North Bay for Sale

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"We want to hear your views!"

The Consultation closes on 6th April 2022.


"When to consult -  Formal consultation should take place at a stage when there is scope to influence the policy outcome.

Duration of consultation exercises -  Consultations should normally last for at least 12 weeks with consideration given to longer timescales where feasible and sensible.

Clarity of scope and impact - Consultation documents should be clear about the consultation process, what is being proposed, the scope to influence and the expected costs and benefits of the proposals.

Accessibility of consultation exercises - Consultation exercises should be designed to be accessible to, and clearly targeted at, those people the exercise is intended to reach.

The burden of consultation - Keeping the burden of consultation to a minimum is essential if consultations are to be effective and if consultees’ buy-in to the process is to be obtained.

Responsiveness of consultation exercises - Consultation responses should be analysed carefully and clear feedback should be provided to participants following the consultation.

Capacity to consult - Officials running consultations should seek guidance in how to run an effective consultation exercise and share what they have learned from the experience.

These criteria should be reproduced in consultation documents."

To Compliment the South Bay?  





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The Middle Ages

"As a cold wind howls round buildings made of local grey stone, it's hard to imagine this is the centre of a groundbreaking experiment working towards the NG's ambitions."

"That me to reste, I lent me to a stump
Of an oke, that sometyme grew full streyghte...

Whylis I stode musynge in this medytatyon
In slumbringe I fell and halfe in a slepe..."

"The provision of a community hub - with a primary school, local shops, playing fields, a commitment to low / zero carbon homes and priority to walking, cycling and public transport will secure the highest levels of sustainability", the spokesperson added.

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A Stray In Your Seat

"As we enter year three of a global pandemic – on top of rising inequality, climate crisis and, now, the emergence of war in Europe – there is clear appeal in a semblance of stability. When the future is capped with a question mark, it makes sense to want to shape it. And what’s more concrete and proactive than making a home of one’s own?"

“Some of the seismic effects are ones that can only be measured with sophisticated equipment."

"It is hosted by a man who does not appear to have ever set foot inside a kitchen."

So, it's been confirmed there are five quadrants to be marketed to potential commerical  'enterprises' who won't be able to work in isolation from the Council's own 'input' and access to the 'public rights of way', or footpaths around the North Bay will be restricted subject to the developers terms.

A rather unexpected splendid day out at the 'Pink Place' at Kirby Misperton, they have some rather innovative large 'paws' that you can get unexpectedly get rather close to.

"“If you can think of mammals that are fast like a cheetah or horse, you can almost guarantee they’ve got really big eyes,” says Chris Kirk. “This gives them better vision to avoid colliding with obstacles in their environment when they’re moving very quickly.”

Keep Busy.

A Crystal Maze

"Every year we throw away millions of tons of electronic waste – old computers, mobile phones, televisions.  All of them have circuit boards in them."

"“Everyone has an opinion about paella but the idea was to do fieldwork to establish what are the essential ingredients,” says Pablo Vidal (no relation), an anthropologist at the university involved in the research."

"“A domain such as coming to market will always cause a stir due to its rarity. From existing Yorkshire businesses or those expanding into the region, brands looking for campaign domains or simply proud Yorkshire bidders, we expect high levels of interest.”"

“What we have shown is what is always an ingredient of paella, what ingredients are sometimes used and what should never be used.”

"Francisco Franco was partial to paella and also liked to eat out on Thursday, so restaurants put it on the menu lest the dictator showed up for lunch."

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Go Yorkshire

"A Scarborough crab boat owner says gas in two fields off the North Yorkshire coast needs to be extracted to prevent the country being “dependent on everyone else”

"Anglo-Dutch oil giant Shell has postponed a 3D seismic survey on the two gasfields, Resolution and Endeavour, for the past two years."

I would simply like to propose a North, South, East  & west Skarbracadabra...

Geology for Dummies...

It's quite Simples...

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'Honey Badgers'

"Some might remember Corner Cafe, or the cherry red chairlift that would take you from Scarborough's North Bay  up to the fun-filled park on the hill."

"Tees Valley Mayor Ben Houchen said: “Draken’s expansion plans are paying off for local people right now, offering fantastic opportunities to get involved in an exciting and well-respected field either on the ground or up in the sky."

"It was known for the huge dinosaur models that were dotted around the grounds, as well as a huge range of amusements from a rollercoaster to fun fair, dodgems and even crazy golf."

The North Bay consultation interpretation and the Sale of the Old Pool site has been brought forward to May's Cabinet.

Keep Smiling... ;-00

Thou must not Wobble...

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A Study Area

"All elected members were invited to comment upon the draft proposals at presentations given on the 22 Feb 2022 and it was agreed that the proposals be the basis to undertake public consultation and further development.

3.8. In summary the draft proposals: Outline the need to provide improvements for both residents and vistors. Ensure that any development compliments the wider area i.e. North and South Bay and Scarborough as a whole ... rather than a set of discrete development sites. Build on the existing assets and uses of the North Bay i.e. Culture, Nature and Sport.  and;  Establish an emerging vision for the area:"

3.9. To assist in achieving this vision the consultant team go on to identify three key opportunities for development:

1. The Open Air Theatre; proposals to enhance the user experience and create a nationally significant venue by:   Increasing the venues crowd capacity Introducing weather cover to parts of the venue (but maintaining its open air theme). Improving infrastructure including permanent staging and green room facilities etc. Enhancing the user offer e.g. food and drink offer. Extending the programme of events to include other cultural activities.

2. New Visitor Attractions in the area including:  Adrenalin experiences and adventure sports such as climbing walls, cycle parks etc.  New family visitor attractions such as a new theme parks, food and beverage venues.

3. New Visitor Accommodation providing distinctive visitor accommodation options for the area, with a  focus on health and wellbeing and adding to the existing range of offerings including: Serviced apartments and lodges, Self-catered pods, cabins and camping facilities.  A high quality hotel offering (4star plus)

3.10. In support of these development opportunities the draft proposals go on to make further recommendations for the development of better travel infrastructure to support the area such as possible multi-storey car parking, improvement to cycle and pedestrian access.

3.11. It is on this basis that public consultation has since been carried out by BDP and officers of the Borough Council and with the invaluable support of volunteers from Better Borough Team.

3.12. The consultation has been publicised through traditional and social media and through leafleting of over 1,000 premises within the Northstead ward area."

"The public consultation commenced on 4 March and closed on the 6 April and has included:  The production of a website incorporating a video presentation and questionnaire for participants to complete.  A static display of the proposals within the Alexander Bowls Centre for the public to visit and comment upon. Better Borough volunteers interviewing members of the public and undertaking questionnaires to obtain their feedback.

A series of stakeholder engagement sessions including consultation with:  Scarborough Town Centre Team, Scarborough Chamber of Trade, Scarborough Civic Society, CU Scarborough Student Union, Coastline Sight Support & Yorkshire Coast Sight Support, Local MP’s Kevin Hollingrake and Sir Robert Goodwill & Eastern European Groups.

Officers are endeavouring to undertake further consultation sessions with additional stakeholder groups such as Friends of Peasholm Park and the Hospitality Association etc. prior to completing the feedback.

Concurrently the consultant team continue to engage with a range of existing operators, commercial investors and developers to ascertain their interest in the area."

"At the time of writing there have been over 600 consultation responses and whilst the results have yet to be analysed in detail early indications suggest there to be significant levels of support to the proposed approach to redevelopment from the public, stakeholders and potential investors."

"Further analysis of the consultation results will be undertaken in the coming days and a comprehensive picture of the feedback will be formulated. The outcome of the consultation along with any amendments to the proposed approach will be reported to Cabinet in May 2022. At this same meeting recommendations will be presented on the final framework for the masterplan prior to its completion and adoption in the summer of 2022."

Sssssh ...


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An Apple A Day

"It would be wrong to assume that he can waltz into Windsor and run away with the whole show. If the Queen does turn up to watch the thing – and that’s still a big if, given her recent health concerns – then Cruise runs the risk of being second banana to Titchmarsh."

"Think of all the shows the woman has been forced to endure in the last 20 years alone. Brian May played guitar on her roof and she couldn’t crack a smile. Atomic Kitten sang Dancing in the Street and she couldn’t have looked more bored."

A Heinz Variety

"In January, they provided advice to WtY which included a suggestion of going into administration - a course of action that was subsequently taken at the start of March after council leaders confirmed the private company would no longer be provided public funding."

"Given the amount of public funds that went into propping up WtY, it is not too much for those responsible for its closure to be submitted to further scrutiny."

Cancel Culture?

"“There are people using them who won’t know they’re illegal, but others who do, and still see it as worth the risk. The question is, what is the rest of the transport system not providing to these people?”"

"These devices are capped at a maximum speed of 15.5mph, and users must have a full or provisional driving licence. Helmet-wearing is strongly advised, although not mandatory. The Department for Transport is monitoring these trials, which have been extended to later this year, and will use the data collected to determine whether e-scooters should be legalised."

"It’s cumbersome and fairly heavy to wheel, and it takes me a minute to get the hang of it – you need to kick away and freewheel before you can start the engine. Gathering speed, I look from side to side and then, quietly as I can, I mutter: “Vroom. Vroom vroom.” It’s fun."

"The only person local to me who has genuine freedom of speech, without the threat of state prosecution for exercising it, is my MP.  And all he ever uses this supreme privilege for is to state that he agrees with the Prime Minister."


Quite fancy a day Orff...

Whadyamean it's a bank holiday ...

Up the Boro ...

"Streaming will commence at around 2.40pm"

Anyone got any crisps?

"The elderly residents were unable to remember the passcode and found the gate too heavy to push, becoming locked out of their homes."

I remember when they beat Chelsea... ;-)

Exciting, Innit.

"Might as well relax while I’m the only one here,” I think, and soon there are greasy plates piling up, fingerprinted tumblers on the coffee table and, yes, an unmade bed. It’s a long road to zero-slobbery and you need to be vigilant."

"... if an attack did happen it would be a massive problem"

"In The Bachelor Home Companion, meanwhile, the late American humorist PJ O’Rourke advised: “Sheets can be kept clean by getting drunk and falling asleep with your clothes on.”

Thou must not  'Wobble' ...

“We’ve been pleased to see the biggest players in the electric car and technology sectors, including Microsoft, Google, Volvo, BMW and Samsung, all call out the greenwash of the deep-sea mining companies and commit not to use deep-sea mined minerals in their products."

Mudslinging,  Moi?

It's not in my Nature.

“Do not throw rocks over the edge of crags and cliffs.”

“From a proportionality point of view, there was an extensive and well-documented narrative about what he had done and where he had been. We used that and information about the decision-making around it.”

"“He’s out of the fridge!"

Toothe Ache...


'Mounted Photovoltaic Arrays'

Stoney Haggs Road ...

"The glass faced dark blue panels would be angled at 25 degrees to maximise energy collection and the dimension of the panels would be 5m top to bottom."


How Exciting is that?

You don't spose it's buy one field get one free ...

"Disruption to local residents and users of the track will be kept to a minimum by working on short sections of the track and keeping the track open as much as possible."

Excellent Coves.

A Phantom of the Opera...

Miowwe.... Wow.

'Rogue One'

"It's staff are currently dealing with increased workloads around local government reorganisation as well as the borough's town deal funding projects and implementing the government's fuel grant payments."

"Nick Edwards - says some staff are starting to drift away and replacing them is tough."

Wakey Wakey ...


It must be a Green bin day


Parsley Sage

"This weekend F1 its first ever race in Miami as the US plays host to a pair of Grand Prix races for the first time since 1984 when the series touched down in Detroit and Dallas. But this time, rather than return to Motown, F1 has parked its massive travelling circus here, to the land of white sand beaches, neon lights and withering heat. And the local buzz isn’t simply a product of the town’s strongly poured daiquiris and mojitos."

"We are going to look to work with the local authorities but there will be a big difference in terms of the flavour. We are not going to ask the local authorities for money. We are going to try and work with the businesses to actively market the region and area and their businesses as opposed to asking for Government money.”

So, Erm as a matter of fact we have the three local NYC Wards,  Woodlands, Northstead & Newby, closest to the North Bay all singing from the same 'Book'  I feel a Local Area Committee in progress...

Exciting, innit?

Territorial Integrity.

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Just One Thing

"On Wednesday evening Conservative-controlled North Yorkshire county council passed a vote of no confidence in the Home Office “due to the lack of consultation of local communities and stakeholders.”

"At the parish council meeting on Thursday evening residents were told that there would be guards on the gates at the base and an increased police presence in the village between 8.30am and midnight seven days a week."

"“We’re trying to work out with her office to get some time in her diary. But it is our intention for her to come along.”"

"Eurovision star Sam Ryder has 'outed' Ben Adams as being one of Norway's Eurovision entrants in a live radio interview."