A Full Circle

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An opportunity to crawl out of the cave on a Digi Detox 'Bouncing in Belfast' at the NI Science Festival seemed quite sensible whilst clutching Max Brooks' 'The Zombie Survival Guide'... as opposed to the Brexit Survival Guide.  

On the Menu was Brian Cox' Universal, The Titanic & a Political Tour re the Troubles.  Destination known, taking the strain beyond Old Vic the comforting backyards of Chesterfield steeling towards the windy turbines nestled along a backdrop of 'bungalow land' neatly circling the odd refineries.  Hardly mind blowing stuff unless you fancy a panini menu floating over bridges to board the boat. Eight hours in, the digitally enhanced on their way to Cork were quite sympathetic as thier fingers clutched their wotsits as mine fidgeted to a clench.  If only they made edible iphones.  

Complete protection from the living dead.  Dublin was buzzing albeit in Euros as the dark ride to Belfast was frosted by a glare from a fellow submitting his Church fund application via his insurance suited ipaddy laptop thing.  The Underwriters.  Anyhoos not one to underestimate scales a few stops & hops later the arrival.  More panini than Pacini, right place right time, left turn hurray for Little Italy with Olives.    


Belfast the second safest city in the world... "She was alright when she left here." 

"I would be very wary that if there is a salad bar on those who can get permits to work in the UK post Brexit, that will have a detrimental impact on our industry. "The demand that we have for skills like chefs and others is one that we will really struggle to meet from the domestic market."


Technical Wizardry? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iA_OPTAtCCE

The Event Horizon: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KIKXTziwOGY

The mind boggled, Cones explained...  https://www.space.com/17661-theory-general-relativity.html

Bossy Boots was famished and started itching.

"Love Everyone Else, Hate Each Other'

Into the Divis area,  on the scale of not too distant the Peace Wall, social injustice, chop chop who shot who..  Bombay Street & The Falls Road. Lightening the mood :-) https://feisfayre.com/  I fell flat over which was kindof weird.  lol  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jgME2aNruVU

The Gates that open at 7.00 am & close at 8.00pm. Oranges no lemons (Jeremy Corbyn's sneaky business), The Shankills "Community Liaison officers ... a protection racket ... peace is not profitable." "The conflict still exists, anyone over 25 knows someone killed by the troubles".   Rather darkly the UTM is "recruiting 9-18 year olds at its fastest rate thanks to Brexit"   All very dark, proud of and free to anyone prepared, tell it as it is, there were many guides telling the scarey scales tales, who shot who etc etc "the more who know, the merrier"  banging on. 

A drop off at the Titianic Museum, for amusement purposes only, they have a nice salad bar.  All very H & W ie 'rivetting' : https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=10&v=eL7LUhKs6ys.  Probably the best historical exhibition in the world except tis a bit like Ikea ... try finding a fast way out when its gets a tad overwhelming.

Oh, here we go "Its Norwegian parent company, Fred Olsen Energy, is carrying out a restructure of its business and could decide to offload Harland and Wolff... no price tag has been placed on the business"

Freetime at St Annes Square & Buba - next to the Mac followed by a ramble down the 'shambles' and getting caught with some over 'friendly' folk in a tiled booth.

Shops don't open on a Sunday ... so an amble to 'The Moon : A Gateway to Planetry Exploration' at the Ulster Museum  presented by 'the gripping'  Dr Mahesh Anand "2014 - Reader in Planetary Science and Exploration, Department of Physical Sciences, The Open University, Milton Keynes, UK. 2012 - 2015 Chair, Geochemistry Group of the Mineralogical and Geological Societies, UK"



A few Pterosaurias, Da Vinci and yet more Botanical Gardens and the long & windy journey 'home'.

Two shillings short of a plank ... Who, What, Where When Why: http://projectswordtoys.blogspot.com/2013/11/is-professor-brian-cox-real...

Erm, nope actually it was something to do with flax & giving up the tobacco: https://www.lisburnmuseum.com/2016/02/history-of-irish-linen-flax/ 


Oh well ...


Not quite a spellathoraus..


I'll be bach.... No doubt the #smart# one will be uploading.

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