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Bob the 'Sporty'

"Scarborough's MP says Alpamare hadn't thought enough about the off-season before it got into financial difficulty.

We've told you recently how the operator was facing a winding up order over a £700,000 debt to British Gas.

Other creditors include site owners Benchmark Leisure, which is owed £2.8 million, another gas company and an electricity supplier.

It successfully filed for a Company Voluntary Order and restructured its debts, allowing it to continue running the water park.

But it's reduced its opening times to weekends and holidays, although it's intended that a new Wellness Spa will open through the year.

Robert Goodwill said:

"I think the summer footfall and number of customers has been along expectations and they were very pleased with that. I think what they possibly haven't factored in is how seasonal a resort that Scarborough is and that there may be some local people that use it regularly, but it isn't the sort of facility you go to if you're wanting to train for the Olympics. We've got the Sports Village for that."

If only they had a pool you could actually swim in ... next to the fence with a retractable floor in the main arena for the ice twirling.

Or indeed if Duce actually turned up at the local residents meetings.

Blimey .. how time flies ;-)

Far too exciting...

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Boohoo & Quorate

“It’s a shame that more people don’t actually see their own cities,” says Quinn, who, rather than carrying a flag, wears the orange trousers of the municipal street sweepers..."

"Locals, too, are looking for novel ways to engage with their home cities. Eugene Quinn leads “Urban adventures around his adopted city of Vienna, including the Ugly Vienna Tour, the Corruption Tour, the Midnight Tour, and even a Smells Like Vienna Spirit Tour, which explores the olfactory delights of the Austrian capital. He says they attract as many as 80% locals."


tis not funny really ..

Dark Dreams ;-0

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The Shiverless

"Mr Box has released two redacted reports which show how the organisation nearly ran out of cash in September and has needed additional financial support to stay afloat including a £500k loan facility with North Yorkshire County Council..."

Meanwhile back on Planet No Janet :

"At a meeting today, Scarborough Borough Council’s Cabinet agreed to the demolition of the chalets in front of the Clock Café and robust reinstatement of the retaining wall. A budget of £473,000 has been allocated for the project, which when complete, will create a development platform for the subsequent reinstatement of the chalets..."

Cllr Steve Siddons, Leader of Scarborough Borough Council, Cllr Steve Siddons, said:

“The original solution was to demolish the chalets and build a simple retaining structure. That would not have left space to allow the 11 chalets to be reconstructed. I am pleased the new proposal leaves us with the opportunity to reinstate the chalets as they are a key part of the area’s heritage.”

ERm...  the Frivolous ;-))

Oh, OK: -0

So much for the Warm Front..

Who needs the D Bid ?

"NYMNP is unwilling to release the Section 106 XXXX (XXXX value to WtY) until they are satisfied Welcome to Yorkshire is in a financially stable position."

Thrust or Bust.


Red ... or Dead.

"The 10-year promotional campaign is worth an overall £2m, with £200,000 being spent each year. It is funded by money from Sirius Minerals, which is constructing a giant potash mine near Whitby, under what is known as a Section 106 agreement in which developers make financial contributions towards communities affected by their projects."

"New chairman Peter Box, who is also leader of Wakefield Council, said earlier this week: “This region needs a dynamic, creative and accountable strategic destination marketing organisation, but it must be one that upholds the same values and governance enshrined in the principles of spending public funds.”"