all 'political'

The Blame Game - onto a loser:

T'was it always political wiv story after story of attempts to break the Unions;-/

The Northern Echo doing a stirling job ... must subscribe.

Probably ger more southern sympathy for this

Anyhoos ...

Hmmm - not quite so ... must cast an eye over the LP's draft devolution papers.

'Devolution Revolution'


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Durham Durham Dur Um

I hear drums

"A COUNCILLOR says a local authority’s claim that it has saved £800,000 from the sale of historic stately home Windlestone Hall is “pie in the sky”.

Durham County Council told the BBC’s Inside Out documentary programme that the saving came from the running costs of the Grade II* listed property and estate, in Rushyford, County Durham, including maintenance and security.

But County Councillor John Shuttleworth, a prominent critic of the sale, said: “It’s a pie in the sky figure, there is nobody that can quantify that.”...

"Davenport, now serving a six year jail sentence after fraudulently financing the purchase of the hall, was heard in police interview telling detectives that he had made an initial offer of just a pound because of the state it was in.

He said he was then told by a council official he could have it for a minimum of a quarter of-a-million pounds.

Davenport also seemed bemused when asked by detectives about a previous identity he had used, William Carrington.

In a statement, Stuart Timmiss, head of planning at the council, said the estate had been sold in good faith and the price fetched, £241,000, was justified by the extremely poor condition of the property and an estimated £3.5m repair bill.

He said: “We did receive confirmation from the purchaser’s bank that the funds were in place to facilitate the sale and received full payment as per the contract.

“As with all property sales, the responsibility for ensuring that the buyer can meet the financial responsibilities of the purchase lies with their solicitor.

“Following long and protracted efforts to sell the property and with no prospect of other offers coming forward in the near future, the sale has to date saved us an estimated £800,000 in costs.”

"He said a committee which allowed councillors to raise concerns and ask questions had been scrapped following the introduction of the cabinet system.

He said: “This will happen again, no doubt. Everything is delegated to the officers, it is not transparent at all. Members receive no information and it’s all done behind closed doors.

“As far as I know it is rubber stamped by one person.”"

He said. I hear ... Drums.

Ah, so  ... :-))

Sabic is inviting the general public on a behind the scenes tour of the company’s Wilton site, near Redcar.

"Visitors will also be able to take a late night trip to the top of Middlesbrough’s Transporter Bridge.

Those attending will take a glass lift to the top of the bridge and be rewarded with a bird’s eye view of Teesside’s night sky.

The events are part of annual Discover Middlesbrough Festival, which starts on Friday (October 14) and is being sponsored by Sabic....

For more information, email "


Itchy n Scratchi ... like a moth to a flame.

Festo,  Sever Field:

Sister ... and there we wos t'inking the SNooooze had been hijacked ... clearly got Stockholm syndrome :

Dramarama ..


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The Fab Four

"6:30am 3rd March 2017

Voters in North Yorkshire will go to the polls on Thursday, 4 May, to elect a new North Yorkshire County Council to represent them for the next four years.

The four-yearly elections will cover all 72 County Council seats across 68 divisions....

Anyone who wants to stand as a candidate in the 4 May election must submit their nomination by 4pm on Tuesday, 4 April.

A briefing in Scarborough will be held to set out the process for prospective candidates and agents ahead of their deadline,  on 8 March at 4pm at the Town Hall, St Nicholas Street..."

Same old same old ....

Not that s'elective engineering should interfere with Borough business... should it?

Oh,OK ;-))


Oooh err,  Missus :


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One Great Pudding

"Consultancy fees are a “small sum to pay” in the long run, a Yorkshire council has claimed, as it looks to spend £70,000 seeking savings of £880,000.

Harrogate Borough Council, preparing to make efficiency savings across its parks, gardens, and environmental services, is looking for expert advice to tell them where the money can be made.

And while the initial outlay would total up to £70,000 in consultancy fees, the authority insists it’s the best use of taxpayers’ money as it would reap great benefits in the long run.

“It’s a small sum to pay,” said Patrick Kilburn, the head of parks and environmental services. “We have to make the financial savings to ensure that we’ve got a balanced budget. That’s a given.

“We are trying to find the best way of meeting those savings through efficiencies rather than cuts, so that we don’t impact on the quality of services.”

A report is to be considered next week seeking approval to appoint external consultants to review operational services within the parks and environment department.

Efficiency savings of £880,000 must be made in the next two years, it says, through a review of its parks and open spaces, street cleaning and garden, household, and recycling waste.

A new approach was needed, the report said, as the council is “looking for innovation, not an off the shelf solution” that has been rolled out in other authorities..."

Yup, tis amazing how a Consultant hired for expediency and to expedite (not the same btw) can give an authority the runaround for duplicating work.

One Great Yorkshire... puddings.

“Consultants may well have worked with several authorities and will have a lot more experience, of where savings can be made but also of the pitfalls.

“We want to make sure that we minimise the impact on the quality of services that we provide.”

Last month, The Yorkshire Post revealed that more than £72m has been spent on consultancy fees for councils in the region in the last five years.

This sparked calls for the establishment of a new financial committee to oversee expenditure, with Don Valley MP Caroline Flint saying a body should be set up to monitor spending."

The Ridings...

“We had a General Election not even two years ago and the Prime Minister has a sufficient majority to enact Government policy.

“There is no real reason to have a General Election in two months time, except to damage the other parties. Her Brexit plans won't come under real scrutiny in this election because they are not defined on both sides. Surely the time for an election is when the plans are completed? Instead millions of pounds of taxpayers' money will be spent on an unnecessary parliamentary election.

"However, it looks inevitable an election will happen, in which case the Yorkshire Party will be ready.”

Mr Arnold continued:

“We will be campaigning for democratic devolution for the whole of Yorkshire and for a parliament in the region with real and meaningful powers which will have a positive impact on people's lives.

“The June vote will be an opportunity to break open the devolution logjam which has held back Yorkshire's potential for some time now.

“It's an opportunity allow the people of Yorkshire to set their own priorities to the distinctive challenges the county faces.

“Yes, Brexit was a defining moment in British politics but there are so many other important issues in Yorkshire today - education, health and social care, our crumbling infrastructure and our relationship with the rest of the UK.

“It will be a chance for the people of Yorkshire to say to the London parties "enough - give us control of our own affairs.

"The Yorkshire Party is stronger and better organised than at any time in its short history. We look forward to any General Election with huge optimism."

Durrum ..Snipes


Oh.... ;-)))

Erm... Roud UP Roud UP ...'Manpower!!'

Now about that 'Butler'.

Death by lawnmower ...

spose tis better that a SiPP

Ah, So ...


Bake Off ...

"Her dish will now be judged against winners of two other events in the North-East and Yorkshire, with the winner taking part in a national cook-off event at Butcher's Hall in London on St George's Day."



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"If we had been told in 1970 'We are fighting to introduce cattle and goats as currency. Please help & die for this' what would we have said?"; while another Twitter user - recognising the fact that not all farm animals are born equal - asked "Can I get a job as a goat evaluator?"

Pebble Dash

Oh, OK:  Old blokes + lawnmowers = Pensions

Quite a contradiction in terms...