Refinery Approved?

Do Parish Councils exist as "a self selective elite"  with many a Parish having vacancies with members being appointed without any democratic process?

It was also stated as a fact that  "no Parish exists without a Precept".

"Parishes may charge a parish precept to fund the parish council and activities they undertake on behalf of your community. Each parish must forecast how much they are going to need in the following financial year. This is then divided by the number of properties in the parish."

Of interest here is does Scarborough Town need to be gaslighted by NYC into yet another tier of doubling down and what would be the implications of a Town without the usual busy bodies?

"The best things in life are free! With many people wanting to travel but being spend conscious at the same time, we’re pleased to say you can still enjoy your getaways filled with attractions to see and activities to do that don’t break the bank."




'Net Zero Battalion'

"Planning flexibilities will remove a significant barrier to economic growth, and together tax and planning flexibilities will enable businesses to benefit from the positive effects of co-locating (also known as “agglomeration effects”).

"Rough has been called into action because of “Dunkelflaute” conditions blanketing northern Europe: barely any wind or solar power available to generate electricity on grey, still days."

"The Freeports programme has already shown how targeted tax reliefs and support can bring together the public and private sector to begin to transform areas in need of levelling up."

"Rough sits below the resource-rich southern North Sea, where rigs routinely compete with windfarms and fishing boats for space. The sea is 36m deep, and Rough is 3km below that. A 30km-square reservoir under sandstone, it is twice the size of Lake Windemere... It is connected to pipelines via 24 ever-narrowing straws."

"A deep whirr punctures the calm of the east Yorkshire coast.."

Festive Fun.

"The Scotsman neatly packs away his personalised overalls and tucks a can of Irn-Bru into his jeans pocket, before heading off to tackle whatever the energy crisis has to throw at him next."

"We will set out further detail on the liberalised planning offer for Investment Zones in due course."

'Stringent and Inflexible'

"The current proposal is to create Community Networks, they are described as "unelected community partnerships acting as agents for social and economic change""

"In a turn of events that highlighted geographic and transport issues a combined authority for the vast area will face, the inaugural meeting of North Yorkshire and City of York Council’s joint devolution committee started more than half an hour late due to committee members travelling to central York being delayed on public transport..."

"The meeting heard the committee was being launched despite the public having yet to decide having a mayoral combined authority as part of the proposed devolution deal is acceptable, with a consultation under way."

One Orkshire.


Bed Time Stories

"Footage of the “warm up” demonstrations also showed security guards confronting protesters lying on sofas inside the shop in Knightsbridge, London."


"The eco-activists want action over “sky-rocketing” energy bills and were joined by other grassroots movements including Don’t Pay UK and Fuel Poverty Action."

Baldrick !!!

I had a cunning plan ;-0

A Sharks Tale

"A meeting of the Tory-run council’s corporate scrutiny committee heard councillors brand the proposed forums as unnecessary, while others have said they would be toothless or poorly attended as they could not make financial decisions."

"How they would all operate, he forgot to mention. You just needed to believe."

"... it was important that everyone went away and had a good consult."


"Unlike high-pitched noises, low-frequency sounds like the hum - which range in frequency from about 10Hz to 200Hz - can't be masked and are capable of penetrating through blockers such as ear plugs and headphones. On a night when the streets and houses are silent, the noise is amplified."

Sleep Tight.

"The challenge is, then, to ensure good people who can generate vibrancy, prosperity and a sense of community are not chased away by what they may well see as a Luddite mentality hell-bent on freezing people and places in time."

Absolute Chaos

"Levelling Up Secretary Michael Gove said: "Ultimately it is local people who know what is best for their areas."

"There will also be elected leaders of the authorities, rather than a mayor as in previous devolution deals."

Apparently I am of the Toxic Generation and 'emotionally unequipped.'

I can live with that.

But that's because I'm thin, innit. 

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A Draft, Budget

"We are having a double burden actually at the moment," says Ms Omma, "I'm worried about the future."

"If a herder loses part of his or her land to a wind farm, it is very difficult for them to find replacement space nearby. This is because any adjacent grazing land would, in all likelihood, be being used by another herder. There isn't enough such land to go around, which has already led to legal issues and conflicts between herders."

"The draft budget will also be discussed and voted on at a full session of the town council on January 10, 2023, before it becomes official."


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'Devo Max'

"It is a truth universally acknowledged that whatever the problem, it is always someone else’s fault. Especially in politics."

"Bullshit believers are able to live in a world where all these things are true, a parallel universe far rosier than our own."

"The meaning of the word efficacious."

'Stay Civil'

"Using an array of equipment including single and multi-beam echo sounders, towed sensors and remotely operated bodies to gather hydrographic and oceanographic data, which will benefit scientists, and fellow seafarers."

"In February 1645, Parliamentarians laid siege to Scarborough Castle. For five months, they bombarded it, destroying most of the keep."


"They missed p,q, r and s."

'Romancing the Stone'

The Executive has recommended that Scarborough Town Council is to receive 15 elected Councillors to cover the five unparished wards.

These are to be elected in May 2024 for an interim three year term until 2027.  No assets are to be transferred other than those 'Civil' to be held under Trust.

The proposal led by Derek Bastiman was backed and agreed by Liz Collins, Janet Jefferson and Tony Randerson.

Concerns were raised that co-opted unelected people with no public mandate was the anti-thesis of local democracy.

Other concerns raised were that in creating a new Combined Unitary Authority yet another teir of democracy was to be formed without actually knowing what any tax (precept) would be and that the low respone rate was recognised as an anomaly. 


Best not mention Kryptonite... ;-0

Exciting, innit.


"Creativity is the heart and soul of who we are and what we do at Northstead. And in a creative business like ours, nothing can replace the ability to connect, observe and create with peers that comes from being physically together, nor the opportunity to grow professionally by learning from leaders and mentors.”"

OOh I feel some multiple choice coming on ... ;-00

The War of the Roses

Thou must not Scratch...

The Golden Globe Version ;-0

'Fundamentally Fine'

"“Before carrying out the work we consulted with both of the relevant local planning authorities, which confirmed they had no objections or comments relating to the schemes."

"I'm itching to get in that seat."

"It always shocks some people that we do not put a trainee into a train driver cab until around Week 13.

"I have been involved in clearing snow to uncover the markings, finding a bag of sawdust and re-mark the pitch, forking the pitch for an hour to drain the penalty areas, brushing water off the pitch and using a roller to remove the ice."

A 'Jubilee Hub'

"While Ryedale remained a sovereign authority until vesting day on April 1, the county council “should not interfere with the business of Ryedale District Council” and that the second tier authority should continue assessing CIL applications according to strict criteria."

"As there is an upcoming election in May, this is the ruling Conservatives way of avoiding a “complete wipeout” in Windsor by rectifying its past decision to block a town council, having previously outraged many residents."

"Talk is cheap, as they say. “It’s interesting times. It’s not as if the campaign has been won yet. It’s a welcomed move in the right direction but we want to see more proof in the pudding"

"It was noted that, had the aircraft not been in a turn at the time, there would have been a very high chance of collision with the drone."

"“I think I could eat one of Bellamy’s veal pies.”"

'A Statutory Duty'

"A resolution of the council reflecting the terms of the proposed motion would be a public declaration of the council’s over all position on the issue of fracking. When members are sitting in a quasi-judicial role as they are with planning decisions, they have to be alert to how any views expressed by them individually or a collective view of the authority could impact their position."

"The authority is understood to have raised a number of objections, including the logistics of accessing the site and the impact on the local tourism industry."

"If approved, North Star added the scheme would take 18 months to deliver... and mean they would actually have to do something rather than sit in their ergonomic chairs drawing pictures of a green utopia"

"I must be a rarity in having a glove box in my car stuffed with maps. I still pull over to ask directions, which isn’t always easy, and no doubt many would say unsafe, but I’d rather that than have to listen to a robot telling me where to go for the entire journey."

'Shuffle & Rewiring'

"“The mayor is due to be elected by residents of York and North Yorkshire so they would be directly accountable to the electorate at the ballot box. Beyond that, their activities will be scrutinised by an overview and scrutiny committee."

"586 aka 30% of the respondents were retired..."

"Because the nuts kept falling into a wall cavity, the birds couldn’t access them. So they kept filling the gap with more and more acorns."

"Those projected into high office enjoying the choreography of the Downing Street catwalk."

Pest Control.

The Golden Globe version;-0

Grrr ...

Thou Must not Sulk ...

The Best of 'Bolly'

"The Conservative MP for Scarborough and Whitby has confirmed he will not stand at the next general election. Sir Robert Goodwill, 66, has held the seat for 18 years since winning it from Labour in the 2005 election. He served as a minister under David Cameron and Theresa May and is chairman of the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Select Committee."

"... to improve the regulation and transparency of commodity markets we have a trading system driven by profit rather than purpose, and an international market with, essentially, no rules.”"

A 'Pin Stickers' Guide?

Thou must not Think. ..

"...should the former prime minister have a change of heart and decide to head for a safe seat that he knows well, plans are being made by rival parties to make life difficult for him."

"It was instilled in us that we could be whatever we wished... It missed us by a fraction"