'Tomorrows World'

"The 1,000-year-old village was requisitioned in the 1960s, first in a reforestation plan and then as an army training ground. The Castilla-La Mancha regional government accuses Fraguas Revive of illegally occupying the site, which lies within a natural park."



'Current Activity'

"Although the northern lights, or aurora borealis as they are technically known, originate in solar activity, they have occasionally been seen beyond the polar regions for thousands of years. Even the Ancient Greeks and Romans knew of them from appearances over their native lands."



"So it was all an illusion. Schrödinger’s Brexit, yet again. Fantasy heaped on fantasy. It was also about the only sensible piece of politicking the government had done in the last eight years."



"New space rules will need to come fast to support commercial space stations and moon settlements, and guard against swiftly-growing space debris."





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'Landscape Gardening'

“Doing some physical activity is better than doing none. This is also a good starting position – if you find that 75 minutes a week is manageable, then you could try stepping it up gradually to the full recommended amount.”


"A tiny portion of England is open to the public, and many people feel excluded or alienated from even that silver."


"Magic: the Gathering, now owned by the Hasbro subsidy Wizards of the Coast, released its first cards in 1993. Thirty years later, the nerdy hobby has become a pop-culture phenomenon."

Spring has Sprung.


"Reading from the standard-issue old folk’s script here, have you heard the music they listen to? What a racket! Stick those great big headphones on, will you? Why do they have it on so loud? It’s not as if you can hear any of the words!"


California Dreaming.

"... placing daffodils and spring onions next to each other sparked concerns that customers could mistakenly eat the poisonous flowers."


Dallas, Moi?




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A Change of Use

"“I haven’t stopped smiling since I heard the news. To hear that they’re coming back and they’re coming back to stay is unimaginable,” she said from Bare Island, in La Perouse, not far from where the spears were originally taken."


"“We place more importance in building the relationships with overseas institutions, with Australian-based institutions. So that we knew we were going to do it right, and it was going to be meaningful for everybody involved.”"



Planet Pollard.

"Sometimes when perception doesn’t work, sanction does."


'Exciting Ergonomics'

"“If you said to someone 50 years ago, I’m gonna go and look for life in the outer solar system around the gas giant planets, people would have thought you were mad because there was no reason to think that it was a reasonable proposition at all ..."


"Explain that to your children as they wonder what happened to all the salad. And their future prospects."


"Even if he holds the red wall’s attention for a moment, all it will take is another Farage fascist-lite to roll up with a frothing pint and a pair of Vera Lynn’s stained knickers on a stick, promising all the kingdoms of the Earth, and the red wall voters will be off."



"Although Jupiter takes 12 years to complete an orbit, its day flies by in just under 10 hours. Known as a gas giant planet, Jupiter has no solid surface; the extensive atmosphere of hydrogen and helium simply gets denser the further down you go until it behaves more like the liquid metal mercury than rock."



"Each day of delay after the launch window opens means that more fuel will have to be expended to reach the target. The more fuel it takes to get to Jupiter, the less likely they are to get really close to Ganymede."

'Flap Jack Day'

"Next Tuesday (14 March) will see the last ever meeting of Scarborough Borough Council's cabinet.  After 49 years providing local services on the Yorkshire coast, Scarborough Borough Council will cease to exist at midnight on 31 March."




""The starting point for any decisions about control has to reflect the situation that the wreck is owned by somebody," said David Mearns. "It's not that Zaz is necessarily opposed to what might be decided but she has to have a seat at the table.""




Expedition dogs?


"... one of the perks of working in space administration is the merchandise."

The Bronze Age

"I was born with abnormally large feet and, yes, my car keeps falling apart, but only because I’m a dangerously negligent driver."


"In the UK the clocks go forward 1 hour at 1am on the last Sunday in March, and back 1 hour at 2am on the last Sunday in October ..."




Darn, Fine Work

"“These numbers make me proud because we’re doing a lot to mainstream dam removal, and it works,” said Herman Wanningen, director of the World.


"Across Europe, hundreds of rivers are blocked by dams, weirs, culverts and levees, with 15% considered obsolete, and many at risk of collapse..."


“Removing barriers to restore rivers’ natural flow and connectivity brings many ecosystem service benefits, such as flood protection, water purification, and recreational opportunities.”"


"yield, decarbonisation and soil health."

Stakeholder Engagement.

""The connection to the sea meant the seahorse was a good-luck charm; it meant more to those in the 16th century than people now.""


"When someone tells you who they are, it’s best to believe them."

A Statutory Instrument

"The Home Office can’t have it both ways. How can asylum seekers be both malign criminals and benign healthcare heroes? Home Office sources said the home secretary was clear that those who entered the UK on small boats were breaking the law by definition of their route of entry."



" .... the strangeness of them, the deeply eccentric nature of the whole affair that so perfectly reflects the unique weirdness of Britain itself."



"... she “seemed almost extraterrestrial and was the most charismatic woman I have ever met. Maybe it was the lighting, but she actually glowed.”"



"On more than one occasion, I have taken home all the teabags."

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'First, it’s Fun'

"The overuse of salt on roads during the winter, Mr Heaps argued, can hurt the paws of tender-footed canines like Molly. His campaign also proposes a fix to housing unaffordability, a tax-hike on billion-dollar businesses and a ban on fossil-fuel heating systems in new homes and commercial buildings."




"The difference between last time and this time is we don't know who is going to win."


"Experts and candidates have said that having more than 100 candidates on the ballot could both be a positive and a negative thing."


"I think city hall would make better decisions if there was an animal in the room."

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'Luxurious Poverty'

"Bucks shed and regrow their antlers each year, producing a larger and more impressive set as the years go by."




"A moon-flooded prairie; a straying 
Of leal-hearted lovers; a baying 
Of far away watching dogs; a dreaming 
Of brown-fisted farmers; a gleaming 
Of fireflies eddying nigh, —
And that is July!"




'Darkness, Somewhere'

"Astronomers wondered if the comet had somehow come and gone unnoticed. Although he initially predicted a possible collision in 2126, he examined the historical record and found observations of a comet in a similar track as far back as at least 188 A.D. — allowing him to calculate the comet would pose no harm."


"When comets come around the Sun, the dust they emit gradually spreads into a dusty trail around their orbits. Every year the Earth passes through these debris trails, which allows the bits to collide with our atmosphere where they disintegrate to create fiery and colorful streaks in the sky."



'The Test of Time'

"Because we're a little bit off the route, we've started collecting walkers from the path - as well as the village pub."




"Don't all left wingers want to snuff out fun and enjoyment?"


"The nutrient neutrality rules were put in place in 2017 when the UK was still a member of the EU."


'Wax & Wayne'

"Pillar 1: Enterprise: is the central pillar of this strategy, focused on supporting the growth of businesses in North Yorkshire building on our existing and emerging sectoral strengths, and increasing innovation and productivity throughout the economy."

"Councillors had been expected to approve the scheme, but instead they recommended Levelling Up Secretary Michael Gove dismiss the plans. The need for food production must not be ignored in the pursuit of green power, they urged."



"Pillar 2: Infrastructure: equipping our town centres and places to thrive in the 21st century, and realising the vast potential that our strategic development sites offer with investment in transport, housing, digital and energy infrastructure to enable sustainable growth."



"He said some of the chunky chocolate pieces, each of which carry Rowntree's name on them, were visible due to tears in the silver foil covering them."


The 'Fifth' Element

"The authority’s leader Councillor Carl Les said the panel’s recommendations had been generated from the evidence provided by 23 elected members about their workload following the launch of the unitary authority in April."



"The 80/20 rule states that 80% of results come from 20% of efforts, customers or another unit of measurement. When applied to inventory, the rule suggests that companies earn roughly 80% of their profits from 20% of their products."


"“We do see people leaving low wage jobs,” she says. “They are going and starting businesses, and the businesses are doing great because there’s money around.” This unexpected wave of entrepreneurship has also had a positive impact on those taking jobs that pay wages, as a shrinking of the available workforce has led to an increase in salaries."



"The distinction between a machine and a robot or between a computer program and AI is still not clear.”"

Never Surrender your 'Toys'...


"‘So we engage younger curators, and that certainly has physical theatre, if not circus, within that. But it’s on a scale that can happen in these kind of interstitial moments and smaller pieces that can move around quite quickly, which our other works don’t really have at the moment – that capacity.’"

So, Erm ... is the Leader of NYC suggesting that only One Fifth of the 'Elected' actually do Anything?

And, Why does he have to talk in Riddles all the Time?


'Social Historians'

"David Skaith has been shortlisted to the final two Labour candidates for York and North Yorkshire Mayor.  Labour is expected to announce its candidate in the coming weeks.

They will join Conservative candidate Keane Duncan, Green candidate Kevin Foster and Independent Keith Tordoff. The Liberal Democrats are yet to announce a candidate for the election on May 2, 2024."


"Witchcraft became a listed profession in Romania in 2011, when the Ministry of Labor decided to include it in the Official Profession Registry and oblige fortune tellers, astrologers, witches and healers to register their businesses and pay taxes. Several bills to regulate their activity failed to pass in the previous year, after groups of self-proclaimed witches, fortune tellers and healers protested at the Parliament, cursing the MPs who had submitted the bills."


“This job is not to be done with receipts,” Queen Campina told the media in 2010. "


"“Nothing’s wrong,” he replied. “I’m just wondering how we can ensure that these scans will be available to readers in 400 years’ time when Google is no longer around. Because it won’t be.”"

Big Ears.