Euro Vision 2019

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The Dark Arts :-

"Cumberbatch presents us with an intense, socially awkward, strategic mastermind with a gentle Durham accent and a penchant for hanging out in stationary cupboards at work...

Brexit: The Uncivil War (Channel 4, Monday at 21:00 GMT). It not only gives you a "from the horse's mouth" version of what happened, but also an insight into Cummings's immediate post-vote plan for Boris Johnson that is missing from the film.

Of course, it is impossible to tell the entire story in one TV movie."

The Hypothetical?

The FEX ;-)



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Lance A Lot

"Is this for real life, or is this just fantasy?

This plan requires changes to diets in pretty much every corner of the world.

Europe and North America need to cut back massively on red meat, East Asia needs to cut back on fish, Africa on starchy vegetables.

"Humanity has never attempted to change the food system at this scale and this speed," says Line Gordon, an assistant professor at the Stockholm Resilience Centre.

"Whether it's a fantasy or not, a fantasy doesn't have to bad... it's time to dream of a good world," she says."

Tomorrow is Another Day ...

Touch Wood

Keep Busy

All credit to 'Bob'  & erm that YCR outfit ;-)  


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EU : Alternative Arrangements

Oh, OK...

No rest for the wicked ;-)

'in the form of a cloud or haze; hazy.'

"The amendment from Conservative Sir Graham Brady, which supports the PM's deal on condition that "alternative arrangements" are found to replace the NI backstop, is carried."

TFFT.... to the Nebulus !¬!

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American Conspiracy Theories

"Everybody believes in at least one and probably a few," he says. "And the reason is simple: there is an infinite number of conspiracy theories out there. If we were to poll on all of them, everybody is going to check a few boxes."

"Currently, 12 organisations oversee the root servers for DNS and none of them are in Russia. However many copies of the net's core address book do already exist inside Russia suggesting its net systems could keep working even if punitive action was taken to cut it off."

"Your ship is, in fact, a flying steam locomotive, and here the high seas are cloying clouds set in a subterranean sky. Most chastening is the fact that, unlike the writers of penny novellas of the 19th century, the game’s authors are only too eager to kill you, the protagonist, off following an ill-prepared sortie or a lacklustre dice-roll. The stakes are as high as the sunless sky."

Enjoy ;-)

Erm, who signed off those 71 votes?

"This suggests that, contrary to popular belief, the typical conspiracy theorist is not a middle-aged man living in his mother's basement sporting a tinfoil hat..."


"Fun fact: Dr. Brian Cox, way back in the day, was the keyboard player for a very successful (in the UK) pop band (called D:Ream) in the early 90s. They had a #1 hit, in fact."

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Botany Bay