Cogs and Wheels

"One morning, I got up at dawn to enter a tunnel carved beneath the Staubbach Falls just outside town and gazed out through the torrent at the surrounding mountains while slowly being soaked by glacial spray. Who, I thought..."

"In the last parliament, a significant group of Labour and Conservative MPs felt the only escape from the tightening grip of militants in their party was to leave. They had the courage to put their careers on the line, to risk ostracism and put up with abuse. Some stood this time as Lib Dems, others as independents. They were wiped out. All of them. I suspect that those who stayed in the old parties have learned the value of obedience and cowardice."

"Uh-huh, I see. “Everything we see and touch is matter. For every matter particle there has to be an antimatter particle. During the Big Bang, antimatter was produced but what happened to it? Did it disappear over time?”

“We’re interested in the area before the Big Bang, when energy was high and that energy allows us to form fundamental particles. As we collide particles, it allows us to create ones that didn’t exist at this time – 13.8bn years back when energy was last this high.”

“Where the web was born.”

"So what’s the difference between the two? Patiently they explain. Antimatter is produced by lightning and cosmic rays, and is predicted by standard particle physics theories. Dark matter cannot be seen using light, which is why no one has found it yet. “Ah, I see,” I say..."

But the summer of 1816 was historic not only in a literary sense...  it was nicknamed “the Year Without a Summer.” In Switzerland, it was mid-June when the freakishly bad weather began — “an almost perpetual rain,” Mary recalled, with terrific thunderstorms rippling back and forth across the lake."



The Exclusive Club

"Donald Trump has become the third US president in history to be impeached by the House of Representatives, setting up a trial in the Senate that will decide whether he remains in office.

The House voted on two charges - that the president abused his power and that he had obstructed Congress.

Nearly all Democrats voted for the charges and every Republican against."

"He told a cheering crowd: "While we're creating jobs and fighting for Sprouts, the radical left in Congress is consumed with envy and hatred and rage, you see what's going on."

"The Earth's magnetic North has moved 1,400 miles since it was discovered in 1831."

The World Magnetic Model.


"Looks like we just lost our connection with the North Pole. Santa's elves are working hard to fix it - stay tuned!"


A Smile A day

"De Niro said the Democrats must choose a candidate to run against Mr Trump in the 2020 presidential election who is formidable enough "to confront him and put him in his place".

The Irishman star told Moore: "I'd like to see a bag of shit right in his face. Hit him right in the face like that and let the picture go all over the world. That would be the most humiliating thing because he needs to be humiliated.

"He needs to be confronted and humiliated by whoever his opponent is - his political opponent."

The 76-year-old, who has previously said he wants to punch Mr Trump in the face, added: "They don't need to do it in an obvious physical way but they have to have the formidability to confront him and put him in his place.

"The people have to see him humiliated."

Ah, So ..

The Cuckoos Nest

"For those who spend too long on social media, it is now ingrained to the point of instinct to let people know you are living life better than them. This might seem illogical, when we all know that everyone – from Mick Jagger to your mum – is sitting on the sofa watching Horrid Henry on Netflix. But this instinct is, I think, especially strong in times of stress and anxiety, when no one knows if they are doing the right thing. And you know a really great way to feel better about your situation? Make other people feel worse about theirs..."

Home is where the heart is..


Can't quite make me mind up ..

"The key challenge is to keep opposition measured and not be lured by the online anger at Mr Johnson. Most of the bile is coming from those who already hate him. Right now, a frightened public wants to believe in its government. The crisis may offer opportunities but Sir Keir must not seek to manufacture them. As one ally put it: “Strategically, either the government comes up smelling of roses or it does not. But it’s not in our control.” The government’s fate lies in how it is judged to have handled the crisis but that is not judgment the country is looking to make right now."

Hmmm ..


A Didgeridoo to stop you from yawning..

Ah, So

How, Now ... Busy?

The Ornamental.

"Within a couple of years, it was being used to wrap Toblerone chocolate bars and Maggi stock cubes. The rest is history."



A Big Dipper

"Sir Keir Starmer has been confirmed as the new leader of the Labour Party."

“Changes take time. But in five years people have changed their habits in how they use the land,..”

"Angela Rayner has won the contest to become Labour's new deputy leader."

“It’s like crossbreeding corn. We do the same thing with the corals, so they can withstand higher temperatures”

"Leatherbacks are the largest of all sea turtles, weighing up to 2,000lb (900kg) and reaching over 6ft (2m) in length."

""The new leader says the current crisis "reminds us of how precious life is but also how fragile"."

OOh some proper pirate stuff

"The idea that there are wrecks full of treasure, sitting on the ocean floor waiting to be salvaged, might seem fanciful, but it’s entirely true. And it is estimated that there is around $60 billion of unclaimed treasure still out there.

UNESCO has said that there are as many as three million shipwrecks at the bottom of the world’s oceans. Roughly 3,000 of them are thought to have contents still onboard that are valuable enough to make a salvage mission worthwhile."

"Maintain our collective links with the unicorns."

Oh, OK:-

"“I think you can do both, and I’m determined to do both because I genuinely enjoy and want to be involved in what’s going on locally. It means a lot to me, it actually shapes a lot of my thinking, in terms of what we need to do.. I’m determined to get the balance right and I will be continuing to do my constituency work.”"

Purely for Continuity purposes ...

Tik Tock ;-O

I have a curry to cremate.

The Others.

An Innovative Approach

"Other countries have been more open about the scientific evidence behind their decisions, and the UK’s approach has raised eyebrows overseas..."

""The scientists on Sage are among the most eminent in their fields," the spokesman said. "It is factually wrong and damaging to sensible public debate to imply their advice is affected by government advisers listening to discussions."

He added: "'Public confidence in the media has collapsed during this emergency partly because of ludicrous stories such as this.""

"But we don't know how much or how long they have to be exposed for UV light to have an effect."

"“We’re making a bet on certain technologies that don’t exist at the scale or price point we need them to,” he said. “But if we want to get them, we need to start investing.”"

Hmmm ..

"“It’s not only about how much carbon a forest can hold but also who traditionally uses the forest, how they might be kept out, and how biodiversity will be prioritized,”"

Darn it... and we all thought HM Gov was consulting the tea leaves with some Comic .. ;-0

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An Under Estimation

“I am not educated but I like things run in a professional way. So I would like my children to run the business professionally.”

"The first gemstone weighed 9.27kg, while the second weighed 5.103kg, a mines ministry spokesperson said.

Tanzanite is a gemstone found only in a small northern region of the east African nation."

"According to a Tanzanian geologist, the circumstances that led to its formation 585 million years ago were so exceptional that the likelihood of finding tanzanite anywhere else on earth is one in a million, making it a thousand times rarer than diamonds."

"“Whilst the removal of the ugly 1960s building is most welcome, this misdirected redevelopment scheme seems to have evolved out of the public gaze, is focussed almost entirely on finance and is being driven by external funding rather than civic design.""

Hmm ... that old lift.


Snow Patrol

"They are unfathomably rare "freaks of nature" that have taken 1.6 billion years to emerge from the earth's mantle and end up on master jeweller Rohan Milne's work bench.

"They speak for themselves," Mr Milne said while polishing a ring at his Leederville workshop.

"When you're putting a beautiful vivid pink diamond into a piece and you're polishing it up, the colour just jumps out at you and it's amazing."

"Mast Upgrade could clear some of the hurdles to delivering clean, limitless energy for the grid.

Fusion differs from fission, the technology used by existing nuclear power plants, because it could release vast amounts of energy with little associated radioactivity. The £55m machine has taken seven years to build. Current nuclear energy relies on fission, where a heavy chemical element is split to produce lighter ones.

But nuclear fusion works by combining two light elements to make a heavier one. It's an attempt to replicate the processes of the Sun here on Earth.  Unlike fission, it produces no long-lived radioactive waste and could transform the way we source our power - tackling the climate crisis at the same time."

Pass the pub test? Moi ...

"The Argyle mine will close on Tuesday and Rio Tinto will begin a five-year process to decommission it before returning the land to its Traditional Owners."

Duck Duck Go..

"Despite the lack of visual reports, Dr Devillepoix said a sonic boom would have been heard up to 50 kilometres away from the fireball's location.

"Sonic booms are quite common for rocks that make it quite deep in the atmosphere," he said.

"They pack a big punch and create a kind of shockwave. That's what people hear.""

""What you'd see is a black rock with a dark, fusion crust [of a glassy appearance] around it. But it wouldn't be hot, contrary to popular belief.""

"The exact location cannot be determined because remnant cloud hindered DFN's cameras from being able to triangulate the asteroid."


Comic Relief

"“Where we have clear evidence that this is the case, we will take enforcement action.”...

"Included on the list are that Mr Wilson must not, within a defined area which covers the town centre, old town and South Bay :

* Keep or deposit his belongings on the ground or on any bench in any public place, for a period of more than 10 minutes;

* Sleep rough in any public place;

* Sit on the ground in any public place;

* Keep or put any rubbish in any public place except public bins or waste receptacles;

* Place any hat, bowl, bucket or other container or vessel in front of or near to himself in such a manner as to attract passers-by to place money in it;

* Place any bong, pipe or hypodermic needle (also known as a ‘pin’) in a place where it may be visible to a member of the public;

* Be in possession of any open containers of alcohol in any public place;

* Be in possession of any psychoactive substance in any public place;

* Behave in a way which causes or is likely to cause harassment, nuisance, alarm or distress to any other person.""

Hmmm ....

""I was badly attacked by cows near Malham Tarn a couple of years ago. It was seriously scary! I was on a National Trust footpath with my dogs calmly walking to heel on leads. When the cow attacked, I had to let go of my two dogs and the angry cow, who had by this time wound up the rest of the large herd, fortunately decided to chase the dogs rather than me, with about 100 others in pursuit. We all escaped unscathed, but it has badly affected my dogs and me. I would not go back on that footpath. I wonder if it was the same herd?""

"From 1st December, once advent is upon us, we will be adding in as much Christmas spirit as possible. We'll decorate the Hall's windows and doors (with some of the thousands of decorations we've been making this year in the hope of opening), and the grounds, and will have festive takeaway food and drinks.

Please book tickets via the 'Buy Tickets' link to the right of this page. Burton Agnes Hall Members may come and go freely without booking. For everyone else, including Historic Houses members, spaces are limited, and you must book online for admission."


Baldrick! I have a cunning plan ...

Not quite.

"Prices for a fully furnished property at Union start at £950 per month, including all utility bills, gym membership, high speed WIFI and contents insurance.

Hamze Idriss, managing director at BPL, said: “Union will take student accommodation in Leeds to the next level in terms of the accommodation on offer and the lifestyle students who live here will enjoy.

"Every apartment has been specifically designed to combine spacious living areas with their own high quality kitchens and luxury bathrooms.

“There is also a superb range of facilities within the development, including a gym, gaming areas, and large communal lounges and kitchens where students can relax and socialise. As a result, it’s proving very popular with students who are already reserving apartments to move into from December.

All the apartments at Union have en-suite luxury bathrooms, modern kitchens, flat screen TVs and high-speed fibre optic internet. The development also includes several wheelchair friendly apartments.

Union offers secure access, a concierge service, 24-hour security, games zone, cinema room and a large,gym, as well as study areas, communal lounge, secure cycle storage, electric vehicle charging points and laundry facilities.

There is also a large communal kitchen and social space for get-togethers, parties, and other events.

In addition, the Co-op will be opening a convenience store on the ground floor.""

to be continued... 

Capt. Wave Crookes, SeaGrown Operations Manager, said ..

It is wot it is.. ;-0


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Snow Show

"Many of the big decisions that had been earmarked for 2020 remain up in the air...

"The Sands Development  The former indoor pool has been closed since 2017 following the opening of the sports village at Weaponness. It forms part of the Sands North Bay development and £500,000 has been earmarked for its demolition.

Earlier this month, the council was told that its deal for the proposed cinema complex on the former Atlantis waterpark site with developer Benchmark Leisure Limited will be allowed to expire on December 31.

A new plan is now being drawn up for the North Bay though Benchmark has launched a legal challenge against the move. The new vision for the North Bay will be coming this year."

It was actually a £500K Capital Receipt that was removed from the budget in September 2019 ... and according to the former leader of SBC Cllr Bastiman the pool building was not part of the Sands Development but the car park was - hence they 'The Sand Men' had preferential devlopment status.

"Since the 1912 Stockholm Olympics, making official films has become the tradition of the Olympics. More than 40 official films carry the Olympic spirit, record moving stories inside and outside the Olympic venues, leave precious video records for the century-old Olympic Games, and are faithful witnesses to the development of culture and film. In 2008, Chinese filmmakers produced the official Olympic film for the first time, having written a new chapter in the Olympic history and Chinese film history."

"Breaking into a panic, I followed the tiring sound of Euro-trance and found the disco-dining car, relieved to see a kitchen, even though the chef was lighting a cigarette off the hob while smiling at me."

"We welcome applications from young filmmakers aged 18-45 years with filmmaking experience who love the Olympic Games, and are enthusiastic about sports and willing to support and contribute to the Beijing 2022 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games."

"An original short film with a running time of less than 30 minutes which has not been screened in public or released in theatre/online."



""It took you a year to come up with a Star Trek logo and a Marvel name? Was your backup the Go-go Gadget Galactics or something?""

It takes one to know one...