North Bay 2024


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The 'Golden Globe' Version

"They are the only areas of North Yorkshire not to have a parish level council following May's local government reorganisation.  Two public consultations on the proposals have been carried out.

A decision last week by North Yorkshire Councillors means a third consultation might now be needed to change the number of town council wards in Scarborough from 5 to 15."


Sleep Tight.

'Marine Sand Watch'

"One million lorries of sand a day are being extracted from the world’s oceans, posing a “significant” threat to marine life and coastal communities facing rising sea levels and storms, according to the first-ever global data platform to monitor the industry."

"...the only person the Stories could find to reassure the country was a complete halfwit who couldn’t even understand Quantitative Easing for Dummies...""

"There are more than 1,000 blue plaques in London, with English Heritage in charge of strict rules over who gets one."

'Potential Breaches'

"Hull councillors unanimously passed the “right to grow” motion that means the council will produce a map of suitable land it owns and help those who want to grow food on it overcome practical obstacles such as insurance or provision of water for the plants.

The motion, which will first go before the council scrutiny committee, follows a burgeoning local and national campaign for a “right to grow” on neglected urban land."

"Campaigners say councils can meet the growing demand for places to grow in urban areas by stripping away bureaucratic obstacles such as growers requiring public liability insurance, which could be provided under councils’ existing insurance. Even land earmarked for development that sometimes lies unused for years could be cultivated for one or two harvests."


Extract your own...

'Lighthearted Notes'

"The penny dropped when the landlady informed me that a power cut had struck the village but I was welcome to stay for a few pints of hand-pulled ale.

“Here y’are, put yer bag in front of the fire there!” someone said."

"“The Wharfe has this magical ability to stir the soul. Its ever-changing moods, from tranquil to fierce, are a constant source of inspiration for my work. But it faces threats from pollution, habitat destruction and climate change. Conservation efforts are vital to protect this fragile ecosystem.”"

Sticks n Stones.

'The Three Dragons'

"A proposal to use wave power to produce renewable electricity for Scarborough and Whitby Harbours is to be given around £40k of feasibility funding. The money is coming from a seven million pound government grant which has been given to net zero projects in North Yorkshire and York."

"Benchmark Leisure Ltd, which runs Alpamare in Scarborough, received the loan from Scarborough Borough Council in 2013. Last month, the firm announced it had gone into administration."

"Living in a coastal area means it is critical our children learn to swim, but hundreds of children now have been left without lessons," she said."

"The authority's leader, Councillor Carl Les, said the council recognised the importance of the asset, both to the visitor economy and to local residents. "This council will do whatever we can, whatever the ownership in the future, whoever the operator may be in the future, but we are bound by the rules of receivership at the moment and I can't say anything more at the moment," he added."


So Erm... where did you learn to swim? 

'Formulate a Plan'

"A Year in the Life of a Year, a mangled New Year roundup that showcased his talent for the lightly silly and the purely funny, skills that make him the ideal author of a comedy for older kids and childish adults."

"As they duck, dive and scheme, we can once again enjoy the show’s aptitude for doing old jokes so well that they feel new. There are silly voices; a scene where someone says “starting … now!” but with a 20-second pause before the “now”; some fine business with two cups of tea, one of which has been spiked with laudanum; and a moment where an idiotic police constable, played by Thomas himself, says “I hate you!” and walks out of shot, the hilarity of which can only be explained by saying that Thomas is blessed with perfect comic timing."

To be fair Alpamare is quite technology advanced... and is probably the last Artistic building that  the Old Council ever installed.

Fast Checking..

To Maket to Market.

'Puddles & Pebbles'

"... writing off the Alpamare Water Park loan is costing North Yorkshire Council around £350,000 a year in lost interest."

I think you might find that the loan interest was ring fenced by the 'car parking' income.


Starsky & Hutch.

"Roscosmos and Nasa have said the leak posed no danger to the crew and did not affect operations on the station. Packed with the good stuff, plenty of sauce and the two biggest clowns on site.”