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"“There is basically so much damn lithium on earth it’s crazy. It’s one of the most common elements on the planet.”"

"“What we’ve found is we can actually use table salt to extract the lithium from the ore. Nobody’s done this before. All the elements are reusable. It’s a very sustainable way of obtaining lithium.”

Add table salt. Add water. A recipe for lithium mining.  

With extraction solved, how about tailings?

Again, first principle thinking will provide the answer:

“The nature of the mining is also very environmentally sensitive in that we sorta take a chunk of dirt out of the ground, remove the lithium, and put the chunk of dirt back where it was.

“It will look pretty much the same as before. It will not look, like, terrible. It will be nice.“"

Oh Dear ...




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Professional Standards

""They are giving elderly people a vaccine that hasn't been around for long and the makers have said they won't compensate anyone if they die or get ill. It's just absolutely terrible. People need to wake up and see what's going on in the world.

"They are sending vulnerable people to their deaths, that's the point I was trying to make... " taking vulnerable people for a vaccine that could potentially kill them or leave them with lasting illnesses, and if they suffer adverse reactions, not allowing their families to be around to care for them in the last years of their lives, it's barbaric.""

"It's a really liberating experience to get out in nature and to get out and see our stunning countryside."

"Police guidance says that passive public nudity is not illegal unless there is an intention to cause harassment, alarm or distress."

"... for an optimist every problem is also an opportunity, and this annus horribilis may yet emerge as a career high...  If nobody made the effort to point this stuff out, I fondly believe the world might be a worse place.”

"Much of the blame has been laid at the door of social media – a pitfall that Hislop avoids by simply not using it."

"Areas which welcomed in 2021 with several centimetres of snow included Northumberland, parts of Yorkshire, Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire."


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Extract Coking

"“Of course, job creation is absolutely vital to communities but we must look forward to the jobs of 21st century, not back to those in declining industries.”

The Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government said in response: “The general approach of the secretary of state is not to interfere with the decision-making process of local councils on planning matters. The government’s position is that these matters are generally best determined locally, by local councils that know their own area best, rather than by central government.

“The secretary of state’s power to call in a case will be used very selectively, and in general only if planning issues of more than local importance are involved.”

“Claims that it will be carbon neutral are like claiming an oil rig is a wind turbine,”"


Crawls back into cave...

Do Keep Up.

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The Forth of Firth

"Start your search on 15 January, when the wafer-thin crescent of the new moon will help point you in the right direction...

"Augmented reality superimposes virtual objects on to the world around us, meaning the app's users will be able to use their smartphones to see Sir David and "meticulously detailed graphics of exotic plants and animals" as if they were in front of them.

The app will help prove "how new technology can reconnect us with the natural world whilst demonstrating the power of 5G to a huge new audience", according to Minister for Digital Infrastructure Matt Warman."

"The device might not have been sent deliberately to the solar system, he wrote. Instead, it could be the garbage of a civilization that produces huge numbers of machines that end up drifting uselessly through space — the equivalent of technological trash or "e-waste" on Earth"

Oh Dear ... ;-0

"“It was surreal. When I got to Tesco, I called in for some shopping and just blurted it out to the woman at the checkout, saying that I’d just seen a panther!”"

Doom n gloom merchants ... ;-)

Keep Busy.