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Scarborough Borough Council have just released its latest public consultation exercise "Building A Future" , focused on the Tourism Industry it is full of jargon and superficial soundbites and claims its vision is "To Be The Best".    A "Visitor Economy Strategy" to achieve "Renaissance by 2020" .  What does it all mean ?? I had to look up (wiki) Renaissance, to me that suggests healthy ladies scantily dressed in fragrantic pose.  Ok, so it a 'draft' dreamed up by Cllr David Chance Portfolio Holder for Tourism and Culture.  So, despite a local cynicism (we all know that Tourism is in deep decline) and being skeptical of all the unelected bodies that contribute to the local Tourism Industry (are they creating jobs and work for themselves?) I find that the document does hold some very interesting information, and lists far more busy 'bodies' of self interest that you could throw a tourist at.    Within the document "The Centre for Social Justice report in August 2013 (xiii) and the Wilkins Kennedy accountants findings that showed the top five UK personal bankruptcy black-spots in 2012 are on the coast, including Torquay (top) with Scarborough sitting third alongside Blackpool (xiv)." and alongside confirmation that Tourism provision is operated by lone traders, life-style, micro business and small enterprises, you have to ask why Tourism is top of the agenda, are they sucking you in to spit you out?   Is the Tourism Industry all its cracked up to be?  Should more emphasis be put on other industries that give a balance to the local economy?  On the negative side Tourism offers low pay, low skills, transient workforce, seasonality, weather dependent, consumer led, private individual investment that leads (more often than not ) to bankruptcy.    On the positive side it offers all these people something to do:

Cllr David Chance, SBC Portfolio Holder of Tourism & Culture

Scarborough Borough Council

Create - the Borough's Arts Development Agency

Scarborough Museums Trust

Yorkshire Coast Tourism Advisory Board

Festivals North Yorkshire

Creative North Yorkshire

Screeen Yorkshire

North York Moors Coast and Hills LEADER

North York Coastal Forums 

North York Moors National Park

Ryedale District Council

Local Nature Partnerships (Defra)

Welcome to Yorkshire

North Yorkshire Community Plan

Yorkshire Innovation Fund

Local Enterprise Partnership

Sports England

Big Lottery Fund

Association of Town & City Centre Management

People 1st

Heritage Lottery Fund

English Heritage

Cultural Tourism

Visit England

British Hospitality Association

Visit Britain

Forestry Commission

Natural England

Coastal Communities Fund

The Department of Tourism & Heritage

The Department of Culture Media and Sport

Bored yet?  Anyhow back to the draft consultation - Welcome to Yorkshire have a 'vision' of Scarborough Borough (that includes Scarborough, Whitby, and Filey) as becoming a sub brand "Yorkshire Coast"  suggesting a complete rebranding exercise to establish "Yorkshire Coast" as the official destination  brand. 

Wow !! How ingenious is that? But I think Yorkshire Coast Radio figured that one out some twenty years ago.

If you want to take part in the consultation exercise here is the link:




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More More More

Yorkshire Coast and Moors Area Committee, yet another sub committee & off shoot of the democratic decision making bodies that infest our local authorites (ie a private club) have on their 2nd July Meeting Agenda (10.00 am at Filey!) plans to formally replace the Seachange Community Trust with Coast & Vale Community Action and add members to the board.: -

Now whilst some 'charities' are genuine, it seems to me that others are funded and founded by the tax payer for carrying out responsibilites that imo should really be part and parcel of the local authorities usual remit. Indeed I find the reliance of 'charity' status to attract funding, and moreover 'volunteers' ie unwaged and unpaid working members of society quite disconcerting. At a time when budget cuts are being forced upon Councils resulting in frontline services being cut and the inevitable job losses that follow, the voluntary sector and 'charitable' status seem to be too willing and too keen to jump in to fill the gap.  Whatsmore the substitution of 'charity' over 'responsibility and accountability'  all seems to be very well orchestrated.   By whom and who really gets to benefit? Eg; The Streets, who funded this and what was that funding for? Because imo that was certainly not for the local 'kids', they were just dangled as the carrot to attract the cash:

Where does it stop?

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Dutch Casio & The Sundance Kid

Erm,   Factor 104?

"An analysis of February’s three-day arts festival shows a total of 6,230 people at the festival events over the weekend.

Estimates suggest this brought a direct economic boost of £426,781 into Scarborough. The continuing effect of that money spent through the economy – known as the induced economic impact – is estimated at around £650,549 for the Scarborough local economy."

'Induced' or 'Enhanced' ...  Quite Enchanting.



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The Bronte Beat, Bench & Bus

"Dame Judi Dench has been appointed the new honorary president of the Bronte Society as it marks the bicentenary of Charlotte Bronte's birth.

The actress, who appeared in the 2011 film of Bronte's Jane Eyre, said she was "delighted" to be offered the role.

"It will be an honour to work with the society to promote [the Brontes'] legacy," continued the 81-year-old.

Chair John Thirlwell said the society was "thrilled" and could "think of no better person" to be its president.

Dame Judi, who was born near York, will be officially voted in at the society's annual general meeting in June."

Back Seat Drivers :

The Legend :

Skardiborgi Bronte :

Don't spose anyone will be clambering over her grave .... they took the signs down.