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Following directly on the back of the three Scarborough Harbour Task Group meetings on the future of Scarborough Harbour on 14/02/18,  SBC held a public update on the state of the South Bay Water.   Rather more an update of the state of the South Bay Beach having, lost its Blue Flag status in 2016.   The state of Scarborough beaches has been well documented over the years by local media ... and have been flagged up by the community based Sons of Nepture.

The much acclaimed recent investment circa £50mil by Yorkshire Water : ...

together with a £100mil investment by McCains Foods to upgrade their processing was much applauded :

A sting in the tale?  From the slide show:

How bathing water quality Is measured
•The revised Bathing Water Directive came into force in 2015.
•It introduced new standards for Bathing Waters and tightened the criteria.
•Results are based on samples taken throughout the Bathing Season which runs from May to September.
2017  sample results
•The historic trend is that Bathing Water quality at Scarborough South beach has been ‘Poor’ or at the lower end of ‘Sufficient’.
•However, of the 20 sample results taken in 2017, the majority were of the highest ‘Excellent’ standard.
•For 2017 alone Scarborough South was classified as ‘Sufficient’, however the Bathing Water Directive uses a four year average to determine classification and therefore the overall rating remains ‘Poor’.
* "Bacterial characteristics were higher in South Bay 24/72 hrs after a known spill from permitted sewer overflow operation (not reason for failed sample) (storm Aug/17)- a side issue"
Investigations into the impacts on Bathing Water quality
•Environment Agency: Investigation into the bacterial communities in bathing waters and associated sites around Scarborough South Bay, 2016
•Aims of investigation:
–To determine if McCain’s effluent is a factor in the bacterial counts at the designated sampling point in South Bay?
–If so, how much of an impact does the effluent have?
–Are there other factors impacting on bathing water quality?
Location of Sample & Number Taken
•McCains – potato store (9), raw process water (10) and final effluent (10)
•North Bay – BW compliance point (13)
•South Bay – BW compliance point (13)
•Scarborough Sewage Works (WwTW) (8)
•Jacksons Bay (10)
•Scarborough South Cliff (Wheatcroft Beach) (4)
3 techniques used by EA Labs
–Microbial Source Tracking
–New Generation Sequencing
–Isolate Profiling
•McCain’s effluent was present at Scarborough South bathing water but not consistently
•Bird faeces is likely to be contributing to bacterial contamination
•A marker associated with human pollution was consistently present
•A marker associated with dogs was found in 2 samples
•Bacterial concentrations were higher in South Bay 24 to 72 hours after a known spill from permitted sewer overflow operations.
Next Steps
-The investigation work identified four main sources of impacts on Bathing Water Quality – Gulls, dogs, humans and trade waste. There are a number of actions ongoing to address these impacts and to further pinpoint the sources.
•Public education campaign to remind people of dog ban in advance of bathing season.
•Further work required in terms of enforcement capability
•Harbour Facilities currently being installed to allow disposal of waste to sewer instead of sea. Due to open by Easter.
•Work to look at permitted operation of storm overflows during heavy rainfall
•Wheatcroft LSO permit application ongoing and further analysis taking place to better understand the effluent and what environmental permit is required.
•West Pier Shellfish Trader – controlled waste and permitted discharges to sewer.
Future Action
Environmental specialists were working with Yorkshire Water to 
- storm overflows = EA/YW massive investment
- permits = making sure investment in assets is fully realised
- operations = harbour quarantine & enforcement
- hydrodynamics = the measurement of change of flow /direction in sea water/tides
Education & Campaigns
To support the actions of the technical group, the Bathing Water Partnership will also be running public information and education campaigns including:
•Beach tidy days
•Stalls at key events including SeaFest
•Social media campaigns
•Leaflets with advice at key locations around Scarborough
•Trader information days
•Media activity
‘Beach Wardens’
This local activity will be supported by national bathing water campaigns with other Councils, water companies and NGOs.
Any Questions?  Invariables, Invertibrates & Crustaceans.
Of note following the last meeting : requesting public fresh water beach showers in terms of public health. This was not the responsibility of YW nor the EA, ask SBC. The Bathing Water Partnership does not include the department of Public Health. YW, Defra & the EA are working collectively as public service providers together to resolve these issues.   There is no conflict of interest.
The McCains outfall pipe permit. The EA has to take a balanced view in terms of local employment.  McCains have and continue to invest in technology & cleaner processes and we are in constant communication. We do have the model of the hydrology movement and are testing and currently analysing this. 
The Sting in the Tale?  A Self Preservation Society?  :- O
Ah, so ...

'Son and husband of Gaea, the Earth, who bore to him the Titans, the Cyclopes, and Hecatoncheires. He did not allow the children born to him to see the light, but concealed them in the depths of the earth. Enraged at this, Gaea stirred up her children against him, and Cronus, the youngest of the Titans, unmanned him with the sickle which his mother had given to him. From the blood that fell upon the earth were born the Erinyes and the Giants. The member which was cut off fell into the sea, and out of the foam produced around it there came into being the goddess called Aphrodite (hence called Aphrogeneia, i.e. foam-born).'

All work & no play, Moi?


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Team Tao

"The $7m XPRIZE competition to find the innovative technologies that can map the world's oceans in rapid time has named its nine finalists.

The teams draw on talents from many nations, with strong interest in the US and Europe, including from the UK...

"They will be invited to do this in turn in October or November. The precise location has yet to be revealed.

"The teams will go to 4,000m depth where they will have 24 hours to map at least 250 sq km at 5m, or higher, horizontal resolution," Dr Jyotika Virmani, prize lead and senior director of Planet and Environment at XPRIZE, told BBC News.

A pressing driver here is the stated international goal to have the global ocean entirely mapped to a resolution of at least 100m by 2030.

Currently, our knowledge of the shape of the sea-floor is woeful. Less than 15% of its bathymetry has been measured in a meaningfully accurate way. Most of what we know comes from gravity observations made by satellite and this method cannot see anything smaller than a kilometre in size.

"We will likely award our prize early next year and that's a full decade before 2030. So, there's no doubt in my mind that some of the technologies in the XPRIZE competition will be able to help in that grand quest,"...

"One of the significant UK contributions to the final is being made by Team Tao. This is a joint venture between Soil Machine Dynamics Ltd (SMD), which makes large subsea vehicles, and the engineering department at Newcastle University.

The centrepiece of Team Tao's strategy is a small, torpedo-like robot called a BEM, or a Bathypelagic Excursion Module..."


The Pest from the West

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Have a nice day.