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Following directly on the back of the three Scarborough Harbour Task Group meetings on the future of Scarborough Harbour on 14/02/18,  SBC held a public update on the state of the South Bay Water.   Rather more an update of the state of the South Bay Beach having, lost its Blue Flag status in 2016.   The state of Scarborough beaches has been well documented over the years by local media ... and have been flagged up by the community based Sons of Nepture.

The much acclaimed recent investment circa £50mil by Yorkshire Water : ...

together with a £100mil investment by McCains Foods to upgrade their processing was much applauded :

A sting in the tale?  From the slide show:

How bathing water quality Is measured
•The revised Bathing Water Directive came into force in 2015.
•It introduced new standards for Bathing Waters and tightened the criteria.
•Results are based on samples taken throughout the Bathing Season which runs from May to September.
2017  sample results
•The historic trend is that Bathing Water quality at Scarborough South beach has been ‘Poor’ or at the lower end of ‘Sufficient’.
•However, of the 20 sample results taken in 2017, the majority were of the highest ‘Excellent’ standard.
•For 2017 alone Scarborough South was classified as ‘Sufficient’, however the Bathing Water Directive uses a four year average to determine classification and therefore the overall rating remains ‘Poor’.
* "Bacterial characteristics were higher in South Bay 24/72 hrs after a known spill from permitted sewer overflow operation (not reason for failed sample) (storm Aug/17)- a side issue"
Investigations into the impacts on Bathing Water quality
•Environment Agency: Investigation into the bacterial communities in bathing waters and associated sites around Scarborough South Bay, 2016
•Aims of investigation:
–To determine if McCain’s effluent is a factor in the bacterial counts at the designated sampling point in South Bay?
–If so, how much of an impact does the effluent have?
–Are there other factors impacting on bathing water quality?
Location of Sample & Number Taken
•McCains – potato store (9), raw process water (10) and final effluent (10)
•North Bay – BW compliance point (13)
•South Bay – BW compliance point (13)
•Scarborough Sewage Works (WwTW) (8)
•Jacksons Bay (10)
•Scarborough South Cliff (Wheatcroft Beach) (4)
3 techniques used by EA Labs
–Microbial Source Tracking
–New Generation Sequencing
–Isolate Profiling
•McCain’s effluent was present at Scarborough South bathing water but not consistently
•Bird faeces is likely to be contributing to bacterial contamination
•A marker associated with human pollution was consistently present
•A marker associated with dogs was found in 2 samples
•Bacterial concentrations were higher in South Bay 24 to 72 hours after a known spill from permitted sewer overflow operations.
Next Steps
-The investigation work identified four main sources of impacts on Bathing Water Quality – Gulls, dogs, humans and trade waste. There are a number of actions ongoing to address these impacts and to further pinpoint the sources.
•Public education campaign to remind people of dog ban in advance of bathing season.
•Further work required in terms of enforcement capability
•Harbour Facilities currently being installed to allow disposal of waste to sewer instead of sea. Due to open by Easter.
•Work to look at permitted operation of storm overflows during heavy rainfall
•Wheatcroft LSO permit application ongoing and further analysis taking place to better understand the effluent and what environmental permit is required.
•West Pier Shellfish Trader – controlled waste and permitted discharges to sewer.
Future Action
Environmental specialists were working with Yorkshire Water to 
- storm overflows = EA/YW massive investment
- permits = making sure investment in assets is fully realised
- operations = harbour quarantine & enforcement
- hydrodynamics = the measurement of change of flow /direction in sea water/tides
Education & Campaigns
To support the actions of the technical group, the Bathing Water Partnership will also be running public information and education campaigns including:
•Beach tidy days
•Stalls at key events including SeaFest
•Social media campaigns
•Leaflets with advice at key locations around Scarborough
•Trader information days
•Media activity
‘Beach Wardens’
This local activity will be supported by national bathing water campaigns with other Councils, water companies and NGOs.
Any Questions?  Invariables, Invertibrates & Crustaceans.
Of note following the last meeting : requesting public fresh water beach showers in terms of public health. This was not the responsibility of YW nor the EA, ask SBC. The Bathing Water Partnership does not include the department of Public Health. YW, Defra & the EA are working collectively as public service providers together to resolve these issues.   There is no conflict of interest.
The McCains outfall pipe permit. The EA has to take a balanced view in terms of local employment.  McCains have and continue to invest in technology & cleaner processes and we are in constant communication. We do have the model of the hydrology movement and are testing and currently analysing this. 
The Sting in the Tale?  A Self Preservation Society?  :- O
Ah, so ...

'Son and husband of Gaea, the Earth, who bore to him the Titans, the Cyclopes, and Hecatoncheires. He did not allow the children born to him to see the light, but concealed them in the depths of the earth. Enraged at this, Gaea stirred up her children against him, and Cronus, the youngest of the Titans, unmanned him with the sickle which his mother had given to him. From the blood that fell upon the earth were born the Erinyes and the Giants. The member which was cut off fell into the sea, and out of the foam produced around it there came into being the goddess called Aphrodite (hence called Aphrogeneia, i.e. foam-born).'

All work & no play, Moi?



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Out of The Blue

lol ...

"Jonty Jefferson, from Specsavers, near Eaglesfield aka Cockermouth, told YCR: "I was in that only really half-awake state fumbling round the house and I thought for a moment a big wagon had driven past the back gate with the cast of Lion King on board.

"Then I realised, as I live up to a country track, that was unlikely, It was only after a few minutes I realised it might be an earthquake.

"It was a rumble and a vibration rather than a physical wobble."

"In a speech at an industry conference, Mr Gove accused water companies of “playing the system” at the expense of consumers and the environment.

In a strongly-worded intervention, Mr Gove told the Water UK conference: “Far too often, there is evidence that water companies - your water companies - have not been acting sufficiently in the public interest.

“Some companies have been playing the system for the benefit of wealthy managers and owners, at the expense of consumers and the environment.

“Particularly in the last decade, some companies have not been as transparent as they should have been.

“They have shielded themselves from scrutiny, hidden behind complex financial structures, avoided paying taxes, have rewarded the already well-off, kept charges higher than they needed to be and allowed leaks, pollution and other failures to persist for far too long.”

Mr Flint said in response: “This is a wake-up call for the sector. The water industry needs to show new standards of public accountability, be much more transparent about its complex financial structures and show a step-change in services not seen since the late 90s.”

Ah, so ...

"SPume has reached the coastal resorts of Yorkshire with Staithes the hardest hit.

But what is the frothy formation on our seafronts? And is it hazardous?

"Sea spume is formed when the ocean is whipped up by wind and waves.
Each coastal region has differing conditions governing the formation of sea foams, but seawater contains a mixture of dissolved salts, proteins, fats, dead algae, detergents and other pollutants, and some other organic and artificial matter.
If you place seawater in a bottle and shake it, bubbles will appear. It's the same process of sea foam, albeit on a much larger scale...

"There are a few hazards around sea spume.
It has been known to freeze and create large ice mounds on the seafront, which can be dangerous.
It can have an unpleasant odour if the water is polluted and if oil is in the water, it can be toxic and cause skin irritation or breathing discomfort..."

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"Several dead seals were among the casualties of the terrible underwater storm, which left velvet crabs piled up in some places a foot deep at Fraisthorpe, near Bridlington.

“It was just like a war zone, total chaos,” said commercial fisherman Jack Sanderson, who was at Fraisthorpe with a group of fishermen, rescuing live lobsters to release back into the sea.

“There was every form of marine life, velvet crabs, lobsters, whelks, scallops, razorfish, Dover soles, cod, ling, wrasse and sand eels.

“We have had strong easterly winds up to force nine and combined with a 6.2 metre tide, and the fact there was a lot of cold, frost and snow, meant the water temperature dropped two degrees in one day, which is massive...

"It is Nature, it happened before and it will happen again.”"


"Wing commander Gary Lane, RAF regional liaison officer for the North West, said: "The Chinook helicopter gives the partnership another dimension to be able to deliver vital supplies by air to areas that are cut off by other means."....

"We're expecting a plague of potholes once the snow subsides. It's a toxic combination of ice, snow, further rain and sleet," an RAC spokesman told Sky News.

There are also warnings that the weather disruption could have cost the UK economy at least £1bn a day, as people could not get to work and spending in retail and leisure was also hit."

The Wild Rose.

The world has gone mad ...


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Team Tao

"The $7m XPRIZE competition to find the innovative technologies that can map the world's oceans in rapid time has named its nine finalists.

The teams draw on talents from many nations, with strong interest in the US and Europe, including from the UK...

"They will be invited to do this in turn in October or November. The precise location has yet to be revealed.

"The teams will go to 4,000m depth where they will have 24 hours to map at least 250 sq km at 5m, or higher, horizontal resolution," Dr Jyotika Virmani, prize lead and senior director of Planet and Environment at XPRIZE, told BBC News.

A pressing driver here is the stated international goal to have the global ocean entirely mapped to a resolution of at least 100m by 2030.

Currently, our knowledge of the shape of the sea-floor is woeful. Less than 15% of its bathymetry has been measured in a meaningfully accurate way. Most of what we know comes from gravity observations made by satellite and this method cannot see anything smaller than a kilometre in size.

"We will likely award our prize early next year and that's a full decade before 2030. So, there's no doubt in my mind that some of the technologies in the XPRIZE competition will be able to help in that grand quest,"...

"One of the significant UK contributions to the final is being made by Team Tao. This is a joint venture between Soil Machine Dynamics Ltd (SMD), which makes large subsea vehicles, and the engineering department at Newcastle University.

The centrepiece of Team Tao's strategy is a small, torpedo-like robot called a BEM, or a Bathypelagic Excursion Module..."


The Pest from the West

How annoying ...


"If they were barbie dolls, I would mistake them for paint brushes"


"Women are half the world. It's important they participate in all major decisions,"

"Climate change is not a fight for power," points out Hindou Oumarou Ibrahim, "it's a fight for survival."

Have a nice day.

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New Rules & Boundaries

"6:02am 3rd April 2018 

Vessels are not allowed to dump sewage within three nautical miles of the harbours in Scarborough and Whitby anymore.

The move came into effect from Sunday (1 April) from Scarborough Borough Council to make ports more environmentally friendly. 

A breakdown of the new rules are:

Scarborough – Within the immediate confines of the harbour walls and up to a line drawn from the Lighthouse Pier to the outer corner of the West Pier.

Whitby – Everywhere that the sea flows up to the Mean High Water Spring mark from Ruswarp Weir to the end of the Piers and then the open sea extending to 2 nautical miles North, 1.5 nautical miles Westward and 1 nautical mile Eastward.

At Scarborough, a specialist facility is being developed on Vincent Pier, which will allow vessels to dump their waste in, but the borough council says it doesn't yet know what the cost is or how long it will take to build. 

Councillor Mike Cockerill said:   "To be honest I don't know what ship owners make of the new rules. But it was a case of us feeling so strongly about this, that no matter what anybody would've said, we were going to do it because we take it very seriously.  We're always looking at ways to improve the environment and we have had something along these lines in mind. We just want to be proactive and try and reduce the potential. We have no evidence that anyone is discharging incorrectly. But we want to make sure we can clearly show that nobody is. On the Vincent Pier facility, the building is underway but at the moment I don;t have a final completion date."

"... His Honour: What was the amount spent on the improvement of the farm?

Mr Whitfield: He put into the farm £400 more than he got out of it in the way of improvements.

Hi Honour: He got some alternative.

Mr Whitfield: Yes, he got the ordinary valuation, but the ordinary valuation did not compensate him for what he put in.

His Honour: Who was the landlord?

Mr Whitfield: The late Sir Charles Strickland.

Debtor went into the box and answered a number of questions..."

"The increase in homeless figures last month may have been due in part to a surge in the number of young people applying for emergency accommodation before a change in the rules for allocating social housing.

A report prepared by the Dublin Regional Housing Executive, to be published this week, will say hundreds of newcomers to emergency accommodation in recent months have been in their late teens.

This group would not previously have presented for emergency accommodation in such numbers..."

"We have a council that doesn’t really seem to give a damn or goes about wearing rose-tinted glasses."


Leaner Meaner & Greener...

Ah, so ...

"It's due to unexpected 'snagging' works that are being undertaken at the lifeboat station, meaning the ball will now be pushed back to summer 2019. 

The works, which will include things like masonry work to the building, are expected to be undertaken over the next few months."

Concrete sinks...

“It’s also important to remember that whether or not young people are sexually active, or choose to become parents, they should never face stigma or judgement,” said Ms Halil.

“Pregnancy and parenthood can be a positive life choice for young people, and young parents deserve to get the support they need to make informed choices about their lives."

Full stop.

Wooden Tops.


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The Yellow Sub Marined

"A long-serving Scarborough RNLI volunteer has been dismissed after an investigation into an unauthorised training exercise.

Tom Clark has been with Scarborough RNLI for more than 30 years and was made Coxswain in 2002.

He was awarded an MBE in 2016 for his service to the RNLI and the Scarborough Sub-Aqua Club.

An RNLI spokesperson confirmed he had now left his role.

They said: "An internal RNLI investigation has recently been concluded into an incident at Scarborough lifeboat station and, as a result, the volunteer coxswain involved has been permanently stood down.

"Both the inshore and all weather lifeboats at Scarborough remain on service. The volunteer crew continue to work closely with the RNLI and the lifesaving operation has not been impacted by this decision.

"The RNLI was made aware of an unauthorised all weather lifeboat training exercise led by the coxswain. It is not acceptable to take out the lifeboat under these circumstances, without proper permissions, and subsequent evidence during the investigation contributed to the decision to stand him down.

"As an emergency service, the RNLI expects its crew members to behave professionally - not just in terms of maritime expertise, but also in behaviour and respect for others - and to carry out their role with due care and diligence at all times."


Image result for tour de yorkshire on lifeboat

Mind following last years Yello Wellied antics...  mebbe there could be an opening for the extreme sportsman Rats to sign up ...

All things being plastic.

And, erm purple

"It is believed that our Yorkshire harbours will be the first in the United Kingdom to use this innovative approach to identify polluters and these measures have been welcomed by the harbour community and the Yorkshire Bathing Water Partnership."

"We have a number of exciting opportunities where you will engage in a variety of different duties. At ports and airports, you will be responsible for checking 100% of passengers arriving on scheduled flights for immigration control purposes and you will intercept controlled substances or items and prohibited goods. You might also support with Radiological Nuclear Detection, counter terrorism and human trafficking, which may require working across sites. As well as the more active element of the role, you will conduct casework, gather information and make clear notes for evidential purposes, and ensure arrangements are made for the issuing of appropriate documentation."

Hey mebbe they pay a pension ...

Do not feed the gulls ;-)

 "'One hand for the boat' comes the advice, meaning always hold a grab rail, I don't need telling twice and this is what they call calm conditions. How on earth do you cope in a gale, I ask. They just do.

Everyone is a volunteer and all have seen action, often in the cold small hours. Coxswain Tom Clark has been with the Scarborough boat for 30 years and some of his stories would be rejected by reality TV producers for being too far-fetched.

"It's not scary all the time," Tom says. "When I was a lad I looked up to these guys and I wanted to do it. I've since put a lot of weather away with this boat.""

The Syphoned Off.

"Mr Clark, who was made Coxswain in 2002, said in a statement posted online that he believed the decision was unjust.

He said: “To say that the launch was not authorised is rubbish. I informed the lifeboat operations manager, deputy launch authority, 2nd coxswain, deputy 2nd coxswain, station mechanic, head launcher, tractor driver and the crew I was taking to sea, including the two trainee Coxswains that the exercise was aimed at. All gave their blessing and clearance.

“It turned out that two other crew gave back word at the last minute and so I took two passengers, something that has happen for years, one of them being an RNLI representative. They are now saying I should not have taken people to sea.

“About six weeks previous I was told to take four people to sea, who had donated £3,500. A couple of weeks later I was told to take four more that had donated £1,500. There was a mixed message being passed on to me, do we take people to sea or not? Every other station does. If that is a problem the correct way to deal with the situation would have been to instruct me that no passengers were to be taken to sea.”

He added that it was also claimed the sea was “too rough” for the exercise which he disputes, saying his years of experience meant few people were in a better position to judge the conditions.

He concluded: “The only reason I can think of that would make them go to such lengths in getting me out, is over the last two years or so, they have bombarded us with new ways of doing things, new rules, acronyms, forms, health and safety, and my view is that they feel that I’m being left behind with it all.

"[I have] 34 years of service with not one disciplinary mark against my name, and skill, experience, knowledge and the sacrifices that I’ve made count for nothing.

“In my opinion the RNLI has turned into something that doesn’t resemble what the public sees it as. It has turned into a massive corporate giant that has lost its focus in saving lives at sea and all these messages are sending a very negative message to all sea goers.”

"A wave of support online for Mr Clark has begun, with one Scarborough business saying it would remove all
pictures of the RNLI in a show of solidarity."

Erm ...

Anyone got a tethered goat?

DYOW ;-)

The Ships Cat ..

Old Age & Treachery

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RNLI: Dramarama ...

"A spokesperson for the RNLI said:

"We can confirm that three crew members have resigned since the coxswain was stood down.

We can confirm that during discussions with the coxswain when the investigation had reached its outcome, we discussed the option of him leaving and proposed a leaving date, to avoid standing him down. The coxswain decided against this course of action and this left little option other than to stand him down.

We understand that some people feel strongly about this – communities feel invested in their local lifeboat stations and that community involvement is important to the RNLI. It does mean, though, that when we make difficult decisions like this, it’s not uncommon to get some disagreement and even protest locally. However, this can’t stop us doing the right thing. Safety is always a priority and when serious breaches of safety occur, we have to tackle them."

Tom has stressed to us he wasn't offered the chance to leave, as stated by the RNLI.

He claims seven crew members have now left the lifeboat since he was stood down"


"Three members of Scarborough's RNLI lifeboat crew have resigned over the dismissal of a coxswain in a row over a training exercise.

Tom Clark, who has been with the lifeboat service for 34 years,  "has been permanently stood down" after he held a training exercise without permission.

The RNLI said the North Yorkshire town still had "a strong committed crew".

A petition to reinstate the coxswain has received more than 4,400 signatures.

Former crew member John Pearson said he had resigned after the "just appalling" treatment of Mr Clark.

"I just thought I don't want to be part of this," he added.

Darren Lewis, RNLI lifesaving manager for the area, confirmed the resignations but said the station had more than 25 crew, plus shore crew, and was able to launch both its boats.

He said it was a "difficult time for the station" and he did not want "anybody else to walk out the door".

And Then There Were None ?


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RNLI: The Image

"The Queen has appealed to Commonwealth leaders to appoint her son, Prince Charles, to succeed her as their head.

She said it was her "sincere wish" that Prince Charles takes over "one day", as she opened the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) in London.

The role is not heridatary and will not pass automatically to the Prince of Wales on the Queen's death.

The 53 leaders, gathered at Buckingham Palace, are expected to sign off the deal when they meet on Friday.

There had been some suggestions that the position should be rotated around member states, the BBC's James Landale says.

Addressing the gathering of dignitaries, royals and the prime minister, the Queen said it was a "pleasure, this time, to welcome you to my home" for the biennial meeting.

tis about time the local 'RNLI'  grew up. 

Biting the bullet.



Be careful what you  wish for ...

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Nuts & Bolts


"Scarborians were very slow to respond positively and productively to the special needs, expectations and high standards of their opulent, leisurely and often infirm visitors. Some of them came just for a good time to a place where strict conventions of behaviour were relaxed or even ignored; others, who were obese, elderly or diseased, came for the curative reputations of cold, salt sea-bathing and pungent spa waters, which one imbiber said “smelled like ink and tasted of acid”. A few came to find a suitable wife or husband. Yet whatever their purposes, they expected clean, safe streets, an abundance of rich food and fine wines, theatrical and literary entertainments, and upper-class living amenities...

So, as usual, the borough’s unelected, self-perpetuating, self-interested oligarchy had been slow and reluctant to acknowledge changing realities. The improvements that had been carried out during the 1700s to meet the needs and convenience of seasonal visitors had been the product largely of the enterprise and investment of individual residents... not that of the Common Hall. Scarborough’s handicap was as much its governing body as its geographical location."

The Silent.


All very titanic ...


it is wot it is...

I can't sing either.



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The Philanthrapic

""The plain truth is that we shall never really know or understand what actually happened to the Admiral’s gift to Scarborough’s poor because we were meant never to discover it."


"Sonic doom: how noise pollution kills thousands each year

"It’s not simply that noise accelerates the grumpification process.

Humans evolved our acute hearing millions of years ago, when we were prey animals and had to pinpoint predators, so it is no wonder we find noise stressful. It is hardwired. A leading acoustics engineer, Trevor Cox, hypothesises that the noises we find most stressful are distress calls – screams with an unhinged roughness to them, caused by the vibrations of the vocal folds when someone is truly terrified. The frequencies are similar to the archetypal horrible sound, fingers scraping down a blackboard; and to an electric drill angrily ripping through plasterboard...

"People tend to be more irritated by noises that come from unpredictable human sources (loud music, loft conversions and tanked-up England fans) than predictable impersonal ones (roads)..."


Hmmm ...


"... the people of the Huns who dwell beyond the Sea of Azov near the frozen ocean, and are quite abnormally savage.' They were just so fierce that it was natural for them to go around hitting people."

A Quiet Corner.

Have a great week-end X

"The saying that "A mine is a hole in the ground owned by a liar" is attributed to Mark Twain. We know that is not true - it's owned by thousands of different people and Institutions, some of whom are undoubtedly liars. Perhaps the Monte Carlo model would have to analyse all those people. Surely a model (GIGO) is not needed as 1. The mine will be built. 2. The BoD has vast experience. 3. Poly4 reserves are known and according to friend in the Co. may even be underestimated. 4. The best mining companies have been selected with undoubtedly the best machines/technology available now. It is, as has been said, that the money people are staying shy (or waiting for the first to jump in) because they don't understand the above as any one of the Nations Shopkeepers would! They're happy with tampering with LIBOR rates for example, or signing off Carillion accounts because they are in familiar territory. It doesn't need modelling other that of can we get it? and can we sell it at a huge profit? Answers on a postcard..."

Well said that Sailor.



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Sonic Boom

A Bathypelagic Excursion Module:

"The final of the ocean XPRIZE, which will see fleets of robots compete to map the largest area of seafloor inside 24 hours, will take place in deep waters off the coast of Greece.

Teams will be invited in turn to showcase their technologies, starting in early November.

They will have to chart at least 250 sq km at depths down to 4,000m, and image 10 items of interest.

The group that comes out on top will win $4m. Second place earns $1m..."

"The boss of Shell has said a huge tree-planting project the size of the Amazon rainforest would be needed to meet a tougher global warming target, as he argued more renewable energy alone would not be enough.

Ben van Beurden said it would be a major challenge to limit temperature rises to 1.5C (equivalent to a rise of 2.7F), which a landmark report from the UN's climte science panel has said will be necessary to avoid dangerous warming.

"“You can get to 1.5C, but not by just by pulling the same levers a little bit harder, because they are being pulled roughly as fast and and as hard as we are currently imagining. What we think can be done is massive reforestation. Think of another Brazil in terms of rainforest: you can get to 1.5C,” he told an oil and gas industry audience in London.

“It’s not what some people sometimes think: we’ll just do a little bit more solar, a bit more wind and we’ll get there,” he added..."

""Our job is to take that passion and blend it with pragmatism, perseverance and patience to persuade those not yet persuaded.

"If we do that, then believe me - the momentum for independence will be unstoppable." And yet her underlying tone was all about elongation of time scales."

Moan Moan

"Dr Martin said sonars were used to map the seamounts in high resolution as the ship moved forward.

"They [seamounts] tell you a lot about how the earth formed, how the various crusts have moved around and they strongly influence the way that ocean currents move," she said.

"Who can imagine that there are 3km high mountains tucked in under the earth's waves."

A Renewable Solution

The Grapevine.


Benefitz Betty's picture

'Obliged to Waffle'

"I didn’t have the time to write you a short letter, so I’m writing you a long one instead,” Mark Twain is supposed to have written on a postcard to his friend. Good writers have always known that distilling one’s thoughts into a limited space takes effort and skill."

"In addition, the committee is asking for a formal response on how the coastal defence works have affected the currents in the Scarborough area."

""There are three things all wise men fear: the sea in storm, a night with no moon, and the anger of a gentle man.""