'Widespread Voter Fraud'

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The sanitisation of North Yorkshire, where only the democratic elite have a voice..:

""Everywhere else in the borough has parish councils to look after the most local matters, but Scarborough does not. 

I do not agree with the system of elected mayors, which puts too much power in the hands of one person, and I’m not happy about the prospect of local government becoming less local with the change to large unitary authorities... "


Sirius - The Final Chapter?

Hundreds of local jobs along with thousands of futures associated with the Woodsmith Mine hang in the balance this week.

Shareholders, Institutional and private investors get to vote on the Anglo American deal to inject much needed investment to continue the work of Sirius Minerals to bring Woodsmith Mine into production.

The outcome of this weeks vote will be reported and covered as and when news becomes available.


Snap The Dragon

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The Prime Minister has called for a snap General Election for Thursday 8th June :

Whilst JC may welcome the snap decision to change rules and to be voted on by Parliament tomorrow, perhaps enshrining his place at the top table for a further seven years as 'opposition' leader ...


Fracking - Jurassics

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The 'fracking' presentation hosted by SBC on the 21st November open to the public was an invitation not to be missed. Frack Free Scarborough were in good form and expectations of  a pitch by a Cuadrilla,  INEOS or  any T-Rex 'fracking'  team were dashed when, the mysterious 'surprise'  presenter turned out to be the NYMNPA Director of Development, Mark Hill.    

Why Am I here? he asked. 


Top 'Twonks' - Stashed & Slashed

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We don't have to look far to find Members of the Government's 'Twonks', 'Tories' or 'Nasti Party' who are all too willing to support Slasher Osborne and his version of Austerity measures that punish the most poor and vulnerable.

It might only be £30 per week ...


Power Up The North

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A Labour Perspective on Devolution & The Northern Powerhouse:

The North is home to 10.7 million people, 25%  live in the  Manchester Area and 21% in West Yorkshire Combined Authority.    Over the last 10 years The North has performed below the UK ‘s average for contributed  GVA. (13.3% compared to 24.5% London) 



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