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The China Contingent 2018

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Teresa May and her top UK team land in China.

Standing behind the Del Boy character on Teresa  May's right is CEO of Sirius Minerals :-)

"It’s claimed the North Yorkshire site represents the “world’s largest high-grade known deposit of polyhalite”, which is a multi-nutrient form of potash which is used as a fertiliser.


Net Neutrality

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Performing a rain dance?

"If you're trying to model an ice sheet, the single most important input is ice thickness," said Prof Jonathan Bamber. "Why's that? Because velocity is proportional to the fourth power of thickness. So differences in thickness make for huge differences in the velocity of the ice in our models; and to things like thermodynamics, because thick ice is warmer than thin ice, and so on," the Bristol University, UK, glaciologist told BBC News."


Sirius Minerals 2017 - Safety First

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Engage ...

"Chris Fraser, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, said:

"It has been a long-stated intention of the Company to move to the Main Market and we are delighted to be continuing to deliver on our goals as we move forward with the timely delivery of our Woodsmith Mine."


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