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Performing a rain dance?

"If you're trying to model an ice sheet, the single most important input is ice thickness," said Prof Jonathan Bamber. "Why's that? Because velocity is proportional to the fourth power of thickness. So differences in thickness make for huge differences in the velocity of the ice in our models; and to things like thermodynamics, because thick ice is warmer than thin ice, and so on," the Bristol University, UK, glaciologist told BBC News."


South Bay - Jumanji

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Harbour Task Group  Member 'Bob'  has called on the Scarborough Council to take urgent action on managing crocodiles in the South Bay following another sighting.

The call to arms follows the sighting of a crocodile, believed to be between 1.5 metres and 2 metres, at Cayton Bay on Monday night.

Witnesses claim the crocodile walked out of the water and sat on the beach just metres away from people for about half an hour.


Woodsmith & 'The Triffids'

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"When a day that you happen to know is a Wednesday starts off sounding like a Sunday, there is something seriously wrong somewhere."  Wyndham P1, 1951

"The Day of the Triffids is a post-apocalyptic genre piece pure and simple. Written in 1951 by British author John Wyndham the book tells the story of Bill Masen who, after waking up blindfolded in hospital and discovering everyone in the hospital has been blinded after viewing a spectacular meteor shower the night before, stumbles out of his room and into London."


String Theory

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How long is a piece of string?

Ten years ago to the day I became a mini- 'Thatcherite'.  How gross?

A lot has changed since then.  Starting with the Financial Crisis (unforseen!!) Hey ho, lets 'ride it out' tis a cycle thing it will only last a year or two.   Never say never.

"By Mervyn King


'Bingo' - The Musical

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One eye on the 'prize'?   Bums on Seats ... Eyes Down & Luck In ... as the wheels of the Tour de Yorkshire keep spinnning, give or take a few sore bums, one of Scarborough seafront's most 'cultural' activities has come to an end.

Prize Bingo.  

One is not amused.  Where once there were ten prize bingo arenas long Scarborough's Seafront, recently reduced by the local amusement & arcade fraternity to six, now there are none.  


The Sands 'Hotel'

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Ship to shore, Scarborough is booming ... with the South Cliff Spa Stabilisation works underway,  the Futurist slipping quietly south along with the North Bay Cinema works grinding to a halt ...  a surge of good fortune is hitting these salty shores.

Slippery as it maybe, Claytown is getting to grips with its natural heritage with yet another load to be nailed to No Rocks, aka the Sands.    

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