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Wots it all about Franky?  An abridged  local's response to the EU In/Out - 'The European Union is nothing more than the creation of a superstate, the Fourth Reich.'   

This being quite a well informed though socially 'adjusted' citizen my 'astonished' response was, 'Yet again I am glad we find ourselves of opposing views...  if you truly believe that is the case, that Europe is heading for a 'Fourth Reich' then why would you want out and allow them to do that?  A former Ukip candidate, that without prompting left because he felt they were a bunch of racists ... Have you left politics? 'No - I've joined Labour Leave, there is no reason why Britain cannot be a socialist country and stand alone.' 

'Take a look at Jeremy Corbyn's twitter page' even he has deleted ...'   No. This referendum, all weekend on YCR, Hollinrake has been announcing the virtues of staying in the EU yet his first debate is a UKIP event in Filey. (link to follow)    

Don't you think the Tories are playing the UKip card by holding this referendum? UKip got 13% of the vote yet the Tories are giving them what they want.  ''The Tories want to stay in Europe.... they will win.'  'So?' Have you ever been door-knocking? 'No'. So you think the public will vote to stay in?  'Yes, the UK will stay in Europe...  the EU are not even elected into office...'  

On to more 'domestic' matters ... I am very sorry to hear that. 'I'm not... I've lost it all and she wants more ... ', as he proudly points to a 'meal for one'.  I almost said she can't take what you never had ... but paused. Perhaps, better phrased  'no-one can take away your future'.  

Anyhows, whilst a small co-incidental conversation at the checkout, it struck me that what being part of the EU meant was being part of a larger family. Or otherwise. So, before we go any further :

Labour Leave? - is it all about the financials? The In campaign says it costs 11.8p per day ... rent.

JC's twitter ... Oh, a Guiness eh? Not for me.^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^author

All very confusing. Confusicos. So, once again, from a man (King Dick) thats knows his EU stuff:  Richard Corbett 'What the UK is For':

Idealistic: Peace & Stability

Pragmatic: Solutions & Problems

Selfish: British Jobs

"So we need an EU that enables us and our neighbouring countries to work together in our common interests. And we need common rules for our common market to provide for fairness, equal opportunities, environmental protection and consumer protection — not an unregulated free-for-all, dominated by powerful market interests.

For all these reasons, we need the UK to be in the EU, and to improve it."

And there the conspiracy theorists/Iche kicks in ... DYOR

Meanwhile some 'Fortune Telling' from the Economist ... why would they do that?

One thing The Rake did say was this was for the British people to decide, not the politicans. (I would question that)


I would also question if you believe that the EU is headed for a 'Fourth Reich' then perhaps a meal for one ... Ouch, slightly harsh... are you really prepared to stand by, give up and let that happen, waving merrily from the side lines? 

There is always one ....


Yep, those Viking Cruises are looking good ...

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