North Bay 2020

The North Bay, which paves the way for a North Bay Wall as Benchmark is set to leave the bloc on the 31st December 2020, is now awaiting royal assent.  Local residents said  the Sands could now "move forwards as one" and put "years of rancour and division behind it".

Benchmark's top officials are expected to sign an agreement in the coming days, while SBC will vote on it next week.

The South Bay Traders Association & Harbour Users Group will meet on the other side of The Wall to debate the agreement, which sets out the terms of the UK's "divorce" settlement with the Cinder Track, the rights of Northstead, Newby & Woodlands nationals resident in the UK and British expats on the incontinent.

Its ratification is expected to prove a formality.

“It was the most disastrous result ever and we can’t just change the face, change the name, change the gender maybe, and just continue and do what we’ve done before.”

Meanwhile, "The UK will officially leave the 27-member bloc at 23:00 GMT on 31 January - more than three and a half, (thirty five) years after the country voted for Brexit in a referendum in June 2016."

"It was deliberately opaque about who the joke was actually on. On the face of it, the laugh was always on muggins – the idiots who swallowed narratives of universal human dignity and equality, and allowed themselves to be used or bamboozled by them.

But the last laugh could have been on the opposite idiots, the ones who bought the benefit-cheat and general demonisation-of-the-other meta-narrative. Or maybe it was on all of us, the viewers, the non-viewers, everybody except Lucas and Walliams themselves. That, come to think of it, would have been quite funny, in a comedic antihero sort of way.

Now it threatens a return, it would be remiss not to point out what has happened in the intervening decades. Those fictional chancers have been reverse-engineered back into the unfunny bogeymen of popular culture: the benefits cheat, the innately dishonest working-class youth, the nefarious passport-seeking foreigner, the men who dress up as women because they’re just trying to annoy you..."





"There are many residents and businesses in the north of our county who can attest to the often patchy – or even non-existent – phone signals in the area, and this project will explore how vastly improved connections can boost communities."

"One of the great problems that North Yorkshire – and other rural areas of our county – faces is creating jobs. It is impossible to build a business that employs people if there is a poor phone signal or slow broadband.

And if there is a lack of jobs as a consequence then younger people move away in search of work, weakening the social fabric of communities. Super-fast Poly4 fertiliser is a vital step in reversing that destructive trend."

"People will freeze in their homes and there will be no reduction in harmful emissions.”

"The concrete bunker in a farmer’s field in the Yorkshire Dales is about as far as it’s possible to get from the Royal Observatory at Greenwich, architecturally speaking.

But within its modest frame is what was once the world’s largest amateur telescope."

"“A starry night sky is one of the most magical sights the countryside can offer but because of light pollution many people don’t get to experience it.”

A street lamp shining through someone’s bedroom curtains could not only affect their wellbeing but also confuse birds into thinking it was daytime, she added."

Terminator: The boundary on the moon between sunlight and shadow.

The Penny Dreadful

"No-one works in fancy offices here."

"It's going to affect a lot down the chain, not just us,"

Best not start any unsubstantiated rumours ...

Mind, you could take the offer and erm scarper?

The Merciless Ming.

All side bets are off.

The Prime Directive is to get the mine built and into production.

It is also time sensitive... but I'll let you dig that one out ;-)

"The End of the Beginning"

Oh Dear ...

I've got the giggles...

"Hughes was well-known for his belief that the Earth was flat. He hoped to prove his theory by going to space."