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Grounded, both feet firmly on terra firma, time to reflect or refract and refocus.  Volcanos, (and earthquakes) are evidence that standing our ground can never be taken for granted.  Yippee for geologists and seismic sonars and sod the fact that the Earths greatest cities are built on major fault lines. 

On a local level we have dark skies, and Simon Parkes whose interests among many, lie above most peoples horizons. It is not unusual to seek solace by the sol and afterall the human race is driven by the lunatic energy,  luna cycles that have guided many of the Earth's cultures pre Romans. (is that a Captain Kirk impression or what?) lol (Oh. ;-)

In the same week as the character 'Spock' was celebrated I defy anone who claims they have never looked 'up', and pity those stuck in a groove.  All in my very humble opinion.  Each to our own, we are all unique, tho most tend to be tribal, clannish or civilised, some walk alone, few lead, others follow blah blah waffle ...  be it magic, design, destiny ... is it the journey or destination, long or short haul, do we need to know.  No.  Erm, mebbe ...

Tinks fracking and potash have been flogged to derth, and even my 'own' ...  "if you mention (f word)  fracking once more I will frottle you ..." - fair dos.  Yeah but no but yeah but , I never quite got the bottom of it ....    

Curiosity - indeed, is often halted:, far fetched, but not for some.  To explore.

Sergie Korolev the man that walked the earth and achieved and enabled the ultimate (imho) of human endeavours, the Space race.  Though many have equally argued the space race is a waste of resources,  research and development and indeed cost. For many years he was Russia's best kept secret, tinks velcro - a name stuck in a fuzzy but reasonable world. 

OK, back to here and now.  The geopolitical landscape of the oil and gas industry has been rather, erm dominant in the media. Sadly. Snakes & Ladders.

Looking behind the scenes it is not hard to find the other 'race', the space race has been running on full throttle, with internal and external battles to boot.

NASA v Space X,  Yanks v Ruskies. Is it the same old same old? 

Starting with the 'conspiracy theories' & skeptics ... "how easy it can be to see things that we want to see, while ignoring what is really there" 

To close misses ...

Recent past ...

To blowing bubbles and balloons :

To Elon Musk 'pay pal mafia' :

The Ruskies:

More recently:

Perhaps the most telling ""I don't ever want to write another check to Roscosmos after 2017," said NASA Administrator Charles Bolden at a press conference at the Johnson Space Center, referring to the Russian Federal Space Agency.... ."

Ooops, great stuff that old fashioned thing called erm  ... gravity.

One on and on and on it goes.... in ever decreasing circles .... the lunatics really are running the assylum.  Yep it hurts the head.

t'internet and off-world surveillance?   I know just the place.


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Mad & Bad

but not stoopid:

"Space Exploration Technologies, as the closely held company is formally known, has contracts worth $4.2 billion for hauling U.S. astronauts and supplies to the International Space Station, and Pentagon officials say they expect to certify it soon for military payloads. And SpaceX’s business of launching satellites looks so promising that, in January, Google and Fidelity Investments together invested $1 billion in the Hawthorne, California–based company. That gives them a 10 percent stake that values SpaceX at $10 billion. Other investors include the Founders Fund, Draper Fisher Jurvetson, Valor Equity Partners, and Capricorn. With 50 launches worth $5 billion on its manifest, SpaceX is making money, according to its website, although a spokesman wouldn’t say how much. " fun innit?

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Tom Jones at Scarborough

Music legend Tom Jones is heading to Scarborough this summer.

The chart-topping star, whose hits span six decades, will play at Scarborough Open Air Theatre on Wednesday July 29.

This will be the first time Tom has played in Scarborough and with just 5,000 seats available at the outdoor event tickets are expected to be hugely popular when they go on sale at 9am on Monday March 9.

No guesses as to who will be the first in the Q. :-))

YCR 96.2 fm - your the best XXX

Ooops, blind as a bat  ... cardigans at the ready, knit one pearl one ;-)

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Bedrocks on Mars

"Approaching the third anniversary of its landing on Mars, NASA's Curiosity Mars rover has found a target unlike anything it has studied before -- bedrock with surprisingly high levels of silica. Silica is a rock-forming compound containing silicon and oxygen, commonly found on Earth as quartz...

"One never knows what to expect on Mars, but the Elk target was interesting enough to go back and investigate," said Roger Wiens

"High levels of silica in the rock could indicate ideal conditions for preserving ancient organic material, if present, so the science team wants to take a closer look ...

"Curiosity has been working on Mars since early August 2012. It reached the base of Mount Sharp last year after fruitfully investigating outcrops closer to its landing site and then trekking to the mountain. The main mission objective now is to examine successively higher layers of Mount Sharp."



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Orionids & Orpheus

Will Shakes. (Henry VII)

Orpheus with his lute made trees, 
And the mountain tops that freeze, 
Bow themselves when he did sing:
To his music plants and flowers 
Ever sprung; as sun and showers 
There had made a lasting spring. 
Every thing that heard him play, 
Even the billows of the sea, 
Hung their heads, and then lay by. 
In sweet music is such art, 
Killing care and grief of heart 
Fall asleep, or hearing, die.


Orpheus for the lazy ;-)

"Drew iron tears down Pluto's cheek,
and made Hell grant what Love did seek."

Erm, so if ya catch sight of a falling Orionid ...  tears of Orpheus.

Sad, innit ..  oh well soon be Spring, I meant string ... distracted.



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"Great Pumpkins" NASA

NASA scientists are tracking the upcoming Halloween flyby of asteroid 2015 TB145 with several optical observatories and the radar capabilities of the agency's Deep Space Network at Goldstone, California. The asteroid will fly past Earth at a safe distance slightly farther than the moon's orbit on Oct. 31 at 10:05 a.m. PDT (1:05 p.m. EDT). Scientists are treating the flyby of the estimated 1,300-foot-wide (400-meter) asteroid as a science target of opportunity, allowing instruments on "spacecraft Earth" to scan it during the close pass.

Asteroid 2015 TB145 was discovered on Oct. 10, 2015, by the University of Hawaii's Pan-STARRS-1 (Panoramic Survey Telescope and Rapid Response System) on Haleakala, Maui, part of the NASA-funded Near-Earth Object Observation (NEOO) Program. According to the catalog of near-Earth objects (NEOs) kept by the Minor Planet Center, this is the closest currently known approach by an object this large until asteroid 1999 AN10, at about 2,600 feet (800 meters) in size, approached (s) at about 1 lunar distance (238,000 miles from Earth) in August 2027.


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Ballistic Test


'A Russian missile submarine has successfully test-fired an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM), dubbed the “Sineva” in the Barents Sea in the latest of a series of tests of the country’s nuclear weapons arsenal, the Defense Ministry said.

“Today, the crew of Captain Dmitry Zelikov on the nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarine Verkhoturye (NATO: Delta IV) of the Northern Fleet made a successful launch of the ‘Sineva’ intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) from a designated area in the Barents Sea,” the ministry said in a statement on Saturday.

The ICBM was directed towards the Kura rocket test range in Kamchatka in Russia’s Far East and was launched from an underwater position.'


B: "We're all terrorists now" Sam Gerrans

"Other tell-tale signs of nascent radicalism include deciding not to watch television."

"We are living through a revolution, a play for total power; or in modern parlance: full-spectrum dominance.

And we have been here before. Last time round it was called Communism. It accused its critics of being counter-revolutionaries or reactionaries. And it murdered those people – and many besides – in their tens of millions.

This time round it is called Freedom.

And if you disagree with it, or don’t smile fast enough or wide enough – or suffer from body odour or weigh too much – today it can stop you from getting on a plane. Tomorrow it may deny you the right to defend yourself.

After that, it may decide on some new arbitrary method of protecting everyone else from you.

Still think your government is there to protect you?

I hope so.

Or you may be a terrorist."

C: "Extention of Human Wills"

"The venture's backers include Tesla Motors and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk, Paypal co-founder Peter Thiel, Indian tech giant Infosys and Amazon Web Services."


The 'freedom' test: Select  'A', 'B' or 'C' 


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RT - Freedom to Roam?

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Ground Control... sent to Coventry

"The European Space Agency's Rosetta mission dropped the robot onto Comet 67P in November 2014. ... But after a troubled landing and 60 hours of operation, there has largely been radio silence from Philae.

The German Aerospace Center (DLR), which led the consortium behind Philae, said the lander is probably now covered in dust and too cold to function.

"Unfortunately, the probability of Philae re-establishing contact with our team at the DLR Lander Control Center is almost zero, and we will no longer be sending any commands," said Stephan Ulamec, the lander's project manager at DLR....

".. its precise location was unknown but images and other data suggested it was sitting at an awkward angle, in the shade....

"...The Rosetta mothership may have a chance to take some final pictures of Philae in the summer, during a series of close fly-bys.

Rosetta itself will end its mission when it falls onto the comet in September."

Ah, so .... Kids in Space?

Star Fleet Academy, conscript to the Federation:

No rockets required, Ozbo's optional ;-)


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YP: Seeds Exposed In Space

Scarborough PR School to get seeds from NASA :-)

As part of the NASA 'Space Exposed' programme....


Meanwhile ...

UK Laws still pen and inked....

And for good reason ...  "So archives are indeed moving from pieces of paper to bits and bytes. The British Library keep a physical copy of every book, magazine and newspaper printed in the United Kingdom as part of the principle of "legal deposit", a law which has existed since 1662.

But since 2013, electronic records of websites, blogs, CDs and electronic journals have also come under the catchment of the legal deposit law.

Advocates point out digital records have their advantages over paper documents..."

Oh.  OK so what has this got to do with anything?   Well my old Gran used to dry flowers, plants, weeds and seeds by pressing them in books ....

Anyhoos ... Curiosity killed the cat  ... how they gonna get them back down ....  did they send any seeds out with Philae ... or with Curiosity,  Mars ....

“The road you can talk about is not the road you can walk on”

Ah, so ...  felt hats, cats


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Snow Business & Marmite

""If we were to have a very cold winter, we could supply all of our customers for every gritter to go out every day for two months," says Gordon Dunn, who is in charge of Winsford Mine owners Compass Minerals UK.

However, unpredictable conditions do not always make good business.

"A salt business is very weather-dependent," says Mr Dunn, "so several years ago we started a records management business to take away the effects of the peaks and troughs of winter...."

"He adds that the Cheshire mine's naturally constant temperature make it a useful storage location.

"Some police forces find it ideal but we also store for the National Archives."

About 2.2 million boxes - some of which include film archives and banks' records - are shelved in 32 large "rooms", with a couple extending to two floors.

Even Crossrail uses the mine's archive division, known as Deepstore, to keep rock samples from its route across London.

"If you could see the Deepstore business on the surface, it would look like a medium-sized industrial estate," says Mr Dunn.

But underground it feels like a suitable lair for a James Bond villain - and there's certainly room for a car chase in its dark cavernous tunnels...."

"The mine produces, on average, the equivalent of up to 15,000 tonnes - or 550 full tipper trucks - of salt per day. More than 500,000 tonnes are also stored above ground at the mine."

One for the EU files :

Veggiemites ;-)


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Scarborough Space Seeds Safe

"US astronaut Scott Kelly and Russian cosmonaut Mikhail Kornienko have touched down on Earth after almost a year in space.

Their 340-day mission aboard the International Space Station (ISS) is twice the length of a normal stay.

Their extended tour is part of an effort to study the effects of long-duration spaceflight on the body.

But scientists will gain further insights by comparing Scott Kelly with his Earthbound identical twin, Mark.

A Soyuz capsule carrying Kelly, Kornienko and Russian crew member Sergey Volkov parachuted down on to a steppe in Kazakhstan at 10:26 local time (04:26 GMT).

The mission is a record for the ISS and will give Cmdr Kelly a tally of 520 cumulative days in space, over four flights.

Cmdr Kelly has also returned rocket (salad) seeds that were taken up to the orbiting outpost by UK astronaut Tim Peake in December. They will be distributed to schools to allow pupils to compare their growth with rocket plants that have stayed on Earth.

The idea behind the twin study is to help minimise extraneous factors as scientists research how genetically identical individuals respond to different conditions over a year."

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NASA - The Gravity

"A new NASA study finds that the recent drought that began in 1998 in the eastern Mediterranean Levant region, which comprises Cyprus, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, Syria, and Turkey, is likely the worst drought of the past nine centuries.

Scientists reconstructed the Mediterranean’s drought history by studying tree rings as part of an effort to understand the region’s climate and what shifts water to or from the area. Thin rings indicate dry years while thick rings show years when water was plentiful."



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Space ... The Final Frontier

"The equipment was set up at the back of the physics classroom. Pupils were expected to come in before lessons and during lunch breaks to record the various readings.

"We then noticed one satellite was launched that had a slightly different signal."

Armed with information about the inclination of satellite paths in the relation to the equator, they plotted this mysterious body's orbit on an old globe with a length of wire...."


Rustle Claustronomics.



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Meteorites ....

"Pope Francis has taken 12 Syrian migrants back with him to the Vatican after visiting a camp on the Greek island of Lesbos.

The three families, including six children, are all Muslim and had their homes bombed during the Syrian war.

The Vatican said in a statement that Pope Francis wanted to "make a gesture of welcome'' to the refugees...."

wtf? ... cavetime.

Pope playing Pop ... the most powerful man on the planet on a pick-me-up ...  like he's gone shopping in Tesco and found a new shelf ...

Quite astonished ... bit like the Madge n Pitt Brigade ... originations.  Wonders what the KoSA or Ayatollah has to say about that ...  wotever next move the Vatican to Damascas?  I feel a Jerusalem moment coming on. A cultural exchange ...



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Ecuador - Huge Shakes

"A powerful earthquake, with a magnitude of 7.8, has hit Ecuador's coast, causing damage over a wide area.

The tremor, centred near the city of Muisne, shook buildings in the capital Quito more than 160km away (100 miles).

There are reports of an overpass being destroyed in the port city of Guayaquil and damage to buildings in many areas.

There is no word so far on any casualties. The Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre says hazardous waves are possible on coastlines within 300km."

Nope, tis defo not a Russel Watson song :

Blank Space.

El Arte De Servir  ... Game. God Squad. Pope's  been busy. Panamania.... 




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Tidal Power

Not for Hull :

Pro frackers en mass on Monday ...

Hmmm .... now who decided that?

Ne'er the Twain shall meet?

Noted by their absence ... slightly co-erced.

Anyhoos will be interesting to see wot transpires. 

Mind,  ...

Logic dictates.

Ooops ;

Now where have they hid those trains ....




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SN: KM8 - Friday's Response

"First in the morning drizzle and more enthusiastically as the sun broke through, protesters banged drums, brandished placards, waved roses and sang. Nursery rhymes and even Jerusalem had their lyrics changed in support of the anti-fracking cause.

And if the strength of their arguments or the gusto of their singing did not win you over, there was always the cake."...

Top Comment :-))

de Bauch :  "Nonsense. When I'm thumbing through the Thompson brochure planning my familys holidays I always try to ensure that the destination is heavily industrialised.

I caught a fair bit of the livestream today. The folk speaking out against fracking were eloquent and very impressive. They absolutely smashed fracking to pieces.

If filthy fracking goes ahead after this there's something deeply wrong with our system and that should worry all of us"


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Numero Uno


S'pose I  outa say if it was Cuadrilla or Ineos that was hand holding wiv Third at the OESG .... 

but after a few daze spent wiv the numero Uno's left side halted  and challenging the NHS at Jorc n Skardibagos,  I really can't be arsed ...

As it appens everthing crossed it was toxic poison and not that dredded genetic stuff. 

Hoorah.   so nope couldn't give a stuff.

Almost : -)

Good Luck n live every day as if its your last :-)

Oh, btw:  never ever judge....   


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KM8: Blackie

"Speaking to protesters outside County Hall after the meeting, Coun John Blackie, who voted against the application, said: “As a result of that vote up there I’m afraid I see Ryedale is doomed unless we fight every single application that comes forward with the same passion as you fought this.

“I’m only sorry my fellow councillors didn’t listen to you but some of us did and we totally supported what you were trying to do, make Ryedale free from fracking.”

"Other energy firms have licences to explore in the area and are now expected to submit their own applications with Ineos already having begun public consultations."



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KM8: GP Taylor always said ....

"WELL, I always said fracking in Yorkshire was a done deal from the start. Despite the protests, the Tory-dominated North Yorkshire County Council has passed the planning application to frack in Ryedale.

How dare an elected body go against the wishes of the vast majority of people that they supposedly say they represent and allow Third Energy to prospect for shale gas?

Unable to attend the two-day meeting in Northallerton, I watched via the NYCC live stream. Speaker after speaker expressed their concerns.

They were experts and ordinary members of the public who had come together as a united front to put forward a rational case why fracking should not be allowed in Yorkshire.

People came from Australia and America to speak of what had happened in their countries when fracking was allowed. They told horrifying stories of previously beautiful areas of the country being devastated. Once healthy rivers now bubbled with methane gas and water supplies were poisoned with toxic chemicals.

Yet, in true Tory fashion, in the pay of their masters, the planning committee went against the wishes of the public on Monday night. How dare they do such a thing? How can they sleep at night knowing that they – and only they – are responsible for the possible devastation of this beautiful county?

Is it really possible for elected representatives not to take into account the feelings of their electors when making such important decisions?

Obviously they put party loyalty and the cause of big business well before the wishes of the people, and the only way to show disapproval will be at the ballot box.

Their decision will not only lead to thousands of trucks blocking sleepy country roads but also to a hefty dose of protest and civil disobedience as ordinary women and men turn into “fracktivists”.

The Police Federation has warned that the passing of the planning application will lead to many demonstrations, testing an already overstretched police force.

Having listened to the evidence presented at the meeting, it was obvious that the NYCC planning departments investigation into fracking was flawed.

For some years I worked in the area of the proposed site as a police officer and then as a priest. I know the people well. They are moderate, community-minded and not out to make a fuss. In no way are they the domestic extremists that some would tell you they are.

I also know what difficulties they have when trying to get planning permission from NYCC to build an extension on their houses or expand a business.

How is it then that a company from outside the area can come in and get what it wants?

One of the things that struck me was the fact that planners didn’t seem to think that there were any protected species of animals on or near the site. They even said it was devoid of bats, when there was clear evidence of bat habitat.

I was led to believe they hadn’t even done a bat survey of the site. I can tell them for nothing that I have seen bats in the area of the site on my many nights on police patrol. Why do an environmental survey in winter when most of the protected species are hibernating?

The planners appeared not to know about the ponds in the area that are the possible habitat of the Greater Crested Newt. Please don’t laugh, this slithering little reptile can bring to a halt the biggest building project. In this case it seemed that the concerns for these creatures had been swept aside.

Thankfully, Frack Free Ryedale pointed out the errors of the report, and even this didn’t change the mind of the planning committee.

Had that been your planning application to build a house near a pond with protected newts, it would now be in the bin.

Not so for Third Energy. They have a mysterious power to be able to influence people despite the evidence piled against them. Yorkshire is now in the hands of the gods. It is possible that in a few years time there will be reports in The Yorkshire Post about the damage that fracking has caused to the area financially and environmentally.

I would suggest that all those people who can no longer get house insurance, or are affected by poisoned aquifers, start getting their legal case together and drop it on the door step of County Hall. The people of North Yorkshire are lions led by donkeys. It is time for those donkeys to be put out to grass at the next election."

Paint the whole world with a Rainbow ....

Trolls on trolls ...

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"The space object that slammed into the planet at the end of the Cretaceous Period instantly dug out a hole 100km wide and 30km deep.

The debris hurled outwards would have darkened the sky and chilled the climate for months on end, driving many creatures to extinction, not just the dinosaurs.

But the precise details of how the event progressed can now be refined by examining the drill cores.

From the rocks, the research team should be able to tell better how the crater formed, the energy involved in its excavation, and the volume of material that was dispersed.

This will put new limits on the nature of the environmental changes that enveloped the globe."

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KM8: Planning or Entertainment

Has the DECC reduced the planning process into the Department of Public Entertainment?

"From:  Department of Energy & Climate Change and Andrea Leadsom MP

Delivered on:
18 May 2016
(Original script, may differ from delivered version)
Shale World UK 2016 conference in London
First published:
25 May 2016

Andrea Leadsom's speech at the Shale World UK 2016 conference in London"

"A few months ago, I visited a conventional gas drilling site in the countryside which, while not a fracking site, was very similar to how one would look in the future.

I talked at length to local residents to find out what they thought about the site. They told me that while they had concerns when the site was proposed, in reality it was “practically invisible” and very quiet. Having visited the site I saw this for myself.

You could walk along a nearby pathway and have no idea that this site was even there. The drill heads were only six feet high, very quiet and the entire site, which is gravelled, was only about the size of two football pitches...."

Yes, yes, my dear, perhaps next year ....

Is there a clear case for JR in that the decision was taken politically, led by the Chair, within a period of purrdom?

Was it a 'done deal'  has Ms Leadsom dashed in the name of democracy?

Leadsom quotes (unpublished) were requoted at NYCC by the Chair of the committee. 

"Government has taken clear action to protect our most valuable areas.

We have passed regulations to ensure that hydraulic fracturing cannot take place within 1,200 metres beneath the surface of National Parks, the Broads, Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, World Heritage Sites and areas that are most vulnerable to groundwater pollution.
We are also committed to ensuring that hydraulic fracturing cannot be conducted from wells that are drilled at the surface of our most valuable areas, and have formally consulted with industry on how best to implement this commitment.

Strong controls are also in place to mitigate seismic risks. Operators must monitor seismic activity – in real time – before, during and after operations. If a tremor of magnitude 0.5 is detected (which is similar to a door slamming) all operations will halt.

I would like to stress that we have a very strong regulatory regime in place for exploratory activities and we will look to continuously improve it as the industry develops.

I urge industry, academia, local authorities and NGOs to continue to work with us to develop world class protections that will make sure that shale is developed safely."



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KM8 - The You Tube Collection

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KM8 - A Political Row

"... chairman of the planning committee, Conservative councillor Peter Sowray said politics did not come into their decision.

“We don’t do party politics in the planning committee; each member is a member of the planning committee in their own right. There’s no political pressure from anywhere – from the local party, or national party or government. We’re free agents and we make our own minds up.”

He said that Monday’s approval of permission to explore for shale gas at the KM8 well did not pose any threat to Ryedale’s existing food, tourism and farming industries.

“We’re not talking about hundreds of wells,” he said...."

Yep, The North Yorkshire County Council is to be held to ransom/ re- elected May 2017,   best get cracking if you dont want fracking :-)

Mind, tis about as remote as Athos ...

They fracked there once. Allegedly.


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Wired to the Machine

"Some companies are betting that hydrogen fuel cells will be the power source of the future, but Nissan believes bio-ethanol produced from sugar cane or corn could also produce zero-emission electric energy..."

yep, just wire everybody up to the national grid ... UK energy problem solved...



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The Space Race ...
"...Current policy calls for a trip to Mars, but Mr. Trump seeks to go a couple billion miles deeper into space.
The foundation of Mr. Trump’s efforts, his advisers explained, will be public-private partnerships. For instance, he will try to transform the International Space Station into a “quasi-public facility supported by international contributions and resupplied utilizing commercially available services.” Leveraging the private economy’s expertise and flexibility would accomplish much that NASA cannot do on its own. A Trump administration will establish a national space-policy council, led by Vice President Mike Pence, to coordinate NASA, military and commercial activities.
However, Messrs. Walker and Navarro left out important details. Will NASA proceed with the planned journey to Mars by the 2030s? Or will the space agency return to the moon first? To what extent will commercial efforts be integrated into NASA’s missions of exploration?
They did not mention other future initiatives: the Orion deep-space vehicle, the heavy-lift Space Launch System and the Asteroid Redirect Mission. Will President Trump cancel one or more of these and pursue commercial alternatives? How much will he increase NASA’s budget, if at all? What about international partnerships to exercise soft power and share the burden of space exploration?
Mr. Trump should meet with space experts in Congress to discuss these issues. One of President Obama’s greatest mistakes was to ignore pleas from lawmakers and abruptly cancel President Bush’s Constellation program, which would have put astronauts back on the moon by 2020 and on Mars at an undetermined date.
The president-elect isn’t a policy wonk, but no one doubts his ambition or love for epic projects. Mr. Trump could make the American space program into an engine of renewal that could last for decades. Maybe a Donald IV can build the Trump Tower Mars.
Mr. Whittington is a writer in Houston."
Ah, so ...  A Generation Game?