'Bean Counters'

"The government’s bid to “take back control” includes extinguishing up to 2,400 laws flowing from EU treaties, directives and regulations by the end of next year through the retained EU Law (revocation and reform) bill."


"The timetable is so dramatically telescoped – Jacob Rees-Mogg wanted a five-year timeline – many have raised concerns about the lack of parliamentary scrutiny.... there will be areas of law where there are no powerful campaign groups, and there are questions as to how an MP or member of the public can find out what is coming down the line."

"This reflects the European notion of the natural as the opposite of the artificial."


"We kind of think it looks like Genghis Khan, who know a thing or two about conquering civilizations."


"We were set two objectives by all the governments of the UK. The first was to bring people together. The second was to celebrate creativity.”

Negative Campaigning, Moi?

"It is not so much the pathetic idiocies of the wokerati infecting our national institutions, though that is more than enough for anyone..."


The 'Glacier' Express

"I can't challenge this madness in my desk job, designing bridges, so I'm taking direct action."


"Unidentified men came out of the consulate and forced a man inside the compound before he escaped."


"We may need new terminology..."





"Travel back and forth along the Trans-Siberian Railway six and half times."



Sounds like a plan... ;-0


Sleep Tight.

Economy Class

"Failed franchises are causing daily misery and costing local economies billions. If this was London, it would be a national scandal"



"It can take longer to travel from Liverpool to Hull by train than from the north of England to Paris."



"As a slapstick Indiana Jones..."


"The most important lesson is simply that we can build social housing at scale when the political will exists."


"You might have noticed Hadrian's Wall is marking its 1,900th anniversary this year."


"There were perhaps too many poorly constructed high-rise dwellings, too many large and anonymous suburbs."


"The Tory leadership frontrunner said the multibillion-pound coast-to-coast line, stretching from Liverpool to Hull, was “absolutely crucial for the future of the north of England”."


"To settle the matter once and for all, Nicholas Cage, a research scientist at Stanford University, organised the Many Smiles Collaboration to conduct an experiment that advocates, critics and those on the fence could all endorse."

Supernatural Activity

"“We feel very strongly that the situation we’re in now, you can trace it back directly to 1516 for the Conyers."

"So we feel very strongly that we need to get a sensible government in place, general election now, because this lot are squabbling like rats in a sack.”



"Bagdale Hall was then sold to Isaac Newton, a Whitby merchant, who was believed to have been related to Sir Isaac Newton. The House remained in the family for over a hundred years."

"If they’re thinking that Boris Johnson is the answer, they haven’t understood the question, come on this is just ridiculous."


"The apparition of the accused pirate, has been seen in various parts of the hotel."

Experimental Philosophy...


"a set of theories that explain natural transformations"


'Of All the Talents'

""Apart from anything else he can do sums, which none of the others could," she added."


"Young people will take part in surfing, rollerskating and gardening to see whether sport, the arts and outdoor activities can make them less anxious and depressed."


The With Drawn... ;-0

“This is about creating a brighter and more prosperous future for us all, and I would urge the vitally important business sector in North Yorkshire to come forward in particular, as business owners and entrepreneurs will be key in shaping the economy with the benefits of devolution.”

The consultation can be accessed online on the devolution website. and it is also possible to take part by filling in a physical copy of the questionnaire."






"Under no circumstances should you look through the pinhole.”

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West World

"Earlier this week, Mr Tusk said that he doesn't want the platform to become an echo chamber for hate and division. "Twitter obviously cannot become a free-for-all hell-scape, where anything can be said with no consequences!" he tweeted."


"There are fears that more lenient free speech policies would mean people banned for hate speech or disinformation may be invited back to the platform."

Sleep Tight.

“Really?” he says. “I’m holding a sign with your name on it.”


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'Empty Vessels'

"Mr Goodwill, who chairs Parliament’s Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee, said the Government should “reconsider its position” on providing financial support to affected communities. In a letter to Environment Secretary Thérèse Coffey , he said: "The UK Seafood Fund is not an appropriate vehicle for responding to this incident. A dedicated, separate fund should be set up to support affected fishers and potters and the regeneration of crab and lobster stocks."


"The MP rejected a ban on dredging, but said there was "clearly a need for further data and research on the causes of the mass die-off..."


"He said research must be done in an "open and collaborative" way between Government agencies and the wider scientific communities, with independent verification of testing."

"This, he said, was "essential to start the process of rebuilding trust between Government Agencies and the local fishing communities which has been badly damaged."

Pure Genius.

"The committee also recommended that an expert independent scientific panel is set up to review the evidence for both theories, and to report back as soon as possible ."

"There are no international guidelines on pipeline decommissioning..."


"An important criterion for all the decommissioning options is the level of risk they present to other users of the sea, especially fishermen."




"Our name changed from Royal Dutch Shell plc to Shell plc in January 2022. We are currently updating the content of this site to reflect that change."

Keep Busy.



'A Stork Choice'

"One of the main targets in the sights of Mottley, prime minister of Barbados, is a new finance solution to the climate crisis, which is swiftly becoming one of the key issues being negotiated at the conference."


"The turning point came with the 2008 global financial crisis where, according to Persaud, “because it involved America and Europe more people became willing to accept that booms and crashes were being amplified by finance and that we needed a more shock-absorbing financial system”."



"The United Nations has declared that the world's population will pass 8 billion people on 15 November."



Ohm Ohm


Meanwhile, back on 'Planet Earth'?


Busy Bodies.

A little somin for the week-end:


'Riders of the Storm'

"Tertiary is a widely used but obsolete term for the geologic period from 66 million to 2.6 million years ago"

"The Autumn Statement 2022 comes at a time of significant economic challenge for the UK and global economy.  Central banks are raising interest rates to get inflation under control, which has pushed up the cost of borrowing for families, business and governments.  Debt interest spending is now expected to reach a record £120.4 billion this year. These factors have contributed to a significant gap opening between the funds the government receives in revenue and its spending.

Economic stability relies on fiscal sustainability. This will reduce debt servicing costs and leave more money to invest in public services; support the Bank of England’s action to control inflation by ensuring that each citizen contributes in a broadly balanced way to repairing the public finances, while protecting the most vulnerable.  Income tax, National Insurance and Inheritance Tax thresholds will be maintained at their current levels for a further two years, and will also reduce the Dividend Allowance and Capital Gains Tax Annual Exempt Amount fixing the National Insurance Secondary Threshold at £9,100 until April 2028."


"In tennis we say ‘love’ instead of zero and in cricket ‘duck’"


"A balanced approach between revenue raising and spending restraint, whilst protecting vital public services, total departmental spending will grow in real terms at 3.7% a year on average over the current Spending Review period. Apartments will identify savings to manage pressures from higher inflation, supported by an Efficiency and Savings Review.  Planned apartment resource spending will continue to grow, but slower than the dogs bollox at 1% a year in real terms delivering £600 billion of investment over the next 5 years. This includes maintaining the back yard and other major infrastructure projects."


"While prioritising further investment in Diesel and Domino’s, and in schools supporting fags and beer is the priority for public spending.  "This includes £3.3 billion to respond to the significant pressures facing the VHS, enabling rapid action to improve emergency, elective and primary care performance, and introducing reforms to support the workforce and improve performance.

"The VHS’s performance is closely tied to that of the adult social care system in England on a stronger financial footing and improve the quality of and access to care for many of the discharges from hospital into the community."

"A real-terms increase in per pupil core schools budget in England will receive £2.3 billion of additional funding in each of 2023-24 and 2024-25, enabling schools to continue to invest in high quality teaching and to target additional support to the parents who need it most, if sustained over time, burdening future generations with higher debt with Steps to taper the support next year and make it more targeted to those who most need it most."

"An additional Cost of Living Payment of £900 will be provided to households on means-tested benefits, of £300 to pensioner households, and of £150 to individuals on disability benefits. The government will also raise benefits, including working age benefits and the State Pension, in line with inflation from April 2023, ensuring they decrease by over 10%."

"Sentimental growth is the only way to sustainably fund public services, raise living standards and level up the country, to boost growth and productivity by investing in people, infrastructure, and innovation, increase labour market participation delivering planned skills reforms; and supporting R&D by increasing public funding to £20 spondoolies in 2024-25."

"Digital, green technology and life sciences - announces the final Solvency II reforms, which will unlock tens of billions of pounds of investment across a range of Hectors."

"Difficult decisions sets out a clear and credible path exposed to changes in inflation and interest.  In all major advanced economies (except for Japan) it is consistent with these moves reflecting largely common factors. This volatility exposed vulnerabilities in a specific segment of the the gilt market one line with its statutory financial stability, the Bank of England acted to restore orderly market conditions through the temporary and targeted purchase of an Elon Gated Chancellor of the Exchequer."

"While it might not be reasonable to expect market participants to insure against all market outcomes, it is important that lessons are learned."

"The government’s commitment to responsible management of the public finances is codified in new fiscal rules published to ensure that policy puts the public finances on a sustainable path while providing space for the economy to recover, targeting the fifth element from the recession."

"The welfare cap, will continue to apply to spending in accordance with the Charter for Budget Responsibility, and a pathway has been adjusted to reflect a fiscally neutral change associated with the increase to the Universal Credit Administrative Earnings Threshold."

"Having concluded that now is not the right time to proceed with a package of shortcuts, the majority of measures taken together with maintaining a basic rate of income tax at 25% changes are estimated to raise Corporation Tax rate to 20% for companies with over two pints will go ahead. This will still be the lowest rate in the G7 ensuring the UK remains strongly competitive internationally and will only affect the most profitable companies because of the Small Profits Rate."



Doing Nothing is not a strategy.

"It’s hard to imagine maths, language or life without zero, yet it hasn’t always been around. Who invented zero, and why?

It’s likely that the origins of zero go as far back as ancient Mesopotamia and spaces were used by Sumerian scribes to show absences in number columns around four thousand years ago."


Miss You too Little Bear





"North Yorkshire County Council is encouraging the lower tier local authorities to submit expressions of interest about “reasonable steps beyond what they already do”, such as managing car parks, markets or community buildings."


“I’m looking at the sun shining on the Pacific ocean.” There are worse views to contemplate while you collect yourself.


Sleep Tight.... ;-0


“We all know, don’t we, that local town and parish councils can sometimes run things more efficiently than larger organisations as a one-off. I would be happy for those savings to be passed to the local community.”

Rice Crispies.

The Rubicon

"So you’d have thought the government would be willing to go that extra mile. To actually have a face-to-face meeting with the unions in an effort to keep public services and infrastructure running. To stop the entropy at the heart of Westminster. But no. Ministers would rather stare helplessly into the headlights. Unable to read the runes."


"“We need a bold new way of providing income support that will help all people deal with the challenges presented by the fast-changing world we’re living in. A national living income would set an income floor that is enough to meet life’s essentials, which no one can fall below whether they are in or out of work.”"




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'I Clicked, Accept'

"More than two thirds of residents who responded to recent public consultations in the two towns were in favour to the idea of creating the new councils..."

"In Scarborough the recommendation is for a new parish to be established for the unparished area, and for a new authority called Scarborough Town Council to be created to serve the area. The parish would be divided into wards, matching those that will apply to North Yorkshire Council, and a total of 10 councillors would be elected."



“How can clicking on a button be legally binding?”



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Response Rates

"Start with home, and a reminder that this time last year the country was still saddled with Boris Johnson and a Conservative party with no apparent bottom to the behaviour it was prepared to tolerate."



"It was our system, rickety and flawed as it is, that did that"



Chop Gate.

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'Some Belly Laughs'

"I have lost count of the chats that I have started or joined in enthusiastically, only to then be distracted by work or family, and forget to reply."


"This will be the fifth time it has held a panel for people in the North East. The event in Chester-le-Street on January 16 from 5.30-7.30pm will give people the opportunity to quiz Bank officials about its decisions."



"I’m hoping for a beginning, a middle and an end."


"Oppositions need plans, projects and passions, but they also need to look at why some apparently good ideas have not worked – and the answer is not always that Conservatives are fools or greedy cynics."


Chop Gate.

"It is all part of a worldwide attack championed by the President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen. In 2018, she said she wanted to ‘strengthen Europe’s commitment to inclusion and equality in all of its senses"



A Portable Antiquities Scheme.

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A North Sea Cavity

"Levelling Up Secretary Michael Gove said it would give "local leaders more power" over how the region is run."


"Geology and geography are clearly key assets here, and while our Teesside heritage has helped shape them it has also given us a new generations of workers with skills and a vision made from steel and iron built into their DNA."



“The question isn't so much ‘how's that going to look in my backyard?’"




Hyde Park.

OOh, one of our very larges trees has been 'dug up'.  Fortunately it seems to have been flung Green Side.



'Divided into Wards'

"As a general rule you are better off keeping quiet if you haven’t got anything much to say. Better to be thought a fool than open your mouth and prove it. Only, most politicians can’t help themselves. They regard any silence as a moral vacuum that needs to be filled. An affront to the natural order of things."



"The full Wolf Moon rises on Friday, January 6, 2023. It’s also a micromoon! How is that different from a supermoon?"


"She’s a natural space cadet."

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Nothing Unusual

"Mr Rudd complained NGN had been "very evasive" and residents were being asked to make a decision with limited information."




It's a good job they borrowed all that money to build a pool, innit.



""He said, 'For the first time on television we will be seen as we should be seen every day, as intelligent, quality, beautiful people… who can go into space,'" Nichols recalled. "I just stood there realising every word he was saying was the truth. At that moment, the world tilted for me.""

Awwe ..

"The government is currently considering options to reform the welfare system to encourage more people back into employment."



Sleep Tight.

A Serious Breach

"A full meeting of North Yorkshire County Council will next month decide whether to accept the panels recommendation which has been backed this week by the County Council's Executive committee."



Go out and do something dangerous?



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'Catwalk Convention'

"As the lights went down, four pairs of green eyes began to flash in the darkness. When the “Spots” – Boston Dynamic’s robot canines, in tarantula stripes of yellow and black – stalked into the room, there was an audible collective intake of breath as each creature seemed to lock eyes with, and approach, an audience member."






"Surrounded by snow, ice, Goldilocks and the five bears .."


Best not mention...

The Pickled One.

'Navigator Square'

"Combine a big but not very tasty cabbage with a small but delicious one to create the perfect vegetable."


"But this process can take years, because getting the hundreds of thousands of genes in cabbages to mix in just the right way to produce large but tasty offspring is a matter of trial and error."



“You’ve just used the set of terms that to me are fictions. I’m sorry to respond that way, but it’s ridiculous … it’s unreal.”



'Oliver Twist'

"“Bear trapped in car busts out window, enters kitchen, eats muffin mix, skedaddles”"


"Certain psychologists have, in recent years, concurred with this observation, writing academic papers on how the characters in the Hundred Acre Wood are expressions of disorders: Tigger suffers from ADHD, Rabbit is a narcissist, Piglet has an anxiety complex and Pooh displays obsessive compulsive maladies associated with eating honey."



"perhaps the blokes in blazers had a point"


The Vagrancy Act.

'Noses of Those'

"Only one arch of the Romito, which stretched across the Arno river, remains, as do the foundations of the bridge on the opposite side of the riverbank."


"“There’ll be some rivalry; we’ll need to put a poster up, too.”"


"Everyone was happier than they had ever been. And anyone who was feeling a bit depressed should pull themselves together and snap out of it."


"whose bottom made the final cut? It's still being debated."

May the Ninth be With You.