Area 51 - Crane Attack

Captain Qahn's picture

Area 51 has been taken over by amusement type vehicles ... has Flaming Land taken up occupation on the West Pier as a preclude to the battle of the Futurist? As Crane &  Abel head out to see with a digger on board is fracking off shore the latest craze in Skardiborgibadaas?  

Strange clingon orange metal believed to be copper, has appeared around Area 51 hanger as the stoned masons continue to work undetected and unheeded.


Meanwhile rumours have been circulating that Hull University has been approached by Grimsby to put  Yorkshire Coast College, erm nearer the coast.  Confirmation of this highly logical move, may come as a complete shock to some, but in fact it is just common sense. Protests from GCHQ maybe expected as they only get a dim view of a field ...

BTW, this is what a 135ft crane looks like, to some they may appear to be apparitions of beauty, unlike windturbines that save lives,  alternatively it could be the RNLI's answer to assisting new boats in and out of the harbour, subject to attachment of large magnets ...

Further coast news will appear apparritiously as cloacking devices continue to be decoded.