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"“There is basically so much damn lithium on earth it’s crazy. It’s one of the most common elements on the planet.”"

"“What we’ve found is we can actually use table salt to extract the lithium from the ore. Nobody’s done this before. All the elements are reusable. It’s a very sustainable way of obtaining lithium.”

Add table salt. Add water. A recipe for lithium mining.  

With extraction solved, how about tailings?

Again, first principle thinking will provide the answer:

“The nature of the mining is also very environmentally sensitive in that we sorta take a chunk of dirt out of the ground, remove the lithium, and put the chunk of dirt back where it was.

“It will look pretty much the same as before. It will not look, like, terrible. It will be nice.“"

Oh Dear ...




"I Don't Like You ..."

"In 2010, Time magazine made Mark Zuckerberg its person of the year. It described Facebook’s mission as being to “tame the howling mob and turn the lonely, antisocial world of random chance into a friendly world”. During the first decade of mass internet use, this was a popular theory: the more that people were able to communicate with others, the more friendly and understanding they would become, the result being a more peaceable and harmonious world..."

No tears were shed in writing this post ;-0

"Therefore the Strategy has been amended to increase the investment limit with the Debt Management Office (DMO) from £30 million to £50 million and also temporarily uplift the limit with Natwest, the Council’s banker."

"Note and accept receipt of the following government grants: 
£70k from the Yorkshire Coast Business Improvement District to support
the re-positioning of the Yorkshire Coast"


DEFRA.... OOh where would the Yorkshire Coast like to be ?


Anyone for Morroco?

"After beginning as an open air home for pierrot performances – then for George Royle's popular fol-derol entertainers, Scarborough’s Floral Hall gained a roof, lost its floral decorations and welcomed a number of big name acts."

Around the World in 40 Seconds...

Awwe ...

""Errawarra has immediate plans to commence exploration for lithium on the project.""

'The Round Table'

"Conservatives Greg Knight, Kevin Hollinrake and Robert Goodwill voted to block an amendment to draft environment laws forcing water companies to dispose of sewage elsewhere. 

He joined the 265 MPs from that party, as well as some Labour ministers, in blocking the amendment to the Environment Bill which was debated in parliament last week."



"Mr Sunak will announce the rest of his plans after Prime Minister's Questions at around 12:30 BST."

Shake, Rattle & Roll ...

"Ed Miliband is doing Prime Minister's Questions.  The last time this happened was 25 March 2015, before he lost the general election to David Cameron.

The Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer has Covid, so it's last minute stand in time.  Miliband jokes that he could reassure MPs on both sides of the House that this is a one-off for him.

Spare a thought for the shadow chancellor, Rachel Reeves. One of the most difficult jobs in politics - responding to a Budget for the Opposition immediately after it's been delivered - usually falls to the Leader of the Opposition.  But with very limited notice, it will now be Rachel Reeves getting to her feet when Rishi Sunak sits down later."

"Miliband says what COP 26 will need is "statesmanship not partisanship".   He then asks about climate finance for developing countries - saying the £100bn commitment to help the world has not been delivered after a decade."

"In his final question, Ed Miliband makes one more attack on the prime minister, saying he has to understand that the upcoming COP26 climate summit in Glasgow "is not a glorified photo opportunity [but] a fragile and complex negotiation - and booster-ism won't cut carbon emissions in half".

He adds: "In these final days before COP26, we need more than warm words, and above all, Glasgow has got to be a summit of climate delivery, not climate delay."

Sit down Boris...  Oooh he's off .. lots of sound bites... he's managed to write to the Bank of England and the OBR... tea leaf stuff.

GDP to reduce, taxation increase to cover everyday spending... he's talking twaddle... trying to protect interest rates.

The new party of Quantative Easing...

Glosses over the NHS & Social care to bang on about brown field sites... and moves to mash.  Now he's just babbling on about the back bench wish list.

Communities & levelling up ...

Where is Stoke on Trent?

Museums & railways, orchestras & galleries.

Investment in infrastructure, R & D, technology and core science funding, invention and innovation, a science super power. Some diddly squat amount for offshore wind...

His heart's obviously innit, bless.

... from Boston to Bangalore... Bye Bye Boris.

Quadrupling, kickstart and boot camps... cementing the future for a stonger community.  

Starts repeating himself ... re-inforcement.

Shipping and tonnage, taxation.

The Red Ensign.

Basically,  he's talking boll*x...,, increasing corporation tax (except the Greens) and discounting rates for SME's ... hospitality etc... cuts business rates by £7bil ... backs business (so he says)

Now, to the price of beer... fruit cider & liquers.


tis like the plastic population, innit.   ie getting smashed is the future.

The Whitewash ;-0

"Businesses in the retail, hospitality and leisure sectors - which have been hardest hit by the pandemic - will get a new 50% business rates discount, he says.

It will apply to pubs, music venues, cinemas, restaurants, hotels, theatres and gyms, he says, and any eligible business can claim a discount on their bills of 50%, up to a maximum of £110,000.

That’s a business tax cut worth almost £1.7bn he adds."

"The decision about Northern Powerhouse Rail and part of HS2 has been kicked down the kerb for now."

Annoying, innit.

Bangs on about UTC and the Single Supplement and ... erm commends it to the house.

Wot a nob.

Go Rachel, sock it to him... ;-)

"She attacks a cut in tax for banks, saying: "At least the bankers on short haul flights sipping champagne will be cheering this budget today."

And she hits out at the "arrogance" of her opposite number for "taking £6bn out of the pockets of the poorest people" in scrapping the universal credit uplift, then "expecting them to cheer today for £2bn to compensate".

Reeves adds: "Never has a chancellor asked the British people to pay so much for so little.""

Now, that was worth listening to.



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Anchors & Acres

"The new Teesside freeport comes into force today with Tees Valley Mayor Ben Houchen proclaiming “the sky’s the limit” to what it can achieve..."

"... it was all fiendishly complicated but it would be very helpful if everyone in the chamber took him at his word rather than asked him any difficult questions."


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'Ruffling of Papers'

"[Electric vehicles] may not burble like sucking doves," he told the gathered professionals. "And they may not have that 'vrrrom vrrrom raaah raaah' that you like.

"But they have so much torque that they move off the lights faster than a Ferrari."

"Well, I hesitate to quote Lenin before the Confederation of British Industry, but the coming industrial revolution is green power plus the electrification of the whole country."

Oh, OK:

"Parts of the Irish Sea are as deep as 300m in some parts, meaning it could be difficult to sink support towers into the seabed, while there is also concerns around the fact the area was used as an ammunition dump during the Second World War."

"When it comes to advanced training you need highly qualified assets to train with and against."


"Is everything OK?"

"This nudge technique is preferred to blowing asteroids apart in the style of the film Armageddon, because the fragments from such an explosion could continue to imperil the planet."


Skynet, Moi?

Don't be silly.

'Carrot Cake'

"Far too often I see Chelsea Tractors parking in disabled bays and when you try to point out the spaces for blue badges are for those with impairment, the drivers get rude and aggressive."

"Should the people of Chagford and Yelverton be made to eat deregulated Daylesford Organic pork pies, which could possibly fuse with their genes at a subatomic level and turn them into half-human pig creatures?"

"It isn’t as if we haven’t been doing things to help people but we absolutely understand how difficult it can be for people making those tough decisions.”

"We are where we are.."

Sleep Tight ;-0

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The Crystal Line

"Where sheep are using the solar arrays for shade and a remote-controlled cleaning robot with the appearance of a mini tank steadily sloshes water down the panels."

"Silicon is abundantly available, making it the second most available element on Earth."


Or rather BHP can just practice short jerky movements...