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“The foundations of the Basilica, the ceremonial centre of the Fortress, are visible today in York Minster’s Undercroft  museum…the ceremonial centre of the Roman fortress, have been found beneath the Minster building.”

Dear Prudence

"The first Christian church on the site has been dated to 627 and the first Archbishop of York was recognised by the Pope in 732."

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"A stone Saxon church survived Viking invasion in 866 but was ransacked by William the Conqueror's forces in 1069.  William appointed his own Archbishop, Thomas, who by the end of the century had built a great Norman Cathedral on the site."

"The present Gothic-style church was designed to be the greatest cathedral in the kingdom.  It was built over 250 years, between 1220 and 1472. As the natural centre of the Church in the North, the Minster has often played an important role in great national affairs - not least during the turbulent years of the Reformation and the Civil War.”


“There are records of canon balls coming through windows during services.  When the city finally surrendered, it was agreed in the terms of negotiation that no further damage would be inflicted on the Minster, so protecting the medieval stained glass."

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"Until now, passengers have been able to ride in art deco carriages of the British Pullman service from Victoria station in London to Folkestone. There they board coaches to cross the Channel to meet Belmond’s continental train at Calais, then, as night falls, they dress for dinner; a compartment in one of the vintage 1929 cars costs from £3,530 to £10,100 per person, so evening dress is required, and jeans, as Hercule Poirot would expect, are banned."

"there is scepticism in the tourist industry about how the checks will work in practice."

The Fat Lady must not sing... ;-0


""We're throwing everything at the wall and seeing what sticks.""