The Manifestos

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"Manifestos force parties to come clean about what they promise to do.

Party manifestos have a quasi-constitutional importance. Under the Salisbury Convention of 1911, the House of Lords will not obstruct something included in the general election winning party's manifesto."

The Green Party of England and Wales will launch its election manifesto 'today'... The party is standing in 369 out of 650 seats in the UK."

What is in the Green Party's manifesto?

The Green Party's manifesto, which will be launched in south-west London on Tuesday, sets out 10 pieces of legislation the party would introduce if elected into government, including:

  • The Green New Deal Bill to "get the UK on track to reducing climate emissions to net zero by 2030"
  • The People's Vote Bill to implement a public vote on "the future of our relationship with the European Union"
  • The Future Generations Bill which would "require public bodies... to balance the needs of the present with the needs of the future"
  • The NHS Reinstatement Bill to increase funding for the NHS by at least £6bn per year, until 2030
  • The Universal Basic Income Bill, introducing unconditional payments for everyone "above their subsistence needs"

The party proposes borrowing £91.2bn a year to pay for capital expenditure. A further £9bn would be raised through tax changes including increasing corporation tax to 24%.

The manifesto also includes promises to build 100,000 new zero carbon homes for social rent each year, introduce a proportional representation voting system and extend votes to 16 and 17-year-olds.

Jonathan Bartley, co-leader of the Green Party in England and Wales praised the manifesto, describing it as "the most ambitious Green new deal proposed anywhere in the world".


"In 2019, neither Johnson nor Corbyn wants to be caught out by their manifestos ... and that's why they will try to keep their books of pledges late and ambiguous."

"Voting now feels like clinging to the wreckage of a system we should dismantle. All the issues that really matter require cooperation, not silly, point-scoring conflict. That’s what this election feels like: a proxy war in which we are unwilling conscripts with little actual choice."

The Lib Dems will launch its manifesto on Wednesday...



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'What is in the Lib Dem Manifesto?'

"If the Lib Dems *** a majority they will cancel Brexit entirely by revoking the Article 50 process for leaving the EU...

The "Remain bonus" will also be used to fund changes to benefits designed to tackle in-work poverty..:"

  • Rail fares for commuters and season ticket holders to be frozen for the next five years
  • All trains to be electric or hydrogen-powered by 2035
  • A new target for 80% of UK energy to come from renewable sources by 2030
  • A £10,000 grant for every adult in England to put towards education and training over 30 years
  • 35 hours of free childcare for children aged two to four, or from nine months for working parents
  • Replacing business rates for companies with a levy based on land value
  • A higher minimum wage at "times of normal demand" for those on zero-hours contracts
  • £11bn for mental health services over five years, including on 24-hour support
  • A new tax on gambling companies to fund the treatment of problem gambling

The Lib Dems say their manifesto is fully costed and other spending commitments will be paid for by tax rises.

They are proposing to raise income tax rates by 1% to pay for an extra £7bn a year for NHS and social care services.

Air Passenger Duty will be reformed, with those taking frequent international flights likely to have to pay more. The proceeds will be used to boost green transport, including slashing VAT rates on electric cars to 5%.

There will also be a levy on the sale of cannabis to over-18s, with the money raised going to fund community policing and youth services. The Lib Dems have long called for the legalisation and taxation of cannabis, a move opposed by the Conservatives and Labour."

"No matter what planet your kids live on, they will want this book..."

"I don’t care if you are wearing red, blue or black with pink dots just please be respectful..."


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'What is in the Labour Manifesto?'

"Unite trade union Len McCluskey ... the manifesto's message to voters in the party's traditional heartlands was: "Come home to Labour."...

"The billionaires and the super rich, the tax dodgers, the bad bosses and the big polluters - they own the Conservative Party," he will add.

"But they don't own us. They don't own the Labour Party. The people own the Labour Party."

"Among the policies expected to be confirmed at the launch are:

  • A "real living wage" of at least £10 an hour - including for younger workers
  • The biggest affordable house building programme since the 1960s ..
  • The creation of one million "green jobs" to tackle climate change
  • Free broadband for all delivered by part-nationalising BT
  • A plan to bring rail, mail, water and energy into public ownership

"Over the next three weeks, the most powerful people in Britain and their supporters are going to tell you that everything in this manifesto is impossible.

"That it's too much for you. Because they don't want real change. Why would they? The system is working just fine for them. It's rigged in their favour.

"If the bankers, billionaires and the establishment thought we represented politics as usual, that we could be bought off, that nothing was really going to change, they wouldn't attack us so ferociously. Why bother?"

"Unite Community membership costs only 50p a week, as it is exclusively for the unwaged.

Not only that, but one of them – is according to sources, a prominent Progress MP with a track record of contempt for Unite’s incumbent General Secretary Len McCluskey."

Is this a matter of huge interest to the union’s 1.4 million members, over 500,000 Labour Party members and the public at large?

And the next Labour Party leader is ...

Yawwwn ...

"fibbing is unsurprisingly not included"



"There will no longer be a separate annual exempt allowance for capital gains, above a de minimis threshold of £1,000."

I feel a self care element coming on ...

"Labour is a party of experts," says Jeremy Corbyn."



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'What is in the Conservative Manifesto?'

"The Conservative manifesto is due to be published this weekend ...

"Sajid Javid’s drive is to limit Johnson’s ambitions to splash the cash on public services. The chancellor argued that the Tories must preserve a dividing line on fiscal responsibility with Labour.."


"Recent developments bring into question the one country, two systems regime under which Hong Kong’s Basic Law (its constitution) operates. The system was initially devised by Deng Xiaoping to allow for Hong Kong to adhere to its free market economy and grant certain civil liberties for 50 years after the handing back of the territory by the UK to Beijing in 1997."

Never, Mind.

Conspicuous Consumption ...

"This week, they have focused on a siege of Hong Kong's Polytechnic University (PolyU) campus, which turned into a fiery battleground with police firing tear gas and rubber bullets at protesters. In turn, demonstrators threw Molotov cocktails and shot arrows.

More than 1,000 people have been arrested so far and accused of rioting, while hundreds of others have fled the campus amid a shortage of food and hypothermia-inducing temperatures."

Oddly Enufff ...

"If your perception of Chinese philosophy goes no further than Kung Fu Panda’s “One often meets his destiny on the road he takes to avoid it,” note that this idea was not only familiar to the authors of Greek tragedy but was expressed in that particular form by the French fabulist Jean de la Fontaine. You need to rethink."


That should keep em up all night...

Spose they want a referendum ...

Democracy... not to be taken for granted.

A few choice words.

Ah, So ...

Whatdoyamean tis not a referendum?

Darn It..

That Panda in Berlin Zoo is very sad btw and needs to go home.

I'll be Bach.

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'What is in the Brexit Party Manifesto?'

"Nigel Farage ... the former UKIP leader, who is not standing as a candidate in the election, said manifestos were a "means of telling people what they want to hear without ever having the genuine desire to implement them".

Instead, he said his party would be making a "contract with the people" containing a "targeted set of deliverable pledges"...

  • Introducing a ban on exporting waste to other countries for it to be burned
  • Providing free "base level" broadband for deprived regions, and free wi-fi on all public transport
  • Abolishing business rates for shops outside the M25, funded by a "small online sales tax"
  • Scrapping all interest on student loans, and abolishing inheritance tax
  • Phasing out the BBC licence fee
  • Limiting postal voting to people who are elderly, infirm or overseas"


Elon Musk is not having a good week ...

""We will certainly be perfecting this weapon regardless of anything,"..."

"Plaid Cymru later clarified that this meant electricity."

"Building tidal lagoons in South Bay, North Bay and Cayton Bay, an offshore wind farm off Dogger Bank and a barrage on the River Esk"


"... there is no such thing as the North Dakota Postal Service."

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'What is in the Conservative Manifesto?'

"Boris Johnson will launch the Conservative manifesto on Sunday with a promise not to put up income tax, national insurance or VAT, ...

The launch of the Tory manifesto at Iron Bridge, marks the start of the final phase of the election campaign...

The manifesto will seek to draw a dividing line between the Tories, who are promising not to raise key taxes, and a Labour party which is committing to increase taxes on higher earners and businesses to fund a big expansion of the state.

The centrepiece of the manifesto will be the commitment to “Get Brexit Done” but there are also expected to be other offers to voters, including a £2bn fund to fix potholes, £1bn for childcare and a promise to scrap hospital parking charges."

"Please use the sharing tools found via the share button at the top or side of articles."

"Other policies contained the manifesto will include:

  • Childcare: £250m a year, for at least three years, plus a £250m capital spending boost, for "wraparound" childcare - meaning after school or during holidays
  • Environment: £6.3bn for environmental upgrades to homes, such as grants for improving boilers and insulation
  • Roads: £500m a year for four years to fund filling potholes - almost 10 times the amount promised by the party in an announcement in March
  • Education: A new National Skills Fund of £600m a year for five years. Labour and the Liberal Democrats have announced similar plans
  • Providing free hospital car parking in England for protected groups - costing £78m a year
  • A ban on exporting plastic waste to countries outside the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)
  • Sticking to the commitment to cut carbon emissions to net zero by 2050
  • Continuing work to recruit 20,000 more pole officers over the next three years - essentially to replace those lost in cuts by Conservative-led governments since 2010

Groups covered by the hospital parking proposals would be people with disabilities, frequent patients, the gravely ill, families of long-stay patients, carers and NHS staff working night shifts."


"She has reportedly taken six weeks unpaid leave from her job at environmental group Oceana so she can battle for young female candidates in marginals."

Thou must not speculate .. ;-0

"Ditch your modern money in favour of some Pounds, Shillings and Pence

Check out the weird Victorian remedies at the Pharmacy

Discover why you wouldn't want to be caught with green candles at home.."

"The "triple tax lock" is said to build on the party's promise ..."


Lace up shoes.

Null ...

Ah, So ...

"You cannot boil a kettle, heat your home or run a business without the grid."

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'What is in the SNP Manifesto?'

"The SNP leader will say that a vote for her party on 12 December will be a vote to "escape Brexit and put Scotland's future in Scotland's hands"

"The SNP won 35 seats at the last general election in 2017, making it the third biggest party in the UK Parliament, and the party hopes to hold the balance of power if there is a hung parliament after next month's vote... the future of the country was on the line..."

"The BBC invited Labour, the Lib Dems, SNP and Brexit parties to give their positions on perhaps the most contentious area of the meeting - Copernicus, because of its large EU involvement. The Lib Dems said they were supporters of Copernicus and lauded the "ground breaking technology" it had brought to the near real-time detection of flooding; Labour said it too backed continued collaboration on what it called "vital" EU programmes. The SNP and the Brexit Party have yet to come back to us."


"Copernicus' major work 'De Revolutionibus Orbium Coelestium' ('On the Revolutions of the Celestial Spheres') was finished by 1530. Its central theory was that the Earth rotates daily on its axis and revolves yearly around the sun. He also argued that the planets circled the Sun. This challenged the long held view that the Earth was stationary at the centre of the universe with all the planets, the Moon and the Sun rotating around it."

Ger Land

Wot devolution can do ...

Hire Land.

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'What is in the DUP Manifesto?'

""As we have proved over the past two years our votes may still be crucial.

"The DUP is committed to a deal that works for the whole of the UK and which does not leave Northern Ireland behind, with no border in the Irish Sea."

"Mr Dodds added that the DUP wanted to "protect" Northern Ireland's place within the United Kingdom and that its MPs would continue to vote against legislation and policies that would damage unionism and destabilise politics across the UK.

"I believe strongly and so do others in the Commons that after this [Brexit] is done, there should be a full proper inquiry set up at a high level into what went wrong with the British government's negotiations, how could we have such a catastrophic conduct in negotiations for one of the most important issues of our time?" he said."