Phase 17

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“Hurtling ever deeper into interstellar space, Voyager 2 has been out of touch ever since flight controllers accidentally sent a wrong command more than a week ago that tilted its antenna away from Earth. The spacecraft’s antenna shifted a mere 2%, but it was enough to cut communications.”

Prince 1999

The 'Social Performance Manager' took to introducing everyone that had landed charmingly around the table.

Diamonds & Pearls

A 'Steady State of Shaftsinking' was ongoin with Stella Rose at 23,922m the tunnel team were entering and sectioning its way from Lockwood towards Ladysmith with only 9km to touch the Woodsmith site.

You Got the Look

Hydro holes using magnetic & acoustics to measure the level of saline content and pressure through the bunter sandstone are now being placed alongside the production shaft expected to be at 500m at the final review stage with all shafts to be lined and concreted to the MTS level by the end of the year.


Speed limits on the trains from Wilton have been introduced where the site is being prepped for constructing the depot and overland conveyor to the port.

With almost 200,000 trees having been planted to date under Core Policy D continuing for a further 96 years alongside 98 planning conditions being met with over 10,824 of stone walls boundaries built together with experts, volunteers and apprentices; the Blue Corridors environment and water channelling programme the Beavers have built a dam over 70ft creating a back population together with mixed deciduous planting to soften the hard edge of the coniferous and future projects eg the Mulberrys, Dark Skies and over 10,000m of footpath enhancement, creation of a Coast to Coast National Trail with Open Access routes 'Trampers', sign posts and workshops the White Horse at Sutton Bank could do with some Dulux... but then all temporary buildings are Green.

S106 monies can only be used for projects within the NYMNP or directly donut the boundary with the exception of Tourism.

A Brimful of Asha.. ?

The Social Economics work is advancing at a pace creating thriving communities with over 3000 students and reach out programmes continuing in Cyber, Advantages, Start Ups, Keys  and a new branch of 'Emotional Wellbeing' aimed at Generation age 15-21 considered as a priority.  Only five complaints had been received, two traffic, two noise and something to do with a Cul de Sac.

“It takes more than 18 hours for a signal to reach Earth from so far away.“

The Terranauts.

"They talk, talk, talk. They cook, cook, cook. When they aren’t cooking, they talk about food. When they aren’t talking about food they think about it. They dream about food, and they remember in detail the food they ate in the days before the door closed on the real world."

About those Tree Shelters made out of wool...



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Mind the Gaps

"Reduce the amount of light pollution in your field of view. This could mean heading out to the countryside, a nearby park or even do something as simple as turning your back to street lamps if you are not able to go anywhere. Give your eyes at least 15 minutes to adjust to the dark so that you can catch more of the fainter meteors – this does mean that you should not look at your phone!"

First product to market by 2027.

'Performance Specialist'

"“Earthquakes can become larger than those that have occurred and this series of events could lead to an eruption,” the administration warned."

"Wednesday 15 November – Redcar & Cleveland Training & Employment Hub, Bolckow Road, Grangetown, Middlesbrough, TS6 7BS. 10.30am-12.30pm / 5-7pm

Thursday 16 November – Loftus Family Hub, Duncan Place, Loftus, TS13 4AD. 10.30am-12.30pm / 5-7pm

Monday 20th November – Whitby Coliseum Centre, 1B Victoria Place, Whitby, YO21 1EZ. 3-6.30pm

Matt Parsons, Social Performance Manager for Anglo American said: “We’re delighted that the Woodsmith Project is offering more high-quality job opportunities to people living in the local area."

2m joules per hour ...  ;-0

"“The most likely scenario is that it will take several days rather than hours for magma to reach the surface,” it said. “If a fissure were to appear where the seismic activity is at its highest now, lava would flow to the south-east and to the west, but not towards Grindavik.”"

Wot do they measure thermals in?


Rainy Days & Sundays.... & Tuesdays.

Best not mention Wednesdays.

They have some shiney new 'drilling gear' on site.... by the Old Gate house.

"“This announcement marks a watershed in the way we can help promote the visitor economy in both York and North Yorkshire."

"The other repair works and general improvements to the spandrels, mainframe, and posts were approved at the meeting on Thursday, November 9."