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There may seem some irony in that the Welcome to Yorkshire team are selling off local Tourist Information Centres, strategically placed at Whitby and Scarborough, harbourside.  Though there is little 'strategic' evidence to find of thought process,  thou  to suggest that an opportunistic, erm, knock off exists at these here shores.   Aye tis is a shore thing that SBC are sure to sell off wot it can to keep its financial vaults, flowing outward and inward. Tidal. But not quite tidy.


There may have been some local mumbles and grumbles when SBC propped up the Sand Development to the tune of £3mil, then £9.4 mil, and some aghast at the £4mil destined for the Futurist site, along with almost £2mil for the Sports Village, not gorgetting  the £8mil funding required for the Spa and a further £2.5mil secured for the Market and the £12mil required to shore up the local banks, aka South Cliff & coastal erosion, cliff topping ... blah blah. Though the latter three are essentially funded via European Central, clearly the Council likes to dibble and dabble and take the odd punt. The Council Leader's recent claim that it's financial 'strategy' is "not written on the back of a fag packet"- tis true. 


Yep, size matters, as do scales, social & economic and whilst those 'larger' developments continue to be crayoned in/developed, below those constructive cranes that adorn the skyline of both Bays, some devil maybe in the detail, it is the small things that matter. Grey cells, fag packets and erm, plans. To pin point exactly, this letter to the Whitby Gazette has some actual 'large' pillars:  http://www.whitbygazette.co.uk/news/letters/letter-confusion-over-legal-...

"What is going to happen to Whitby’s Tourist Information Centre? I refer to the Whitby Gazette of May 13 and the article about a “legal bid to save the tourism centre”.Can someone from Scarborough Borough Council please tell the people of Whitby what this legal dispute is about and how it refers to closure of Whitby’s Tourist Information Centre?

There was also mention that income from harbour land should be “ring-fenced”. Does this mean that money from Whitby harbour land, including revenue from the marina car park, should be used for maintenance, repairs and improvements to the piers and other harbour facilities and not go into the borough council’s general coffers? It would be good if borough council officers and councillors could tell us what all this is about."

Indeed it would. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KNZH-emehxA 

What is this all about?      

Listed under Borough Assets for Sale: Scarborough TIC: http://www.scarborough.gov.uk/former-tourist-information-centre-sandside... & Whitby TIC: http://www.scarborough.gov.uk/tourist-information-centre-langborne-road-...

Ya, Ok: Welcome to Yorkshire would like to dissolve its responsibilty in operating these sites, with frontline tourism service operatives being sent behind enemy lines... (closed doors) oh yes,  tourism is a high risky business. Never underestimate a tourist ... the consumer and the business case v basket case... to bread or bin. Recycle?   SBC needs the money ... Dough. WTY & SBC in it together.  Sounds like a plan... for a  Visitor Economy.  

Yep, looks simple enough. Two huts (baskets) for sale in prime punting positions. Get it baked.  Wots the problem? Pies. People. Community. Heritage.  Both of these assets are community buildings and attached to both are some historical facts.

Yeast - ya forgot the yeast.  Yesteryear.  Yep those yes people ... have their place.

Anyhoos this is dribbling on... to 'elp answer your question - ask for Appendix C :-))



Demise? Nope it was not just about demise. It was a bout a future strategic vision .... procedure, procurement and ports.

Sssssh ...  don't mention Area51.


Black eyes n blue tears ...




Part II to follow:




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YP: Piers & Pillars

Of the Community :


"The case hinges on a Whitby Urban District Council Act of 1905 that states all revenue raised from the harbours should be used to make improvements to them.

But town councillor John Freeman, who is part of the group, claims the council has been using the excess income to “swell the coffers of its general fund.”

The group also say it fears the crumbling of the piers could cause catastrophic flooding in the town...."

“The important thing to remember is that we would not have been forced into this action if the borough council had just held a proper consultation and got round a table and come up with a way for the Tourist Information Centre to remain open,” he added.

“The council has had an offer from Defra sat on the table of just over £4 million to save the piers but it has so far not come up with the match funding.

“It did, however, find a £9 million loan to build a new water park in Scarborough...."

Scarborough Council declined to comment on the specifics of the legal action."



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Whitby's TIC...ed.

"Dear Councillor,

In recent weeks as chairman of Whitby and District Tourism Association (WDTA) I have become heavily involved in the dispute relating to the disposal of the tourist information centre (TIC) in Whitby by Scarborough Borough Council (SBC).

Whitby Town Council had registered the building as an “asset of community value”, but Scarborough Borough Council ignored that. It is strongly rumoured that SBC will be leasing the building as another food chain outlet, which is the very last thing Whitby needs!

SBC plan to close Whitby TIC and lease it out for 21 years to a commercial operator –Thanks to the outcry by this organisation and others, the decision was called-in by SBC’s Overview and Scrutiny Committee, which recommended the Cabinet should reconsider. SBC Cabinet reconsidered the evidence but ‘saw no reason to change their minds’. However, they did agree to look at moving the TIC to a much smaller space ‘nearby’. This ‘nearby’ space may be the storage sheds beside the TIC, or the Harbour Master’s office some 200 yards upstream. We consider these proposals unacceptable for a tourist resort with over 3 million day visitors per year, worth over £100 million annually to the local economy.

This is only the latest asset-stripping proposal that will detract from Whitby’s attractions as a major tourist destination:

SBC plan to build a further 9 sales kiosks – plus a public loo – along Pier Road, blocking out key views
The piers and quays are in urgent need of remedial work and proper maintenance
The East Side fishing parties and berth holders have no toilet / shower facilities
Trawlers land their fish elsewhere due to the lack of facilities & adequate dredging

We have therefore formed a group named Fight4Whitby, with the aim of retaining a meaningful TIC on the present site, which is the perfect location for it, plus a lively, working, historic harbour which is our key visitor attraction. It is time to take action to stop the rot.

Regrettably if SBC get their way with the TIC, there would also be the great loss of the existing North York’s Moors National Park presence in the building. There is a very strong overlap between visits to the town and Park. Both provide a unique experience for visitors and a great source of pride for the resident population, who much appreciated your recent financial support for the ‘This Exploited Land’ project.

We have employed a firm of barristers, Michelmore’s, who specialise in marine law and have strong evidence that SBC are in contravention of the laws relating to the use of harbour land and the income generated from it. Much of this income over the years should have been used for ongoing repairs and flood defences which are now at such a low level that the town now faces a severe flood threat. We are concerned to note SBC has decided not to put potential tenderers for Whitby TIC and Pier Road kiosks on notice of our barrister’s letter at this stage. However as we have documented our request that prospective tenants are fore-warned this responsibility now lies with SBC. If SBC is unable to let the property as offered, they may be liable for any expenses incurred by prospective tenants who submitted a bid, and we feel all SBC Councillors should be aware of this issue.

Please help us to protect Whitby’s unique attractions for locals and visitors alike, and to ensure that Whitby’s popularity continues unabated!

I look forward to hearing from you,

Kind Regards

John Freeman"

Tickety Boo.



And then there were nine ;-)


Oh. Erm ... wos this ont box n they changed the endings?    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u-SpZUwC5is