'Crashes, Quips and Confusion'

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“You tell your boss you’re late for work because of a tomato spill on the highway. Do they believe you?”

“What’s happening in these cases is that both agricultural commodities and oil are essentially traded on world markets, which for better or worse allows a lot of flexibility.”

“Places that are accustomed to crazy heat, like Spain, well, they have a lifestyle that accommodates that — they have a siesta, they have canvas awnings over the walkways so people can have shade while they walk around, they have restaurants that are designed to let people eat in breezy spots.”

“We’re already seeing that summer really extends through the end of September, even until mid-October.”

“In the long list of factors that we all go through when we’re deciding where to go, when to go, whether to go,” Dr. Carter said, “the weather and climate change should be part of the calculus.”

“If you were in the center of town, you could look out and see the Acropolis, and in the distance you could see the red haze.”

“Even with this summer’s high tourist numbers, there are already subtle signs that the heat is driving changes that could become the future norm. Europe’s summer travel calendar has begun to stretch into the quieter (and cooler) months of April, May, September and October, while many travelers are starting to shift their itineraries northward and toward the coasts.”

It’s a doozy: European natural gas: Unlike the markets for oil and wheat, the market for gas isn’t fully global. The cheapest way to ship gas is normally via pipelines, which breaks the world into separate regional markets defined by where the pipelines run. The main alternative is to ship gas in liquefied form, which is how it gets to markets not served by pipelines, but this requires specially designed shipping and terminals, which can’t be added rapidly in a crisis.”

“If you want a historical comparison, the roughly tenfold recent surge in European gas prices dwarfs the oil price shocks of 1973-4 and 1979-80, which played a big role in the stagflation of the 1970s.”

Europe is making up for the shortfall in part by importing liquefied natural gas, especially from the United States, which produces a lot of natural gas from shale. But the capacity for L.N.G. shipments is limited, which is why U.S. natural gas prices, while up, haven’t surged nearly as much as European prices.”


“That said, macroeconomic considerations are probably secondary to the question of how Europe will cope with the extreme hardship many families will face from soaring energy bills. Governments will have to find ways of alleviating that burden — a tricky problem when they also want to preserve incentives to conserve energy. The politics of gas prices are likely to be extremely turbulent over the next few months.”


“Once they hit the asphalt, it’s like walking on ice.”

“Maintenance crews used a “scooper like a backhoe” to clear the roads and then tossed absorbent powder on the lanes. Mr. Jacala described the powder as “kitty litter but not as grainy.” Crews then used street sweepers, he guessed that tomatoes posed a particular hazard because they are soft, squishy and slippery.”


“Greece is experiencing what the rest of Europe has — a record number of tourists.”


Stranger than fiction ;-0




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'Worker Power'

"There was not even a hint of celebration about the proceedings. No sense of excitement at a new beginning. Rather just the relief at the absence of chronic pain."


“She temporarily clogged up traffic and is now facing south again, but moving slowly by tugboat assistance,” TankerTrackers tweeted."


"Such practices can breed resentment between print journalists – who feel their reputation is being degraded by clickbait – and their digital colleagues."





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Learning Curves

"Nasa was thwarted by a mix of technical and weather woes when it tried to get the Artemis I Moon mission off Earth on Monday.But the mood remains positive at Florida's Kennedy Space Center.

"We've got to show up, we've got to be ready and we've got to see what the day brings," Mike Sarafin, Nasa's Artemis mission manager, told reporters.

Saturday's attempt to despatch the Space Launch System (SLS) rocket has been scheduled for the start of a two-hour window that begins at 14:17 local time (19:17 BST; 18:17 GMT)..."



“Nope,” I say, after trying the 12 most obvious permutations. “We’ll have to climb over.”


Never, Gives Up.

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'Sergeant Pepper'

"It cost £250,000 to build, can be converted from a concert hall for 3,000 to a discotheque for 1,500, includes five bars and a restaurant and will be called the Hard Rock."


"If successful, Weardale Lithium's plans would see it establish a plant occupying "a number of acres" at the brownfield site that could employ up to 100 people in science and engineering roles. Like its counterpart in Cornwall, the firm is currently at feasibility study stage to asses the quality of quantity of lithium deposits underground."

Don't Let Poets Lie To You ;-/




"Although clearly based in Malton in 1843, Gibson is credited with having conceived and designed the Crown Spa Hotel in Scarborough in 1844, the first purpose-built hotel in the region."

Militant Milly.


"there is broad local backing for the project, which will require planning and environmental consents."



"That's how the conveyer belt of talent works. I don't understand why people would be confused about not wanting new presenters to come through - it is inevitable."

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A Rocky Outcrop

"There is not a champagne bottle in sight, a sunbed to lounge on, or a scintilla of music that might drown the sound of the winds breezing through the nearby bamboo."


"If you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all. You can change the graphics and you can change the studio, but you still can’t make a politician answer a straight question."


“Welcome to my world,” he retorts when asked about the construction of a particularly big villa hewn into the hillside, following approval by a former culture minister."


"He also prospered through trade; and although little evidence now survives about his commercial activities, we know that he shipped wine into Hull in 1399, and that he later took part in a piratical raid by a group of Scarborough shipowners upon the vessel of a Hanse merchant in the North Sea."


"She even managed to imply that fracking would sort out the UK’s energy supplies this winter. She is an enigma of her own making. Either she’s a secret genius who is going to astonish us. Or she really isn’t that bright."




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'Know their Onions'

"As for the punchline, I’m not sure how we got to it but there was some kind of muddle in which the Italians were put in charge of organising everything, which led to the policing being done by the Germans, the engineering by the French, the British did the cooking and all the lovers were Swiss."






"Truly, baking soda is the answer to everything these days."