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The Dark Arts :-

"Cumberbatch presents us with an intense, socially awkward, strategic mastermind with a gentle Durham accent and a penchant for hanging out in stationary cupboards at work...

Brexit: The Uncivil War (Channel 4, Monday at 21:00 GMT). It not only gives you a "from the horse's mouth" version of what happened, but also an insight into Cummings's immediate post-vote plan for Boris Johnson that is missing from the film.

Of course, it is impossible to tell the entire story in one TV movie."

The Hypothetical?

The FEX ;-)



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Bob being 'Bossy'

"... We now stand on the threshold of a new chapter in our nation’s history and we must fulfil our duty to deliver on that referendum result. Theresa May’s deal does just that. It ensures we take back control of our laws, our borders and our money. It safeguards our security and protects British jobs...

"The issue of Europe has always cut across traditional party allegiances. Concepts of Left and Right do not automatically funnel MPs into a particular camp in this regard.

"Ukip, until it recently lost all semblance of credibility, used to draw its support from Labour and Tory voters in equal measure. It is therefore not surprising that no party has a unified position on how we deliver on the result of the referendum or even, particularly on the Labour benches, if we deliver Brexit at all.

"Opponents of next Tuesday’s “meaningful vote” fall into two main camps. Some in the European Research Group within the Conservative Party believe that if the deal is rejected then we will automatically transition into a “no deal” situation on March 29.

Others, predominately in Labour’s ranks, believe that rejecting the deal would be the first step to keeping us in the European Union; possibly after a so-called People’s Vote or second referendum. They can’t both be right!

Those who passionately want us to leave the EU are playing a very dangerous game which could result in precisely the opposite of what they have been dreaming of for years. It has also been depressingly obvious that Speaker John Bercow, as referee on the pitch, is not averse to kicking the ball himself if it would aid the opponents of Brexit.

That factor could be a deciding one in the close game of Parliamentary poker that is unfolding.

Labour’s official position is a mystery to everyone. They seem to say that a Corbyn-led government would magically conjure up an acceptable deal, despite the fact that not only has time run out but also the European Commission has ruled out reopening the process.

Jeremy Corbyn himself has a long record of Euroscepticism, but his radical London-centric Momentum power base are overwhelmingly Remainers. Labour MPs dare not step out of line, even in the most “Brexity” of Northern seats, as these same activists have already shown their voracious appetite to deselect non-believers who dare to challenge the ‘bearded one’ or show Blairite tendencies.

What is not in doubt is that Labour thinks it would benefit from a chaotic Brexit, even if that meant economic turmoil and job losses. In their view, the national interest and the delivery of the people’s decision comes second to the party’s hunger for power and determination to deliver the most left-wing programme for government in the country’s history.

They seem willing to betray the democratic will of the people because of what they see as the greater good of a possible Labour administration. If the polls are anything to go by, voters have seen through this cynical approach.

Businesses here in Yorkshire have warned about the consequences of a hard Brexit and the uncertainty that goes with it. At the start of the process, the Prime Minister made clear that “no deal is better than a bad deal”, but in my view the deal on the table is an acceptable one.

The deal delivers all the key elements we need but also gives us the time through the transitional period to negotiate myriad arrangements that must be put in place.

If this does not pass then, as Mrs May said on Andrew Marr’s show on Sunday, we are in “uncharted territory” – more damaging uncertainty.

The Prime Minister won last month’s confidence vote by a much larger percentage than swung the referendum. In the same way that those who voted to stay in the EU must accept that result, my colleagues who voted to oust the Prime Minister should do the same.

So my message to Conservative colleagues is: let’s come together and back the Prime Minister. You may not all like the woman, but surely you can’t help but admire her.

My message to Labour colleagues is to face up to your responsibilities and deliver the outcome your constituents voted for. They were not too stupid to understand the question!

Once we are past next week’s hurdle we can get on with forging a new relationship with the European Union, strike new trade deals around the world and build our prosperity at home.

Let’s get this done.

Robert Goodwill is the Tory MP for Scarborough and Whitby. A farmer, he is also a former minister."

Wise Weirds


The Short Straw.

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Corbyn - Past, Present & Future

"Former Labour MP John Woodcock, who now sits as an independent, criticises the government but says Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell are "simply not fit to hold high office".

"With a heavy heart," he explains, "I cannot support the no confidence motion."

Many Labour MPs are wrestling with their consciences, he suggests, "wanting desperately a Labour government, but knowing that the leader of their party is as unfit to lead the country as he was when they voted against him in the no confidence motion those years ago."

"The SNP's Mhairi Black says she doesn't understand Jeremy Corbyn's logic in not calling the motion of no confidence in the government last month.

She adds that the moment to bring down the government may have passed.

She says that after the Brexit withdrawal agreement failed to pass, "all that happened is that [the PM] wasted a month" between December and January."

"This won’t be news to anyone who has so much as Googled her (niche audience I know), but Lady Hermon tells me she will back May tonight and indeed won’t ever vote in such a way that puts Corbyn closer to No10. Makes Labour’s long game a bit harder."

"Let me end with a quote by C.S. Lewis: “We cannot go back and change the beginning. But we can start where we are and change the ending”


Pssst .. Post Office review Monday 21st Town Hall

"George Osborne, the Evening Standard editor who was chancellor until he was sacked..

"So here’s the French President giving a more realistic summary of the Brexit options facing Britain than the British Prime Minister. I thought the Brexiteers told us that the French will cave in because we buy their wine and cheese .."


I'll be BaahQ

Kuenssberg must be the new Attenborough/ Sovereign/PM ;-

""She is as inflexible as a dodo," one member of the government says of Theresa May - but that's not the only reason why she has been slow to compromise.

We all know that if you stretch an elastic band at both ends, eventually it snaps..."

Bit like your head* eh love?

"To be frank in the SDLP we are disappointed by the approach of the Labour leadership, who appear to place wooing DUP votes over protecting the Good Friday agreement. We absolutely acknowledge the concerns of many MPs about the impact of the withdrawal deal on their constituents, but the backstop does not fall into that category.

The choices are between a deal with a backstop or a people’s vote with an option for the UK to stay in the EU, keeping the whole of the island of Ireland in the EU and removing any question of a backstop."

'job'* better than 'no job' eh ...

Anyone got any popcorn?

"Green MP Caroline Lucas says the situation is "a national calamity of the prime minister's own making".

She says the prime minister has cornered herself by triggering Article 50 too quickly and refusing to engage with opposition members over Brexit.

Ms Lucas adds that people voted for Brexit because people were fed up of the status quo, and under the Conservative government, the country has failed to be brought back together.

Ms Lucas says a 'People's Vote' can be the vehicle for an honest debate, and whoever is in Number 10 must be willing to put the issue of Brexit back to the people..."

"Carrot farmer worries: 'No people, no business'

"You know, how can we invest in a business if we don’t know if we have access to the markets, if we don’t know if we have the workforce to do it? It stagnates us and a stagnated business is not a good place to be."

When asked how immigration controls might affect his business, Mr Poskett said: “No people, no business.”.."

"It's this backstop that she's got to focus on, all the rest is perfectly fine," he said.

Asked whether he thought it was a paradox to have a time-limited backstop, he said: "No, no, no."

"It's the principle of having something within an international agreement that has no end date or from which one party can't unilaterally withdraw," he said.

"That would be unprecedented in the history of international treaties relating to trade."

Ah, so ... Arlene Foster & the DUP

"We have had a useful discussion with the prime minister. These are critical times for the United Kingdom and we have indicated that first and foremost we will act in the national interest.

Lessons will need to be learned from the vote in parliament. The issue of the backstop needs to be dealt and we will continue to work to that end.

In keeping with our commitments in the confidence and supply agreement, which has benefitted every sector of society in Northern Ireland, the DUP is supporting the government this evening so that we can concentrate on the real challenges ahead of us.

We will have further engagements in the coming days."

Rum Time... it helps to combat the Anomehica

"Labour's Tom Watson is wrapping up the debate, on a motion of no confidence in the government."

"He says the UK is “more divided and fearful for the future than ever before ...

"Theresa May has taken her position on the government front bench as the motion of no confidence debate draws to a close."


"Closing the debate for the government, Food, Environment and Rural Affairs Secretary Michael Gove says Labour deputy leader Tom Watson did not once mention in his speech the leader of the Opposition and why he should be prime minister.

"We both recognise that the member for Islington North [Jeremy Corbyn] is the worst possible person to lead the Labour party,"

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Lance A Lot

"Is this for real life, or is this just fantasy?

This plan requires changes to diets in pretty much every corner of the world.

Europe and North America need to cut back massively on red meat, East Asia needs to cut back on fish, Africa on starchy vegetables.

"Humanity has never attempted to change the food system at this scale and this speed," says Line Gordon, an assistant professor at the Stockholm Resilience Centre.

"Whether it's a fantasy or not, a fantasy doesn't have to bad... it's time to dream of a good world," she says."

Tomorrow is Another Day ...

Touch Wood

Keep Busy

All credit to 'Bob'  & erm that YCR outfit ;-)  


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EU : Alternative Arrangements

Oh, OK...

No rest for the wicked ;-)

'in the form of a cloud or haze; hazy.'

"The amendment from Conservative Sir Graham Brady, which supports the PM's deal on condition that "alternative arrangements" are found to replace the NI backstop, is carried."

TFFT.... to the Nebulus !¬!

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American Conspiracy Theories

"Everybody believes in at least one and probably a few," he says. "And the reason is simple: there is an infinite number of conspiracy theories out there. If we were to poll on all of them, everybody is going to check a few boxes."

"Currently, 12 organisations oversee the root servers for DNS and none of them are in Russia. However many copies of the net's core address book do already exist inside Russia suggesting its net systems could keep working even if punitive action was taken to cut it off."

"Your ship is, in fact, a flying steam locomotive, and here the high seas are cloying clouds set in a subterranean sky. Most chastening is the fact that, unlike the writers of penny novellas of the 19th century, the game’s authors are only too eager to kill you, the protagonist, off following an ill-prepared sortie or a lacklustre dice-roll. The stakes are as high as the sunless sky."

Enjoy ;-)

Erm, who signed off those 71 votes?

"This suggests that, contrary to popular belief, the typical conspiracy theorist is not a middle-aged man living in his mother's basement sporting a tinfoil hat..."


"Fun fact: Dr. Brian Cox, way back in the day, was the keyboard player for a very successful (in the UK) pop band (called D:Ream) in the early 90s. They had a #1 hit, in fact."

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Botany Bay

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Go Jo Mo Jo

"Whitby Goth Weekend is celebrating its 25th anniversary – and wants townsfolk and businesses to get involved in a “celebration of all things alternative”.

Event founder Jo Hampshire is keen to stress the show must go on, despite the main music acts relocating from Whitby Pavilion – which is hosting another Goth festival later in April – to Abbey Wharf, on the other side of town.

Whitby Goth Weekend is on from April 11 to 14 this year.."


"It may even be the most powerful road car ever, although when you're dealing with hypercars (the noun supercar is no longer sufficient) it's a fine margin between first, second and third.

But being number one is not the most important thing. Because what's really special about the Pininfarina Battista, being unveiled on Tuesday at the Geneva Motor Show, is this: it's all-electric.

So, here are some stats. Maker Automobili Pininfarina claims its Battista does 0-62mph in less than two seconds, 186mph in less than 12 seconds, has a top speed of more than 250mph, and does 280 miles on one charge.

Its brake horse power (bhp) is equivalent to 1,900, about twice that of a Formula 1 car (a decent-sized Ford Fiesta, Britain's best-selling car, has a bhp of between about 84 and 138)..."

Laters (aka not to be missed)


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The Four Day Week

“Two days out of seven is just enough to recover from a stressful week. Three is enough to recover and have extra time to do something else. It almost feels as if work is interrupting the weekend rather than the other way round.”

"One respondent even claimed the council “was manipulated by organised lies” to make changes to how the market operated, including appointing a new market supervisor."

"When women work, they invest 90 percent of their income back into their families, compared with 35 percent for men."

Hmmm ... I have yet to meet a woman with a day off

Oh, OK ; -0

Come on MEghan .. spit it out

"Starmer says he never thought the government would get into such a bad position."

"He said people have quickly adjusted to using the extra time off. I am learning French, Rocco has joined a theatre group, Hugo is spending more time doing carpentry and Sam is building a robot,” he said."

Aye, you can now get that on the NHS ...

"There are more than four times more submissions from customers who may have been mis-sold , after new complaints from claims management companies, administrator Grant Thornton said in a letter to the Treasury select committee on Tuesday."

Astroturfing, Moi?

MPs are now voting.

"The alternative, needless to say, is an ever-expanding silence, broken only by a dull sound: the same Ed Sheeran song the country over, played by the same presenter who addresses everywhere from Kendal to Clacton, whose superficial bonhomie suddenly sounds like it is masking a sneaking contempt. To cap it all, the local radio station on which they do their stuff may now be called Capital: the kind of absurd symbolism that is 21st-century Britain all over."

"Go on, visit Turkey. For “fun, joy, happiness and neverending journey”. Women are allowed – to judge by the country’s tourism website – ..."

"Assuming that compassionate funeral-crashing does transform routine into ethical tourism, you can still foresee problems of scale. Not merely because the supply of street funerals of innocent victims of authoritarian murderers is probably limited – although you could try Venezuela – but in pure organisational terms. How many coachloads of foreigners can reasonably attend one funeral? Plus, pressure of time. Is this, or indeed, any other extended form of anthropological exposure, how city-worn escapees to the sun would prefer to use the time designated “at leisure”? But either way, you can see how the justifications of individual guilt-tripped travellers to various autocracies can also be deployed by the organisers of industrial-scale all-inclusive tourism to morally indefensible dictatorships – that is, exactly the sort worth boycotting..."

Sounds like a plan.

"There are two big obstacles hanging over her though. First, if she loses big this evening, her position will become increasingly precarious as the week goes on. Although she can’t be formally challenged as leader of the Conservative party until December, she may come under intense pressure from a coalition of both former remainers and hard Eurosceptics in her cabinet to step aside. If that happens, expect chaos to ensue. We could well arrive at a default no-deal outcome – indeed, that’s what those in the ERG and DUP who end up denying her support today will be banking on."

"From the division lobbies it feels like May’s deal is going down massively again. Only 3 or so Labour rebels voting with the Tories."

"The result should have been announced by now. Normally divisions take 15 minutes. It is not clear why it is taking so long"

The Ayes 242 ... the Nose 391

Oh Well...

Mind the Gaps ...


Psst ... didn't Ikea take over the UK years ago?

I have no Ikea.

Oh.  Must be a rollover.

Mismanaged.... did you know in Liverpool you only have to have five people in a household to have two green bins and in Skardiborgias you must have seven.

I spose you could take the kids to skool in one of those ... subject to Uniform.

Q.  Is it OK to exploit children for the purpose of promoting the Green environmentalist lobby?

"The UTC opened in September 2016 and this was its first Ofsted inspection. It has around 200 pupils, 80% of whom are boys."

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Loitering With Intent

Order Order ...

Ayes 85 Nose 334

"delay Brexit to allow new referendum"

Late Again... Ding Dong

An amendment to the amendment...

"It is fossiliferous and interesting sedimentologically"

For 311 :  Against 314

Stinking fumes ...

"How to fill the empty beds and tables?"

Ah, so   ...

Oh, just get on with it ..

Crocus v Caracas

As a matter of fact we have more chance of surviving a No Deal in Spring than ... Autumn.

Oh just a minute...

Order ...

Ayes 312 : Nose 314

"A New Referendum"

Next up an Amendment by the Gnome ...

"Leave out paragraphs (2) and (3) and add:

“(2) notes that this house has decisively rejected the withdrawal agreement and framework for the future relationship laid before the house and the proposition that the UK should leave the European Union without a withdrawal agreement and a framework for the future relationship;

and (3) therefore instructs the prime minister to seek an extension to article 50 in order to avoid exiting the EU on 29 March without a ratified withdrawal agreement and a framework for the future relationship; and to provide parliamentary time for this house to find a majority for a different approach.”.

'Huge relief for the government'

"A 'different approach"

Erm ...

Ayes 302 : Nose 318

"MPs are now voting on the Labour Party's frontbench amendment tabled by Jeremy Corbyn.

The amendment:

  • rejects the prime minister's deal
  • rejects no-deal
  • seeks an extension of Article 50 to avoid no-deal on 29 March
  • seeks an extension of Article 50 "to provide parliamentary time for this House to find a majority for a different approach"

Thats that then.









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Bob In 'The Thicket'

"Since joining the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) a few weeks ago, I have quickly realised the scale of the work the department is undertaking to prepare for all Brexit scenarios.

As a farmer myself – my family’s farm near Castle Howard goes back to 1850 – I am very aware of the opportunities that leaving the European Union presents. I also believe that the best approach is to leave the EU with a deal, a view I know is shared by many farmers, including those who voted to leave.

As the Prime Minister has said, we have a deal that delivers what the British people voted for and takes back control of our money, borders and laws. Our priority is to get that deal through Parliament.

However, we also need to prepare for the possibility of leaving without a deal, and making sure that farmers and food producers know what they can do to prepare. The preparation work at Defra, from maintaining trade continuity to ensuring that EU workers can still travel to the UK to work on our farms, is significant.

"British produce, and particularly that from our great farming counties like Yorkshire, is rightly known around the world for its quality and provenance. We have relied on free and frictionless trade with the EU to ensure that produce exported is fresh and maintains our well-deserved reputation for quality.

The Government has published the details of a transitional tariff regime which will apply if the UK leaves the EU without a deal, protecting producers where they need it most while avoiding any negative impacts on consumers. This includes tariffs and tariff rate quotas to the sheep meat, beef and poultry sectors.


Tariffs will also be applied to butter, cheese and pig meat, which will protect these sectors from cheaper food imports flooding the domestic market in the event of a no deal.

Avoiding delays at the border is a key concern. In a no deal scenario, businesses exporting animals and animal products to the EU will now need to apply for an Export Health Certificate (EHC) before they export.

These businesses also need to make sure their trade route passes through a Border Inspection Post (BIP) when entering Europe. All the guidance and certificates are available online for businesses to familiarise themselves with before exit day.

For food imports from the EU, there will not be any new border checks in a no deal but importers will need to notify authorities using a new system called the Import of Products, Animals, Food and Feed System’ (IPAFFS). This has been launched to replace TRACES, the EU’s Trade Control and Expert System. Again, the latest guidance on this is all available online."

"Whether we secure a deal with the EU or not at this point, farm payments via the Basic Payment Scheme, Countryside Stewardship and Environmental Stewardship schemes will continue as normal this year. Farmers just need to make sure they continue to follow the same rules and guidance

I am looking forward to moving forward the Agriculture Bill in the coming months and giving farmers the certainty they need about what our future system will look like once we leave the Common Agricultural Policy.

In the meantime, funding will continue to be allocated to farmers in 2019 and 2020 in the same way as it is now. We have also pledged to commit the same cash total in funds in farm support until the end of this Parliament. We also need to up our game in delivering payments for agri-environment schemes and I know the RPA is hard at work to make improvements."

"Many farm businesses, and particularly those growing with peak harvest requirements, have relied on seasonal labour from the EU to help out during the busiest months.

If we do leave without a deal, European citizens arriving after exit day can continue to travel to the UK to work on our farms, staying for up to three months under something called the European Temporary Leave to Remain Scheme. Under this, there is then the opportunity to apply to stay in the UK for up to three years. This will ensure that businesses continue to employ the seasonal workers from the EU that are so needed during these summer months.

We have also rolled out a Seasonal Workers Pilot, which will test how a process for recruiting workers from outside the EU to UK farms would work for our farmers and growers."

"At times of uncertainty, it is important that everyone is prepared as much as possible. The Government is doing everything it can not just to secure a deal but also to mitigate the impact of leaving without a deal. We also have the power to intervene to support the most vulnerable sectors and will not hesitate to provide the support required.

We hope for the best in the coming weeks, but have prepared for all eventualities."

Quietly getting on with it ...

Anyone for Dodgems ;-)

Sssssh ...


From the Ground Up.

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A Cap In The Carpet

“A successful road safety campaign should jolt people and can be polarising.”

"The government’s fracking proposals would release the same amount of greenhouse gas emissions as almost 300 million new cars, fatally undermining ministers’ obligation to tackle the escalating climate crisis, according to new research.

Analysis by the Labour party shows that the amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere if the government’s plans go ahead would be the same as the lifetime emissions of 286 million cars – or 29 new coal-fired power plants.

"Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, who was in Lancashire on Saturday to join the anti-fracking campaign in the region, said a future Labour government would ban fracking “once and for all”.

“The Conservatives’ fracking plans will damage our environment and fly in the face of community opposition,” he said. “There is a clear alternative to fracking. Clean, renewable energy is the future of our economy and will create more than 400,000 jobs as part of Labour’s green industrial revolution.”

About Corbyn & that bike ...

Absolutley no evidence of any recent critical analysis done by Corbyn & the Labour Party on 'fracking'.

Fascinating ... ;-))

Die Quietly.

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Pieces of Ate

"The Speaker of the House, John Bercow, has chosen eight to be voted on by MPs later this evening.

They are:

  • No-deal Brexit - Leave the EU on 12 April without a deal - Tory MP John Baron 160 : 400
  • Common Market 2.0 - The UK joins the European Economic Area and negotiates a temporary customs union until alternative arrangements can be found - Tory MP Nick Boles   188 : 283
  • EFTA/EEA - Similar to Common Market 2.0 but rejects any kind of customs union with the EU and says the Irish backstop must be replaced with alternative arrangements - Tory MP George Eustice  65 : 377
  • Customs union - Calls for the UK to negotiate a permanent customs union with the EU after Brexit - Tory MP Ken Clarke 264 : 272
  • Labour's alternative plan - A customs union with the EU and "close alignment" with the single market - Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn  237 : 307
  • Revoke Article 50 - Cancel Brexit if the UK gets within days of leaving without a deal. MPs would be asked to vote on a no-deal exit and if they rejected that, Article 50 would be revoked - SNP MP Joanna Cherry  184 : 293
  • Confirmatory public vote - Parliament cannot ratify or implement any agreement on the UK's withdrawal and future relationship "unless and until they have been approved by the people of the UK in a confirmatory public ballot" - Labour MP Margaret Beckett  268 : 295
  • Malthouse Plan B - The UK makes its budgetary contributions to the EU to the end of 2020 and agrees with the EU a period of two years in which UK goods have full access to the EU - Tory MP Marcus Fysh"  139 : 422

"Arron Banks, businessman and co-founder of Leave.EU, was spotted in Westminster earlier.

Now, he's tweeted a reply to a suggestion that the DUP will come round to back Mrs May's deal, claiming that "they didn't seem that keen at lunch"

"Unlike normal votes in the House of Commons, MPs have been given a piece of paper on which they must note their name and how they are voting for each proposal."

"Jacob Rees-Mogg says once the option of no-deal was removed he was willing to consider backing Theresa May's deal.

On the chances of a deal getting through, Mr Rees-Mogg says "a considerable amount depends on the DUP".

He says he will not "abandon the DUP" as they are championing the rights of the Union.

If the DUP abstain or vote against Theresa May's deal, Mr Rees-Mogg says he will back the deal."

"Voting on the eight different Brexit options has finished – the results will be announced later.

Business in the Commons is now resuming with a debate on the secondary legislation required to change the date for Brexit in UK law."

"Baker said:

I’m consumed with a ferocious rage after that pantomime [May in the ‘22] ...

What is our liberty for if not to govern ourselves?

Like all of you I have wrestled with my conscience about what to do?

I could tear this place down and bulldoze it into the river.

These fools and knaves and cowards are voting on things they don’t even understand.

We’ve been put in this place by people whose addiction to power without responsibility has led them to put the choice of No Brexit or this deal.

I may yet resign the whip than be part of this.

The source said that Baker received an enormous standing ovation at the end of the speech and that he was hugged by Jacob Rees-Mogg and others afterwards. “We are not a hugging group,” the source said."

"The Independent Group MP Anna Soubry said: "We now know that honourable members opposite who, on previous occasions, have voted against the Prime Minister's deal not once but twice are now, guess what? Not only changing their minds.

"They too will enjoy the privilege of changing their vote to support the Prime Minister. What a profound irony and, some would say, a disgrace, verging on hypocrisy. Honourable and right honourable members expect and will enjoy the right to change their minds and vote, and not allow the people of this country the same right."


"there are lots of discussions going on in the tea room - but it's hard to say how many" will switch.

He adds that the government "might" need some Labour votes, and calls for MPs in leave seats "to think carefully about whether they want more years of chaos"

"This is not a very pleasant place we find ourselves in and it has come about because there has been a conspiracy by remainers. There has been a conspiracy by members of both houses who have sought from the beginning to frustrate what 17.4m people voted for."

Oooh there's an Aye in my soup ;-)

Dark Dreams.

"The debacle that followed the Brexit referendum has its roots in moneyed nihilism at the top of the Conservative party.."
"This is how today’s governing classes comport themselves, while the country teeters on the edge of a cliff: they behave with neither care nor caution, let alone concern for the welfare of the nation. These people are laughing at us, even as they take our money to go about their daily business.

I am not going to bleat about “leadership”, as if whatever ails Britain could be set right by the thwack of firm government. I want instead to point out a fundamental trend in public life that is utterly corrosive. Far from resembling the sometimes dim but dutiful set depicted by Orwell, today’s political elite are strangers to collective interest or public responsibility. Their conduct serves to undermine both the establishment of which they are part and the country they run."

None of the Above.

Hmmm ...

Fact is I have never read George Orwell and have no intention of doing so.


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May the Fourth

"Theresa May and her cabinet are looking for ways to bring her EU withdrawal agreement back to the Commons for a fourth attempt at winning MPs' backing.

The PM said the UK would need "an alternative way forward" after her plan was defeated by 58 votes on Friday.

MPs from all parties will test support for other options during a second round of "indicative votes" on Monday.

But government sources have not ruled out a run-off between whichever proves most popular and the PM's Brexit plan.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has called on Mrs May to change her deal or resign immediately, while Northern Ireland's DUP - which has propped up Mrs May's minority government - also continues to oppose the deal.

The government has so far failed to win over 34 Conservative rebels, including both Remainers and Tory Brexiteers who say the deal still leaves the UK too closely aligned to Europe..."

"Despite all the drama, the money and time spent by EU leaders on Brexit (summits, dedicated governmental departments, no-deal planning) and all the hard, hard graft put in by the EU and UK negotiating teams, Europe's leaders are asking themselves what there is to show for it all..."

Ah, well ...

"Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson said: "Our brave RAF pilots have shown again that we are ready to respond to any threat to the UK."

"I'm in a different political party to Dominic. We disagree on many things. I doubt Beaconsfield conservatives could find someone more experienced, more capable and more principled than him for their MP."

"The final leg of March..."

Ohm Ohm

Oh, OK :-0

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Checked Coats

The Ironic ;-)

Erm, isn't it about time the EU chuckked the UK out?

Not part of the Eurozone ...

"The crux of the matter is that under the EU treaty itself, the Euro is an integral part of EU membership, no exception or going back except for the three countries that got an opt out in 1992. The point is that the legal basis for both the Euro and EU membership more generally is exactly the same (namely the EU treaties) and those treaties have no provision to exclude a member or to be revised without unamity."

Article 7:

"Article 7 is a mechanism of the Lisbon Treaty that ensures "all EU countries respect the common values of the EU." It was envisaged as a way to mitigate and prevent member states from backsliding on European values and the rule law, with a nod to the bloc's youngest democracies.

Although the measure came into force in the 1999 Treaty of Amsterdam, it hadn't been triggered until recently. In December 2017, the European Commission launched Article 7 against Poland over its controversial judicial reforms, followed by the European Parliament who voted to launch the sanctions proceedings against Hungary this September.

When can Article 7 be triggered?

The mechanism is triggered when there is "a clear risk" of an EU member state breaching the bloc's fundamental values, which include: "human dignity, freedom, democracy, equality, the rule of law and respect for human rights, including the rights of persons belonging to minorities."

How does Article 7 work?

The Article 7 process itself is a two-phased procedure.

First: A proposal to trigger Article 7 can be brought forward by the European Parliament, the European Commission or by one-third of member states.

Then, a four-fifths majority of member states in the EU Council must then determine that state in question is in clear breach of EU values in order to adopt the proposal. In Poland and Hungary's case, this would prevent member states, say its allies in the Visegard Group, to halt the process. The proposal must also have the backing of the European Parliament.

Second: The next phase sees the Council give a formal warning and table recommendations to the country in question. Once it issues its response, member states must decide unanimously launch sanctions and suspend voting rights. This is where the execution of Article 7 and its consequences may stall."

Mind that would be like Corbyn being 'sensible'...

ie doing naff all for the last three years... 

tis not a Spectator Sport you know ...

"Article 7 is considered by many to be the nuclear option for the EU, which is probably why it has never been triggered. Even if the significant hurdles for activating the procedures could be surmounted, it is thought that the the political fall-out would be incredibly toxic.

For that reason, triggering Article 7 has long been regarded as politically unfeasible. EU law scholars have persistently pointed out, however, that this is little more than a politically convenient excuse for inaction.

That excuse is not only intellectually dishonest, it undermines the letter and the spirit of the treaties and the EU’s commitment to upholding the rule of law. Many people agree that it’s high time to end Article 7’s days as a political gesture. It is a tool in the EU’s box and should actually be used when it is needed."

I know lets invade  (wots the smallest island you can think of)  

Jersey, Guernsey  ...

somewhere warm...

To the Gallopogas !!!

I'll be Back ... mebbe.

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The Indicative

Voting is expected to begin at 20:00 BST. Here's a breakdown of the options listed on the order paper:

"Many of the ideas have returned for a second attempt, with the Speaker, John Bercow, responsible for selecting which can be put to a vote:

Motion A: Unilateral right of exit from the backstop

Conservative backbenchers, led by John Baron, want the UK to leave the EU on 22 May 2019 with the withdrawal agreement amended to allow the UK unilaterally to exit the controversial Northern Ireland backstop.

Motion B: No Deal in the absence of a withdrawal agreement

Another proposal from Baron, which calls for a no-deal on 12 April if no withdrawal agreement can be agreed by the Commons.

Motion C: Customs Union

The Tory former chancellor Ken Clarke’s customs union plan requires any Brexit deal to include, as a minimum, a commitment to negotiate a “permanent and comprehensive UK-wide customs union with the EU”. This was defeated by the smallest margin in the first round, falling just six votes short.

Motion D: Common Market 2.0

Tabled by the Conservatives Nick Boles, Robert Halfon and Dame Caroline Spelman, Labour’s Stephen Kinnock and Lucy Powell plus the SNP’s Stewart Hosie. The motion proposes UK membership of the European Free Trade Association (Efta) and European Economic Area. It allows continued participation in the single market and a “comprehensive customs arrangement” with the EU after Brexit – including a “UK say” on future EU trade deals – would remain in place until the agreement of a wider trade deal that guarantees frictionless movement of goods and an open border in Ireland."

Motion E: Confirmatory Public Vote

It has been drawn up by the Labour MPs Peter Kyle and Phil Wilson. This motion would require a public vote to confirm any Brexit deal passed by parliament before its ratification. This option, tabled last time by the Labour former foreign secretary Dame Margaret Beckett, polled the highest number of votes although it was defeated by 295 votes to 268.

Motion F: Public Vote to prevent No Deal

Moved by Labour’s Graham Jones and the Tory former attorney general Dominic Grieve, this proposal would require a referendum, if necessary, to prevent the UK leaving the EU without a deal.

Motion G: Parliamentary Supremacy

The SNP MP Joanna Cherry joins Grieve and MPs from other parties with this plan to seek an extension to the Brexit process, and if this is not possible then parliament will choose between either no deal or revoking article 50.

An inquiry would follow to assess the future relationship likely to be acceptable to Brussels and have majority support in the UK.

Motion H: Efta and EEA

A motion tabled by the Conservative MP George Eustice – who quit as agriculture minister to fight for Brexit – proposes rejoining the Efta at the “earliest opportunity”, agree a short extension to the UK’s membership of the EU to conclude accession to Efta and negotiate with the EU additional protocols relating to the Northern Ireland border and agri-food trade.

I is sposed to be aving a day off ;-))


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If You Can Dream It We Can Print It

And they're off :

""Brexit is a big shitshow, I say that now very undiplomatically ...

I don’t know if William Shakespeare could have come up with such a tragedy, but who will foot the bill?""

If or when ...

“The world is watching, and where the UK used to be bacon for stability, we are now becoming a laughing stock..."

Ah So, to the Watershed  ;-)

Ooh I feel some Dolly Parton coming on ...

"The German government says it wants to allow British citizens to travel to Germany without a visa even in the event of a no-deal"

Ladies that Lunch.

"... no-deal fetish is making a cross-party Brexit solution impossible"

Stereo typical.

When in Rome ...

"NEW: Labour whips meeting in 15 mins to deciding whipping operation for tonight. Sounds like they could whip for Common Market 2.0..."

"A petition calling for the UK to stay in the EU, which has amassed more than six million signatures, will be debated in Parliament later.

The petition, demanding Article 50 be revoked, is the most popular since the e-petitions site launched."

In the debate, starting at 16:30, two other petitions will also be discussed.

One, demanding a new referendum, has over 180,000 signatures. The other, urging MPs to "honour the referendum result", has more than 170,000.

The government has said it will not revoke Article 50 and it is working to deliver a deal that "ensures the UK leaves the EU"."

Oh wot time is it  ...

"May’s spokesman said she continued to have confidence in her chief whip. “I’ll leave it to historians to make their judgments on history,” he said."

Shelf stacking ...

"The deflector wall is proposed to be formed from rectangular sandstone blocks.!.. “As well as performing a flood defence function (under certain sea states), the wall has been designed to allow members of the public to sit along both sides of the wall.”"

Oh thats alright then ... Muttons

"It just needs to be a little more in keeping with the area that surrounds it."


"I hear Cabinet will sit for a marathon FIVE hours tomorrow to decide what to do.."

Not quite Rocket Science.

"Labour giving it’s official support for Common Market 2.0." 

"If that’s the price the majority of the public is willing to pay then, fine, we’re a democracy. It looks like they’ll soon get a chance to have their say in an election or referendum."

"Drax voted for the PM’s withdrawal agreement on Friday, having voted against it at the first meaningful vote (MV1) and MV2. But, he told MP, on reflection he realised he had “not been true to myself”. He said that he wished he had not voted for the deal, and that he regretted letting down the DUP."

One Eye on the Prize ...

"Bercow responded by saying that he did not know what Drax was going to say when he called him, but that Drax was a “person of integrity” and a “man of principle”."

“It’s time we went back to a proper Brexit,...”

"a “colony of the crown ... It was brutal,” Mr Moraes said after the decision was made this afternoon."

Bring back Dolly ...


"These indicative votes are like liquorice allsorts - or rather humbugs."

"it is because the government has lost the confidence of the House that this motion is before us," says Lib Dem Tom Brake.

He says that after 1,012 days the government has "failed to find a solution".

"This is day two of Parliament's attempt to find a cross-party solution to the Brexit dilemma," he says."

Nashville ...

"The government has confirmed that the House of Lords will now sit next week.

The chamber was due to rise on Thursday, 4 April and return on Tuesday, 23 April... the default Brexit date has now become Friday, 12 April.

He said: "We may need again to react swiftly to consider any necessary legislation to ensure continuing legal certainty."

Oh no ...

"The “chaos” at Westminster had left Irish people feeling “concern, frustration, worry and dismay,” she says."

"Apparently Extinction Rebellion have form for this kind of protest.

The BBC's Andrew Sinclair, who covers politics in the east of England, says the group invaded a meeting at Norfolk County Council meeting in February.

The group has drawn attention to their latest protest on Twitter, describing the climate and ecological crisis as the "elephant in the room".

tis like Butlins, innit .." the last one was removed "horizontally".

Flat pack..

"as selected by Speaker John Bercow:

  • Motion C: Customs union
  • Motion D: 'Common market 2.0'
  • Motion E: confirmatory public vote
  • Motion G: parliamentary supremacy

Conservative MPs have been given a free vote on the motions which means they won't be told by party bosses which way to go."

"Police say they have arrested 12 climate change protesters for outraging public decency after staging a semi-naked protest in the House of Commons public gallery."

"Evidence gathering apparently under way.. police officer is back with what looks like a camera, taking pics of the bum smudges"


"Two of the group wore full grey body paint and elephant masks to bring the message that politicians neglect of the climate crisis has become an ‘elephant in the room’. Inspired by the suffragettes’ protest in the same building over 100 years ago, activists glued their hands to surfaces in the public gallery.

Mark Øvland, 35, said: “We are impelled to act in this way because the most important and pressing issue of our time is being flagrantly and recklessly ignored by our government and media. By undressing in parliament, we are putting ourselves in an incredibly vulnerable position, highlighting the vulnerability that all of us share in the face of environmental and societal breakdown. There is an elephant in the room and it is demanding attention.”

Hmmm ...

"Whatever they decide put it to the people," it reads

Meanwhile: (insert your own)

"The division bells are ringing in the Commons."

These motions/options are only alternatives to the May deal.

Four Nose...

The Cabinet did not vote & the DUP abstained.

Clearly Corbyn is not quite all there ... had they voted for May's deal with a new leader (starmer) with a final peoples vote for 2020 ...

Hey Ho








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Up the Amazon

"Talks between Conservative and Labour teams have taken place for a second day, in a bid to end Brexit deadlock.

The discussions, which lasted 4.5 hours, were described as "detailed and productive" by the government.

Shadow Brexit Secretary Sir Keir Starmer said earlier that the idea of a "confirmatory" referendum on any Brexit deal would be discussed."

"The world's richest man, Jeff Bezos, and his wife MacKenzie have agreed a record-breaking divorce settlement worth at least $35bn (£27bn).

Ms Bezos will retain a 4% stake in online retail giant Amazon which her husband of 25 years founded.

She will also give up her interests in the Washington Post newspaper and Mr Bezos' space travel firm Blue Origin.

The deal dwarfs a previous $3.8bn record set by art dealer Alec Wildenstein and his wife Jocelyn.

Ms Bezos made the announcement in a tweet - her first and only one since joining the microblogging website this month - stating that she was "grateful to have finished the process of dissolving my marriage to Jeff with support from each other".

"Online retail giant Amazon and the governments of eight South American countries have been given a final deadline to reach an agreement over how to use the ".amazon" web address extension after a seven-year dispute. What will happen next?

It's a name that evokes epic proportions: the world's largest rainforest; a global tech company; and now a diplomatic saga nearing its end.

This is the battle of the Amazon and it starts back in 2012.

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), the body that polices the world wide web's address system, decided to expand its list of generic top-level domains (gTLD) - the bit that comes after the dot in a web address.

The new rules allowed companies to apply for brand new extensions, offering internet users and businesses more ways to personalise their website name and addresses.

But eight countries containing the Amazon rainforest objected to the retail giant's plans concerning the new .amazon domain name."



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Social Mobility

"On top of the trains and signalling, all of the stations along the route are incomplete.

Paddington and Bond Street are the furthest behind."

Amazing ...

"We were promised by the government and HS2 that they would look after people on this estate, but that hasn't happened," said Ms Stone."

Big Word 'it' ;-0

"SPOCK: It is not life as we know or understand it. Yet it is obviously alive, it exists."

To the potting shed...

Captain Black's picture

Powers of Persuasion

"Mrs May needs to align logic with emotion and communicate clearly to end the Brexit "cluster f***"."


"Having burst out of an investment black hole at warp speed, the renewable energy sector's massive building boom looks likely to hit an uncompromising wall.

The reckoning is likely to be sooner rather later, as a nasty confluence of factors keeps mounting up.

Long-term contract prices are tumbling, and the market operator has effectively slashed the value of projects operating on the periphery of the network.

On top of that, rooftop solar's rapid uptake is competing directly with utility-scale solar, and coal is still a cheap form of power.

All of this has developers and investors scrambling to see if their numbers still stack up. Many don't."


"In his lecture, titled Alien Abduction and the Environmental Crisis, he outlined his theory concerning the presence of aliens on Earth."

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D’Hond & Proportional Representation

"6 MEPs will be elected to represent Yorkshire and the Humber. MEPs are elected by proportional representation, in order as listed by their party. The number of MEPs each party gets is calculated using a formula called d'Hondt, except in Northern Ireland, where the Single Transferable Vote (STV) system is used."


Captain Black's picture

MEP Results

Brexit it is ...

Lib Dems in Skardborgi, Harrrogate, Hambleton Ryedale & York beating Labour.


Bye Bye Corbyn... (tis JC's 70th Birthday)

Statistically had Labour gone with a peoples vote together with the Lib Dems they may have beaten the Brexit Party.

Mind, thats the Labour Party for you ...

Waffle Waffle

Chin Up .. Chi Chi.

Interesting ;-)


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Drop The Dithering

"“With Westminster fully occupied by Brexit, and pressing challenges facing northern communities, there is little room for complacency,” he said in advance of the launch of a landmark report produced by the Royal Town Planning Institute... Lord Heseltine says the Northern Powerhouse agenda – and ensuring smaller towns, rural areas and coastal communities benefit from investment – is crucial to healing national divisions.

"“We know that serious social and economic problems still persist in the North,” he writes, before citing the regeneration lessons that he learned 40 years ago when he was Environment Secretary in Margaret Thatcher’s Government.

“The EU referendum showed what happens when communities feel excluded from important decisions about their future, and when national investment consistently neglects parts of the country.

“Inequality breeds a legitimate resentment with the status quo. It must be tackled head on. The North is home to great engines of industrial growth, incredible landscapes and cultural assets, and a growing, diverse population.

“But if we want to create a true Northern Powerhouse, then that vision must be transformational for all people and places across the North, not just the key cities....”

"The UK2070 Commission, chaired by Lord Kerslake, has today published a preliminary report into the issue following a major inquiry into the issue.

“Without a radically different approach and conscious effort to rebalance, the gap will continue to widen,” he says."

"Speaking as he was appointed president of the pro-EU European Movement, Lord Heseltine told the Conservatives: "Turn yourselves into branch offices of Brexit if you wish. But if you do so, you are on your own.  Those upon whom you depend to win power in a general election will not come back. Good luck. Goodbye.

"Indeed, the prospect of a new Prime Minister being chosen by perhaps little more than 100,000 Conservative Party members in the current circumstances fills me with dread. There will be an arms race in which candidates vie against each other for who can be the most Faragiste."

On the prospect of a general election, Lord Heseltine said: "The consequence would either be a Tory-led or a Corbyn-led minority hung Parliament that would settle nothing, or the prospect of the Conservative Party – the party of Disraeli, Churchill, Macmillan and Thatcher – in alliance with and captured by the narrow nationalism, phobia-filled and poisonous politics of Nigel Farage."

He said a no-deal Brexit "would be nothing short of a democratic and constitutional outrage" and added: "The consequences for businesses, for young people and for the integrity of the United Kingdom itself would rightly be hung around the neck of the Conservative Party for a generation to come."

The Tory grandee insisted his suspension from the Tory Party would not stop him campaigning for a so-called People's Vote.

"I want to appeal to every sensible Conservative MP, to potential leadership candidates, even to the Labour leader, not to force Brexit upon us now. I ask them to stand up, to speak out for our democratic right to have our say on Brexit," he said.

"Whether you want to leave the EU or to stay in, the only way to unlock the Brexit process in Parliament, the only way secure a stable majority in Parliament, the only way to legitimise the outcome so we can build a lasting settlement in the country is to give the people the final say."

About that Gang of Four ...

Captain Qahn's picture

Flatliners & Heirarchy

"After a three week delay requested by the new Labour leader of the council, Cllr Steve Siddons, chairmen and vice chairman were put in place, though Cllr Siddons’ promise to create more committees has not yet come to fruition.

At a meeting at Scarborough Town Hall, the Labour and Independent groups voted together to get the appointments it wanted.

Labour’s Eric Broadbent beat Conservative Phil Trumper to be named the chairman of the planning committee.

Labour also supported Independent councillor Roxanne Murphy for chairman of the licensing committee, defeating Conservative councillor Roberta Swiers in the process.

Independent Group leader Cllr Sam Cross was named as chairman of the audit committee after Conservative councillor David Chance withdrew his name from the vote.

Conservatives Cllr Guy Coulson and Cllr Simon Green were appointed unopposed to be the chairmen of the overview and scrutiny board and standards committee respectively.

Conservative councillor Andrew Backhouse used the meeting to press the leader on his promise to create new committees that would report to the three new cabinet members.

Cllr Siddons said:   “The whole point of this is to make sure we have more open and transparent governance. I know that officers are working hard [on the proposal] and I hope to bring something back in the autumn, if not the next full meeting and hopefully council will agree that this is a good way forward.”.."


It could be a long recess...


Captain Qahn's picture

Pitch & Putt

Captain Qahn's picture

A Weird Start to the Day

"Tory members, just like Labour members, are not as painted in primary colours as the clichés would have you believe.

But they are different to most of us in one simple way - they are involved in politics as a hobby or passion, which marks them out from the vast majority of the population..."


Oh, OK ;-)

Captain Qahn's picture

Power Up the North

"Of those in the running to replace Theresa May in Downing Street, Rochdale-born Sajid Javid led the charge to address the concerns raised.

In a letter to the newspapers, the Home Secretary wrote: “The campaigning newspapers of the North made one combined call to a Westminster that can seem out of touch and remote - to power up the North. I hear you. And if I’m Prime Minister, I will.”

Other leadership hopefuls who gave their backing include Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt, Health Secretary Matt Hancock and former Cabinet Minister Andrea Leadsom. Mr Hunt said he would “turbo-charge economic growth right across the country” and promised to “deliver HS2 and Northern Powerhouse Rail”.

He added: “Connecting the great cities of the North is crucial so that the original vision for the Northern Powerhouse, to create a single joined up market and labour force, becomes a reality.”

Ms Leadsom said that she would unleash the “true potential of the North” by investing “significantly more in rail and road infrastructure”.

Northern Powerhouse Minister Jake Berry also backed the collective effort, saying: “The Power Up The North campaign is exactly what we need - showcasing the North’s great ambition and potential, and what can be achieved with the right support. As Northern Powerhouse Minister, I fully back this campaign.”


"Channel 4 have responded by clarifying that the consultancy process with affected employees is still ongoing and that many workers have not made a final decision.

The relocation does not involve the parachuting of entire departments into Leeds - instead, a number of roles from each department have been selected to be part of the transition. If a current employee does not accept the relocation package offered to them, their job will be re-advertised - meaning that hundreds of roles could potentially be up for grabs for talent already based in Yorkshire."

Hmmm ...

"She is expected to say: "Modern slavery reaches into every corner of our lives - in the clothes we wear, the food we eat, the services we pay for.

"Yet for many years it seldom captured the world's attention or outrage - allowing those who trade in human misery to quietly continue their work, and allowing all of us to look the other way as we benefitted from the forced labour of this growing underclass."


Captain Qahn's picture

Help The Aged

Captain Qahn's picture

Martian Moles


Dear Vlad ...

"That allows us to develop different diets and strategies to ensure we optimise animal performance - but minimise the impact on the environment... "


"Under the rules anyone with a septic tank discharging into a watercourse must replace it or upgrade it by January 2020, or sooner"

Oh, OK ...

Why was the OAT looking like a cesspit all weekend?

Has CuffnBluff  gone under?

Answers on a postcard.

Wot no Cliff or Kylie...!!??

Gertya skates on...

Captain Black's picture

A Revolving Council Facility

Ah, So ...

Hey mebbe it could double as a new 'homeless facility'!?

Anyone got a large hungry shark :-))

Oh Dear...

"“I promised that we would look for a high quality use for the site when I was elected and
this proposal will fit the bill.

“Having an additional, high quality attraction on Scarboroughseafront will benefit the South Bay and make use of the site until plans for a permanentsolution are finalised.”"


"Adjacent to Foreshore Road, on the tarmac area between St Nicholas Gardens and Blands Cliff, there will be two military tanks and an Airsoft Rifle Range."

"It's less windy at night. Perfect for painting your house."

Captain Black's picture

The European Association

"For the year until March 31, Scarborough Council has a mean gender pay gap of -1.5%. This shows that women earned slightly more hourly compared to men."


"The European Association of Zoos and Aquaria has co-ordinated what Dr Pilgrim described as a huge "rhino dating game" and it is something he has been running.

"All the members signed up to move animals around, so we can match the most compatible pairs for breeding," he said."

About that Tour ...


How very dare anyone earn more than Steve Siddons ...  Tony would be snapping his Crayons

The Calculating.

Keep Busy.

Captain Black's picture


“I have been running Arnie’s since 2005 without any incident in all those years, the police will back me up on that. I just want to offer people some nice food with some nice wine, beer or spirits. That’s it.”

Hmmm ...


A Glasstonberry Special ... ;-)

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The Hundertwasserhaus

"Berliners could pay as little as €1 a day to use public transport for a year under plans to wean the German capital off its cars and reduce air pollution, its mayor has announced...

"Such a move would make Berlin the latest German city to emulate what has come to be known as the “Vienna model”:...

In Vienna, 822,000 people, almost half the city’s population, have an annual ticket, and the percentage of journeys made by underground, tram or bus has increased to 38% – compared with 27% in Berlin, 23% in Munich and 18% in Hamburg.

Several German cities are investigating season-ticket models along Viennese lines, as city authorities across Europe examine ways to meet EU pollution targets."


 Getty Images

“Having somewhere affordable to live is political, and there is a lot of political wriggle room in Berlin,” says Frank..."


"Unlike Dublin, Vienna never followed the British social housing example: neither in the rules of who qualifies and certainly not in the Thatcher-era sell-off.

Qualification depends on a means test – an income of €3,300 a month or less for a single person – but is also needs-based. Tenants can qualify for certain apartments if they are first-time applicants under 30. Growing families can apply for a move to a bigger flat; similarly, older tenants can apply to downsize or move to an apartment with a lift.

The Vienna public housing model is a functioning reality that is not short of foreign admirers. But Viennese officials admit they rarely hear back from visitors who have turned their admiration into action."


Go plant a tree...

Boris One.

Captain Qahn's picture

The animals will need feeding

"The outcome of the ballot of about 160,000 Tory members will be revealed at just before midday in London.

The victor will officially become prime minister on Wednesday."

"As top predators, they require a diversity of habitats to meet their life-cycle and dietary needs. When you are trying to put top-level predators back into an ecosystem, you need the other trophic levels, too. In short, bear and wolf conservation is a landscape-scale issue."

"if you notice a colleague drifting off, only nudge them awake if ... It is believed at least 18 of the country's 23 states have lost power."

"“It wasn’t some of the brightest minds in rocket science and experts in physics that put a guy on the moon’s surface – a small group of us just felt a surge of optimism, chucked the astronauts in the Apollo craft and fired their asses out of there, hoping for the best all along.”


Captain Qahn's picture

Flyboards ..

"French inventor Franky Zapata has made the first-ever successful Channel crossing on a jet-powered flyboard.

The 40-year-old took off from Sangatte, near Calais, on Sunday morning and landed in St Margaret's Bay in Dover.

The board's five turbines, powered by kerosene, can propel Mr Zapata to speeds of up to 118 mph (190km/h).

Mr Zapata, a former jet-ski champion, had failed in his first attempt to cross the Channel on 25 July after complications with refuelling."

Boris will be quaking ... ;-)

"the true mark of a gentleman is not pointing out to other people the ways you’re just plain better than them."


"A number of Whitby business proprietors, under the banner Yorkshire Coast Levy Payers Association”, have organised a meeting to discuss opposition to the Yorkshire Coast Business DBID, which seeks to impose a compulsory Levy on businesses operating in the Tourism category.

The meeting will be held at the Whitby Friendship Amateur Rowing Club, 136 Church Street, WHITBY, YO22 4DE, on Thursday 8th August, from 7:00pm to 8:00pm.

All interested parties (i.e. business proprietors in receipt of Levy Invoices anywhere within the Yorkshire Coast DBID area) are assured of a warm welcome."


Captain Qahn's picture

D Bid - Details

"Published by Local Democracy Reporter Carl Gavaghan at 1:46pm 6th August 2019. (Updated at 5:59am 8th August 2019)

Meetings have been organised in Scarborough and Whitby for businesses who are concerned or have questions about the new Yorkshire Coast Business Improvement District (BID).

The Yorkshire Coast Levy Payers Association, which was started by a group of businesses opposed to the bid, have invited anyone who wants to find out more to attend.

The first bills for the mandatory levy went out on August 1, prompting the latest round of action. More than 1,300 businesses from Staithes to Spurn Point with a rateable value of more than £12,000 will face the new charge.

Hero Sumner, a member of the association, said:

“Now that bills are landing for the BID across the coast our support group The Yorkshire Coast Levy Payers Association is being swamped with phone calls and emails from concerned businesses who are being told they’ll face court action if they refuse to pay the levy.

Many businesses are refusing to pay, many others have no idea what the BID is about.

Businesses from Bridlington and Scarborough are joining forces and spreading the word about the unwanted tax.

There are meetings booked in both Whitby and Scarborough to strengthen the support network. Directors from the BID group have been invited, as have councillors.”

The first meeting will be held at 7pm on Thursday (8th) at the Friendship Rowing Club in Whitby’s Church Street.

The following week there will be a meeting in Scarborough on Wednesday August 14 at 6.30pm at the  Indoor Bowls Centre in Peasholm Road.

The BID aims to raise around £5m over five years to put back into the communities by way of creating new events, festivals, markets and also by making general improvements and updating infrastructure.

Today, it announced its first project under consideration, the creation of a “Yorkshire Coastal Road Route” and brand which will provide a link and common theme for all businesses in the improvement district."



Meanwhile I have my own Diva to attend to (as should you ;-))


“the fate of gutter-gobbed miscreants will be in the hands of a council official”

Captain Black's picture

A Modern Tram System

"An environmental campaigner is standing on a soapbox, outlining the action needed to save the planet: "Reduce fossil fuels, protect our forests and wildlife, clean up our oceans, cut pollution, increase biodiversity, plant more trees..."

A sceptic in the audience starts heckling. "But what if climate change is a hoax and we waste our time making the world a better place for nothing?" he shouts.

The chair of York's new climate change committee can't help giving a wry grin as he recites this..."

"They all need to be sharing responsibility, and then sharing the kudos for whatever we achieve."

"For almost everybody work is essential to play a role in the discovery of new things.

"The world of work is a dynamic place and it's a fantastic place for testing yourself and showing what you can do, achieving and discovering and exploring, all of that goes on in the wonderland of work."

"the vital importance of being Earnest"

A Trivial Comedy.

"This is your warning that summer is fast departing."

Captain Black's picture

“Windrush on steroids”

"Analysis from the UK shale rock formation and gas obtained from Cuadrilla’s fracked well has revealed that the gas content is made up of 96 per cent methane, of the other four per cent mix of various gases only 1.6 per cent is ethane. It would appear from those results that shale gas from the UK would be very suitable for electricity generation but not for plastic manufacture."

"Europa Clipper will carry out an in-depth investigation of the watery world, including whether it can support life in its subsurface ocean.

Gravitational interactions with Jupiter generate tidal forces and heat, which keeps Europa's ocean liquid. The heating may even drive volcanic vents on the seafloor; on Earth, such vent systems support a wide array of life forms.

But it has taken decades to bring a dedicated mission this far, in part because of cost considerations and the challenges posed by the space environment around Jupiter.

Europa's orbital path takes it deep into belts of intense radiation that surround the giant planet. This radiation fries spacecraft electronics, which limits the durations of prospective missions to months or even weeks.

So rather than orbiting Europa, Clipper will make repeated close flybys of the moon, to reduce its exposure to the energetic particles trapped by Jupiter's magnetic field..."

"The application also includes the creation of a pond habitat area for great crested newts."

"The windfarm extension received 282 objections, the drilling of a second exploration oil/gas well received 121 objections."

"The first concepts for missions to explore Europa were drawn up in the 1990s, around the time that data from the Galileo spacecraft helped build evidence for a subsurface ocean. Since then, however, one proposal after another has been thwarted, including an ambitious US-European mission along the lines of Greenland"

“Their future employment prospects, social status – indeed, their very dreams – hinge upon the vagaries of older folk who discriminate against anything they view as ‘a bit weird’ even if it’s something as seemingly benign as a slightly undercooked sponge."


Captain Qahn's picture

Wake Up Woe

Hypocrisy in Action :

"The leader of Scarborough Council, Labour councillor Steve Siddons, said a dearth of high quality, better paid jobs was one of the major problems holding coastal communities back as he called for fundamental changes to funding and local governance.

Bemoaning budget cuts, he said: “We have lost 60p in every £1 since 2010. We have only 40 per cent of the funding we used to have. We are doing what we can to help ourselves but we are having lost that kind of money, it is an enormous burden on us.

“We have lobbied to be a single unitary authority so we can be the masters of our own destiny, because whilst we are looking for savings as much as we can, bigger councils push savings onto us.”

He called for better funding, government intervention to cut business rates to attract investment and for Whitehall to stomach the full costs of coastal erosion schemes, with local authorities having been required to foot half the bill of any such scheme since a policy change in 2010."

"We can apply this if the ratepayer would suffer hardship if no rate reduction was made, and if it would be in the interest taxpayers.

We are consulting on amending the assessment criteria for this relief."

Oh no they're not.


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A ‘smooth and orderly’ Exit

"The demands for inquiries into the sacking last Thursday of Sonia Khan, the 27-year-old Treasury special adviser, came amid heightened tension at Westminster over Johnson’s decision to suspend parliament for five weeks...

The suspension, planned by Cummings for several weeks, was partly designed to limit the time MPs will have to block a no-deal...

They accused Cummings of establishing a “reign of terror” at the heart of government."

“Forgive my laughter. I have a condition.” He longs to be a comedian, but goes to pieces on stage. He’d like to work as a party entertainer, but is fired when he drops a handgun in the children’s ward. Happily, this lowly worm is about to turn. By God, his tormentors are going to sit up and take notice. First they ignore him, then they laugh at him, and then they die."

Ohm Ohm

"EU mancos should demonstrate that they dedicate sufficient human and technical resources to the selection and ongoing monitoring of delegates, which should include regular on-site visits"

"“Fucked if I know,” Cummings shrugged. “We might get some kind of Theresa May deal or we might get a no deal. We might win an election and we might not. My job is just to cause as much trouble as possible and stay one step ahead of the opposition. Don’t come to me looking for answers.”"

"Stockpile a whole load of Scottish shortbread?"


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The Living Daylights

"Either your nemesis leapt to mind with an immediacy that suggested they were never far from there in the first place – or you tried to conjure one out of politeness to appease your friend’s intense flatmate."

"Yes, it is juvenile, and petty, and revealing of other character traits that are collectively and euphemistically described as “complex”. Owning up to having nemeses certainly doesn’t win you any friends – but it’s a suspiciously anodyne person who really likes everyone they meet."

"Friendly competition, not properly managed, can easily turn toxic, leaving the relationship beyond repair. “The bad kind of nemesis is something you really don’t want to develop, and if it does, you want to fix that or develop an exit strategy.” But the good kind is “someone who’s going to raise your game … They have to be people you want to compete with and do better than.”

"The Queen can refuse Royal Assent, but a monarch has not done this since 1707."

"He accuses Boris Johnson of acting like a dictator. And he says the Conservative party is now acting like a cult."

"Jacob Rees-Mogg now concludes his speech.

"Sovereignty comes from the people to Parliament," he says.

"It does not come from Parliament out of a void.

"If Parliament tries to challenge the people, this stretches the elastic of our constitution to breaking point."

"I think he's trying to gag Parliament and I think the description of this as a smash and grab raid on parliamentary democracy is absolutely what it is,"

"Cook said the discovery of “significantly more challenging” ground conditions along the London-to-Birmingham route, which he expected to be repeated on the northern phase, was the biggest single factor in the additional cost and delay."

"Prof Barbara Louise Gray – a former director of the Center for Research in Conflict and Negotiation at Penn State University – says it is worth paying attention to people who push your buttons as they can teach you about yourself."

"Conservative Ken Clarke, .. it would be "quite horrendous" for Parliament to "allow itself to be sidelined".

He congratulates the Leader of the House Jacob Rees-Mogg for "keeping a straight face" while he is making "incredible" arguments."

"The key for an individual is to know when their buttons are pushed, and when it evokes a really strong reaction in them – that’s the time to say: ‘OK, I have a nemesis operating in here that I probably ought to meet.’”

"Shadow foreign secretary Emily Thornberry tells the BBC Labour will not back the prime minister's motion for a general election if he loses in Parliament, because they cannot rely on him to keep his word.

She says: "I know him well, he is unreliable, not honest and I wouldn’t trust him."

Ms Thornberry says that Labour fears if they voted for an election, they could not be sure that he would honour the 14 October date before the Brexit deadline.

"He’s going to prorogue Parliament, lock us out of the building and we’re supposed to say, of course we will trust you?" she says.

"We think there is another way, and of course we want a Labour government, we will go for a general election at a time of our choosing not on a wing and a prayer offered us by Boris Johnson."

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Smash & Grab

Nobody is interested.

"Like Game of Thrones, the story of the Hanseatic League begins with the building of a wall.

In the second half of the 13th Century, the burghers of Visby - a town on the Swedish island of Gotland - built a mighty barrier to keep peasants out.

They wanted to protect the wealth that international trade was bringing to their town from across the Baltic Sea.

“Trading took place with privileged merchants - not with the farmers settled nearby,” says Lars Kruthof, local archaeologist and proud Gotlander. “And that is what we think the first wall was built for - to create customs posts.”

Local farmers would be forced to pay a tariff or tax if they wanted to sell their goods in the town. The wall provoked a civil war, and one sobering fact echoes through history - trade creates both winners and losers. It can be a brutal business. .."

"Visby couldn’t control what it had created, and while the town had its moment of glory, it was eventually bypassed. But the co-operation between ambitious merchants, pioneered in Gotland, had grown gradually into an organised network - a medieval trading superpower."




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An Unequivocal Position

“Tom has been increasingly detached from mainstream Labour thinking. He often misses shadow cabinet these days. This speech does not reflect Labour policy in any way. Many on the left of the party are suggesting that he wants to avoid an election at all costs out of fear that Jeremy may become prime minister.”

"The Friends of the Earth campaigner Guy Shrubsole said: “Eating less but better meat is a crucial part of the fight against climate breakdown, yet astonishingly there is no mention of this in the NFU’s report. Doing so would free up much more land for trees and agroforestry, which would absorb huge quantities of carbon from the atmosphere."

"“Considering the lives rock stars lead, I hope not. I haven’t yet died of an opiate overdose, not yet, but there’s time,” she said. “This kind of thing could be quite ruinous for a 35-year-old because where do you go from there? But in my case we kind of know the answer.” One thing she refused to rule out was whether she would ever return to Gilead again: “Never say never to anything.”"

The Unnegotiable.

Have a quiet day


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A Yawning Chasm

“The endless speculation that government will refuse to implement an act of parliament may serve short-term political interest, but as prime minister your responsibilities go beyond tactical political game playing..."

“We have no objection to peaceful, law-abiding protest whilst recognising that our neighbours, motorists using the busy road and our staff and contractors should also be able to go about their business without disruption, inconvenience or intimidation.”

I believe it was actually a spelling error; some medieval scribe mistook the letter Z for the letter yogh (a version of G)

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Moorland and Rock

"Many fear that rockets blasting satellites into space from Spaceport 1 could shatter the calm of the island and terrify its rare wildlife...

The council has invested £1m in the scheme, buying the land in June, and the HIE has invested nearly £10m..

The consortium promotes itself as offering “low-cost access to space” and is suggesting that the scheme could generate payments of about £900,000 a year for the islanders and up to 70 jobs."

Baldrick !!! I have a cunning plan ;-)

The domino effect of Thomas Cook's collapse on this holiday island would be significant.

"The September equinox falls on Monday, September 23, 2019, at about 8 o’clock by Universal Time. That is after sunrise for Europe, but by American clocks, it’s nearer to the midnight between Sunday and Monday. So the good time to contemplate equinoxes is on Sunday evening."

Ah, so ... ;-?

None the Wiser.

Never Mind.

Back to it..


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Frank Furters

"A German court has ruled that hangovers are an “illness”, in a timely judgement days after the annual Oktoberfest beer festival began in Munich.

The case landed before judges in Frankfurt when plaintiffs claimed a firm offering anti-hangover “shots” and drink powders to mix with water was making illegal health claims..."


"Researchers plied 90 volunteers with beer and wine to find out once and for all whether hangovers are worsened by the order in which drinks are consumed... the order drinks were consumed in had no impact on “hangover intensity”"

Another round ...

Banish Boris.

"well if this is Aerosmith im freddie mercury"

Ah, so ...

Oh, whats Bob wittering about ..

"I don't think time's running out. We desperately need a multiplex cinema, developers Benchmark have always had that as part of their project.

There've been a number of changes in the number of screens they want and the type of outlets they're going to have there.

It will be delivered, it's just frustrating it's taking a little bit longer."

One Ah.

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The Land of Nods

"When standing at the bottom of a cliff, we would always advise people that they shouldn’t stand less than the height of the cliff away. That means that if the cliff is 25 metres high, don’t go closer than 25 metres towards it."


"If there was a previous transport secretary that the incumbent, Grant Shapps, might hope not to imitate, it would surely be his notoriously calamity-stricken predecessor Bingo Bob!"

"If no solution is found, then over 1000 jobs could be lost in a neglected area where jobs have already been lost."

"He also condemns Bob's "dire human rights record", as well as the country's "arbitrary detention of dual-nationals".

"Labour's shadow foreign secretary Emily Thornberry begins by apologising to her Liberal Democrat colleagues for her "crass, throwaway Taliban remark in an interview last week"."

I won't be apologising to the local Tally Ban.

Make or Brake ...

My Favourite Martian

"The Tories want to go ahead with a recess so that they can hold their party conference in Manchester..."

Hogans Heroes ...

"... the Speaker, has just confirmed that he wants Boris Johnson’s statement to MPs to start at 6.30pm."

"A ratepayer in the borough pays £33 a year to have their green waste taken away by Scarborough Council, £2 more than the average across the UK."

"Labour MP Hilary Benn, chair of the Commons Brexit committee, tells the BBC that the prime minister has "lost control of events".

"He’s making a terrible mess of being prime minister of the country. He’s losing all of the important votes, he doesn’t have a plan, he doesn’t have a mandate, he doesn’t have credibility, he's thrown away his majority" - all in addition to the Supreme Court defeat, Mr Benn says."


Awwwe ..

"With much sadness and regret, a board meeting has been held to start the liquidation process for Shakespeare’s Rose Theatre...

"Sadly, due to Brexit and the economic and political uncertainty this has created, the anticipated audience numbers needed to sustain a project of this scale were not achieved."

In 2018, Shakespeare’s Rose Theatre in York attracted 78,000 visitors but achieved only 47,000 in 2019. At Blenheim Palace only 38,000 people attended, whereas a figure of 75,000 was anticipated."

About that Village of the Damned ... erm I mean Tippe

Alfred Hitchcock presents ...

" .. but as ever with these things, timings can slip..."

Hi Ho Silver .. ;-)

Maverick ... Superman

Yawwwwn ...

"When going through hell, keep going."

"Mr Johnson says there have been "three years of dither and delay".

"This government that I lead has been trying to get us out," he says.

He says he was told Brussels would not reopen the withdrawal agreement, but "we are now discussing opening the withdrawal agreement"

"I thought the court was wrong to pronounce on what is essentially a political question at a time of great national controversy," Mr Johnson says...

""I think the people of this country have had enough. This Parliament must either stand aside... or bring a vote of confidence and finally face a day of reckoning with the voters"."

Bednobs & Broomsticks.

"I'm not sure that we can look the nation in the eye and say that was a good day."