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Tourism .... a Bridge too far?

“There’s more going on with UFOs in Scarborough than in Roswell,” says Russ from Filey .... While it’s currently an alien concept to tourism boards in this country... Cllr David Chance feels it raises a legitimate point that the council should think outside the box if the borough is to remain a tourist magnet.

ah yes the box ;-)

“UFOs are not something I’ve thought about but we are always looking at innovative schemes,” said the cabinet member. “We won’t discount anything.”

However, the council seemed less receptive to the idea, with a spokesperson adding: “Our tourism strategy concentrates on a number of key themes and target markets... “But this particular area of interest isn’t one of them.”

A case of selective memory?  - Scarboroughs first SciFi Weekend hailed a success:

a rather excellent and creative report by the SN: Source:

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Vulcan Tour de Nord

"This Saturday and Sunday (October 10 and 11) will see the aircraft take part in the Farewell to Flight Tour before being grounded.

The Vulcan will fly over the northern half of the country on Saturday and the south on Sunday.

A statement on its website reads: “A celebratory national tour, XH558’s most ambitious ever, is being planned for Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th October."^tfw