North Bay 'Unique'

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"because of its large size it is being published separately..."

"As might be expected, as closely related reptiles both turtles and tortoises have plenty of physical traits in common."

"Industry consolidation began in the 1990s... News is part of the vital ecosystem of a community..."


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Dilly & Dally

"Generally, sea turtles do not forage and nest in the same geographical area. These animals would have already undergone a migration from their foraging grounds, a mating season, and have laid multiple clutches of eggs before preparing for the return trip."

"If the turtles were perfect navigators, they would probably travel in direct paths from their nesting sites to foraging areas in search for food. “Those turtles that we’re tracking – they most probably hadn’t eaten for four or five months,”

Continental Championships.

"With your naked eye, you can see highlands and lowlands, which can take on certain shapes with cultural meanings."

'Quite Irreverant'?

"This amazing opportunity to do the stunt that Mike had always wanted to do up the Law, has really just captured everybody's imagination. Everybody was like 'man, that would be fun'."

"If you say 'look, we don't really want folks to know', then they're very good at just keeping it quiet. So, it's a combination of a really small, tight team, leaving things as late as we could."


"And that’s across all genres. If you’re making a drama, quadruple that figure."


"There are seven-and-a-half years left until the target date of 2030, and the progress made so far has been remarkable. But net zero is a big order. Can it be done?"

"The wooden auditorium recaptures the look and atmosphere of a venue that was originally sited where 10 Downing Street now stands."

"Time bends and stalls when you’re in the parallel universe."


"All of which left the hopeless Rish! sounding like the voice of experience and the only person you might conceivably trust with running the country. But only because the rest were no hopers or out of their heads on Mogadon."

"Mike Stirling, Director of Mischief at Beano Studios says: “Beano has always been a hive of comic chaos, so there was a real buzz about the place to have the comedy legend that is Rowan Atkinson visit Beanotown to make mischief with another troublemaker identified by their stripes"


"A weird gameshow where the only audience that counts are the 360 or so Tory MPs who may or may not be watching. The rest of us are merely voyeurs, having no say in which two clowns will still be standing by next Wednesday evening."

And the next rather elongated Tory Political Party free Broadcast is?

Ere, wots Starmer up to ?

The North Bay defo had a comic shop.

Zzzzz ... ;-0

The ‘Lulo' Rose

“Only one in 10,000 diamonds is coloured pink. So you’re certainly looking at a very rare article when you find a very large pink diamond.”

"Lulo is an alluvial mine, which means the stones are recovered from a riverbed."


"Throwing a bicycle into the water is a specialised sport, which offers its own peculiar satisfactions."


'If All Goes to Plan'

"The flight, dubbed Artemis 1, is the first in what NASA is calling its Artemis programme. It is named after the twin sister of Apollo in Greek mythology, to signify that it is the modern incarnation of the agency’s Apollo programme, which sent astronauts to the Moon for the first time. Artemis 2 will fly astronauts around the Moon, no earlier than 2024. And Artemis 3 will land a crew near the Moon’s south pole; this mission, scheduled for 2025 or later, will include the first woman to set foot on the lunar surface."

"These people are going to be on the streets,” Mr Hollinrake said."


OOh Aargh ...

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'The Living Lamposts'

"The green tint (which actually comes from a yellow pigment) acts as sunglasses, of a sort, to help them track down their prey. There’s nowhere to hide in the open waters of the deep ocean and many animals living here have glowing bellies that disguise their silhouette and protect them – bioluminescent prey is hard to spot against the dim blue sunlight trickling down. But barreleyes are one step ahead."

Tinker Belle.

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'On your CV, Darling'

"“The collapse was preceded by a bang and a dense cloud of dust...”

"The adventure sports strategy could extend the borough's "season", attract new visitors and support an increase in the growth of the visitor economy alongside the council's North Bay Masterplan, a report presented to councillors said."

"There was ample food, she got 45 minutes in the exercise yard and was allowed one telephone call per day to her family."

“That’s why I get up in the morning.”

'A Quick Decision'

"Scarborough Borough Council require a quick decision to enable certainty about their proposed scheme...;

"Scarborough Borough Council have approved the sale on the basis that the proposed development by HQ Hotels fits well with the North Bay Masterplan by developing high quality hotel accommodation. The sale is conditional upon planning permission for a hotel and associated car park...  with a track record of delivery across the hospitality sector and are well regarded and contribute to the local economy through “ethical sourcing and operation”."

"1. Does the council support a change of use of the asset?

2. Would the Executive seek to maximise financial return in any sale or would it wish / be prepared to support specific alternative uses such as those set out in the North Bay Masterplan?

3. If the Executive is content to support alignment with the North Bay Masterplan, is the Executive sufficiently satisfied with the details of this particular proposed sale as negotiated?"



"North Yorkshire County Council’s executive member for trading standards, Cllr Derek Bastiman, said: “This is a reminder of the significant role that local businesses and retailers play"

"NParks advises people to keep a safe distance and refrain from touching or cornering the animals, especially when there are pups around."

Best not mention Convention Centres.

Jack Be Nimble

"The county council said one of the most common causes of falls by older people was loose, worn, or backless slippers."

"Sea turtles will sing from within their egg to synchronise hatching," he explained...

"If they call from inside, they all come out together and hopefully avoid being eaten."

"Larry the cat sauntered down the pavement to remind Sunak just who was the real boss around here."


A Full Monty

"A healthy natural environment is "the cornerstone of a healthy climate, secure and clean water supplies and a resilient food supply" said the minister for international nature, Lord Byron"

"I wanted to create an open, inviting shelter, a place to sit and eat and talk together in nature, and rethink our relationship to each other and the living world.”

"Their low-level roofs are designed to force people to sit down rather than stand"

"You do not need the owner's consent, you just need to serve the appropriate notice on them. Permission relates to the land rather than the applicant or owner, therefore anyone could implement it... if you have maintained that land for over 7 years with out anyone else trying to claim it in that time, you can claim it as yours."


The Awakening

"The plans for The Scarborough Fair aim to create a festival that will bring people together on the Yorkshire coast, attract investment, enhance Scarborough’s profile and draw curious audiences from across the local area, the region and beyond.

David will now lead on the delivery of an ambitious and innovative creative programme for The Scarborough Fair, which will span three years from 2023 to 2026. He will work with local artists, communities, businesses, visiting companies and established seasons to co-design and produce the festival."

"Established under Royal Charter in 1253, the original Scarborough Fair drew merchants from as far away as the Ottoman Empire to ‘sell goods of true worth’ to hundreds of visitors each August and September. The fair survived for 430 years, taking place for the last time in 1788.

After a 235 year absence The Scarborough Fair is set to return under David’s stewardship - less mercantile and more magical - reimagined as a year-round programme of distinctive arts, heritage, culinary and sporting events at venues throughout the town."

Coast & Veil.