Some Mothers Do Ave' Em

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"Live Nation has purchased a controlling interest in Cuffe & Taylor, one of the UK’s fastest-growing promoters. The business, which was founded in 2009 by Daniel Cuffe and Peter Taylor, is focused on festivals and promoting artists in novel and non-traditional outdoor venues.  Michael Rapino, Live Nation Entertainment President and CEO, said: “Our mission at Live Nation has never been clearer. We want to connect fans with the artists they love, and through this deal with Cuffe & Taylor we are able to offer fans in the UK more choices than ever before.”


'Knocking Shops'

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'Fed up with always being in the slow queue? '

"Perhaps Benjamin Franklin said it best, in 1748: "Remember that time is money." 

Whether it is lining up to pay for your groceries, making a bank transaction, or waiting for a table at a trendy restaurant, time costs money. As businesses become aware of the direct and indirect costs of waiting, they are looking at innovative ways to reduce these expenses by "designing out" queues...


The Big Issue

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Scarborough Borough Council is voting to merge Yorkshire Coast Homes with Country Housing Association Ltd:

Details of which can be found on the Borough's website:



The Leader of the Opposition ?


'Radio Sleepytime'

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I was just gonna say how Whitby has to be celebrated as the most tolerant place in Yorkshire.  Then up pops a divisive poll followed by harsh words from Bob and even the local RNLI are all having a pop. 

As Brexit continues to break backs on the back of Aunty Austerity some things bite.  Frankly tis all getting rather rip roaring (boring) other than it is almost a century on from the end of WWI (google it)

Europe must be laughing it's socks off.  


Euro Vision 2018

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All the Kings Men ...

Rather than getting all Humpty Dumpty some views over the Bridge:

"... most of Yorkshires rivers were clean and very good fisheries again long before the EU. The exceptions being the River Don and River Aire and their tributaries, which were polluted by industrial waste.  However it is debatable how much the EU directive had on cleaning up these rivers, the fact that the polluting industries have all been closed down and moved to the EU or China has had a much bigger effect."


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