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Of some interest is that Anglo American were not represented at the 'vote' and have been very quiet on their future for the Woodsmith mine, and indeed Boulby mine.

I guess they have been busy with Effectiveness Efficiency & Delivery : https://www.angloamerican.com/~/media/Files/A/Anglo-American-Group/PLC/m...

With a view that Sirius Minerals is a 'compelling fit and opportunity' with a clear 'strategic fit', 'competitive product' and 'well progressed project' it would seem, to some that Anglo's engagement with the local community since the offer has been accepted is quite 'deafening'. 

It may appear they have some more pressing 'issues'...

“Sea of Mud, Never Again”


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'Identify Yourself'

"Mark Cutifani visited the mine and the companies Scarborough offices last week, he says the project will have an impact on global land use....  he expects Whitby's Woodsmith Mine to bring benefits to the local area for years to come.  He says the mine will deliver a range of benefits over the lifetime of the project.

"The Woodsmith Project involves digging two 1 mile deep mine shafts at Woodsmith Mine near the village of Sneaton near Whitby, and a 23 mile transportation tunnel to a processing facility and port on Teesside.  In a world first, most of the surface infrastructure at Woodsmith Mine is being built underground and the site landscaped to minimise the visual impact on the surrounding countryside.  It will mine a giant deposit of the mineral polyhalite, which will be sold as a natural, low carbon environmentally friendly fertiliser. 1,300 people are now employed full time in the construction of the project, up from 1,000 at the end of last year."


Absolutely fantastic news that the CEO of Anglo have made statements that they intend to complete the mine.




""Grants could be used for a wide range of projects, for example, to reduce the carbon footprint of a building, organisation or community; for a communal electric car-charging point; to raise awareness about climate change; or to train the next generation of electric vehicle mechanics."



“Doubtless, people will have plenty of other ideas. We can all play a part in looking after the world we love.”"

I never mentioned Elfs once...


Port Side.

"So far the company has excavated about two-thirds of the 23-mile long tunne..."


Best not mention Argonauts...

and "will step down from the Board at Anglo American's next Annual General Meeting (AGM) in April 2022, having both served for nine years."



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'Sirius Foundations'

"The global mining company building the Woodsmith fertiliser mine is to plough a further £530m into the scheme next year to make changes to its construction."

"Anlgo – which snapped up the former Sirius Minerals project last year – has been carrying out a detailed technical review of the Woodsmith polyhalite project.

It now says a number of elements of the project’s design “would benefit from modification to bring it up to Anglo American’s safety and operating integrity standards”."

"“The Woodsmith team is further developing the engineering to optimise the configuration of the project, recognising the multi-decade life of the mine.

“Particular attention is on those aspects identified at the outset of Anglo American’s ownership – namely, the sinking of the two main shafts, the development of the underground mining area, and the changes required to accommodate both increased production capacity and the more efficient and scalable mining method of using only continuous miners; such improvements will also require the installation of additional ventilation earlier in the development of the underground mining area.”"


"“This is a very long-life asset and we are going to take the necessary time to get every aspect of the design right to match our long term vision and value aspirations."


"Meanwhile, Chris Fraser, the project’s founder, has decided to step down as the project’s CEO to move to a strategic projects role for Anglo American."

Live Long & Prosper.


"He will be replaced by Tom McCulley, who has led the successful development of the company’s huge Quellaveco copper project in Peru.""


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