KM8 & The Long Week End

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Welcome to Yorkshire have informed tripping advisors that the KM8 application will be extened over a long weekend:

"Due to the number of registered public speakers for the North Yorkshire County Council planning meeting to determine the Third Energy fracking application, the meeting will now continue over to Monday. May 23."

Sadly its not a Bank Holiday so no road closures to or around Flamingo Land and the surrounding area, aka Great Yorkshire, are to be expected.

Ironically, the First Fracking Firms 'Third's application hits the NYCC desk just five weeks prior to an all in or all out EU referendum on 23 June.

Alas, it is unknown if the UK's (United Kingdom's) gas supply will be turned off at point of an all out EU exit.

Should June be going up in Flames? Or will Flamingo Land reach the UK's top destination hot spot.... 

Welcome to Yorkshire are expected to be on the case for closure.

Meanwhile the excitement of June, flaming or otherwise, is to be furthest from the mind of the Green Party, those middle class existentialists that wants everyone to work with what they've got, recycle old rubbish and give everyone credits for achieving A grades in their social engineering & restructuring courses.  Yet to be announced are the contenders. "Nominations for Ms Bennett's successor will open on June 1 and close on June 30"

Shame they can't hold their ballots in December when its dark and cold and all the lights are out but hey ho.... life is one big picnic. If only for a weekend.

Welcome to Yorkshire should  be having a field day.

Dale Power : -)


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Shifting Sands ...

"...For Kirby Misperton, for example, fracking will mean dozens of heavy goods vehicles trundling daily down the narrow village lane from 7am to 7pm, round the tiny roundabout and over the Grade II-listed stone bridge. Nothing changes the character of village life so swiftly as traffic; it chokes its lifeblood. The road is no longer safe or pleasant for people to use for walking, and those chance encounters that create community."

Wot no Flamingo Land Buses ...

"....44 shipping containers intended as sound insulation for the drills and 125-ft rigs that Third Energy proposes to install if the application is approved."

Check out the scale of the amusement rides...

"One of the few to openly advocate for the application is the Thirsk and Malton MP, Kevin Hollinrake, who travelled to Pennsylvania to see how fracking had been implemented. He returned full of reassurances and told constituents that UK regulations would not allow the kind of development he had seen in the US.

“Of course I have reservations, but we have much stronger regulation and planning laws in this country. We need a firm set of national planning guidelines for fracking so that the industry can develop in a considerate way,” he says, but admits the public is deeply hostile: “If it is to be a major source of energy and rolled out across the country, we need to win public support.”

Many residents say that initially they were open-minded about fracking. This is a deeply conservative area; as David Davis, a retired chartered surveyor, puts it, “there is a tendency round here to trust authority, and a view that ‘those that know about these things are best to deal with them’.’’

But that has slowly changed.

“The more I looked into it, the more opposed I became. We’re being short-changed by the government’s assurances that the UK is different from other places where there has been fracking because we have what they call ‘gold standard’ regulation,” says Davis. He never expected to devote his retirement in the idyllic village of Hovingham to grasping the complexities of a new industrial technology, details of planning law, and organising meetings in village halls."

Is North Yorkshire a large retirement home or to be fuelled by memories of impoverished childhoods?

Tis gonna be a tough cookie facing NYCC ...

Unsigned but Hey Ho ... tis free :

Shifting Sands ... if its owt like the Govts. Housing Policies then mebbe the 'protectors' have a very valid point.  In fairness, so does the Rake.

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KM8 - Shifting Sands ..

Yep, I'd expect this decision to be called in to the SoS ... giving a minumum six week 'get out of jail free card' to all parties, get the EU referendum - political  'Human Zoo' - out of the way and wait and see what numpties are left in the political stratosphere.   Good or bad decisions should only be made in a more stable and less toxic social environment. 

No offence intended. 

Luurve n Peace.

Oh, some expansion ... that nice chap from Ineos hit the nail on the head ... the public arn't ready for this ... the industry have failed to convince the public shale gas fraccing is safe. That other civil chap from Mariotts -  can't operate without local support ...

Would UK (DECC) regulations be strengthened or reinforced by EU regulations?

Who knows ... where the goal posts are and who are the players until after the referendum.   

Anyhoos I aint brain o britain, Vote Leave ... does that mean Leave the UK? Oh, ok ... tis just an opinion.    Nothing more n nothing less. 

Ah, so ... the Green Party ... I don't like being cold and can't knit, nor do I have an indoor wood burner. Thankfully. Mebbe if they sorted their economic policies out then we could all go on an F'ing  picnic.

Until then Au Revoir, Bon Voyage, etc etc etc.

Time out. 


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Anti-Fracking is Fracked

Wot no Frack Free Whitby?

Friends of FOE : Greenpeace  "We have reached a critical moment in our fight against fracking and need your help to continue our work...  the village of Kirby Misperton ... the first place approved in the UK for fracking tests to take place, despite overwhelming opposition and the local council receiving over 4,000 objections ... industrialising the countryside....  we don’t want or need fracking anywhere. Could you help us by making a regular donation ...

In Scotland also Parliament only narrowly voted in favour of a ban on fracking, with the SNP abstaining from the vote and and failing to commit to a full ban on fracking...   asking for commitments to ensure the UK remains frack free.  We will also investigate fracking companies; exposing their lack of experience, shoddy safety records and dodgy financing, to further discredit this dangerous industry...  we can stand with communities like Ryedale, who are under siege from the powerful fracking industry...Together we can win.

Greenpeace UK

PS Fracking and the search for more fossil fuels to burn will only make climate change worse. The government is going all out for shale while at the same time cutting subsides to the solar industry, undermining our nation’s progress towards the widespread adoption of renewable energy. Please donate so together we can build a cleaner, greener future.


Oh. Erm ...  pots n pans

"... "Everyone in the sector can play a part. Effective workforce engagement is vital onshore and offshore, as is greater cooperation - within teams, within companies, across the industry and with the regulators and governments."

Tommy Campbell, who chairs the offshore coordinating group of trade unions, said a major summit was needed to plot the industry's future.

He added: "He need the main players around the table, and we have to remember that the cause of all this downturn isn't just the global economy."

'tis not the 'fracking' that is the problem... imho.

On the Fence...

Ah, so ... the Local Tally Ban :

Extreme? ...

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Fracking Food for Thought

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Welcome to Yorkshire

'When political 'purdah' seems peculiar'

Ah, so .... :

"Artist James Cauty - formerly of the band KLF - created a miniature village depicting the aftermath of a riot. However, it was banned from being displayed in Northampton town centre because the council feared it would influence how people voted in the upcoming referendum.

The piece is described on Cauty's website as "a vast 1:87 scale-model landscape which has been completely looted, destroyed, burnt and is devoid of life apart from 5,000 or so model police that attend this apocalyptic aftermath; a kind of bizarre twisted model village experience".

The work, called The Aftermath Dislocation Principle, is a shipping container riddled with peep holes through which people can peer to view the exhibit within. Originally shown at Banksy's "Dismaland" exhibition, it was due to spend a day in the Market Square in Northampton.

But the council decided not to allow the display because it "depicts an election riot which could be misinterpreted in the pre-referendum 'purdah' period".

Ah, so ....

"It is estimated hosting the start of a stage would cost £250,000 and bring in an extra £115,000 of spending by visitors while staging a finish would cost £300,000 and generate £25,000 of visitor spending.

Both cases would also involve improvements to roads in the city for the race likely to cost around £340,000.

Wakefield hosted the start of the final stage in the inaugural 2015 race but had received extra funding to help meet the cost which would not be available in 2017.

A report prepared by council officers ahead of a meeting next week recommends turning down the chance to host a stage next year but it is understood councillors are likely to overule them and press ahead with the event."

SBC: Closure of TIC's "To enable investment to ensure the continuation of the destination management service and the benefits obtained from the Council’s contribution to the Welcome to Yorkshire partnership."

However; 3.5

Slight problem, somewhere in print  WtY are in financial doo doo....


Oh, well, who gives a toot.

fascinating ...


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SBC: A Drift On Diversification

Cllr Tom Fox stuck in a time warp?

"1:32pm 15th June 2016

Decades of experience and an immaculate safety record have helped Scarborough Borough Council secure a display by the RAF Battle of Britain Memorial Flight on Saturday 25 June 2016, when a Hurricane and a Spitfire will fly down the coast from Whitby to Filey, including a 15 minute display over Scarborough as part of Armed Forces Day 2016. 

With air shows all over the country being cancelled and scaled back following new rules brought in by the Civil Aviation Authority on 1 April following the Shoreham disaster last year, Scarborough’s epic team of aviation experts leapt into action to be one of the first organisations in the country to satisfy the onerous new safety requirements to ensure a successful aerial display from some of the most famous aeroplanes in England. 

Squadron Leader Tim Fenton who manages the booking of aerial displays for Armed Forces Day explains that it was a combination of quick action and local expertise that enabled Scarborough to secure the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight: 

“We had been made aware of the CAA’s reaction to Shoreham, so when the new requirements for staging air shows were implemented on 1 April, we were ready to react.  Charles Skiera has helped with the planning of Scarborough’s Armed Forces Day commemorations and having run the Waddington Air Show for over 20 years, is well-known to the CAA, making him the perfect choice to be our Flying Display Director on the day. He has been liaising with the CAA to ensure that all of the paperwork and plans were filed in time for this display. It is thanks to his hard work that those living along and visiting the Yorkshire coast will see these magnificent aircraft as part of the celebrations.”

Indeed, within Yorkshire alone, the Yorkshire Air Festival and Red Arrows display as part of the Whitby Regatta have been cancelled this year as the safety requirements are so stringent that many organisations have not had time to complete the required paperwork and book suitably qualified display directors. 

The Battle of Britain Memorial Flight is not the only aerial display to feature in the day of action, centred on South Bay in Scarborough. A Sikorsky Helicopter working with the RNLI search and rescue team will take to the skies during the day. Subject to weather conditions on the day, the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight is due to start its journey flying down the River Esk and over Whitby town centre at 3.30pm, then following the coast down to Scarborough, where there will be a 15 minute display, starting at 3.40pm. The two aircraft will then fly by Filey at 3:55pm, before heading down to Cleethorpes, where they will take part in the national Armed Forces Day event. 

Cllr Tom Fox, Chairman of the Armed Forces Day Committee said: 

“We are incredibly fortunate to have such wonderful expertise within our Armed Forces Day team; without the foresight, hard work and perseverance of Tim Fenton and Charles Skiera, our event would have been entirely based on land, so we are hoping that these fantastic aerial displays will draw enthusiasts from far and wide to join our celebrations.”

 Other events during the day will include displays of military vehicles and weapons, a vintage fair and 1940s entertainment, marching bands and even an assault course, all designed to honour Britain’s armed forces, past, present and future. 

The event is sponsored by Transpennine Express, which is more used to organising rail-based transportation to and from the Yorkshire coast. Mike Drewery, TransPennine Express’ (TPE) Group Station Manager for the North East said: 

“As managers of Scarborough Railway station, we are delighted to be sponsoring Scarborough Armed Forces Day and the very special RAF Battle of Britain Memorial Flight, and offer those heading to this flagship event a very warm welcome. We are expecting train services to and from the North Yorkshire coast to be busy and recommend that customers check their journey prior to travelling. 

“Attendees should also keep their eyes peeled for our TPE gazebo, where we’ll be handing out information, sweet treats and other freebies to share in the fun.”

For more information, please visit or call 01723 383636."

Meanwhile in Whitby:

"A food collection day is being held at Whitby Co-op for the Foodbank 4 Whitby.

The foodbank opened on 20th January 2014 to help needy individuals and families. Many are 'referred' to the service from agencies such as Prevention Services who look after children up to the age of 18, Citizens Advice Bureau with Housing Options and Whitby Disability Action Group.

Around 15% of the people who've used the foodbank are self referrals who the team then direct to an agency that could also help them.

Volunteers will be at the Co-op from 10am handing out information about what kind of food they need and to answer any questions people may have about donating food or money to the cause.

Graham Hilton, Chair of Trustees at Foodbank 4 Whitby said:

"We help about five people per session but if we get three or four people come in then there may well be a partner behind that or three or four children. 2,500 bags of food have been handed out since the opening of the foodbank helping 1,000 adults and 600 children. "

For more information about the foodbank go to:"

Erm,  ....

Oh ffs:

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WtY & S'AFD 2016

A flash in the pan ....

"The day runs from 10.00am until 5.00pm starting with an air to sea rescue display by the Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) and Her Majesty’s Coastguard (HMCG)...."

Indeed it is a family fun day for recruitment to  the Armed Forces.... fortunately this fantasy fuelled tank of annual military invasion of Skardiborg is run to military precision ...  and the troops etc all pack up and are out of town by 6.00pm.


btw an interesting image of the Town 'Awl....

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Stalemate 2016

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A UK without the EU?

Imagine a UK Tory Govt. without rules and regulations... 

Mind, tis the year of the Monkey.   Thatcher wanted the UK to be cojoined with the USA .... the 51st state aka Area 51.

Erm, that world has changed.  UK plc for sale.

China, Russia ...

People in glass houses shouldn't throw brics :-)

If you truely cared about the independence of the UK, Sovereigns, and peace within Europe ... you would vote to 'stay'.



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In A Nutshell

"York Potash/Sirius have been claiming the best polyhalite deposits in the world forever.
There was stacks of drilling going on in the 1960's by Rio Tinto who sought oil. They found potash galore which was of no interest ( boring :O) ) because it was worth $50 per tonne. Their findings , 5m seams , were recorded.

York Potash got the rights after potash prices peaked at $800+ per tonne , and drilled to verify the R.T. findings. They found seams of 22.5m and that the quality is a world beater. At that time potash was used as MOP and SOP , but Sirius (a merger of York Potash, North Dakota, and Adavale, Australia which were all potential potash sites) twigged that natural polyhalite was suitable for many farmers and set out to prove it across the world.

Neighbours, Boulby laughed at us but their boss moved to Sirius and since then they now advertise Polysulphate instead of MOP and SOP ...... in a nutshell , proof that our product is viable? The seam is thought to stretch from Yorkshire to Germany so there is a few billion tonnes of it."

Aye there is Oil down there on't North Yorkshire  according to the BGS....

Viking Oil amalgamated with Third ... just checking the data. 

thats not the British Geriatric Society btw ... oddly I was t'inking other week wot wiv all the fracking nonsense... imagine if they had found that dirty black stuff instead ... how fun would that be?  plenty of it out at Hunmanby  according to the BFG ..