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"“Does the restoration of sovereignty not extend to democratic oversight by elected members of this house?” He called it “false framing, used to hold this house to ransom” to suggest that opposition to it would mean accepting no deal. “Let’s be clear about what’s being asked for this house today: that’s for a blank cheque to be issued to this government to implement a deal that is devoid of democratic oversight,”"

"People felt they were being 
patronised and deemed too stupid to understand what they voted for in the referendum."


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'efficient dissemination'


"“I hate having to be the one who suggests we shall fight them on the beaches … I deeply regret having to indicate we may be required to fight them on the landing grounds … Nobody likes being the one whose job it is to announce we shall never surrender … 

Once you’ve noticed the tic you can’t stop hearing it.”

One palm tree does not a Benidorm make ...


I feel a desktop exercise coming on ...

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An 'Anglosphere'


"Wood wonders if elite, including even Conservative, opinion will shift in the coming decades as we discover it’s cold outside – that the Americans don’t give us much attention, that in reality there is no “Anglosphere” to replace the EU as our obvious home. We’d have lost our seat at the grownups’ table and, with it, our clear place in the world. Theoretical sovereignty might be a thin comfort blanket to a nation that feels diminished and “marooned”


Obviously not on the same page ;-)

Nobody ever won anything on twitter...

"“What is slightly ironic is that all young people now get a lot of environmental education, and they seem to be the worst,” he says. “My mother and father lived through the rationing period after the second world war, and that experience meant they never threw anything away.”"

Spose if I buy one share at a time just to be really annoying ...

Keep Busy.

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A Moving Factory

"Lord Heseltine insisted that as the 52%-48% decision to quit the EU was so close, pro-Europeans must not “lie down”, but follow the example of the SNP.

The ex-Cabinet minister told Times Radio: “You have got a country which is deeply divided and it is very important to give hope and keep alive the aspirations of the younger generation.

“Of course we must fight back.

“There are millions of people who feel just as strongly as I do, and we are not going to lie down.”

Lord Heseltine derided the last-minute post-Brexit trade deal with Brussels, and branded Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s comments on the UK’s exit from the bloc as “ludicrous”.

He said: “We have got a deal which is an ongoing battleground for dissention, and disruption, that’s all we have got."

“And, the idea that that’s going to be static and set in stone – well, just take the Scots Nats, they lost the referendum. Show me one speech by one Scots Nat who said ‘It’s over. Oh, yes, we lost. Let’s be good boys and girls and let’s accept it’.

“Of course they didn’t. They immediately said ‘we nearly won – we must have another go’.

“And I take very much the same view about British self-interest.

“Our self-interest is to be at the heart of Europe. It has been that way for a thousand years.”

Lord Heseltine, a firm unionist, also said the post-Brexit trade deal would work as a “recruiting sergeant” for Scottish nationalism, as the SNP pushes for another referendum on independence.

The comments came after Mr Johnson said the UK quitting the single market and customs union meant the country has “taken back control of our money, our laws and our waters”."

"“It’s a moving factory,” says Didier Jacques, construction director, and a veteran of the Channel Tunnel project. Behind the cutter head will be a control cabin, where more than a dozen screens tell the operators exactly what is going on. “It is pressurised like a submarine so we can work safely underground.”

The two machines, named Florence and Cecilia by HS2 Ltd, are a significant upgrade even on the beasts brought in to dig out London’s Crossrail tunnels: not just bigger but also capable of continuous boring to speed up the years of work, drilling onwards even as the 7.5-tonne concrete tunnel segments are sucked up and swung into place by hydraulic arms behind the cutter head... and a refuge chamber promising 24 hours of survival should anything occur underground. Human safety will be improved by a pioneering robot, dubbed the Krokodyl because of its jaws, whose job will include removing the pieces of wood used to space out the hefty concrete segments."

A cheerful Swampy, speaking before his arrest, said he hoped the protests would slow HS2 until the government decided to can the works: “I still think there is a very good chance they will cancel it: it’s unpopular already and more hearts and minds are changing now they see the devastation.”"

I want one... ;-)

Best not mention woodburners...

"“We’re continuing building more treehouses and better infrastructure, so that they are weatherproof and people can stay as long as possible, with sleeping bags and tarps and stoves to keep going up there,” says Smithson. “The area is historically known for flooding, and we are expecting flooding in January and February. It will be a tricky environment for everyone, whichever way you look at it.”"

Keep Smiling.

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A Store of Convenience

"One MP told me the prime minister's "greed" comments had been intended to poke fun at the chief whip, who was gobbling his cheese and pickle while sitting next to him during the meeting...

But sources said the prime minister had "very insistently" withdrawn his comments straight after making them during a Zoom call with backbenchers."

"... the government says it's introducing what it calls a Climate Compatibility Checkpoint before each future oil and gas licensing round to "ensure licences awarded are aligned with wider climate objectives"."

The Stanley Johnson Clause.

"The 40 new temporary modular homes will be manufactured off-site and then erected at the Cattle Market car park in Great Knollys Street."

Social Mobility... ;-0

Its always Sunny in Philadelphia ...

"Voters select a first and second preference - if no candidate receives 50% of first-preference choices, the top two go into a run-off

The second preferences of voters whose favoured candidates have been eliminated are then taken into account"

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Surplus to Requirements

"BBC political editor Laura Kuenssberg says, at the time, the prime minister was reported to have had big concerns about the implications of another lockdown on the economy and non-Covid related health issues.

"This does take us back to that moment and back to the very serious claims made by some people who were involved in the decision making - including some ministers - that the hesitancy around the second lockdown did cost lives," she said.

The story was labelled "not true" by Defence Secretary Ben Wallace and when asked about the comments earlier on Monday, Mr Johnson denied having made them.

He added that the public wanted the government "to make sure that the lockdowns work, and they have," he said."

"This weird model of capitalism, in which houses appreciate in value but people don’t, may not have been consciously planned, but nor was it an accident. It is a consequence of an ideology of home ownership that has been essential to the Conservative party’s policy agenda since Thatcher came to power. But it has never been exploited so deliberately and divisively: this is the real innovation of Johnson’s “vote leave” government. The most extraordinary feature of Britain’s post-crash political era is that the Tories have steadily grown their share of the vote while offering very little that looks like growth or prosperity."

"She used to tell me that our sessions paid for her Tiffany earrings.”

"Mr Case is giving evidence at an MPs' committee and has said the inquiry is ongoing, however he added that "given the time that has now passed, I think it's probable the team will not successfully identify the source or sources".

A Cabinet Office source told the BBC that no-one had yet been exonerated in the investigation."


I so need to get my ears pierced... ;-)


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Meet The Team

Well its been a funny old week hasn't it?

"Greater Manchester Police said six officers were injured after the protests turned "hostile" when demonstrators threw flares, bottles and barriers at police.

The force said one officer sustained a fractured eye socket, another suffered a facial wound and a third was "dragged and kicked".

It did not say what offence the man had been arrested on suspicion of, but added it was "reviewing all obtainable evidence" to identify the organisers of the demonstration and those responsible for assaulting officers."

How very understanding...

It was good to know that the Scarborough Team are two weeks ahead of the Whitby Team :

Now whom shall we lobby first:

Anyhoos to cheer one-self up, Denbeigh High style, I've been trawling through the Eurovision, and I'm just not quite sure who to lobby for ;-0

Am not sure if it was the 'motor' or the nose peice or the pipe that did it ...

Mind I quite like the Italian one too ..

Kardashian Clones

Some poor woman gets slaughtered followed by a peaceful protest and the police go erm 'ballistic' yet a few thousand fans of football turn  'ballistic' and erm the police turn into 'jelly babies'?

I just don't get it.

Best not mention Brussels.

Another reason to be cheerful is that its Matt Parson's on Ch4 Film 4 all next week... ;-0

Not quite sure where they're from... but they sound quite Jolly.

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‘What Happens Next?’

"UK City of Culture is a competition run by the Department of Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) every four years. Previous winners are Derry/Londonderry in 2013 and Hull who had their year in 2017."

"The first £5 note in a worker's peacetime wage was paid in Coventry during the 1950's."

"George Orwell wanted to use Coventry as the model for his study of poverty in England during the 1930's. But he found it too prosperous and took The Road To Wigan Pier."

"The phrase 'sent to Coventry' originated during the English Civil War, when captured Royalists were imprisoned in the heavily fortified and strongly pro-Parliament city. They were given a hard time by the local people."

"Coventry Transport Museum has the biggest collection of British made cars, motorcycles and bicycles in the world."

"Coventry has 26 twin towns and cities, including Volgograd (formerly Stalingrad), Dresden and Jinan in China."

"Coventry once had the only unfortified royal palace outside London. The surviving gatehouse is the oldest building in Britain to be used as a register office."

"Despite being a completely Marmite event, winning Eurovision is still seen as a sacred cow by many in the music industry.

Countries and broadcasters buy in the best songwriters money can buy, hold public competitions to find their act, and then throw everything at making it the best performance possible - all for three minutes of stage time.

But with accusations of political voting still hanging in the air - is there a magic formula to winning, or is it simply enough to rely on geo-political friendships?"

"The city was the birthplace of jet pioneer Sir Frank Whittle, the poet Philip Larkin and the pop impresario Pete Waterman"

"The expression 'true blue' has Coventry origins and dates from the 14th century, when cloth dyed Coventry blue became very fashionable and expensive."

"You can watch the first semi-final on Tuesday 18 May, the second on Thursday 20 May, with the highly anticipated final on Saturday 22 May - all shown across the BBC (the UK's member of the Eurovision Broadcasting Union)."


"“I’m not sure necessarily for 2025, but maybe they decide to give an underdeveloped area a chance … "Platt suggested smaller-scale ‘year of culture’ events – such as Borough of Culture – may become more prevalent in the current political and funding landscape.""

Always makes an effort...

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'Foot Friendly'

"Bradford’s City of Culture bid officially got under way yesterday, with backing from stars including magician Dynamo."

"“Identify the most absurd or unreasonable example of your opponents’ worldview; exploit your own media platform to amplify it; articulate an alternative in terms that appear calm and reasonable; and then invite people to choose.”"

"Will this City of Culture bid showcase the works of Hockney, or Priestley, or the Brontes, or Delius or Dunbar? "

"UFO expert Marcus Lowth, who writes for, told the T&A: "While this footage is very interesting, I would suggest that given the time of day it was taken, that this very well could simply be the last glimpse of the setting sun."

'The Moon version...'  coming to a picture house near you.


"The “wholly inappropriate” building, described by critics as equivalent in height to an eight-storey tower block and the length of three full-size football pitches"

Four squashed mouses...

"The unidentified creature – 'as big as a dog' – was spotted in a field in the Cinder Hills area of the town by a resident, on Sunday.

According to the witness' mum, the big cat ran down the field, claws in the air, and went for some ducks."

"“We love Scarborough,...  You can dump the bags and head for the beach, that’s what it’s all about.”

During school holidays their hut would be £240 for the week, but they got theirs for £140.""


"“The beauty of the chalet is I’ve got a horse bucket - a big old bowl that you put horse feed in - that I fill up with hot water and give them a bath before we leave.

“You can leave from here and go to a restaurant because they're ready, because you've washed all the sand off them and they are returned to perfection.""

Anyone got a spare Kettle?

"Bradford is a city known for urban girt – mill chimneys and grand victorian structures jut into the skyline.

Yet over half of the district is green open space, and includes the famous Ilkley moor, the brooding Bronte country and the model village of Saltaire.

As JB Priestley put it: ‘However poor you are in Bradford, you need never be walled in, bricked up, as folk must be in London. Those great bare heights, with a purity of sky above and behind them, are always there, waiting for you. And not very far beyond them, the authentic dale country begins. There is no better country in England.’"

"‘Remember you cannot look at the sun or death for very long’ – a new digital artwork by David Hockney"

Time Flies

"The new working class of young, female and ethnic minority workers in hotels, gyms, security guard huts, supermarkets, call centres, restaurants, shops and bars needs unions. Whatever pain is coming, precarious private sector workers will feel it the most. The labour movement must surely be concentrating its energies on helping radically insecure workers as the crisis approaches.

How’s it doing?"

I feel a protuding Limb coming on...

"“It is important to us that our donkeys benefit from different types of activities and experiences. Our donkeys will be able to enjoy a walk with our grooms and benefit from one to one time while they walk over the plots.”"


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A Prickly Oasis

"The phone and drone technology Dolby used was cutting-edge in 2013, but is already becoming as dated as the antique aviator goggles he wore. “It was a precious project,” he says."

"“My ancestors came here thousands of years ago from Europe,” they say as the light sweeps round again. “They walked. There was no North Sea then.”"

"As the ribboned bells ring the dancers swirl, with a kick and a jump, and the concertina's skirl taps a rhythm."

Another Day...

"“If you can afford to fly to space, you can pay your taxes here on Earth,” Rachel Reeves told the Labour party conference in Brighton on Monday.

Ms Reeves made the remarks as she called on the Government to increase the digital services tax to 12% for the next year, to make sure online companies like Amazon are paying their fair share.

Ms Reeves insisted the whole system of business taxation is not “fair” or “fit for purpose”, adding: “How can it be when bricks-and-mortar, high street businesses are taxed more heavily than online giants? High street businesses pay over a third of business rates, despite making up only 15% of the overall economy."

Now where were we ...

"... there is already a “very high bar” which must be met to stand as a PCC – “higher than there is for MPs and all other elected representatives.”"

The Usual Suspects.

"Rightwing populists once thought they were in control, but riding the tiger of conspiracy theories may prove more costly than they had anticipated"


Give my regards to King Tut.