The EU Debate - A Mysogonists Approach?

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I was so looking forward to last night's BBC2 Chinese New Year Special ... sadly I had to turn it off, as it was completely ruined by the presenters, two high pitched bearded spoiled brat heavies stomping around China like total bullshitters .... :

Followed with RT's Sputnik, George Galloway and Nigel Forage,  Tetleys hoggout on the EU:

Grown Ups?  Overinflated, washed up hasbeings.... 'Tetleys' (bittermen)

Erm, wot about a grown up discussion on the European Union by the other grown ups, aka women?  

What does the EU mean to women, from a global perspective?

Is Europe and indeed the EU the only 'global' political and economical stable 'Union' that upholds womans rights in Law, to equality, justice, economic security, cultural respect & recognition, including freedom of expression?

Frankly, I'd rather vote for Thatcher or the Marquis de Sade than listen to or take direction from that 'mysognistic thick lot' ...

So, afore the Eurpean Union In/Out issue turns into some modern day 'Malleus Maleficarum' turn onto the Merkell's ...

ffs even Kim Jong has a 'pinky'. 

Dark Room ... Bjork:

Meanwhile: some sensibilities from Hilary Benn:

"The truth is that we cannot turn the clock back. The world has moved on and so must we. And Britain is always at its greatest when we are a confident and outward-looking trading nation...

"And Europe was as good as its word in bringing us paid holidays, improved maternity and paternity leave, limits on working time and better protection for agency and temporary workers.

It is a really striking example of how, by working together, we can prevent a race to the bottom that globalisation, left unchecked, could bring.

"Now, it is not just economic security that our membership of Europe is so important for. It is now also a bedrock of our national and international security.

The European idea has helped to keep the peace on a continent that previously had been at war for centuries. Any one of us who has visited the graveyards of the First and Second World Wars in France, Belgium or elsewhere understands the significance of this achievement.

Row upon row upon row of the flower of two generations of Europeans. The gravestones bearing the name, regiment and age of the fallen – how young they were – or just the poignant inscription “A soldier of the Great War. Known unto God” because no one else knew whose brother, son, uncle or father lay beneath the immaculately cared for ground.

Europe’s founders were determined to end this history of European slaughter, and out of the ashes of the Second World War emerged the Schumann Declaration, inspired by Jean Monnet and Robert Schumann.

It read: “The contribution which an organised and living Europe can bring to civilisation is indispensable to the maintenance of peaceful relations” and it resolved to make a future war “not merely unthinkable, but materially impossible”.

For me – as for many – this was and remains Europe’s greatest achievement and it is one we should never take for granted."


Slightly, demographically challenged, noted that Forage recognises the dangers of 'ageists'.  Postal votes ... 


image via :

One for the Oddbods ;-) cialis tablets price in

Nope, I don't get the flower thing ... Beijing ... packets of seeds,  far more efficient...  



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EU: The Earth is Flat

Cambo does a UK Special, or a Numero Zero:

"Analysis by Laurence Peter, BBC News online

After two days of gruelling talks - and late-night haggling - EU leaders were plainly relieved to get the deal with David Cameron done.

French President Francois Hollande stressed that "no revision of the treaties is planned". Tough EU treaty change would have been politically toxic for him, as he is faced with an election next year.

But he also stressed that for France the EU "is not just a budget" - but about many policies and "the joint project". It was a pointed reminder about the EU's symbolism, contrasting with Mr Cameron's position.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said the new child benefit rules could be good for Germany too - and supported Mr Cameron's drive against abuse of the welfare system.

"I don't think we gave the UK too much," she said. But she admitted that ever closer union was an emotional issue for her, so Mr Cameron's opposition to it was "not easy" to deal with.

Ssssh .....


Ooh -

Nope,  the tinternet world is worbling ...

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EU: De-Junked

"...led by a team of Nigel Farage, Michael Gove and George Galloway.

The charismatic and popular trio have put aside their personal differences to make absolutely certain that nobody normal will think voting ‘leave’ is a good idea...."

They have to give 10 weeks notice ...

Ah, so:  No 10  - Thursday June 23rd

Tis gonna be a mad hatters teaparty ...

Normally. Normal? Anyone 'normal' out there?

Nope. 7 weeks to cull n curse Cambo's pet referendum.

"Mr Cameron warned that leaving the European Union would be a "leap in the dark" as he urged voters to back his reform deal."


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EU: Myrtle's Merkel

More to the point why would the EU want the UK?

"Many advocates of European integration see Britain as selfish obstructionists and would like them to pack-up and leave...."

Merkel's smirks: :

“a new milestone for British exceptionalism”

“He will in the future have powers to be involved in eurozone decisions, and he will have more freedom to regulate the finance sector in his country. But it is clear that this won’t grant the finance sector in Great Britain any competitive advantages.”

Hmmm ...



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EU: Jacobs & Rock

Poor show from Northern Power House Minister:

Cracking ; -) "Ms Jacobs said: "The truth is that Mr Wharton is no champion of this region. The Northern Powerhouse Minister is letting down all of the people who choose to build their future here in the North."

Over 138 business leaders sign a letter to the Time to stay IN:

Oh, who organised that? : -)

Any 'Angels' for the Northern Powerhouse seat?

Ah, so  ...  wotever, crawls back into cave ... hubble bubbles ...



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EU: Storming Normans

"Jamala's song "1944" was chosen to represent Ukraine at the contest in Stockholm in May, after a public vote on Ukrainian national TV.

But does it fall foul of the competition's "no politics" rules - and which countries have got away with it in the past?

BBC News takes a look at some past entries.

Erm, wot's the UK entry?

A right to defend ... reality.


Moaning Minnies ...


ps HNY ;-0  

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EU/YP - An Investors View


"Out of interest, how would a vote to leave the European Union affect Sirius? Any ideas?"

A few points......but not involving theocrats (we had the enlightenment here 200 years back), zero hours contracts (extolled by UK govs not the EU I believe), fascism, be that inbred or not ( I thought Churchill proposed a form like the EU to specifically make that not possible again?), Norway (hellooo, Norway never joined because the had tons of oil, the North sea is now nearly errrr.... empty), Schengen (the UK would never join that and, oh look, that misbegotten policy is falling apart as we speak, my spell check comes up with "scavenge" there) and the Greeks (has not this PM just got a permanent exclusion from any liabilities arising from that from-day-one stupidity within the Euro area?).

And here's the thing: what the flying ***K has any of that got to do with York Potash?

No, what I see as potential risks specifically for Sirius and YP are:

1/ Brexit reduces the pool of available skilled workers that will not be restricted by tightened visa rules bought in last year, as those new rules will then almost certainly also apply to the other 500m EU citizens, presently excluded. York potash will have to find those rare and highly skilled staff, shaft sinkers, tunnelers, mine fitters and then the miners etc from the UK only or go through costly and time consuming hoops to get them to Yorkshire.

2/ The finance will likely become just that bit more difficult as Stirling will become more volatile (happening already btw) and the UK credit rating may well deteriorate. This would put up YP's borrowing costs and make the costing of Poly4 more volatile.

3/ Likely increasing red tape for YP, not a decrease. Sirius will be an exporter to all over the world, it's imports receiving countries that impose red tape. Two things:

....the EU is a the largest global international trading entity, countries who import from it are not inclined to impose excessive bureaucratic restriction on EU exports to them, as these things can cut both ways, the non EU partner may suffer more. The UK in the EU has an advantage from that with other non EU countries, YP's target markets;

....with Brexit it seems probable most other non EU countries (and maybe the EU) will re-write the terms on the access levels of the previous import agreements they had with the EU, for the new, far smaller, now non EU, UK. Example of such:

Mind you, far, far more scary IMO: hankie flapping in "nighties" afraid, be very afraid, that will become compulsory over night in Boris Island Brexit Britain.

Sleep well, death and taxes still remain a certainty."

Mebbe ;-) 

Hanky Flapping?   pmsl ...



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EU: Chiefs n Injuns

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EU: The Laundrette




"With just three days to go until the deadline passes for applications to the EU Solidarity Fund, Mr Wharton told MPs the Government is now filling out the paper work.

However the move caused some embarrassment for the minister, who within three days of announcing he was backing Brexit must now return to the EU to ask for crisis funding."

Chugga Chugga Chugga

Oh. OK:

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EU: Osbo Bricking It

Ah, so : Beijing

"The Chancellor is in the capital ahead of a meeting of G20 finance ministers in Shanghai"

"The European Commission wanted to hike tariffs on Chinese imports to help the struggling steel industry.

But the UK government was the “ringleader” in stopping Brussels from raising tariffs to the same rate as the US."

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Osbo Tagged - 'W R U' Confirmed

"...The head of the People's Bank of China, Zhou Xiaochuan, said China's reform direction was clear and unchanged but that the country's pace of reform would vary.

"China will strike a balance between growth, restructuring and risk management," Mr Zhou said.

"While the reform direction is clear... the pace will vary, but the reform will be set to continue and the direction is not changed."

However, the head of the International Monetary Fund, Christine Lagarde, said China faced an "overwhelming" agenda of structural reforms...."

"He said it could see the development of a "b*ggar-thy-neighbour" landscape - whereby attempts to boost a country's economy hurts other economies..."

* E/U ... wotever. Is he claiming refugee status? 

Ohhh ... biological data ...  could be erm, difficult

'You let down your people George Osborne, you were supposed to have been ...'

Ah, so EU - "Evicta" the musical ... Oh wot a circus oh wot a show .. Great Britannia has gone to town, over the derth of an actor called Davey Moron ...

Oh, Ok. WIP.  Banderos


PS Does the Philipines have any oil ... just asking... Bah   Forks.    Norway all nite and Norway all day ...


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BREXIT - Is Britain Bored?

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EU: Wise Words

Women who can't make up their minds:

"While they may have made up their minds, many other women are yet to decide. Polling shows that up to a quarter are undecided about their vote on 23 June, almost twice as many as men. So much is at stake for women in this referendum. And the large number of undecided women voters could decide the outcome of the referendum.

"But the referendum isn’t just about women’s rights and protections. It’s also about the world that we want to create and our solidarity with women struggling in developing countries..."

"They see and hear too few women in the campaign. Last week’s events have reduced the biggest political decision of the last 40 years to a Tory party civil war. They find the Boris and Dave show, and the jockeying around the future leadership of the Conservative party, boring and irrelevant. With the Tory party split on this issue, and “banging on” about Europe, the prime minister must take great care that the whole debate does not become a giant turn-off for all voters, not just women. If the vote becomes a referendum about a Westminster elite looking after its own political ambitions versus a grassroots anti-politics uprising, the risk of a vote for Brexit grows higher..."

"But I think we need to go further. As well as focusing on the economic case we must also make the case for our shared European values and our shared culture. A culture which embraces and celebrates British fashion, food, football, music, films and university research in a European context. A culture that allows young women and men to live, study and work abroad. And the risks to those vital sectors of our economy and our cultural life if we leave.

The referendum is the biggest decision our country will make in a generation. While the debate can appear far removed, the EU has a positive impact on the lives of British women and their families every day. For that reason, women need to be front and centre of the campaign to remain, rather than just leaving it to the old boys’ club."

Ah, so ... but can a woman change her mind faster than a light bulb ... is it enshrined in EU regs.E6.18.24.b5.04/2i

Oochie owchi ouche ... blesse 

Charm School.

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EU: The Housing Martket

"This is the view of analyst Anthony Codling, of the broker Jefferies, who believes that whichever way Britain votes on June 23, build rates will not slow, nor will demand for new homes wane. 

The referendum “doesn’t move the needle”, he said. “To the average man on the street, [Brexit] makes no difference. Whether I want to move house or have another child makes no difference in or out of Europe.” 

This is not to say that Mr Codling is not sensitive to political risk..."

"in Mayfair, Mark Preston, the elect executive trustee of the Grosvenor Group, is opposed to the very act of holding the public vote. “We absolutely should not be having a referendum – it shows an extraordinary lack of spine on behalf of our politicians,” he told The Daily Telegraph. 

“We vote in our leaders to be ideologically convinced and we’re risking [instability] – like they did with Scotland, which was equally idiotic – asking for an emotional vote based on the news the week before. “It’s the uncertainty that will cause the most damage,” he added."

Oh at last a voice of reason :-)

Bit more: UK economy reliant on "The kindness of Strangers" says BoE chief:

Basket Cases :

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EU: Commodities Markets

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EU: Energy

"Ms Rudd will claim that EU membership has kept household energy bills down, providing access to cheap electricity from the continent and facilitating billions of pounds of investment in the UK's energy network and supply chain.

"Does anybody really think all of that investment would continue if we left the EU and with no extra costs," she will say.

She will highlight research commissioned by the National Grid which suggests that, although uncertain, the impact of leaving the EU on the UK's energy capability is "very likely to be negative"."

Will say ... hearsay ...

"National Grid said it was not expressing an opinion one way or another about the UK's future in the EU but wanted to inform the debate by providing evidence about different scenarios.."

Still can't find a black entrant for Eurovision ... t'was original European Queen ... oh well, don't spose it matters just an observation ... could be wrong/blind.

tis most annoying ...

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TTIP & Eurovision

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EU: The Grimm & The Barbed

From the barbed ...


"Vote Leave campaigners say the IMF has been wrong before about the British economy and is wrong again."

Oh, why is that then?

LaGarde ..."The IMF doesn't get pushed around ..."

Hmmm ...

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Boris Bricks Brexit

Oh, the irony ...

"But fundamentally what is lacking is the eternal problem, which is that there is no underlying loyalty to the idea of Europe.

"There is no single authority that anybody respects or understands. That is causing this massive democratic void."

Thousands of Kippers set to flee Britain to the Fairytale Kingdom of Farage.... anyone got any inflatable boats, with large pins?

Mind, mebbe without a Golden Compass they could all trot off to erm ...

Oooh wotever next :

Ya can't kill an idea ... but you can resist :-)

Trooping on ...

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EU: Bank of England

Bullies the Bank of England?

"Bank of England governor Mark Carney has hit back at critics in the Vote Leave campaign who have warned him about commenting on the Referendum.

In a three-page letter to Vote Leave's Bernard Jenkin MP, Mr Carney criticised "numerous and substantial" mistakes.

Mr Jenkin had complained that Mr Carney was wrong to say recently that leaving the EU would cause an economic shock.

BBC economics editor Kamal Ahmed said Bank officials felt Mr Jenkin's comments were an implied "threat".

Last month, the Governor said the shock of leaving the EU could cause a "technical recession" - six months of negative economic growth....


Mr Jenkin continued his criticism of Mr Carney on Thursday, when he told the BBC's Today programme that the governor had been wrong to appear on the Andrew Marr show days after the "technical recession" comments.

According to the BBC's Kamal Ahmed, who has seen both letters, senior Bank officials considered this a "threat" which contained "numerous and substantial" misconceptions."

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EU: Invoke Article 50

"... Triggering Article 50 “is clearly what our partners want us to do, although not all of them believe that we have to do it immediately,” the prime minister said. “That is why I think we have some time to examine the right model we want to negotiate for and then pull that trigger.”

Is that in case those MP's & Lords want to miss their Summer Recess ....

Wot no six weeks in the South of France?

Oh dear .... Pimps & Pips.


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EU: The Queen of Rogue

ER does somin useful?

"Where the Queen can potentially act as a safety net is when faced with a rogue government. She is supposed to just act according to the advice of the government and it would be a constitutional crisis if she didn't, but potentially she could do that. The most likely scenario I can see is the Queen delaying things to give Parliament a chance to pass a vote of no confidence (which is the constitutional way to deal with a rogue government). That could be necessary if the government went rogue while Parliament wasn't sitting - it takes time to recall it."

Ah, so ... she could, if she would be so bold.


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Today's Parliamentary Debate

Pre: Karen Bradley out of her depth on Hate Crime ... believes 97% of Ref voters were not influenced by the negative campaign on immigration or racism.. KB 'shocked' at the recent rise in racial abuse.

Keith Vaz & Mark Pritchard questioned the responsibilty of the internet specifically Facebook & twitter

All parties said need to target the far right ... Gav Robinson DUP suggested not just the far right but also the far left... Jess Phillips asked what resources were available and asked KB about the strength of the police and CPS under current resources and structures.  etc etc ... Where to report Hate Crime 

"true vision site" Eh?  Ah, so ... :

Erm, is domestic violence a Hate Crime? Wotever, crimes will continue unless the resources are there to protect people...

KB awaiting technical reports for more technical answers (budgets, resources)  (Cop out).   

Caroline Lucas requested real term funding on HC with policy budget cut to 18% of 2011 levels. Questions asked about political leaders acting and playing irresponsible was swept under the carpet.

Some important Q on the legitimacy of Labour being the Official opposition party - given JC had no shadow cabinet.... Is there an official Opposition party and for how much longer will the LP be the official opposition party?

On Labour's Economic Debate .... George Osborne turned up !? ... "Article 50 to be the decision of the next Govt. " ... requested cross party co-operation to get the country through the crisis... stood down many times to take questions.  (must be in a crisis).

Al(most)( twonks ?) said they had to respect the outcome of the referendum.... (this crisis was of their own making)   SNP asked if it was a prequirement of the Remain campaigners to make reparation plans  for Brexit ... where was the Brexit  plans vor victory? Clearly they had none.

All present seemed to agree the UK's  economic stabililty was critical to safeguarding jobs and investment in the UK.   

Ever the optimist... fantasy politics

Caroline Lucas :  President

Gav Robinson :  Ministry of Foreign Places.

Jess Phillips : Ministry of Justice.

Keith Vaz : Ministry of Information.

George Osborne : Ministry of Translation. (Transport & Transformation)


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Leadership Contenders




Ya know when you're stuck in't traffic lights ... and its like waiting for the 2 ressurection !!! (or somin) 

Roundabouts ... Is there anyone out there that can run this F'ing Country? 

Nope. Ok. All MP's off on your jollies and summer recesses...  don't bother coming back!!!

Can we install a virtual muppet?


Mebbe someone a bit more boring for total ignore factor ... Osbo keeps doing disappearance acts at every crisis ... do ya s'pose he's off to his mothership ;-/


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Tarzan on 'Doris'

"Conservative grandee and former leadership contender Lord Heseltine has launched a scathing attack on Boris Johnson, accusing him of creating the "greatest constitutional crisis in modern times".

Lord Heseltine, a former deputy prime minister, told the BBC the former London mayor had "ripped the (Conservative) party apart."

Lord Heseltine described Mr Johnson as "like a general, that led his army to the sound of guns, and at the sight of the battlefield abandoned the field."

Ooh he sounds very cross :-)))

pmsl ...

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Dogger Bank - Stakes

At the ready?

"Europe added a record three gigawatts of new offshore wind capacity in 2015, most of that in the North Sea. About 3,000 offshore turbines, totaling about 10 gigawatts of installed capacity, are operating there already. Annual additions are expected to average four gigawatts through 2030, bringing wind power to more than 60 gigawatts of capacity. In terms of output, offshore wind power accounts for about 1.5 percent of Europe’s total electricity generation today. That figure will rise to 7 percent by 2030,..."

"...“There is no logical business case [for offshore wind] without the politics,” says David Reiner, assistant director of the Energy Policy Research Group at the University of Cambridge, “and that’s the only rationale as to why we’re willing to pay so much more for offshore rather than onshore.”


'Decisions on ice'

The company's links with the UK go back 170 years. And Mr Maier, who campaigned for a Remain vote, insists that Britain is still a good place to do business.

"We are not going to run away from the British market. We are committed here. It's a great market," he told the BBC.

But he warned that the uncertainty which has followed the vote to leave the EU would soon have consequences.

He said: "Short term, in terms of any investment decisions you want to make here, especially those that result in exporting to the European Union, they will be on ice. No question about that.""

lol ;-?