'Homeward Bound'


'Colourful Powders'

"While young people flock to wealthy cities, areas such as Scarborough, North Norfolk or the south coast of England are going to age "rapidly and predictably", says the report - Sir Chris's fourth in the role.  He told me: "We've really got to get serious about the areas of the country where ageing is happening very fast, and we've got to do it now."


"Providing services and environments suitable for older adults in these areas is an absolute priority, the report says."


"Discover an enchanting trail through Peasholm Park with a collection of unique and beautiful light artworks from local and international artists, many of which are in the UK for the first time."


"Each day has a different meaning and, in 2023, the main date of celebration is Sunday 12 November."


"There's been criticism that fireworks can frighten animals and of the increased entrance fees."


'Stubbornly Static'

"Mr Gove had already issued an "Article 31 direction", informing the LLDC that he was considering whether to call in the plans - effectively giving him the final say on whether it is granted planning permission.  A Sphere Entertainment spokesperson said: "While we are disappointed in London's decision, there are many forward-thinking cities that are eager to bring this technology to their communities. We will concentrate on those.""


"“If a tree falls in the forest and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound?”"


"“I can tell you that when a person puts on that hat, it changes them.”"






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'The Wrong Box'

"In the deserts of Chile, the Australian outback and the plains of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the earth is being peeled back and the water sucked up and dried out to find the minerals needed to feed the world’s need for electric cars."


"The head of innovation at the Society of Chemical Industry, said: “The real thing people forget is once it has been mined, you will end up being able to reuse 80-90% of the metals. You don’t have to go back to the planet to steal more minerals.”





"The International Energy Agency estimated that electric cars use 173kg more minerals such as lithium, nickel and copper than petrol cars (when ignoring steel and aluminium). The data company Benchmark Mineral Intelligence forecasts global demand for lithium, the key battery metal, will quadruple to 3m tonnes in 2030, outstripping supply."

I'll get me coat ...

We're all Nomads now.


'Without Stunts'

"The cinematic world would be a far less interesting place, mostly consisting of people talking, walking around and sitting down. And yet the people who do them, the daring stunt performers who throw themselves off things, drive at dangerous speeds, set themselves on fire and generally risk life and limb, just for our entertainment, are rarely celebrated."


'Nine of the most impressive stunts in movie history ...'


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'Renaissance or Romantic'

"One admirer of the shot, by Dimitris Legakis, thought it merited a spot alongside the Mona Lisa and the Venus de Milo: “Wind Street. Swansea. Put it in the Louvre.”"


"Basically, because AI requires staggering amounts of computing power. And since computers require electricity, and the necessary GPUs (graphics processing units) run very hot (and therefore need cooling), the technology consumes electricity at a colossal rate. Which, in turn, means CO2 emissions on a large scale – about which the industry is extraordinarily coy, while simultaneously boasting about using offsets and other wheezes to mime carbon neutrality."



"Candidates must also not hold any other Level 4 (or above) qualifications in the cyber discipline."



"Applications are now being accepted, with the deadline to apply Thursday 25 January. An information event is being held at the Anglo American office in Scarborough on Thursday 18 January."

A Serious Metal Fan!


The 'Penny' Drops


"“Sunak says he has not yet made up his mind about when the election will be, but we think if you watch what he does rather than what he says, everything points towards the spring.”"


"Peruse the cast list and you will find numerous veteran character actors in guest roles – it’s guaranteed that at least one is about to viciously murder the north-east England accent. Playing a geordie character is difficult enough for thesps whose resting voice is RP, but the challenge of trying to finesse Newcastle a little further north into Northumberland is often too much, with heinous results. Who’s committing a vocal atrocity this time around? It would be ungallant to name them, but their effort to maintain control of their vowel sounds is like someone bear-hugging a sack full of pigs."




""There are now nine more future guide dogs in the world, which is a lovely thing to celebrate at this time of year.""


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'Mont Plonk'

"“When you think about the family, it’s about stability. Most of the kids who struggle in Bury are the products of crap parents and so what do we do to try to address that issue? On the left it would just be: we’ll throw money at this and hope something sticks. Somebody like me thinks about this more fundamentally.”"



"Same as I have everyday: a glass of orange juice, Shredded Wheat, half a grapefruit and toast with butter. I’ll also have a cup of coffee, which is done by magic in a machine."