Half A Sixpence

"At their meeting, councillors will be asked to approve the sale of the land to enable the redevelopment plans to progress to the next stage. Through his business – Qdos Entertainment – Mr Thomas wants to build a 100-bedroom hotel, including several suites, both with and without sea views.  On the ground floor there would be a bar, restaurant and meeting space.

The hotel would create around 120 new jobs and provide an estimated 70,000 additional overnight bed spaces per year, contributing an extra £3.4 million to the local economy. Pitched as a four star ‘plus’ hotel, the facility would be promoted as a destination venue which, Mr Thomas says, would not be in direct competition with nearby establishments.

The investment would be funded privately."


"To realise a capital receipt and contribute to the regeneration of the area."






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A Pocket Full of Rye

"It is known that a 16th-century amusement was to place live birds in a pie."



"No corroborative evidence has been found to support these theories and given that the earliest version has only one stanza and mentions "naughty boys" and not blackbirds, they can only be applicable if it is assumed that more recently printed versions accurately preserve an older tradition."


"Nothing is so fatiguing as the eternal hanging on of an uncompleted task."


Tectonic Plates.


"His Gaia theory was ridiculed when he first proposed it, by many who believed it was “new age nonsense”. It now makes up the basis of much of climate science. He was also controversial among his fellow environmental scientists and campaigners because he advocated for nuclear energy. Now, many agree with his view."

Sleep Tight



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An Inspector Gadget, Coat

"The refurbishment of the Sun Court has been very successful and attracted a number of new wedding show rounds, resulting in new bookings for 2023. The feedback for the changes has been excellent and we are continuing to build on the new look wedding venue with a view to attracting many more weddings in 2023 onwards. There is a Wedding Fayre planned at the Spa later this year which will give us the opportunity to show off the venue and what it has to offer. A new Wedding brochure is in production at the moment."


"The Orchestra season is underway. However, it is disappointing to report that attendances are low and not at anticipated levels. The Summer Shows are taking place in the Little Theatre at the moment. Razzle Dazzle is running three times a week and whilst audience numbers are better, they are still not at the levels hoped."


"A series of workshops have taken place with creative practitioners to start mapping what cultural assets/organisations and individuals are within the Borough and their needs to support local growth. The aim of this is to create a database, a cultural map and a micro site which will enable the sharing of best practice, highlight business opportunities, carry out networking events and grow local supply chains to support the circular economy."


No pressure.... but I don't like carrots.


"Speaking at the meeting, Cllr Heather Phillips, who proposed the call-in of the cabinet’s decision, said it was not done in an “accusatory” manner, but was “exploratory”."


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"There remains significant interest in the site for the purposes of high quality hotel development and the strategic and economic benefits are still relevant and achievable and delivery of the North Bay masterplan and the elements there in remain a key strategic focus for the future growth and prosperity of the town. The provision of high-quality hotel is intrinsic to realising the overall objectives of the masterplan and with the LGR transition now complete it is proposed that NYC maintain this momentum and facilitate progression of the development."



How Exciting.

"Area Constituency Committees should not make decisions which significantly affect parts of North Yorkshire outside the Committee’s area."


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Here We Were

"Given its main feature is neither a garden nor a lido, or a playground, but a bridge that goes nowhere, there are few people who would debate this. It is not the biggest park, nor is it the coolest park or the park with the best vista . It is, however, the most extraordinary."






Well Spotted, by the way...;-0

""It's disgusting. I have not been able to sleep much because I am still so angry. Dogs bark. It's what they do.""