'Downing Street'

"Mr Corbyn was Labour leader up until the general election of 2019, where the party recorded its worst result since 1935. The MP was granted a pass to this year's conference, despite being expelled from Labour in Parliament in an ongoing row over anti-Semitism.  But his appearances have been restricted to the fringe, rather than the main stage."

"Labour's deputy leader said "common decency" had to be restored to the workplace."


""As we respond to the climate crisis with all the transformation that entails, we have a fateful choice to make.  "We can try and put a green coat of paint on an unfair, unequal, unjust Britain, or we can make a different choice.""


Conference Season ... ;-/




'Carts & Horses'

""He said he had "never made a commitment to nationalisation", instead proposing "common ownership" for services like rail and mail - two ideas he insisted were "worlds apart.""

"The world has changed since they were made but now the question is how do we apply them in the reflective circumstance that we find ourselves in going into a general election.

"I stand by the principles and the values that are behind the pledges I made to our members, but the most important pledge I made is that I would turn our party into a party that would be fit for government and capable of winning a general election and I am not going to be deflected from that.""




"As part of the government's space strategy released this week, Boris Johnson has promised to create a "Galactic Britain"."




'The Luddite Party'?

"“We have a fuel crisis, a pay crisis, a goods crisis and a cost of living crisis – all at the same time.""


Hmmm ...





Fabulous stuff ...


"What the public cannot see, they argue, the public cannot miss. To them I say, phooey. We have no choice but to make these improvements, and any delay is a false economy. There are staff currently operating the signalling system with Bakelite switches and levers installed in 1926."


"The referendum represents a potential watershed moment beyond Berlin too. It highlights the role that ordinary tenants – and grassroots organising – can play in developing policies for affordable housing while supporting communities increasingly at risk of displacement. It can be a catalyst for municipal housing movements across Europe."



Just confiscate all those empty second homes  ...



I've had to put me heating on ... but the cats been fed.



A "Start to Wobble'

"Political competition is brisk, never more so than at this time of year, as one party conference ends and another begins. This is not a one-party state."



"The party enjoys huge leads in everyone over 50, with three times as many over-65s voting Tory as Labour. Almost nobody who voted Tory in 2019 says they will vote Labour now (at 2% this figure is within the margin of error of zero) with four times as many voters deserting to Richard Tice's right-wing Reform party.That does not mean that Mr Johnson is in an unassailable position"



The Peoples Vote...

"Contemporary Russia now distances itself from its Soviet past by removing the October Revolution as a national holiday"




Just warming up ...

"Mr. Ambassador, you have nearly a hundred naval vessels operating in the North Atlantic right now. Your aircraft has dropped enough sonar buoys so that a man could walk from Greenland to Iceland to Scotland without getting his feet wet. Now, shall we dispense with the bull?"


Sometimes ...  you just have to Count your Blessings.

"Sporadic fatal insomnia..."


The Northern Agenda.

"Nature has a wonderful way of recovering from past mistakes and if left alone I believe would do so again and at a lot less financial cost, and a lot cleaner. And the nut would not be shattered."


"The music pipes up, the camera pans back, and everyone in the audience found themselves thinking, "I want one of those hats."

Boris & The Hybrids

"... since its thumping 2019 election win, Johnson insisted he was ready to take the “big, bold decisions on the priorities people care about – like on social care, on supporting jobs, on climate change, tackling crime and levelling up”."


"... the government itself was unclear what “levelling up” meant. “You don’t level up by increasing the tax and cost of living on the working class. We have to be absolutely clear what levelling up means. Do we mean that we are going to give better opportunities to the least well-off, or is it simply a programme to move and invest more outside London? Both matter but the first matters far more.”"


"“We understand that your connection to culture is disappearing and you don’t want to lose that,” a police officer says in an audio recording shared with Guardian Australia."




'It Takes All Sorts'

"It’s as if all members of the cabinet are in competition with one another to see who can give the blandest speech. We could be at a homeopathy convention where the dream ticket is the slightest memory of reality. It doesn’t matter what you say, so long as it’s devoid of any content and ignores any of the genuine problems the country is facing. And when it comes to saying nothing,.."


"The only thing Gove was sure about was that inequalities were all the fault of the EU. Because it’s a well-known fact that the UK was a classless society back in the 1960s before we joined. Gove might also be surprised to find out that most other EU member countries don’t have the same levels of inequality as us. But what the hell? Now Boris and Gove are getting Brexit done, everything is going to be hunky-dory on the levelling-up agenda. After all, what could go wrong?"




Have a sensible day.


Thou must not Scratch...


"OFCOM stipulate that a number of channels on the Multiplex will need to be reserved for Community Radio stations."

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'Not A Loud One'

"Outside, it is even worse, as a walk down the steps between the hotel and the cliff lift to Foreshore Road makes obvious. How has such a magnificent building, as iconic and emblematic of Yorkshire in its own way as York Minster or Castle Howard, been allowed to come to this?"


"... it is an indictment of its ownership that Scarborough Council evidently feels that it must intervene for the sake of the town, however limited the authority’s powers are to make a real difference."

"This, after all, had been one of the great hotels not only of Britain, but all Europe, a monument to opulence that proclaimed Scarborough’s status as the queen of resorts. Only four years ago, the Grand was included in Historic Britain’s top 10 places, buildings and historical sites that tell the “remarkable story of England and its impact on the world”."





“Anyone got a pen?” he said. “Quick!”


"Time and tide wait for no one. Neither do crises. They don’t take holidays, and don’t politely hang fire – certainly not to suit the convenience of a departing PM and the whims of two potential successors and the Conservative party membership. But with the country already in the eye of a cost of living storm, decisions cannot be put on hold until a changeover on 5 September, leaving impoverished families twisting in the wind. "



'Delay and Dither'

""We are dealing with the biggest underlying issues of our economy and society, the problems that no government has had the guts to tackle before.""

"Mr Johnson will say "talent, genius, flair, imagination, enthusiasm" are "evenly distributed around this country", adding: "There is no reason why the inhabitants of one part of the country should be geographically fated to be poorer than others, or why people should feel they have to move away from their loved ones, or communities to reach their potential.""




Brittle Bones



Whats That Then ...


"“For more than five hours Facebook wasn’t used to deepen divides, destabilise democracies and make young girls and women feel bad about their bodies.” Facebook has 3.5 billion monthly active users across its platforms including Instagram and WhatsApp."






Thou must not Giggle..



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Doom or Dust

"“The public will soon tire of Boris’s banter if the government does not get a grip of mounting crises: price rises, tax rises, fuel shortages, labour shortages. There was nothing new in this speech, no inspiring new vision or policy,”"



"The trolls have moved out of their caves and onto the internet..


Unlike the mythological creatures of early Scandinavian folklore."


"It’s really fun to see people’s love for Otis being expressed through the competition and through their campaign efforts.”


Everyones entitled to their own little party ;-0


It's Triangular...


'The Ministerial Code'

"It's been revealed that other authorities have had problems with cyber attacks and it's hoped these plans will stop that from happening to NYCC."


"Leaking almost every budget detail by a deluge of emails was completely normal, he insisted. Every chancellor before Sunak had done it. Only all their emails had gone straight to spam."


"Even back in communist times they would travel to the south of the country in the summer for seasonal farm work or to paint high-voltage towers."



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'Around the Hoop'

"Prime Minister Boris Johnson is to meet with the 1922 Committee of Conservative backbench MPs as pressure mounts ahead of crunch votes on Plan B coronavirus restrictions."


Bingo's on that one ... ;-)


"The government has made it very clear that it would "not hesitate to act if required to protect our critical national infrastructure"."

"For now, he is happy to sit with a large chunk of a company he thinks is undervalued."


"Wheeler was not initially the only challenger: Robert Goodwill also sounded out colleagues, but when Brady resisted a system of voting in rounds in favour of a single poll conducted under first-past-the-post, Goodwill pulled out, fearing he would split the vote.

While Brady is likely to retain the post he has held since 2010, the challenge underlines some backbenchers’ discontent over their relationship with Johnson.

“No 10 don’t care what the 22’s got to say,” one said, gloomily. “Downing Street won’t be swayed by our grumblings – whoever’s conveying the message.”"


Where's me Red List gone...

"If you hear shouts of "no" from MPs, they will hold official votes and traipse through the lobbies, with the results coming around 15 minutes later"

Yawwwnn ... ;-0


Far less less graphical.


"MPs have unanimously voted to approve changing the rules so that vaccinated people who come into contact with suspected Omicron cases will no longer have to self-isolate."


The Ayes Have it  ...

"The House of Commons backs the government's plan to introduce Covid passes - or passports - for entry to large venues in England, such as nightclubs, by 369 votes to 126.

The Labour leadership supported the move, but the Liberal Democrats and many on Boris Johnson's own Conservative benches opposed it."



"And now for the final Commons vote this evening, on whether front-line NHS staff in England should be compelled to be vaccinated for Covid."


"The result of the final vote is in, with the government's plans to make Covid vaccinations compulsory for front-line NHS workers in England passing by 385 votes to 100.

So all the measures got through, one without a vote and the others by varying margins."

Sleep Tight.


The 'Cutty Sark'

"One second I was caving, the next minute, the world went mad. And then it all went black. And then two minutes later, I woke up in a very different state."


"It is very difficult not to be in awe of the engineering achievement as they whisk you from Paddington to Liverpool Street in 12 minutes.  The stations are huge and glistening. The trains clean, bright and fast. Eventually they'll run every few minutes."


"Councillor Siddons says plans for the redevelopment of Scarborough's North Bay area are also progressing with community consultation expected to take place before the end of February on a first draft of a new masterplan."



"As well as pieces of track up for grabs, there are also sections of platform and steps for sale."